Syrian Family in San Diego

Syrian Family in San Diego

Meet our "adopted" Syrian family, the [redacted for privacy and safety]. Damn do they need some help right now. They are from a suburb of Damascus, and escaped to Jordan in 2012. It sounds like living in Jordan was tough and they were eager to move on. They said Syrians were not welcome in the area, and they could not get settled in and start new lives.

They arrived here 6 months ago, and are living in an apartment in El Cajon.

[The mother] said she thanks God for everything they have, despite their situation. They smile a lot and talk loudly, all at the same time. They like Americans. They repeatedly bless my family. They stuff us full of homemade falafel, pea soup, and very strong, sweet tea. The oldest son tells me I am his sister.

-I recently found out they have three- THREE!- sons still in the Middle East. I don't know what will happen with them. Our pie-in-the-sky, stupid-impossible dream goal will be to reunite their family.

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I share that dream, brother.


GoFundMe is a cuck's paradise.

Poor cucks raising money from cucks with money to waste.

This makes me think. Hire some bum from the street, make him take a photo with your family dressed as muslims (but face blurred as in op pic) and post that shit on go fund me and ask for shekels.

Why even hire a bum? Just dress up one of your family members. Try it out.

Can confirm, I have a bunch of rapefugees living above my place. Shouting is their normal mode of communication and I have no idea how more than one of them can live there as it's surely a small studio like mine.

They blast their sandnigger music all night and don't give a shit about their neighbors.


Someone might look into it, would know where to come to ask back the money. If it's a bum… what will they do?

Another "business" idea>>9005279

Can't argue with those trips.

This dubs also don't lie. They can't have a normal conversation in person or on the phone - everything has to be at obnoxiously loud levels.

and one more, if you got pets, beat them and say you got a shelter.. shit, you don't even need to beat them, go find abandoned ones and then take pictures, put them up and ask for gibs

It's really tempting to make up some bullshit and watch the cash flow right on in.

Even if you'll only be stealing cash from bleeding heart pussies, scamming people is still kikery.

BUT if it allows me to use those funds to improve myself, whilst also siphoning shekels from libshits so they can't give them to rapefugees and faggots, wouldn't that be a positive outcome?

Could use some money to buy a shotgun or something


We'll call them the "Mohammeds", because that's their real name…

threaten to report them to the feds, i'm sure those camel fuckers have had a nervous week


More like thank Allah the god of the camelfuckers.

I'm tempted to go around handing flyers to FOB muslims quoting the quran:

Verse (5:51

O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong­doers and unjust).

They've always reminded me of Jawas, but that's good too.

You clearly haven't spent much time around sandniggers.

They have really low average IQs (around 80) which makes them violent, impulsive, with a lack of reason.

They fight without a disregard to their own life, which makes no sense, but it's in their genes.

They're also really sly and basically low IQ semites.

they sound dangerous and it would be real easy to end up in a self defense situation with one or more.
do you live in a state with conceal carry?

OP, you forgot to mention the father is missing some of his hand from a factory accident and the mother has diabetes and is on dialysis, so neither of them are able to work and will never pull their weight in the US. Out of the whole family, only one son has a part time job at a grocery store.

Give your all to the invaders honeys cause it gets you SJW brownie points.


I'm German, grew up in a sandnigger ghetto thanks to my piece of shit mother so I had to deal with those savages day in day out.

Had a part time job (probably because he's a lazy sandnigger)



So now none of the family works. The woman asking for shekels sounds super jewey, she's going to keep the money herself and buy what the family needs. If they're such good people and will fit into society just fine, why don't you trust them with the money people have agreed to give to them?

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don't mind me, just checking the sexts

Can someone give me legit reading material on the history of the Israeli/ palestinian conflict? who did israelites conquest in 1272 B.C.E? I asked this in another thread but my question seems to be on topic enough for this thread as well. Im legitimately curious and want to be educated on this.

dope 2bh

How many white orphans born in USA are there in their state? Why not adopt one? OH wait.. that's right, they were born with white privilege, everything will work out for them.

Confirmed twitter account full of pro jew propaganda:

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See? They were in Jordan for the past 5 YEARS. Nice and SAFE. They came to America for gibs.

