Europe Proposes "Restrictions On Payments In Cash"

Having discontinued its production of EUR500 banknotes, it appears Europe is charging towards the utopian dream of a cashless society. Just days after Davos' elites discussed why the world needs to "get rid of currency," the European Commission has introduced a proposal enforcing "restrictions on payments in cash."

With Rogoff, Stiglitz, Summers et al. all calling for the end of cash - because only terrorists and drug-dealers need cash (nothing at all to do with totalitarian control over a nation's wealth) - we are not surprised that this proposal from the European Commission (sanctuary of statism) would appear…

The Action Plan states that "Payments in cash are widely used in the financing of terrorist activities… In this context, the relevance of potential upper limits to cash payments could also be explored. Several Member States have in place prohibitions for cash payments above a specific threshold."

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Below are some recent thoughts on the matter from SovereignMan's Simon Black, who detailed previously that the war on cash is happening faster than we could have ever imagined, and predictably, is based on lies.

I guess I should feel sorry, but, they are an all white continent that refuses to say it's white and calls anyone who tells them there white that they are "racist", unless it's whiteness for the purposes of guilting them.

basically whiteness is only ever and can only ever be a bad thing, never positive lol

Revelation 13:18

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,
17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[a] That number is 666.

ISIS uses cash. Don't be a terrorist.

Living in Sweden, I would say that Sweden is leading the race towards a cashless society. Banks are ridiculous here, where they won't accept cash deposits that you can't account for (just saving physical currency isn't a good enough explanation).
Many stores and public services don't accept cash any longer, and the physical cash notes keep changing to the point where you have to visit a bank to renew your notes after a certain date because 'older' notes are no longer valid.

Just keeping and accessing your own money here is becoming ludicrous.

Living in Canada I find it bizarre that you'd even have to explain anything about that, I mean here you just enter the amount in the ATM, put it in an envelope, deposit. You don't even have to say if it's cash or cheque, they handle that.

Wait a sec are u trying to take my liberties from me again


There was a case recently where an older woman had been saving cash for quite a while and wanted to deposit it into her bank account. The bank wouldn't let her because they wouldn't accept the woman's claim she had just been saving her money - they assume you've cheated the system if you keep physical currency.

They keep changing the designs on the notes (the 20 kronor note used to be a man flying a huge goose, now it's of the author of Pippi Longstockings) and if you don't have the correct design at the time, you have to go to the bank and exchange it for the newer type notes before using it.

Why would a nation do such a thing? Surveillance? Countering Inflation? Defeating Counterfeiting?

Holla Forums pls. I wish we were heading towards a fascist union.

Stop exaggerating, cuck. Before the recent change the only change you had on most bills for decades was the addition of the hologram strips.

If you want to complain about something what you should complain about is the recent transitions to pure cultural marxist motifs.

Making them more difficult to counterfeit apparently. They've remade some coins without nickel and this year they're scrapping a lot of coin denominations.

This is the third year in a row they've tampered with the notes, cocksucker

I can use cash everywhere in Germany and Hungary but when i went to Amsterdam or London they would look at me like some kind of weirdo trying to pay with cash, in Amsterdam i couldn't buy coffee in 3 places.

Don't know the exact page, but I remember reading about this tactics in the Precariat book. They make it so that they do not take away your rights but instead push you to a certain path by making the other path full of little inconveniences.

Are you fucking retarded? That's the one thing about it all that is actually justified; if you are going to restructure your currency structure of course you stagger the transition and don't change all the bills and coins at once.

EU is going full commie,not anything nearfascism. Anything nationalist or fascist is getting destroyed before it can truly grow, thanks to Jewish funding of Antifa and other scum.

He's retarded / a cuck. They are replacing the current bill and coin structure with new one where the values are approximately logarithmic structure (good justified idea) and to be physically dissimilar to each other to aid blind people (also a good justified idea). To not make this an enormous clusterfuck they chosen to just swap a few bills each year to limit confusion among the masses and so it won't be a complete logistical nightmare (both good an justified ideas).

