Electronic summons issued to Jeffrey Epstein, et al

Renowned New York Attorny David Boies has taken up a suit against John Podesta, Jeffrey Epstein, and several other organizers in a New York court of law..
The suit comes on behalf of a Jane Doe child sex trafficking victim and with auspicious timing, as Jeff Session's confirmation is days away (Feb 1st). With Epstein's previous convictions for child sex trafficking we can expect the ball to drop very quickly on John Podesta, a well known associate of Epstein. John Podesta's history with Child Sex accusations, both during his ACORN scandal and those lobbied from Andrew Kikebart, this lawsuit is going to become one of the largest political scandals in the nation's history. Who's ready for the next great happening of our time?

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Bump. Hang the pedos.

Great news.

All of this shit is gonna come undone. The rats are gonna start ratting each other out to get plea deals and I think even Holla Forums will be shocked at how far up this goes. There will be government overthrows (looking at you UK) and people getting the noose. Every day Trump has been president something amazing has happened. What a time to be alive.

it will probably expose a Muslim pedo ring and make people connect Islam with pedophilia. then after the case is revealed in the USA, it will trigger eu in civil war between Islam and Europeans

Day O T R

This will rape the Democrats. I hope Hollywood will be affected too.

SHADDDAA DA FUCK UP!!!!! Please tell me this is real!?!?!?!


Oh this is fuckin delicious. Is it all really happening???


The summons doesn't even have Pedosta's name here. Why did you include that?

Im not a lawfag but I dont see podesta's name in the summons.

Are you expecting Epstein to sell out Pedosta?

Seems like a distraction from the 3000 Americans mossad killed in cold blood on 9/11 but we can live in hope.
Of course if he loses the case all these people will be vindicated and then everyone has to believe they're clean.

Dude you're kidding Saville the jewish freemason diddled kids for decades with full royal knowledge. Prince Andrew loves a bit of Epstein Island. We know, our establishment is rotten to the core, why do you think the police openly carry in that part of town? Unless we have a military coup we can do nothing but shitpost, dissent, and give them as little as possible.


link to the actual pdf if you guys wanna read the claim

are all the other people the co-defendants?

Holy shit bump

The rats will soon either try to sink the ship or flee

Whoever was asking those questions was a fucking retarded. He could have gotten so many better questions in the deposition but had to keep asking about his dick.

Makes you think he was meant to sabotage it in the first place

Some comments off T_D

Someone needs to make sure those fucks don't flee the country.

Yes. Absolutely. Indubitably, especially considering how many of his emails are fueling this case.

Holy fuck this is going to be a bloodbath

Time for some good, old fashioned

It's about I time to start tracking American flights to Qatar….

Israel you mean

The current year is just getting better and better and it's only January.

It's happening. Hold me.

I expect big things when Sessions finally gets sworn in

Damn it's a comfy night.

its all gonna come out the whole disgusting mess

the elites are pissed




Yet these pedo rings are universally ran by elite juwes.

Could you imagine the effect on public opinion of revealing both (((elite pedos))) and the (((orchestrators))) of 9/11? It would be, dare I say it, anuddah shoah.



pedos did 9/11

Mark my words, the kikes have been preparing for this contingency. They have been setting legal precedents in the jew-dicial system for years along these lines. Chopping kids up & raping them? Hey, they have been carving up kid's dicks for eons and not only has that been held legal but the American courts have forced it many cases. If that isn't child rape then nothings is. Murder? No goy, that's just a very late "abortion" you see. Now you can't put the kikes in jail without putting the majority of women in jail too. (I'd argue to gas 'em both, Ben Carson style.) All else fails; "Why this is just esoteric jewish rituals covered under freedom of religion. We had to keep it secret to avoid persecution from you evil goyim, which is what you are doing now. Sthap! It's anudda Shoa!" After that revelation, I hope all of world jewry would be done away with in a massive pogrom that Trump couldn't stop even if he wanted to. Kike media has been astroturfing child rape, child murder, and even cannibalism for a while.

After their servers were branched, they knew it would come out eventually. I think they were betting on us Whiteys all being dead by then so that's why they starting boiling the frog so quickly. Shitskins would not care about this. This is exactly what regular savage shitskins get up to all day. The kikes used to be a slightly craftier skinshit that knew to keep this shit under wraps so they could continue to feed of the goyim but I guess they are now too addled from their inbreeding & hubris to keep up appearances.

