Is Measles Really a Virus?

Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

If measles is not a virus, what is it?

What is really in the measles vaccine the jews have been pushing then?

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It is a biological meme.

Uh… he was forced to pay up. What shit are you peddling here?

Measles IS a virus.

The biologist in the article used the word of the law to defeat the spirit of the law.

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The biologist appealed and the Supreme Court ruled there was no evidence measles was a virus

So the Supreme Court are now arbiters of scientific truth? lel to the kek degree.

Are you telling me that the entire basis for the existence of a 'measles virus' and the corresponding vaccine for it comes almost entirely from a scientific study that didn't include a control???
So what is the measles vaccine?

*comes from scientific studies which did not include controls


Scientists cannot prove measles is a virus

Can someone give me a quick rundown on this?

Scientists fucked up, and mistook a bunch of human cellular parts for the "measles virus" when they were originally trying to determine how it worked. As a result, everything that builds off of knowledge of the "measles virus" is flawed; presumably, this is why measles vaccines don't work very well and cause autoimmune side-effects.

This also might explain the autism vaccine link.

Wasn't the measles 'virus' basically something that was stopping the Rothchild's dream disease, cancer, in human bodies? I vaguely remember discussion about this topic before, many moons ago.


Would make a fuckton of sense sinse the mmr vaccine is the one with the highest correlation of neurological disorders


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I have never heard this before but my first thought is the measles vaccine was designed to destroy the autoimmune system preventing cancer and the autism was just a bonus.

Trump himself has mentioned something about it too. It would be great if he ordered an investigation into it.

The vaccine-autism link is legit but complicated. Kikes keep packaging vaccines that may already cause problems with heavy metals. Heavy metal poisoning has been proven long ago go be the cause of neurological disorders like mercury causing the antiquated mad hatter syndrome. Meanwhile kikes at the CDC keep trying to hide all information about it, no matter the vaccine, and keep allowing vaccines to use mercury even though they promised in the 90s to stop.

If Trump went after the CDC, the FDA, and the EPA for all of the shit they get away with, he could save the health of the USA for generations. Together all three of those alphabet agencies cover each other's asses and accomplish great feats of kikery. Here's an example:

That's the smallest but most obligatory example. Even the left has reasons to bitch at some of these agencies. These kike agencies manage to piss off everyone and still manage to get away with it.

Oldfag here…

Been onto this since the first swine-flue episode mediated to U.S> Since then reproduced and have not invaded my kin's temple (injected poison into body) Is now 2 and has not even had a cold let alone a visit to the doc…. It's really all about cellular immunity (immunity on a cell to cell basis) and the proper development of the immune system. If the system is shock during development well then you have been ((compromised))

this doc Vaxxed band at last year's Tribeca film Festival really is the best compilation of information regarding this topic.


Holy fucking shit I've never seen anything so retarded.

Hi Moshe, what are you so worried about? Afraid the goyim will stop getting vaccines?


That definitely should not have been your first thought.

Robert de Niro is into that movie because he's an anti-vaccine retard with an autistic son.The funny thing is, his kids are mulattoes, and racemixing is linked to autism. The vaccine link, on the other hand, was fabricated and has zero supporting evidence.

Citation needed

tl;dr Autism has fuck all to do with the immune system or mercury poisoning.

Lurk more.

Anyone else think it is a bad idea to leave live samples of smallpox with the kikes? Seriously, nukes won't be used, it will be diseases the kikes have stockpiled/stolen cures for.

A reason you may shill out ((zero supporting evidence)) is that the evidence has been removed from the research. But don't take my word for it, listen to William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Here faggots every vaccine and all its preservatives. You really want to know the autism link go look at your food.
No I just think this conversation has been hijacked by extremist's on both sides of the vaccine argument. INSTEAD WE SHOULD BE LOOKING AT OUR FOOD AND OUR DIETARY HABITS.

I'm happy to let you know that in addition to zero vaccine's, I have opted to only feed my child only organic ingredients ((give or take a few)) I attribute this non-toxic diet to the success of my child's health and rapid development.

Basic theory: don't ingest, or inject poison into your system

Dude, Kikes are germaphobes. Their entire religion is about fearing contamination, and the majority of kikes I've met were the type to bathe in hnd sanitizer if they could. They fear disease more than anything, it's the christian fundies and asian cultists that are the ones who would use disease.

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so what are measles then?

Whether they can prove it, and whether they can prove it to (((a court))) are two separate matters.

What the FUCK. So what is it then? A bacteria?

From the source:


So since I'm not a virologist, measles itself (the disease as manifested) could actually be something so simple as a runaway and contagious autoimmune reaction (like a really really bad case of the hives that can spread).

Why would they do this? Is measles a virus or not? I was given a shot for measles. Am I autistic now?