What he's doing is trying to pass it off as all bills being swapped every year to make some forced Sweden yes.

Everything about this is actually good except the commies took this opportunity to remove all kings and old great men and women and replace them mostly with actors born in the last half century, in the usual bid to make a new history were no one remembers anything before the advent of the mass consumer society.

man i love gassing kikes in the morning

Totalitarianism =/= fascism. Fascism is a authoritarian, not totalitarian.

Atheists BTFO.


I doubt this order will get to Eastern Europe. Not like I give a fuck what Western Europe does to itself. My country will keep on signing up for projects, eat up some of the funds and we'll end up eventually ridding our corruption while the West just rots due to stupidity.

Here's the issue with abolishing cash. You assume that everyone are equal not just by rights but by everything. I can say for sure that people are only equal by rights and even that depends on how far it's pushed. When Communism came to us after we lost WW2, it was able to keep the equality for about 30ish years. Then the Soviet Union started bleeding more. We probably started bleeding out more too. While that was happening, certain people with certain jobs as well as the Communist elite ended up piling up more wealth than everyone else. This lead to the creation of subcultures and that completely destroyed the total nationalist control the Central Committee had. This also lead to the eventual corruption which was also split into 2 sides. The new and old Communists. Ones currently in the Socialist party and ones in GERB.

Now I'm just rambling but I doubt this will reach us. But if Europe wants certain countries to eventually go Fascist, this is the way. I'm personally Centrist so I'm sure most of Holla Forums and Holla Forums think my opinions are shit but I'd rather not live the Facist or Commie dream. I just want a normal stable country with a good military, economy and quality of life without dumb things like "refugees" getting in the way.

И сигурно шведите са част от причината този закон да се появи. Тяхната система е близко до комунистическа система. Комунистите са странно нещо, но не ми пука. Ако трябва да използвам нещо за да отреча този строй, то от Путин, че "..тези на които не им липсва комунизма нямат сърца", не, аз нямам сърце за такова нещо.



The only way. THE ONLY WAY. You are already one step from embracing truth. I am sure you are young because you still hold on to optimist dreams that are based on fantasy.
Ground yourself in reality. Pic related.

Hello brother, while here those positions you hold are seen as completely normal and as you said centrist, in the West these positions get you labelled as an evil baby-killing cybernazi who wants to gas anyone who doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes.

bacteria are cells, they can't infect other cells. Viruses are RNA strings, they can infect other

My country is already labeled as that. Bulgaria is pretty much considered a place full of terrible people but we're just trying to get by and eventually deal with our shit judiciary system. I think Sweden, Germany and the UK completely deserve what's coming to them. They had us to learn from their mistakes with but instead they turned to the opposite. I can only hope that eventually the West and the East in the Europe will be turned 180 degrees over with Eastern Europe being the top god and the West being stuck in shit poverty due to bad decisions.

They abandoned us. When east european were tortured under communists, western europeans were enjoying their life.

There was this swedish blonde chick in her 30s that came in my country, she was trying "to spread love". Of course, she was helping gypsies kids. Came where I work with her bullshit project, trying to make us care, I told her to fuck off. If Sweden and co become muslim countries, if I will see swedish cucks run to my country I will beat the shit out of them.

Западна Европа е длабоко закопана во комунистичкиот менталитет. Ти неможеш сите да ги третираш еднакво, а да имаш (((групи))) на луѓе кои ќе манипулираат со останатите. Се надевам останатите земји ќе си отидат како Британиа.

One of the few good things that came out of GERB is that they got most of the refugees deported or trafficked. We're fairly clean of them. There's less of them in Sofia these days as well. Eventually the nationalist party will grow too big for the Commie based parties to deal with. Then it will really get interesting. The Nationalists have some really competent and smart people in there so that'll be some really fun times.

Не знам да ли си македонец, но ако да, здравей от България. Обикновенно групирам запада така поради голямата им еднаквост в политика. Може би Италия е едно от исключенията. Там хората изглеждат като нас и не толкова луди за "равенства".