The kikes might have passed some sort of legal protection for themselves during all of those closed sessions of congress that we have had so many of in the last decade and a half. We had only like two of those in all of American history before 9/11. Wouldn't be surprised if they just granted themselves a license to hunt, rape, kill, and eat the goyim. This nation has given everything else to the kikes…

Criminal Justice System


i can see the radioactive cloud.
i think we final boss soon

I'm not saying they won't get lynched. I just pointing out that it is highly unlikely to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion in any court but that will backfire on the kikes massively. All of the cops are in on this too. The cops do the child snatching for the kikes. That's why even the lowliest sheriff's deputy is flown to israel for "anti-racism" & "anti-terrorism" training. That is just their first pizza party. So expect to have to blast through a good number of cops and maybe some military as well to get to the kikes.

Muslims and kikes have been working together to traffic white women for over a thousand years


Well Trump has the supreme court and a lot of friends in high places. There are also plenty of people who hate the elites and I am sure some powerful people have a vendetta against the MOST powerful people.

Its going to come down to them crashing the economy and/or some kind of pre planned attack to distract us as they run into their rat nests. Remember, if USA and Russia are allies these people have nowhere to run on the planet.

this, this, please THIS, and let elite Jews and pedo whites fall with them. Let it hit HOLLYWOOD. I want Woody fucking Allen to burn.

Remember Trump's own sister is a pretty high-ranking judge in NY state. Connections, connections…..

So you wan't WWIII to be fought against the wrong enemy again, just ike the last two world wars the jews tricked us into fighting to genocide the best of the European genome while the jews embedded themselves in further control of all our institutions?


I was planning on killing myself early last year. I had the paracord ready. I hopped on Holla Forums out of habit and saw a post from an user at a Trump rally. The one where the user talks to Trump about fixing Germany and Trump says 'Yes, absolutely.' I didn't believe it at first but he posted the signed Trump hat I chose to stick it out for just one more year. I did and every day I am glad I didn't do it. Things have been shit, they haven't improved, but seeing what happens each day and the things Trump does, it keeps me going. Shit like this is what keeps me doing. I'm not an American, I have never been to America nor met any of the Trumps, yet at this moment I would give my life for Trump. I didn't do it because of him and I feel somewhat indebted to him because of it. I think Trump is going to be one of the most important men for centuries to come. If he isn't the one to lead us, he is certainly working to sharpen the blade we will need for our leader. He has dropped a few hints of being far more redpilled than he is open about. The recent holocaust statement, mentioning how a middle eastern nation other than SA is funding IS, the call to audit the Federal reserve etc. I think that God wants me to stay alive. I think, hell I know he has a plan for me. I know I will play a role in the future to come. I'll never be a Leon Degelle or an Adolf Hitler but I know I'll do everything I can for the struggle when the time comes. I have since dedicated my time to training for the cause.


Please forgive my English. I am not from the West.

Is there any evidence this is related to pizza maymay?

If Prez Trump appoints a special prosecutor after he cements his power, then we'll know shit is going down. Kikes will scream that it's political but the tiny skeletons have been accumulating in their yards for decades and that is the real evidence they cannot avoid. They all cannot simply dig up their back yards simultaneously and completely while getting rid of all those cubic yards of earth (with bones poking out of it). They are being watched now too. Was wonder why all of the super-jewy nations had such a hard on for banning toy airplanes and toy helicopters recently and now we know. Fucking kikes were brazen with their cannibalism.

So muslims did 9/11?
Muslims run the elite pedo rings, Like Epstein, Greville Janner etc?

Disinfo is pretending that fighting isreals warZ is the right thing to do

fight on, brother


hes talking about people putting a camera on a toy plane/helicopter (or drone, nowadays) and being able to film a kikes pizza cookout.

i meant it as the fnords made him say that
the guy you replied to
level 3

Yeah, the FAA did a power grab trying to have toy control in a similar manner to gun control even though congress expressly forbade them that power. Same thing happening in kike-controlled nations all over the world at exactly the same time (so you know it's kikes). For less than a hundred bucks you could drop a hi-def camera in Podesta's back yard with an R/C plane or R/C chopper. See how that could be a problem for kikes everywhere? So toy control for everyone with either no reason or ridiculous reasons.

