Holla Forums Is now advocating violence on a huge scale due to these recent "nazi punchings" they are screaming about

Holla Forums Is now advocating violence on a huge scale due to these recent "nazi punchings" they are screaming about.

This is just a public service message. Get your CC, carry at all times and never let your guard down. We are entering into a new territory where its not worrying about just blacks or hispanics but people who are trying to target us specifically. If they approach you do not debate. They will never listen. They are going to parrot the same ideology which also gets them madder until they are self provoked. Merely state they should leave you alone and walk away. Dont just turn your backs on them either, walk backwards if you have to. If they continue to approach you in a aggressive manner without taking any weaponry out still do not pull out your gun. Only do so if they come at you with a clear intent on harming you. Travel in groups and even then continue to keep your eyes peeled.

We are in a different climate now where the opposition is not looking to exchange ideas but bodily harm. So keep yourself safe as well as your friends. Dont let these fuckers draw blood.

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no one here is afraid of little shits who LARP communism and a perpetual "revolution".
everytime. absolutely none of them work. all of them are autistic NEETs wishing they had more gibs.
the guy advocating for violence is a Holla Forums faggot posting /k/ shit trying to look hard. most likely dysnomia.

Id rather be prepared for nothing then not prepared for anything.

there really should be a board dedicated to politics and weaponry.

Thought that was /k/

Climate change shill GTFO. Reeee
Jk fam.





The flash mob part of that was the most important, don't forget in stand your ground states you have no duty to retreat. So if a bunch of ANTIFA pieces of shit try to oppress you, light them up, and make sure you're using a strong cartridge. I recommend 357 sig if you can afford it and are large enough to carry that frame size. If not go with tried and true 9mm+p.

But user this is a good thing, lethal self-defense is still a thing.
Don't you want a perfect excuse to LEGALLY kill a communist?

Of course they are. If you don't put them in their place now , then punches will become stabbings will become mass shootings which then become bombings like in the 60's and 70's.

FAGGOTS here who advocate taking it in the ass because Jew fucking media will say bad things about us, just don't get it.

Pretty much. There was a thread about the 60-70s a week ago that talked about how this was building up to be the same thing with home grown terrorists bombing and killing others.


3d print a glock

Im sure there is something you can do. I heard that states have rules to get felonies expunged but it varies state by state.

The media is trying to normalize political violence against people on the right. I've already seen many different news outlets saying this kind of behavior is a-okay.

Trump needs to eradicate this anti american news behavior.

Why are we not doing the same to them? We should destroy the board, and salt the digital earth it stood on. The only good commie is a dead commie, ever country that's ever allowed these parasites to vector their poisonous memetics into the population has learned this lesson the hard way.

Its not even a felony. Nothing I can do even if my record is expunged. I can never in my entire life own again under federal law.

because thats their ways brother. we are better than that.

Wait if its not a felony then how are you barred from purchasing a firearm?

Get fucked, pinko.

Domestic violence laws.

you'd think there'd be more compilations, with the supply of footage


You can own knives just fine. Learn to use a stiletto.

The vaginal Jew strikes again.


Morals are for people, thus exempting communists. Seriously just think of them as literal different species. makes things a lot easier.

I can still legally own black powder weapons as they aren't recognized as firearms. I own a Pietta Model 1851 Confederate Navy .44.



If you found a deadly venomous snake in your child's bedroom, would you leave it alone because "you're better than that" or stamp its fucking head flat?



/k/ is more about weapons and making love to said weapons. /k/ and Holla Forums would be an alright team in a SHTF scenario.


He's told them that he might consider torturing them and that they are the enemy, what more do you want? heh




They were never interested in exchanging ideas, only manipulating you. Some of them know they are wrong, they dont care, they just want to win.


They've also been shilling in a few threads

What happened to all these criminal cunts? Did they suddenly went mute and disappear after Trump took office?


Lol.. they were asking for that one. Also, throwing dog shit, what did they expect from Mexicans.

One of them will attack a CC in the wrong place and wrong time, get lit up, and then it will stop.

Trump plans for a nation wide concealed carry by forcing states who dont issue permits to recognize permits from those who do - and also to expand self defense rights, which I assume to mean nation wide stand your ground. I guess I should have saved the zimmerman picture for this post, instead.


pppplleeeaase let them martyr themselves*

Maybe a /kpol/ board should be made.

