Trump's Order May Mark 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants for Deportation: Experts

Trump's Order May Mark 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants for Deportation: Experts

- “have been convicted of any criminal offense;

- “have been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved;

- “have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense;

- “have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a governmental agency;

- “have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits; are subject to a final order of removal, but who have not complied with their legal obligation to depart the United States; or

- “in the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security.”

The figure of “11 million” illegal invaders inside the U.S. is the most commonly used estimate. The true numbers are likely to be substantially more, as the “sanctuary city” phenomenon which Trump is also trying to halt means that hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of invaders have been given a free pass to stay without being checked in any way whatsoever.

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I'm so happy for your ameribros. Almost makes me jealous not living there.


They are criminal spics, no more new speak. Illegal Aliens!

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Hey, come now…

Isn't jumping the border a criminal offense?

only in Israel

Gary Johnson deserves to have his teeth knocked out.


Unlawful Presence (entering the country legally and overstaying your visa or visa waiver) is not a criminal offense. It is a civil offense. However the civil penalties for it include deportation.
President Trump is just enforcing the fucking law.

That is illegaly crossing border.


Dude, it was that much sixteen years ago, try 30-40 million.

There's probably 11 million in California ALONE. ICE needs a fuckload more funding and manning if they ever want to get these numbers down.

It's good start. We must return to voluntary contracts, so you can ban niggers and spics from your buisness. Cut off all gibs except gibs given only if nigger or spic will be subjected to sterilisation.

It's probably not as high as you think. The government has been turning these people into legal residents as fast as they come in. Once they come here they shit out an anchor baby making them officially legal. They also get fast tracked and easy approval for green cards. For every 100,000 that come in illegally another 100,000 that were here illegally become legal residents. Most of the illegals are seasonal farm workers that are single men.


Time to repost the B.E.S.T Wall:

Yes. That's what they're saying. His order is broad enough that he could deport all of them

Anchor babies don't make them legal. The babies are legal, the parents aren't. The idea used to be that the mothers would give birth in America, go home and then they could come back in 18 years when the child is of majority and can legally bring its family over

Nice dubs.

Holy shit this yes.

11 Million Undocumented Immigrants… yet yesterday, they were saying only 800k voted hahaha. Such pathetic liars. Time to smash these lying Jews in their rat faces.

Libshits are so completely gone mentally that they WANT to be raped and murdered. Makes you wonder why protest 'Nazis' then.

they're also pretty much all documented in some fashion.



>50 million

That's more then the population of Spain (46 millions) HOLY FUCK!

Amazing. Fucking amazing, lugenpresse is being forced to admit that these poor """"""undocumented people""""""" are all criminals. Each and every one of them. What's exceedingly funny is that shills were going on and on about 'hurr Drumpf cucked lel hes only deporting the felons xddddddd polllacks btfooo barely anyones going to get deported haha drumfkins', when anyone with a 5th grade reading comprehension could see the move that was being set up. Leftyscums' own sense of unearned superiority has convinced them that whatever they think becomes the truth, and that's why they're so easy to beat.

Have fun in meeheeko, fucking beaner scum

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In my country it takes years and years before someone gets deported, and at that point they have managed to go under ground and hide. Which basically means that deportation is impossible.


Impressive, you're the stupidest piece of shit I've encountered so far today. Let's see what the very first legal site I pulled up said:

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We really have been vanquished haven't we?


No way, Jose! You can't!



It's time to destroy Christianity. At least the cathocucks.

they get paid to. if whites got all the handouts going to shitskins worldwide we'd number 5 billion minimum.

Because they get bigger govt gib paychecks for every child they have and less of them die from the third world conditions in mexico.
Even Hitler gave mothers money to have kids and it caused a spike in birth rates.

not yet bro, not yet

the uncuckening has begun

what a time to be alive


Catholicism was co-opted by kikes. Christianity is ok, but not if you use it to justify the embracing shitskin rapefugees.

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Remember Trump's (Well, Ivanka's) plan to help mothers and families? It's going to happen.

Sorry, but these measures will effect all 30 million illegal aliens.

b-but Trump can't deport 11 million people!

The bright side is if we exile 40-60 million muds we'll be 80% white again

Why haven't the lower classes of ireland and spain become a plague then? Why hasn't Poland? Could it possibly be because they are shitskins.