Doubt it, our normal mode of operation is to assume that everyone involved with the cabal rapes/eats children. We want them dead for a reason.

this one is hard…
i want both of you to be right

here come dat boies

"Drone" is a kike slur word used to astroturf the banning of children's toys because even toys could take down the kike's house of cards at this point. Only kikes use R/C planes to murder people but they (including Drudge) wanted to pretend that the $7 Chinese quadcopter in your pocket is a dangerous weapon and you're a terrorist if you have or want one. Never mind that the hobby has been around for 80 years with no incident, you goyim simply can't be trusted. Apparently the only hobbies the kikes have is pizza parties and swimming through their ill-gotten money.

i remember that thread

What did he mean by this ?

Wait, what? Source?

I guess that you can't get justice through the courts? Anyone who's had dealings with the courts knows that but there are a lot of kids here who are extremely wet behind the ears and think the courts/cops are on the White side of things and he misinterpreted my post as such.

also jordan weapon markets….

kek, its true. victory has so thoroughly defeated the kike, theyve become so brazen they are running in fear of toys and cellphones.

just imagine the 600,000 fucking emails seized on weiners computer… not to mention the shit the NSA has on them. the hammers going to drop on these subhuman ghouls so fucking hard.

nice one

Also true in every other sphere.

What do you think they do with their billions…

they build ostentacious home cinemas and Watch ferry's day off? huh no.

i was truely happy for your digits so I've been blessed myself!

Go to the ADL, they make a big deal out of it. Shows their power and let's the goyim know how things will go down if you think calling the cops on a kike is a good idea. My dad was in one type of police force or another for a quarter century. He told me that the cops are just murdering thugs and to literally never turn my back on one. They tried to get him to murder as well to make him as culpable as they were. He refused, so he would get sidelined in one department after the other. Eventually he was pretty much black listed and had to go into a different line of work. Cops kill and kidnap for the kikes and anyone else that pays them (unless you run up against the kikes, they're top dog). Courts are in on it too. After all, they are just the employees of the kike political class. I was brainwashed by the schools & media to think the cops were the good guys too. I did not believe my dad 100%: "not all cops, surely", I said. I put my toe in the water being a sworn peace officer. Worked closely enough with cops to find out dad wasn't bullshitting me and I noped the fuck out of that situation. Never trust a fucking cop ever and always pack heat not matter the law! These crooked cops are not going to disappear overnight just because Trump is in the Whitehouse now and some of these cops have a taste for pizza/human flesh on their own now thanks to their corruption from the kikes

like pottery

You wish that guy is wrong.
But oh fuck look where we are.

I felt the same, user. The future looked hopeless until Trump started turning things around. Just a year later and we have a full year to ourselves, ordained by heaven to be the Year of the Fire Cock, and the leader of the free world is Donald J Trump, our champion. 2017 Is fucking amazing and we are only a month in.

I was in that thread too. Shadilay, brother.

Whats this ACORN scandal they talk about? Pizzagate isnt the first time hes been accused of being a pedo?

http:// projectveritas .com/acorn/ Long story short: Undercover dude ask ACORN worker how he can help Obongo raise money for dem programs. ACORN dude says: "Just kidnap some illegal alien children and pimp them out. We'll squared it with the cops if you pass most of the money up to us and let us fug the kids for free." Some local cops try to investigate but Hussein and media block it, try to make fun of it even. Affix bayonets, you'll need them.

Its real user. Pedowood is the kikes go to route of political subversion. They bring every fucking sheriff to Israel 'for training' and then when ever they need a favor they get it because otherwise the world will find out about the sheriff that fucked a 7 year old girl.

Podesta is not listed, OP.


Glad your still kicking and welcome to victory, brother.

Ahahahahahahahahahahaahhahhahhahaahahhaahahahahaahahahahhhahahahaahahahahha, no. A race whose entire history consists of getting themselves shoah'd prepares for nothing.

So all the crooked cops covering up "pizza" have magically disappeared overnight? You get out, you stupid faggot. I can guarantee that you have never had any dealings with these cops. They rob, rape, murder, and kidnap wantonly. If they feared Trump or thought they couldn't mitigate him, the cops and all of the other kike's cronies would be leaving/hiding. They are not doing that yet even though they have had months to prepare. Like I said, they will not magically disappear and many lefties would flock to a renegade police force that promised sanctuary from Trumps polices which would give them pizza guys a power base again. Haven't you been reading about all of the "sanctuary cities" and even "sanctuary states" in the news, you dumb fuck? Where do you think the rubber meets the road? The fucking cops, that's were. Especially in no-guns states like Cali. They'll go to ground if worst comes to worst for them and we will have 100,000s of Ed Gein types floating around somewhere. Why shouldn't White people be cautious?