Germanic speaking nations won't like this. They prefer cash over kike schemes like credit cards. They don't want to be slaves to debt.

Ме знаеш преногу добро, булгарибро.
Јас сум бил во неколку градови во европа и од што сум видол, ми кажува дека државите што биле под влијание од СССР се денес по нормални и по националистички одошто тие што не беа. За жал, приметувам дека и тука во Балканот почнуваме да ги добиваме карциномите на западот како што е радикален феминизам (се колнал гледам повеќе 150 кила курви со неон обоени коси), ЛГБТ паради и паразити кои се борат против граници. Со време луѓе забораваат од што се бореа бротив. Чувај се.

В София ги има, но мнозинството са или комунистически настроени, или са националистически настроени така, че не вярвам, че ще стане при нас това което става там.


What exactly are you trying to say? Foreign invaders need to get removed. Is that difficult for you to understand?

>bacteria cells can't infect other cells
you'd be surprised, do some studying

It was for the best. Now you can spot the danger.

Come on now son.

I'm Irish and I hate to think that I'm considered on the same level of a bunch of remnants of the Golden Horde

tl;dr fuck mongols

Western europeans may either die out completely, or the ones with self-preservation will die fighting in their countries, or seek refuge in yours. It'll be up to y'all if you want to let them in or not.

That might honestly happen. It's strange when something like that might be fully possible. Current year +2 is weird.

lulz 500 note was the only good thing about the Jewro

What's the fucking point?

Greek here. It already applies here. Any transaction over 500 euros must be made through a (((bank)))

Thankfully Greece is a shithole and the state is dysfunctional so there are ways around it.

You need a revolution mate the international banks forclosed on Greece as a sovereign nation and all your leaders were complicit in it. Maybe return to whatever currency you had before the Euro.

Come on now son.

Nigger, please. That thing was so YUGE you could use it as a bedsheet. Had to fold it twice to make it fit in wallet. Then again all jewro bills are really uncomfortable to use. And coins are very large and heavy. I miss the currency my country used to have

Global governance of de facto global governance by Jewish and other oligarchs requires a global enemy. "Terrorism"

What's this bullshit?

inb4 cash is replaced by (((zcoin)))

Shit. Without cash, politicians no longer have to worry about embarrassing themselves like Obama did with pallets of Euros going to Iran.

No, please kill them for us. All traitors refusing to fight the sandnigger horde must die.

Post your face when you will live to the day Eastern Europe will conquer Western Europe and start spreading all around the world because Slavs simply don't care for opinions of weak.

growing the surveillance state


I fucking wish, atleast they cared about the people even though it was an authoritarian state.

This is straight-up seizing power because they are fucking afraid of us and want to see us dead.

It's fucking horrible already with trying to pay with cash, lost my bank-card recently and there's only one place i can fill my car with fuel, i can't park anywhere because you can't pay with cash, it's just bank-card and mobile phone and no fucking way i give up my phone/bank-details to some parking-lot company. I can't take out cash, because that you need a bank-card and most banks don't have any cash anymore. It's already a half-orwellian state where you basically is bound to need a bank-card unless you want to starve. And these fuckers want to get rid of cash. Fuck that, get rid of the EU, i never asked for you, when the voting happened, you stacked the funding and half my country didn't fucking want you. Fuck you and fuck your un-elected pieces of shits trying to say how i should live my life.

No you stupid twat, don't you see that you've been played? Divide and conquer, you focus on the left hand when it's the right hand you should be worrying about. It's not the misled useful idiots that's the root of the cause, like you don't blame a thrown rock for smashing a window.

Pick one

"They’re dirty and dangerous, unwieldy and expensive, antiquated and so very analog." This is what the banks is pushing, though that is not the real reasons.


The real reasons why banks wants to remove cash:

"However, there are other reasons that central banks are so eager to eliminate cash right now. Most importantly, the crisis in the financial system. Central banks have tried since 2009 to kick off the economy by keeping something close to zero interest rates. It did not succeed. Several banks have now in reality introduced a negative interest rate. With negative interest punished you for having money in the bank. Negative interest rate is therefore a strong incentive to take money out of the bank and "put them in the mattress." For banks they would be disastrous for bank customers should do this, especially if it happens in a short time and in mass scale. And it may well do, if banks are introducing even more negative interest rates and customers get the feeling that their money be ground down the drain.