Im President Trump and I approve of this message. -DJT

Sounds like a good fit for a brothel

Except no gibs appear and they realize that life is tough in the US if you're disabled, unskilled with retarded children that get "laid off" from grocery tier jobs

Shouldastayed in sandniggeristan

Can't wait. Need more comfy happenings.

My step-grandfather is a Palestinian Muslim. Very white though (he is middle eastern still). He's a doctor and a smart man. His family fled Palestinian when he was a child cause the Jews, he hates kikes, but they lived in the U.K. and his family eventually settled in Jordan, Egypt, whatnot, as far as I understand Jordan is not complete shit and is somewhat "liberal" in their treatment of women, Jordanians aren't complete savages is what I understand. May be wrong.



But they should all die in a nuclear fire TBH. Our existence is a perpetual race war and the world can only be peaceful and prosper once one race has cemented itself st the top and genocided the rest. Hopefully the white races can come together over generations and through the practicing of eugenics form the ultimate species, then it will be the white man who'll ascend to God hood, and the earth will start its selection process again.

I'm pure white. My moms stepdad

So you moved them from one dump to another.

San Diego-fag

Jordan is pretty civilised for an Arab country. Royal family sends their kids to the west for education and professional training. Guaranteed seats for their religious and ethnic minorities (Jordanian Christians, Bedouin, etc.) in the national Parliament. Homosexuals required to keep it to themselves.
All this bullshit talk about Israel being "muh only democracy" in the Middle East. Well how about the constitutional monarchy next door? You know, the one that took in 2 million Palestinian refugees the Israelis threw out of their ancestral homes; the one that took in a million Iraqis fleeing sectarian chaos; that took in over 100,000 Assyrian Christians fleeing Syria.
Hey look, a Sunni majority country that acts like civilised people and actually helps those in need (Muslim or not). Of course we never hear a fucking peep about it!


Why the fuck are libtards always obsessed with this? Cultural traitors.

I'm surprised no one has called out the possibility that this could all be a bullshit scam to get shekels. Anyone one of us could do exactly the same exact thing:
>cover their faces in photoshop because redacted for privacy and safety
>refuse to say their real names because redacted for privacy and safety

Congrats you dirty pinko you just gave your money to a literally hitler.

Fuck kikes. It's good to hear a Middleeastern country is taking care of assyrians in the non-lethal way.

I like this idea. Defund the political opponent with one of their biggest weaknesses: emotional spending.

They really do think of them as animals to be made into pets.

So Jordanians hate their Muslim brethren and for some reason the civilised world is meant to dote on them?

If their neighbours abhor them, why on earth do you believe they're good people to bring into your house?

Good people by definition are not hated because they are good people, what you have there are people that are considered a problem by the locals, they are problem people.

And he’ll rape you just like his sister.

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Reminder that if you were to do that, every shekel someone donates to you is one less shekel for kikes.

I'd bet 6 million bucks these refugees don't exist and it's a scam to make money.


That would be nice. I have hopes that one day their family will reunite and live out their lives happily back in Syria.

pay close attention to the face of the fat white pig. Now look at the fat, white fingers of those "refugees". This chick got a few family members to put on a headscarf and took a picture. I wonder how long it will be before this campaign is removed or people realise they've been scammed.

Looks as if the Feds are cracking down hard on these type of scams this terrible person is committing, let's inform the FTC!

==Call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)==.

refugees into this country who cannot work with adult children.

why is this happening?

you have to go back


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My grandma had one of those and she was white as can be. Headscarves used to be fashionable in the US. Covering one's face was never a thing here though.

Dubs confirm, need quickseal to

Are they all this way? You would think a country filled with them would be utter chaos, but they managed to stay around this long so there must be a calmer breed.

me nan calls em 'postbox spies'


You see, you would think that family (and they are family, right? The eldest son considers you a sister, right?) might in 6 months of living together might just tell you about these sons before this point?

Isn’t this odd? I’d find this mighty strange.

Anyway, The Lion of Damascus roars once more. They can go home soon enough and be reunited there. Unless… These people are you know… Anti Assad. Which would make them…


learn some english first, you worthless low-IQ subhuman.