How soon you forget that we narrowly avoided nuclear World War 3. That's the lengths they'll go to. I didn't say the kike's contingency are good or would even work. I said the exact opposite. The plans that the kikes have put in place to mitigate pizzagate and the like will be the death of all kikes because they are just stupid shitskins when it's all said and done. They are also painfully alien to us goyim. They used to have to live amongst us so they had a basic idea of what humans behaved like and what lies we would go for. That has not been the case for at least 70 years now and it shows.

Trump has accepted an offer from the Queen for a state visit. You think he's going to lay down the law to her maj, tell her to get going because it's over?

The problem with pilpul is that eventually you are lynched.

Lol, did you really type all that out? I hope you didn't expect me to read it. Your Commie cop hating days are over, you rat faced kike. The U.S.A. is going to love its cops again, and there is nothing you can do about except cry!


I think the horse has left the barn, user. Drones are a few years old. The smart people already have sent Mendax the video.

this is why you're cancer

My dad WAS A COP. I was sworn peace officer. Don't tell me about cops, faggot. And you just admitted you can't refute anything I just posted. Go troll gameFAQs, it's more your speed.




How new do you have to be to think that works here, shill?

It's true about the "bee" shit though, they've been trying to push the bee meme for a while.


Any basic web search, user.

You're the shill that wants White people to trust the exact same cops that have been covering up pizzagate all these years. And I am an oldfag from VNN, so sue me. White people do not need a bunch of cops stomping around that can be subverted again, we need a militia.

A blog. Wow. And a blog named "Human Rights Now" at that. I (((wonder))) who could be behind these posts trying, and failing miserably, to push automatic and blind distrust and hatred of all law enforcement officers?

I don't think you understand the Kikes DON'T plan for failure they just assume their plan will go off without a hitch. So when it does fail the panic and try to fall back on what has worked. What has worked no longer works (MSM control, muh holohoax, muh minorities) which is also why we are seeing them lash out at anything that moves even shadows like the rats they are.

Did you think I was trying to trick you? You know what, you and your daddy really are police officers. So go suck on daddy's gun before blowing your brains out with the other gun. =^)

Because cops sure have been on the White man's side and helped us against the forces of world jewry up 'til now, right? Why do you shill points that are so obviously and demonstratively false? ('cause you're paid, that's why)

You might as well say whites are naturally leftist due to commieforina. Your arguments are trash and you can't even back up your claims when someone calls bullshit on it.

Ohhhh. So now they're suddenly not on our side because Trump was elected. Thanks for showing everyone that you have shit for brains. Reminder that PRESIDENT Trump is undoing all of your Cummunist hopes and dreams all day every day, and if you do anything beyond wasting your time in impotent cuckold rage on a Mongolian Moving Pictures board, then this video is going to be you.

Oh please let this all happen!


This video. Right here. That's your Cumminist ass.

Trump is a very powerful and charismatic man.

I am from Canada and I feel a strong sense of Americam nationalism now. I still love my country and would never move or give it up, but I'm proud of you guys, and look forward to white nationalism coming here

No stupid, I am saying they have been one of the kike's anti-White goon squads and Trump needs to fix that but that is difficult to do all at once so beware until then. Do you read English?

The top level kikes plan (poorly). All of the lower-level kikes and their goons are zealots controlled by pizza/MKULTRA and are afraid of getting their burn notices. The lower-level kikes are throwing a fit and it's funny. The top kikes are surely trying to find a way to nuke us White goyim while keeping themselves and their brown slaves safe. That's what I'm worried about.


They are like a like a cuck with a gun. You can give it to them but they more than likely won't fire and if they do, it's usually so bad you have to worry about any bystanders rather than yourself. I seriously doubt the kikes will actually go down swinging considering their nature. At worst, the hordes might get more violent while geopolitical bullshit caused by the kikes rile them up even further.

So you think White people shouldn't cleanse the police force of pizza-enabling cops? The cops that are all still on the job right now? Why do White people need to be policed? That was invented by (jew controlled) Colonial England to keep White people on the kike's kosher plantation.

Soooo we've gone from "Kill cops and the military!" To "W-w-well maybe Trump actually does have a chance. Just stay safe until then."
Wew, wew, wew WEW. Wew, wew, wew WEW. Wew, wew, wew WEW. Wew, wew, wew WEW. Wew, wew, wew WEW. Wew, wew, wew WEW.