If it is forbidden to have cash, banks may however introduce so negative interest rates they want. Then will no longer customers could try to save their money by taking them out. Then they have only two choices: either to spend the money or letting banks reduce their value.

Banks also want to be able to supply their customers' savings accounts if they themselves were coming in crisis. This happened with Banca Etruria in Italy. There were small depositors funds confiscated to save the bank from bankruptcy.

From 1 January 2016 enters EU banking Directive (BRRD - Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive) in force. Following this directive, so-called "bail in" regulations apply. These were the rules that were used for Banca Etruria and three other financial institutions in Italy and their clients now have been noticing this in practice.

If (read once) cash abolished customers will be totally at the mercy of the banks, which in turn will be able to so-called Valter with customers' money as they want, without risking "bank run" or other similar inconveniences.

So the next banking crisis becomes a giant oil."

"There are also other, more political arguments. Bentestuen talked about control, and there is a very real argument. If all buying and selling is digital, any financial transaction could be traced and logged. This means that banks and intelligence agencies will have a total overview of all citizens are doing on the economic side. All purchases and sales, all gifts and contributions, everything. Not only who and what, but also when and where. This is a grip himself George Orwell had tankt when he wrote in 1984.

Some say: "Is it a big deal then, I have then nothing to hide." The answer include: What do you know about it? What do you know about what the government, banks or others will use against you tomorrow or in ten years? And not least, what do you know about who will know this and use it? There is no guarantee that the government will have good intentions. If they think you are a troublesome person, can they not only block your account. You will not buy a loaf of bread once.

And it is not certain that it is only the government that will monitor everything you do. The data on your buying and selling, your gifts and small or large economic pranks are worth gold for monopolies. You and your consumption is a commodity bought and sold for large sums of money on the market. When they know everything about you, they can target the psychological impact and advertising in ways that we find it hard to imagine. (Apple will sell your feelings.) This is currently being done. Marketing Company profiles households from consumption profile, and can therefore say a lot about how the individual person and the individual household will behave on the market."

About the BRRD: Directive key points.pdf

Kikes will say anything to lie to the goyim.

At least since The Patriot Act in America, as long as you bring in an ID and can fill out a withdrawal slip, you can walk up to the teller and get your money. We still haven't gone totally plastic/digital.

If you live somewhere else then sucks4u.

Go back to Israel.

You're jacking off to TGSNT porn and you don't like it when people use the term fascism in a negative sense?

It's not hard to imagine some type of progressive / humanitarian / internationalist fascist system where governments and corporations are working together under some kind of global government under the pretext of furthering the interests of Humanity with a capital H and where everyone is essentially a slave to the banks and the corporations. Since leftists have replaced economic socialism with an anti-white anti-western civilization program it will be fairly easy to make them like multinational corporations if these companies wrap themselves in multiculturalism and work to abolish borders and nations. It won't bother them that much that everyone will be a slave of the banks if political correctness and multiculturalism is enforced by the police state and its enforcement is celebrated as Social Justice.

Cash is for terrorists and drug dealers goy, give us all your cash and have some money that is real in our minds.


Most of the world is in an uproar right now over the travel ban that Donald Trump hastily imposed late last week on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

But there was another ban that was quietly proposed last week, and this one has far wider implications: a ban on cash. The European Union’s primary executive authority, known as the European Commission, issued a “Road Map” last week to initiate continent-wide legislation against cash. There are already a number of anti-cash legislative measures that have been passed in individual European member states. In France, for example, it’s illegal to make purchases of more than 1,000 euros in cash. And any cash deposit or withdrawal to/from a French bank account exceeding 10,000 euros within a single month must be reported to the authorities. Italy banned cash payments above 1,000 euros back in 2011; Spain has banned cash payments in excess of 2,500 euros. And the European Central Bank announced last year that it would stop production of 500-euro notes, which will eventually phase them out altogether. But apparently these disparate rules don’t go far enough. According to the Commission, the presence of cash controls in some EU countries, coupled with the lack of cash controls in other EU countries, creates loopholes for criminals and terrorists.