That's called /k/.

Oh, hadn't been on /k/ before.

If you come across calls for violence, you should save it.

Don´t forget, jpg = shit, use png and make it larger than 900 pixels at least.

Nice trips!

Fuck all that CC bullshit. Open Carry like a free man and BTFO the commies for the world to see.

If Hillary or Sandberg had won, they wouldn't be so eager for violence. They're hypocrites, they say a lot about revolution and the need for the destruction of states, civilizations and societies, but only if they have conservative or republican leaders. They label themselves as leftists, like the Liberals, like the Democrats, like the Media Moguls and many Bourgeoisie.

I don't get the leftists mentality. They hate hate. They love tolerance expect for whites. They want to kill whites and nazis but they want a world where everyone holds hands and gets along.

I almost feel like there should be a study on their brains. I think they truly are the dumbest motherfuckers to walk the planet.

But what's their revolution? Whining and protesting which has always done nothing? All these faggots on twitter advocating for revolution. How are they going to do it? Spam their twitters for 4 years? It's fucking mind blowing. If I had a button to kill every single leftist I would do it without flinching. I honestly think all of them are soulless husks.

A lot of them like to think those things are revolutionary actions. Keep in mind, a lot of them are oversocialized, they can't actually do things against the status quo. The most revolutionair act they can think of is just saying fuck Trump over and over again. Kicking trashcans while you're angry isn't something that's totally and utterly revolutionary, but in their controlled mind it is.

Ted Kaczynski has a good section of his manifesto, On Industrial Society and Its Future devoted to, in his own words, "Modern Leftist" psychology. He does leave it to the reader to come to a conclusion as to whether the 20th and 19th century leftists were any better. It is possible that the Young Hegelians were the starbucks-slurping, twitter reading, hair-dying faggots of their day.

Their violence will only turn off normal people and justify a police response. We want that.


Antifas need to be set on fire tbh.

Actually, this is kind of brilliant. I hope you anons are paying attention.

How many Holla Forums threads? None of these scawny faggots matter in real life, all they do is gather in facebook groups and stroke each other's e-dicks all day.


That would be shut down very fast, on ground of conspirachy. The creation of a /kpol/-board might end up being the elites last ditch effort to have Holla Forums-boards, as a franchise, shut down. Better to keep them seperate for now.

Good. The only reason lefties were able to win many normalfags for themselves, was because they go around demonstrating for the very things they don't actually like, "tolerance" "freedom" "non-violence" and whatever, fooling the normalfags. If they get violent and attack the political opposition, it's a top tier redpill. You should spread them getting violent everywhere, and hopefully some neutral or right Media will pick it up too.

Not only that, lefties fucking suck when it comes to violence. The damage would be minimal, but the redpill would be maximal.

Whoever vandalizes a car should receive a death sentence.

Infringement on your inalienable rights. Get a good lawyer and run it up the appeals courts.

There wouldn't be any coal mines if they had their way.

The problem is that these cowards are huge pussies and they don't really care about honor or doing things like men do. They are women basically.

They'll swarm you in a mob and try to back you up so that you can't get away. On their own, they are weak but a mob of people is a lot of mass and they can do damage to you that way. They'll even do this to women, I remember hearing the Peanut Seller girl on the David Duke show talking about how the mob of people backer her against a wall or barricade or something and a police officer basically had to sneak her out and run out of there.
Or they go in for sneak attacks, maybe using weapons and shit, before scurrying away like rats.

My ideal SHTF scenario is /k/, Holla Forums, and /a/ teaming up to kill commies and leftists and considering there are people who cross board over all 3 this is incredibly likely.

There is ALWAYS something you can do, especially if no GF now and have shekels for lawyer. You can absolutely petition for reinstatement of rights.


Lautenberg repeal when?

Nope still illegal. You aren't even allowed powder. The Lautenberg Act really fucked things up.

Doesn't work that way unfortunately. Unless it is challenged and repealed via supremes, you're fucked. Kikes up states can simply point to Fed restrictions.

It was set up this way deliberately. They made a huge play on guns and people ate it up thinking "wife beaters" deserve it, while forgetting women lie and pull shit and any time the cops are called someone goes to jail. They designed it specifically in this way to allow for the attachment of the DV modifier on even misdemeanors to make it night impossible to have set aside. (((Conveniently))) they left out a way to regain rights with a lesser charge. They left you a way with a felony but of course, what judge will seriously consider restoring rights to a hardened convict? It's theater.