There is no such link. Autism is caused by women having kids too late in their lives.

Holla Forumslocks really can't into biology.
The defendant got someone from the RKI to say that a virus uses the protein building machinery (ribosomes) in the process of infection and viral replication. This is how pretty much all viruses work - hijacking host cells. If it's not a virus, they need to come out and state what Measles really is that behaves just like a virus. As others here have said, this is just fucking vaccine retards abusing the legal system. Natural law always wins, faggots - remember that.

You browse Holla Forums so it's pretty safe to say you are in fact autistic.

No. Idiot.

Humanity has been afflicted with Measles for centuries before the vaccine. My own grandparents had it and told me about how shitty it was. It was as common as chicken pox was when I was a kid in the 80s. And it has a sizable mortality rate.

Now there are almost zero Measles cases in the developed world. And Chicken Pox cases for that matter either. I'm glad I got the measles vaccine, and wish there had been a chicken pox vaccine too. I remember thinking when I was feverous and itchy, "at least it's not the measles."

The court is not a venue for the establishment of Truth. With the right attorneys and the right jurors you can get a verdict on almost anything.

When someone says there is no evidence, it is mostly from someone who has no ability to review the evidence and is confirmation biased so much as to not even be able to admit a possibility of evidence. So there is no point in arguing with that person.

Just ignore those people.

There is literally evidence for the Earth being flat. Whether true or not the Earth looks flat. So I can see there being SOME evidence for vaccines causing autism.

Also autism is a spectre, it goes from mild symptoms to full blown Rain Man style autism. There's no single cause for autism, it's a convergence of multiple factors and we don't know exactly which one causes what. For example circumcision is linked to autism, probably not because of circumcision itself but because the dose of paracetamol they give to the baby / child is too strong

Circumcised boys may be more likely to develop autism and ADHD by the age of 10, study claims

Prenatal and perinatal analgesic exposure and autism: an ecological link

I hate it when idiots who are fans of just blame vaccines for autism. It may be a factor but to reduce autism to vaccines only is retarded.

Thank you. That was my take on the court case also (well, as per the cited article).

I think the fact that the case even happened is evidence that vaccines are linked to autism–arguing that a (-) strand RNA virus isn't a virus simply because as part of its mechanism of action it hijacks cellular machinery in the cytoplasm, is quite possibly the most autistic argument I've ever read. This autism in court would have never happened if the vaccine didn't exist. QED.

The better argument against the MMR vaccine is that it is objectionable due to being ultimately derived from experiments using aborted fetuses.

Yeah, the oldfags, who got chicken pox because the vax didn't exist yet, represent the last generation who will get shingles. You know, because the disease is never really cleared by the immune system and lurks in the axons of neurons (hence the dermatome pattern of shingles outbreaks).

The kikes have been working for decades on a bio agent that kills muslims without Jews. Of course the same thing that worked on…saudis wouldn't work on Chechens, and their problem is that Sephardis are genetically close to pals.

The kikes have a huge genetic stock pile of illegal biological weapons. If you listen to old Dr. Pierce, you'll recall the special pen they use to squirt poison into the ear of troublesome muslims, and the time the Jordanians caught the 2 Jews who did it and held them hostage until the kikes handed over the antidote.

If you think I'm making up the stories about the jews and the poisons they use, here's a full account of it:

Imagine what the Jews have done with poisons that we don't know about. Netanyahu is a dangerous, psychopathic fuck who should be on a US kill list before he starts a war with Iran:

"Five agents of the Mossad, Israel's external intelligence agency, were duly sent to Amman, posing as Canadian tourists. They ambushed Mr Meshaal on a street corner and sprayed poison into his left ear, inflicting instant paralysis and, so they hoped, death within 48 hours.
Then everything went wrong. The Jordanian security forces responded to this brazen daylight attack, arresting two of the Israeli agents and forcing three to hide in their country's embassy, which was promptly surrounded by troops.
Instead of escaping over the border, the Mossad team found itself trapped in Amman. Mr Netanyahu was forced to send emissaries to King Hussein of Jordan to plead for their release. The king, who was dying of cancer, drove a hard bargain. First, Israel had to supply an antidote to the poison that was killing Mr Meshaal. Jordanian doctors duly used this to save his life."

This entire thread. I always wondered why measles was used in the vaccination debate when it is not a serious illness. I guess if you are using it to poison people, you can't use a vaccine that's actually needed or that actually works because then you wouldn't have people still needing it.

Have had measles.

I'm sorry - fucking wot? please tell me you don't know the difference between human-derived cells used for culture and viral particle generation and an aborted fetus.

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If you're going to come here from leddit or TRS or whatever trash you come from, follow the form everyone else does. Before you try acting like a jerk off and "it's no big deal goy!" Do it once and watch how much fucking shit gets tracked along with the link.

