I mainly lurk 4pol but it looks like the kikes are up to something. I skimmed a connection error general there and numerous anons were speculating it was some ddos attack by antifaggots or something more sinister.

It may not amount to anything but be on the lookout for alt-light migrants or jew tricks being played on us.

Other urls found in this thread:


Fucking kikes

I hope we don't have an exodus of faggots on our hands


refugees are welcome as long as they lurk for at least 6 months


This, everyone who remained on cuckchan after Holla Forumsharbor is an irredeemable cuck and those who started posting after, came there in the age of cucked mods as indicated by

In other words fuck off cuckchan refugees, you're not welcome here.

Halfchan has been subverted for quite a while, why anyone still lurks it is beyond me.
Rapefugees must lurk and assimilate otherwise gtfo.

Holla Forums is literally made of 4chan refugees lads
I seriously doubt anything but a huge influx of redditors could kill 4pol

You say this every damn time and it never happens. They'll never leave, if the ship ever truly does sink they're going down with it.

Las time I visited cuck/pol/ it was full of trap and gay threads with people asking for more. This explains why.

Holy fucking shit I didn't realize it was that bad.

2 years, user

Sage for cuckchan thread

4/pol/ is infested with unironic civic nationalists, it's a lost cause.

That's what's happened though I think, thanks to the likes of The_Donald…

We don't care about whether cuckchan servers are functional. Some other thread died for yours. Lurk or contribute, don't post shit threads.

civic nationalists are still called out

sadly this has probably happened

More at 11.

Reddit is down the hall and to the left. Stay there this time.

Not last time I was there.

you're gonna flame me

I find that halfchan is better at redpilling normies because of the bait threads. The majority here are on the same page and speak about subjects in a matter of fact way. On halfchan you get obvious shill threads such as "Why refugees help your economy" and then people actually explain why this is false. If you knew nothing about Hitler etc and you just lived in your MSM bubble and found Holla Forums it is much better to have found halfchan than this place.

Same deal here in the early days until Holla Forums got tired of getting BTFO too much
But i'm seeing there's already a few cracks here, mainly between West and East (Americans vs. Europeans) in terms of nordicism and other macro politic subjects (conquest vs. tribalism)
And no, those are not "DC shills" antics, those are our own members drunk on winning

4chan has been compromised for years. I don't know why you're worrying about it now. You accept your admins selling you out and sleeping with the enemy, but a petty ddos attack is what gets you concerned? Anyone can do that shit. It's probably some faggot group of kids who've decided they want to be an anomalous region this week.



wth is wrong with you burgers adding an "i" sound to every vowel

Sorry, wrong thread.

Well sure. It's a stepping stone. A place to give normalfags their first taste of the red pill. It's useful to us in that regard, but you have to move beyond it in time.

Someone must give the refugees of fullcuckhalfchan a new home, or they'll just come here. Casual/pol/ is a useful thing to have around and great for redpilling purposes, so I hope 4chan can reach some new incarnation and survive.

wrong thread or not, literally no one does that

I do that
anonymous is pronounced differently to user

Except the hundreds of times "Pe-pe" was pronounced "Pe-pay" or "Pay-pay".


I also pronounce pepe as peep

This is pretty shitty evidence, what's the source on this?

Hiroshimoot is probably setting up the place to pull some bullshit like the donation scams he tried to pull before.

Kind reminder that Holla Forums is run by fucking LF reject goons (pic related) and worships some Weird Twitter fag called pisspiggranddaddy who joined the Kurdish YPG commies as a volunteer.

Spam is what destroys 4/pol/. They won't have leftist hegemony there, just a lack of quality.

4pol is VERY necessary for early redpilling purposes

Most of therecent infighting has been kike shit, still, when you spot a refugee it is necessary to educate them immediately on the undisputed supremacy and truth of national socialism on this board.

this, your not going to win over anyone by calling them a shill or vice versa. Get them to join you.

Yup, Holla Forums is a colony of SA goons.

It's just an early morning thing I think, OP.


This. Anyone who is saying cuckchanfugees stay out reeee is being retarded. Everyone here is a cuckchanfugee. Cuckchan has just become the battleground where we must meme RWDS into reality. Just keep dropping those redpills on the noobs

speak for yourself mortal


I stayed on 4chan since 8ch sucks and 8/pol/ just seemed like a slower version of the same garbage, the constant drama was annoying too, but lately 4/pol/'s been even more garbage than usual so I might stay here.

fuck off we're full

Holla Forums has the better posters but our mods got too "srs business", and i never thought id say it, but ive been lurking 4pol more lately because it actually makes me laugh. I dont post though because the captcha is fucking annoying, board wide ids (wtf), and the country flags a shit.


8cuck is cucked the same you blind mongrel. The real Holla Forums retreated to the ebil nadsi boards for discussing the kike menace. We'll be baak.

Holy shit, halfchan or not that screencap hit close to home. How the fuck did it ever get that bad?