Read all my posts, stupid. My dad was one of those good cops and was sidelined and threaten for being clean. I did not listen to his warnings and almost got myself caught up in that shit. Clearing out all police departments simultaneously is a tall order even for Trump, so watch out. Many of those bad cops will have advanced warning when their pizza brethren get popped and they will go to ground but, their pizza/cannibal cravings won't stop. Beware.

No, they will be ostracized and vilified. If a pedoring were to be exposed to the masses and we see that a lot of local cops were involved then I doubt they would have the power to really do anything about it. At worst, they will get an advanced warning or feel the winds changing but their sudden departure or change in attitude would just incriminate them even further. You say to beware, I say you should have an eye out for sketchy cops and make a mental note of it should this court case blow up to that proportions.

We are reading your posts, stupid. And it's telling everyone that anyone hating on all cops and military are kikes and kike lovers. Shoo shoo, globalist Jew. But I just looooove how you're so ass blasted you stopped responding to me. Come on, shill-kuuuuun~. Play with me.

If the cops are so great, why did they follow the kikes orders? Why did they look the other way during pizzagate? Seems that they are evil to me.

Trump will likely have to draft the militia to kill the kikes and their loyal pizza-enabling cops & military assets. If not for here in the USA then for the push abroad. This is a global problem. Might have to get a European militia together to liberate those people from the kike-controlled pizza-enabling cops & military. Or do you think the EU cops & military are pro-White too?

Look at me.
Look at me.
The people are the puppet masters now.

More non-arguments from a troll. Just because Trump is elected does not mean that everyone's local cops have magically never been involved with pizzagate type stuff. Some of them had to be involved. We will come to blows.

Fuck me, how have they gotten away with this shit this long? I didn't think I could still be surprised by the audacity of these kikes.


Yes we will, Cummunist. Tell me, how is that going for you so far?

No but the purge needs to start at the top. Purging low level grunts is meaningless.

because most goyim are literally braindead (kikes helped create said braindamage).

user, there are crooked cops out there andthe jews have trained them to treat us like the enemy. Not every cop, but lots.


Most White people literally worship kikes and/or think that kikes are God's favorite pet. They killed our Gods. We were supposed to be defeated and this is what defeat at the hands of a semite looks like. I am surprised we still exist really… But we rallied and will crush them soon. Best timeline ever.

I know cops are trained to treat Cummunists like the enemy. You don't have to tell me!

Yeah, I'm a commie because I don't worship one branch of the kike's low-level thugs. Nat-Soc are supposed to love jewish-brainwashed cops now? Go up to a random cop and tell him you're a hardcore White Nationalist, see what happens to you. Try it Europe for extra fun! I could take all of those cops by the way. Troll harder please.

You are 100% correct. I'm glad we've come to an agreement.

All cops were tolerating great evils like pizzagate and arresting White people on kike orders so they are at least part evil. Many were "just following orders" which is supposed to be no excuse even by kike standards. Some were good (like my dad) but threaten/fired/killed. No good cops in charge but hopefully that will change.


What arm of the kike octopus will you shill for next, mex-injun cartels? "They're totally on the White side goys-I means guys." Perhaps ISIS? "They're super red-pilled in secret, pay no attention to their actions!" Gas yourself.

"Sir, is it true you have an egg shaped penis?"

*HA HA HA HA HA* Eggstein won't make a clean getaway on the Lolita Express to Orgy Island using a pizza map on a handkerchief with unprecedented DOJ help cutting sweetheart non-Prosecution deals for accomplices like a upskirt selfie of Justice's pussy flapping in the wind.

And whatever happened to 17 year old Tatiana who in 1997 gave Dershowitz a massage in his underpants that he didn't like anyways?

Bout time 30 years of perversion by the tippy top of the 1% is punished like the Wrath of the God Emperor.



The gallows just got ten feet higher.

Ha! These kikes are extremely guilty. They're gonna say; "But I was born into this!" (And they were.) After which the goy will ask; "How are you born into being a pedo-canibal?" Then the kike will shriek out; "Because I'm a JEEWWWWW!" Then all the kikes will be killed. There's no stopping this train now.

This. Fucking Barbary pirates, for instance.

Every sheriff? But the sheriff of my county wants to send our inmates down to help build Trump's wall. He also wants to charge inmates for being in prison, which sounds pretty jewish, but I think you can understand that he simply has a hard stance on crime.

The first day of Trump's second week.