Also if whites had 5 kids it would solve a lot of our problems. The only ones who do that are hardass rural whites in America who are also all christians but I'd attribute it to their general proclivities. Also culture is derived from the blood and the inclinations transmitted through the blood.

It would not even need to be a massive federal project, that could for the most part pass a lot of the responsibilities to local law enforcement like when in 1982 the federal government got local police involved in helping to fight the "War on Drugs" since the DEA was not capable of tackling it alone.

fuck, you burgers really let that get out of control


Yep, this is Europe's future if nothing is done.


11 million was the official number 11 years ago. And there's tons of evidence that even then it was an extreme lowball.

We've been trying to get this problem fixed for decades, but it's hard when both parties are unilaterally for mass immigration.

Most realistic estimates are closer to 25-30 million. We have a population of around 318 million. It's a huge fucking problem.

Whites might have 5-6 children these days, except the jobs that bring in an income that would allow the raising and educating of that many children are virtually non-existent. Add in the fact that a disgusting amount of wages earned by white people are deducted by taxes and sent directly to mud countries and to muds living in the US directly to support them and THEIR children and you can see why the white birthrate has declined as drastically as it has.

Aside from population dominance (which is important) personally, I think a massive family isn't necessary in this day in age, as a huge labor force only serves to decrease wages, but it should be the choice of the parents, not be forced upon them by fiscal handicaps that are government imposed.

To be fair, a lot of them aren't counted in the census and some of the ones that do are counted as white. But unless we get rid of niggers and yellowniggers at best we're going to be 82%~ Nigs are 14% of the population and the assorted legal nonwhites probably make up another 4-6%. Short of repealing the 14th entirely, I think the best we can do is 85%. After that the solution is bringing up white birthrates.

I've never had the opportunity yet, but what would happen if you asked a liberal who says this if they deny the Holocaust? Because Hitler managed to deport 11 million people to camps in Poland, in the 1940s, gas and cremate every single one to boot, all while being on the losing side of the bloodiest war in human history. And America in 2017 isn't capable of deporting some uppity spics? Please.

Feels pretty good honestly. That was a moderate concern here for a while, even for me, but there were anons who kept reminding us "It's 3D chess word-play, if they're illegals, they're criminals," and lo and behold, they were right.

Dog bless, this will truly become the greatest of timelines


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Just make this man president for life.
It's all downhill after his eight years.
And yeah, it will be eight years, he's turning this country around so fast the libs heads are spinning, with america being great again by the time four years is up and ten to thirty million tacos and towelheads have been deported, he'll practically be reinvited back in with no real opposition.

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Can you imagine the absolute anal holocaust of liberals that occur happen if Trump deports 50,000,000 fucking people?
The democrats would never win another election ever again, because you'd deport their entire voting base.

*would happen

Well here's what would happen.
More property would open up.
Entire Ghettos would become habitual (minus nigger ghettos).
There would be less Honda Civics on the road.
There would be less drugs.
Schools would have higher test scores.
There would be less welfare strain on the budget (and other gibs) to pay for better infrastructure.

On the negative side there would be more of a demand of unskilled and low paying (under the table) oddjobs.



and not a single terrorist. good job, retardland.

the only three terrorist states, pissrael, saudi arabia and pakistan are not on the list, because muh allies forever.


Those can be filled like they were before, with teenagers/young adults.

That's gonna be pretty nice for California. Jobs will suddenly open up. They'll make robots to replace the Mexican farm workers.

Thanks the CREW. I'll go vote for Bernie now.


pls tell me the movie now

It's from some anti-Trump ad.


They are already bound for deportation when they are convicted of that, even under the previous regime. The problem is that agencies are unwilling to even charge those faggots, even when they are caught committing further crimes and everybody damn well knows they're here illegally.

And at the time of entry they may have honestly intended to do just that - and then decided later to break the law and overstay. There is no way for officials to know for sure.

Also, "prioritization" means dividing shit that needs to be done into shit to do first and shit to do later. How the fuck do you prioritize everything???

Legal experts my ass.

That's the most awesome anti trump movie I've seen. Also

Leftists sure are funny!

There are millions of illegal gooks too oerstaying their visas.

Thousands of Chinese women each year moving to California to have there anchor babies in hospitals.