Also, checking those sweet dub dubs.

It's likely antifa getting all butthurt about HWNDU.

gonna need you to post moar of that user


I noticed this, there are 3 threads up right now concerning civic nationalism.

for me tbh


pure unfiltered cancer

Dubs confirm.


Unironic racemixing too, with a huezillian posting sheboons and eurocucks asking for more.

4chan/cuck/ is such fucking cancer.

The implication is that I post here

You are posting here right now.

4/pol/ has been compromised since at least 2012.
>>>/irc/ exists to study the 2014 #janiteam leak. There are threads for each board where relevant log excerpts can be posted. So far only one user has managed to get through the entire log for the weeb boards. He pointed out many issues that are important to Holla Forums. Another user is in the process of doing the same for Holla Forums and is about to get to gamergate in the logs. If you want to know what went wrong with 4chan, /irc/ is essential reading.

Should I feel glad over seeing these stupid cunts losing their home or worried over they spilling all over here?
Seems like anything involving 4cuck retards is bound to turn into shit no matter what

Daily remember that you can't make any redpill thread in 8cuck anymore. You are supposed to scream shill instead of give evidence now. I wonder why…

Holla Forums has the Samson Option. They won't try it. Messing with Holla Forums is like kicking a hornet nest.

The nip who bought it probably just trying to find a way to make or save some money
He's a huge scammer

While only a temporary fix, if you have long form information that you'd like to dump semi-permanently, please consider adding it to >>>/polarchive/.

I doubt anyone on 4/pol/ even knows about that anymore.

Oh yea all refugees are the same :^) fucking retard. There is a huge difference between the people posting on cuckchan now and the people who left that place years ago

Its from Holla Forums, archive here:

I never went to chans before Faggotgate and just came here, but I was one BBSes when Mitnick was still carding phree long distance.


These Killary Pepes are pretty fumy now.

tfw you're either banned by leftist cucks on 4pol and leftypol or by schzio stormfront larping faggot no fun allowed mods on 8pol

Is no where safe?

No, goons and other human trash will always try to infiltrate.

They can just go to the old one


You need to go back.

The mods fucked it up pretty well.

Good, we needed a stronger dose.

Fuck off

4 chan

send them to reddit

Know thine enemy>>9009835

why don't you make a wild guess?

how the fuck does anyone still go to cuckchan?
if they didn't leave during the last exodus, I assume they love getting their shit pushed in

4/pol/ already went to Holla Forums
now Holla Forums has that option

Kill yourself

4cucks culturally appropriating our deity and speaking his name in public (at HWNDU live stream). you know why the kikes and satanists are so powerful? they keep their most sacred shit secret and dont spill their spaghetti at every opportunity like these spastics who shout "praise kek" 10 times in case you didnt hear them the other 9. fucking idiots and fuck those livestream threads that civic nationalism cancer has already taken them over. despicable.

maybe before the election

Early adapters are always better than the general populace. Anyone who didn't leave after gamergoy discussion got banned, or the modleaks, or the site being bought by a man known for selling user data is probably not going to be a good poster

At times like this, I wish the Holla Forums admins would generate keys for each user currently on the site, then when "outsiders" start arriving, you only allow posting from people with one of those special keys.

This. Just like Pepe got popularized by normies so will Kek, these memes will have their run and die out soon enough.

This can be done transparently through cookies, I should add.


We need to build a wall to keep out the halfchan refugees.

Agreed. I came here in 2014 when /g/ mods were infiltrated by redditors.

Half of 4chans current posters are mobilefags and goobergate sunk it further in early 2015. We don't need their kind here.

hahaha early redpilling huh? Well you delusional asshole, the earliest someone might visit there would be… 12? Let's say that because of fucking degen partents today. So you have a 12 year old visit. That means they've already had 12 years of poz and you think a post among all that shit will change something? NO PROGRESS WILL BE MADE, if people have to go to fucking imageboards to learn something real about Jews. Also, teenagers will go to /b and /s loooooong before hitting up /pol

Dubs for dumb shit? Yeah so where can I sign up with YOU? People posting stupid shit are people who don't think before they speak… like YOU. FACTS will get us the people who matter. The rest are forever retarded normies. 2017 and people are into fucking COMMUNISM. I would rather THEY STARVE then join anything else. A majority isn't needed. I know you want to be accepted and popular and fucking mainstream but that's just because you don't get any of this.

Halfchan will kill itself when the gook sells to some Jew who tries to squeeze shekels out of it so badly that it will be obvious even to a furry on meth with a dragon dildo up his ass. A new site will spring up as a result. Just look at all these losers on Discord now. Or Gab from Twitter.


Is talking about Holla Forums still banned on cuckchan? Because if it is, the effectiveness of 4chan as a means of starting a redpill regimen is kind of flawed.

Wrong. Someone linked me one of IA's videos and I came here when I desired to know more.

We have our own Samson Option?

and nothing of value was lost

Welcome. Now get out.