The ADL is the kike org that is front and center on corrupting the cops but the bulk of that may have been farmed out to the FBI since 9/11. (anti-terrorism is code for anti-goy upraising) Get a proxy and look to see if your local cops got a good-goy award from them and/or "special training." See if they have visited a holohoax center for "sensitivity training" if not having made a trip to israel proper. Always remember that civil nationalism is kosher nationalism which is just zionism.

What a bunch of pussies. These are the kind of people we're facing.

Damn sweet dubs and ID. Kissed by Kek himself

It does explain why they keep falling back to tactics that we've long ago discovered, categorized and are working to subvert. It's like the old generation of Jews have died off or went too insane to continue interacting with the world and the young generation is too busy in their dreamland of being undeserved millionaires and billionaires with atrophied connections.

In other words, we MUST continue to destroy the Holocaust narrative and show the truth of what and who the Jews truly are: the inversion of all that is good and wholesome, ie. followers of the Devil, their god.


Anyone else remember that kike ((Fink)) from Bioshock Infinite? "A bee never takes a sick day, a bee never goes on vacation or or strike. Be the bee, be the bee!" and he's as jew as they come?

Don't feed the JIDF, except into the ovens of Hell.

Welcome to day 9 of 8 years of Trump. We'll have space fleet at the end of this.


Hah! It's almost like your a 18-22 year-old kike commie professional shill with no sense of the history of White Nationalism on the internet. In the aftermath of 9/11, VNN was one the only places that pieced together the whole picture; the dancing israelis, the pager company, the moving company, the so-called art students, being doubly insured against terrorism but only if all the buildings were destroyed, the fact that two weeks before that kike purchased WTC an inspection revealed that the whole thing needed to be pulled down because of asbestos to the tune of $26 billion, the pre-planned war for greater israel, the naked kike takeover with the PATRIOT act. And that was only the tip of the kikeberg. They also had info on the so-called "blood libel" of the kikes. Not the fake astroturfed one about Jewsus but the old one the kikes wished everyone would forget about because they were still doing it, kidnapping, killing, and eating goy children.

The current VNNF might be compromised but it sure as hell was not back in the day. It was everything the kikes did not want the goyim to know. Of course, young people are now raised to be actively ignorant about everything that came before them so they have no sense of history. Seems like the kikes cannot keep from drinking their own poison in that regard.

VNN was fucking great in the days before Glenn Miller fucking shot up the jew center and managed not to hit a single Jew. Everything you see here or on cuck chan that's good came from there, as much as Linder is an egotistical prick. Every meme, every merchant, everything came from there while cuckchan was still "dude, weed" and before this ever existed.

Back in 2004-5ish (still dial-up days for me) I was trying to get everyone on VNN to come to halfchan, 7chan, even wakachan. Some of the old dudes there dismissed this entire generation because of video games and anime. They somehow thought they were just as pozzed as the mainstream media and I tried to tell them how that just wasn't so. For instance, leftists hate Gundam and will tell you so even though it was not a topic of conversation just to virtue signal. Why? "Because it's so rightwing!" they say. I told them if the kikes are attacking the fans of anime and video games (non-kiked media at the time) and trying to marginalize them, then those are the people you want to reach. We have now made it socially unacceptable to be associated with anything jewy. Now our memes are the mainstream memes of the whole internet and the kikes are fucking doomed.

Any news on this?

Nothing new so far. Just like that other story about Soros being declared a national security threat. I think we will have to wait until after Trump cements his power before we will see some serious happenings.

He's building up his defenses. After his innogoration he immedietly applied as a 2020 pres candidate with the FEC. God knows what else the madman is doing in the oval office right now. It looks like other like minded people are taking advantage of him and knowing he'll appoint good people they're setting shit up too to help him gut the ZOG.
It's fucking nuts. Trump is in the Oval Office RIGHT NOW making America great again non-stop.

Alex Jones (yeah, I know don't laugh) said Trump was going to release all of the technology the kikes have been keeping to themselves including a "cure for all diseases." He also reported the kikes have been giving people most diseases on purpose for tikkun olam and shekels. Allegedly we have technology for immortality (curious what form it takes), teleportation, and free broadcasted energy (Tesla stuff we knew they stole). We know they tried to suppress the announcement of Dr. Harold White's warp drive. Funny that even if a goy goes faster than light and proves that ether is real, it will be ignored because it proves the stolen theories ascribed to a kike are wrong.

archived a free pdf version of OPs shit sauce:


I was in that thread too. You made the right choice, brother.

You can parse that two ways,

((criminal justice) system) or
(criminal (justice system))