Spain: 19 year old girl attacked for wearing Nationalist symbols

Spain: Antifascists brutally kicked & beaten girl (19 years) in Murcia. Reason: she wore a national flag bracelet. 4 Scumbag arrested.


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Security cam footage

I have a friend from Murcia. I didn't think things were that bad there.

Nice trips

but this vid is from Spain.

oh wait.. i see what you did there.

I hope history repeats itself and we have another Spanish civil war around the 2030's. If there are people on this earth that I detest more than the Jews or Arabs, it's the Marxist race traitors that side with them. Put these motherfuckers up against the wall and pull the trigger.

It takes a dozen limp dick bolos to beat on a single girl?
I wish I was in that alley with my M&P,I'll be fucking dropping those putos left and right.


kek is blessing this thread

It saddens me that I must samefag in order for my dubs to get checked.

antifa cunt gets punched in one video by a man and antifa faggot white knights cry foul.

spanish girl wearing a bracelet with the spanish flag on it gets jumped by gaggle of antifa faggot homo pussies without hesitation.

they're like fucking jews. hypocritical fucks.

antifa needs to be classified as a street gang/hate group and treated as such. these fuckers keep wearing those masks, beating up people and governments will make it illegal to be in public or protest while wearing them.

richard spencer at least has the balls to show his face in public unlike these faggots.

ANTIFA are the ignorant, churlish, violent and dishonourable rabble that they accuse the Right of being. A threat to public safety and civilised discussion. Their eradication would benefit us all.

compilation of their violence when?

ANTIFA, whether in the USA or Europe are domestic terrorists and should be dealt with in such a manner.

Suffer not the traitor.

Its really time to start forming some groups to counter these scumbags. This is absurd,

Love this vid

New flags are needed everywhere. Especially in Europe and America. It's the only way to survive and restart and rebuild.

murcia is in spain

What the fuck did you just fucking say to me you little bitch

Fuck off with this GI nonsense.

im a leftie, but i think i should start wearing nationalist symbols just so some antifa fags attack me and i can use them as punchingbag. problem is only that i also would have to get into fights with the police as well here in germany

I think you're in the wrong place here, pal

You are either a really confused teenager or just plain retarded

i support leftie values, some at least, but i know the current left, and especially the left in power is subverted and a perversion of how the left should be.
antifa is a bunch of usefull idiots, acting as puppets for (((them))), fighting for the establishment they think they are fighting against, claiming to be against fascism while acting fascist, and labeling everything fascist that isnt them. those faggots need to get some sense hammered into their molten brains in hopes that the synapses get arranged and they start thinking logically again.

why? i want discussion, not approval. i want to hear other points of views and oppinions, and not just my own from another mouth, just as much as i want to present my own views and oppinions to those who have others, so we can discuss both, and find out which points are correct, where we see stuff the same, and where its different.

Who do you support in Germany then?

which party? non really, they are all fuck ups. if i have to choose die partei, the afd, and the pirates simply because they seem to be the ones who are not belonging to (((them))) and arent completely subverted.

Something fishy about you, (((comrade)))

How can you purport to be a lefty yet hate jews?

i dont hate the jews, but (((the jews))), or more, (((their))) doings. however i believe many jews suffer among (((them))) just as much as we do, and i rather like to judge people based on what they do, instead of what others of their ethnicity/religion do.
Im aware that many of (((them))) are jews, a lot more than you would epect when you look at how few jews there are, but there are also a lot of non jews among (((them))). stereotypes may be correct in a lot of cases, but i also believe the few who dont fit the negative stereotype deserve to be punished or experience disadvantages because of that.

im just honest with you though. maybe im misguided, have wrong infos or whatever, but im just telling you what i think

This is fucking disgusting but at least some good can come of it

Get this out there, post it on kikebook

Just because trump is president there can be no slack in the red pilling of normies

Good thing they're weaklings, otherwise fighting against their complete lack of morality and empathy would be difficult.
Anyone knows if the general public considers antifa the evil woman-beating and raping bastards they are or are they seem as good goys for fighting the ebil nazis?