(((certain circumstances)))

Oy vey just lawyer up goy! We guarantee we can get you funds back… unless we can't /won't.

Worst is they'll suckerpunch you. Make sure you run after them. Their AIDS makes it hard for them to run fast or fight.

Nigger please, have you seen the videos of the protests? Anyone who is even a little bit /fit/ could beat like five antifa to within an inch of their lives. Won't even need to draw your gun.

nobody who posts here is an alpha until proven otherwise


Came across a its ok to punch a nazi threads on my goybook the other night. Of course it was full of liberals who thought it was ok and had no clue in our state its ok to fill someone full of lead for punching someone for their opinion.

The first few cases of antifa getting gunned down will take their gusto for violence away. They are privileged spoiled kids who never experience violence in their lives and have no clue how quickly their lives can end.

hang em all.

reminds of south africa.

what the fuck? Since when has it been illegal to yell?

Get a black powder 6 shot revolver.

Do you walk around decked out in swastikas or something? How would they even know to target you?

Lmao lad

I think you can still own black powder guns. Like this one.


yeah, full/k/ is fine but slow, it's the cuc/k/s who can't talk about politics.

cuck us? they're going to make us raise their children?

pretty much

it's hardcore hypocrisy, accept anyone unless they have differing opinions

OP is gay, but it's not like any leftists have real jobs, they live on gibs or equal-opportunity jobs. Therefore we pay for their children if they have any, or are less able to have our own at the expense of parasites. So cuck meme is not inappropriate. The way the alt-right overuses it is where it doesn't apply.

I think you may need some therapy, my man

Just private-purchase one. If you don't need it nobody will know, and if you do need it you won't care what the consequences will be (because you'd already be in a life-threatening situation). A right is whatever you can defend, so if you think you do or don't have a right to bear arms, you are correct either way. Don't bow down to these faggots. The fuck would Washington have done in your situation? He'd have killed redcoats, that's what.


Yep. And the Richard Spencer punch was a scripted psyop, meant to do the same thing.


This is why jury duty is so important. Jury nullification for gun violations or self-defense are vital. Especially in areas infested with commies. Just one man on a jury can save someone from prison time.

well they can't get rid of the 2nd amendment without have a national caucas

the jews make as many laws against firearms as possible because they know they don't have the political power to over ride the constitution.

in court the 2nd amendment over rides all those lower jew municipal laws.

it is called guerrilla warfare

Jury nullification is good, but things like that are why juries are mostly old women who do as they are told.

The great thing is, these commies will have twatters and Myfaces full of anti-White hate speech so you don't have to wait for them to attack you, all you have to do now is make sure they are a SJW and you could plug them right then if no one has you on camera. You can just say afterward they took a swing at you, "lunged," whatevers. Cops investigate their social media accounts right on their phone at the scene and find the usual "Kill Whitey" stuff and you are in the clear. The kikes directing these fags are foreign and do not know how things work here stateside. This is very much to our long-term advantage as is them branding all palefaces "Nazis." This generation of kikes are the dumbest yet.

What the fuck did you expect? A gold medal? This is why no one will come between me and my raifus.

i think its about time we strike back…
#punchajew anyone?

No shit you idiot, people's expectations were destroyed, now theyre going to tantrum violently.

Also judging from the hwndu threads and the Holla Forums aligned shitskins showing up. leftypol is full of pozzed whites so you have to take them seriously, because theyre going to seed ideas of violence to their leftytard white reddit friends.

Did you see faces of Holla Forums thread a long time ago? They're feminine men and shitskins. No strong man, who is self aware is going to be a leftist. It's an unstable phase state that leads to here.


Fuck off nigger

Red pill em nigga

You'd be right if it were just Holla Forums this shit is all over social media. most of them are soft manchildren who would never engage anyone in a stand up fight but they're normalizing mob violence against individuals.

Benjamin airsoft bulldog rifle bro. I know those felon feels, legally shoot 150 grain "pellet" slugs at 3000 psi.


They will be defeated. We just have to remove their support base or to vilianize them in the eye of the actual left, which should be easier than expected.