Fucking follow protocol here or go back where you came.

Vaccines are one of those debates where you can expect a shitfest of a discussion, with religious retards on both sides who argue each other vehemently with appeals to their own particular authority, until everyone gets tired and nothing was gained. Especially the vaccine proponents seem very emotionally invested in the authority of the institutions they have accepted, as followers of the media pop-sci religion often are. But to be fair the new age opponents can't be said to be very far behind.

I'll readily admit I know very little for sure about vaccines what with the jungle of information that is out there, and so I must try to weigh benefit with skepticism and some common sense. First off, there can be little debate that immunization as a principle fucking works. That's pretty obvious, so fine, vaccines in theory are good in some contexts because of that. On the other hand it's also pretty hard to deny that there is something shady about the pharmaceutical industry as it operates today, and that affects vaccines as well.

For one, when vaccination as a practice was instituted in the west, vaccines was made fresh just before inoculation. As in, the industry would whip up a huge batch of vaccines that would be given to people the next days. This principle has been changed with adding toxic preservatives. This is purely because of cost benefit reasons as far as I can tell. And it's a fucking bad idea. No matter if you agree or disagree that preserving vaccines with neurotoxins does harm to the body, I think any reasonable person should agree that there's no fucking reason to do it in the first place. If the old vaccines are more expensive as a general program in society, or gives less profit to the pharma shareholders, then for everyone's peace of mind lets just fucking do it anyways. We are not materially destitute societies.

Secondly this new idea of vaccinating for everything under the sun is also not a good idea. Again, when the programs were instituted the idea was to vaccinate against life threatening AND common things, shit you had a decent probability of contracting and having some problems from. Vaccinating against harmless shit like influenza is stupid in the first place, and doesn't seem to work all that well either, so at the moment all it does is drain society of shekels and expose people to side effects. Burgeristan is particularly bad in this regard from what I hear, with a shitload of vaccines for anything and everything for younger and younger people. There is simply no reason to give babies 20 vaccines or whatever some states over there are doing. The child mortality rates are NOT particularly lower today than in the 50s and back then babies got NO vaccines. Europoor countries are following suit in this. Stop it. Again, go back to the old system.

A third thing and this might be the most important, vaccination programs (especially in the extent we are rapidly heading towards) are DYSGENIC PROGRAMS. Another one of these things that get lost in the media/alt-media spurred zealot's dialectic discussion that the upper echelons of our societies seem to love so much. Vaccination in an ideological sense arose in the Christian/proto-humanist idea nexus of that every life is sacred because reasons. It's been carried on by their ideological descendants, the marxists, with the idea that everyone is a valuable member of our glorious collective because reasons.

Perhaps in reality it's not all that bad that some exceptionally weak child that dies of an influenze doesn't reproduce. Perhaps that old demented flesh robot in an institution, kept alive by tubes and force fed like an animal would be better off coughing his way to the afterlife than having his sacred life preserved. Compound this horrible idea with heaps of vaccines against more and more harmless things, and just envision a horrible dystopic future where so much bad gene material has been helped to reproduce, having so little natural resistance to what used to be harmless diseases, that you get a population that is totally dependent on paying their overlords to live lest they perish from some sniffles.

Perhaps that's the long con here.

More importantly why did Measles nearly disappear if the vaccine doesn't target it? Though other factors could be at play the vaccine seems to correlate most closely with the near eradication of the symptoms from the population.

Also "Autism" is a term for which the definition was poorly defined and in constant flux. There was no "autism epidemic" because not only are the definitions shit a sudden panic can result in an increase in diagnosis of even something which is real and create a false impression that there was an increase in the incidence rate when in reality there was merely and increase in the rate of diagnosis.

The supposed increase in cancer rates is probably entirely due to an increase in diagnosis. Carcinogens are a natural part of the environment, and viral infection was more common in the past as well. Though we are exposed to new carcinogens and fewer natural ones this itself doesn't imply an increase in the rates of cancer. Rather it is likely that in the past tons of people died due to undiagnosed cancer, stomach and bowl hemorrhages for example were a major cause of death in the past and likely caused by the rupture of cancer tissue which the body was supplying a great deal of blood to.

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You know anti-vaccers are retards because they still bring up mercury.

Why do you think this?

I'm pretty sure the old Polio vaccine gave people cancer later in life, and that this is the reason they have stopped administering this vaccine in the old way.

Looking at the website, I don't think the Natural Blaze is legitimate in its reporting here. Especially considering it's main source is

Here's what actually happened.
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I read that as "so who was measles then?"

My guess would be that its a bacteria

It's well known that the WI-38 cell line used for the vaccine culture was derived from an aborted fetus.

…you were saying?