So that’s why the European Commission is now working to standardize a ban on cash, or at least implement severe restrictions and reporting, across the entire EU.

The Commission’s roadmap indicates that forthcoming legislation, likely to be enacted next year. This is happening. And it may serve as the perfect case study for the rest of the world. A growing bandwagon of academics and policy makers in other countries, including the United States, UK, Australia, etc. has been calling for prohibitions against cash. It’s always the same song: cash is a tool for criminals and terrorists. Harvard economist Ken Rogoff is a leading voice in the War on Cash; his new book The Curse of Cash claims that physical currency makes the world less safe. Rogoff further states “all that cash” is being used for “tax evasion, corruption, terrorism, the drug trade, human trafficking. . .” Wow. Sounds pretty grim.

Apparently pulling out a $5 bill to tip your valet makes you a member of ISIS now. Of course, this is total nonsense. A recent Gallup poll from last year shows that a healthy 24% of Americans still use cash to make all or most of their purchases, compared to the other options like debit cards, credit cards, checks, bank transfers, PayPal, etc.

And the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco released a ton of data late last year showing that:

52% of grocery purchases, along with personal care products, are made in cash
62% of purchases up to $10 are made in cash
But even at much higher amounts over $100, nearly 1 in 5 purchases are still made using physical cash

This doesn’t sound life nefarious criminal activity to me. It seems that perfectly normal, law-abiding citizens still use cash on a regular basis. But that doesn’t seem to matter. A bunch of university professors who have probably never been within 1,000 miles of ISIS think that a ban on cash would make us all safer from terrorists.

You probably recall the horrible Christmas attack in Berlin last month in which a Tunisian man drove a truck through a crowded pedestrian mall, killing 12 people. Well, the attacker was found with 1,000 euros in cash. The logic, therefore, is to ban cash. I’m sure he was also found wearing pants. Perhaps we should ban those too.

This idea that criminals and terrorists only deal in bricks of cash is a pathetic fantasy regurgitated by the serially uninformed. I learned this first hand, years ago, when I was an intelligence officer in the Middle East: criminals and terrorists don’t need to rely on cash. The 9/11 attackers spent months living in the United States, and they routinely used bank accounts, credit cards, and traveler’s checks to finance themselves. And both criminal organizations and terrorist networks have access to a multitude of funding options from legitimate businesses and charities, along with access to a highly developed internal system of credit. A cash ban wouldn’t have prevented 9/11, nor would it have prevented the Berlin Christmas attack. What cash controls do affect, however, are the financial options of law-abiding people.

These policymakers and academics acknowledge that banning cash would reduce consumers’ financial privacy. And that’s true. But they’re totally missing the point. Cash isn’t about privacy. It’s one of the only remaining options in a financial system that has gone totally crazy. Especially in Europe, where interest rates are negative and many banks are on the verge of collapse, cash is a protective shelter in a storm of chaos.

Think about it: every time you make a deposit at your bank, that savings no longer belongs to you. It’s now the bank’s money. It’s their asset, not yours. You become an unsecured creditor of the bank with nothing more than a claim on their balance sheet, beholden to all the stupidity and shenanigans that they have a history of perpetrating. Banks never miss an opportunity to prove to the rest of the world that they do not deserve the trust that we place in them. And for now, anyone who wishes to divorce themselves from these consequences can simply withdraw a portion of their savings and hold cash. Cash means there is no middleman standing between you and your savings. Banning it, for any reason, destroys this option and subjects every consumer to the whims of a financial system that is stacked against us.


This is going to propel exits from the EU. It just needs to get more known to the general public. Inform as many normies as you can. Any normie that has a job knows what cash means.

Why would you visit that hellhole. You wouldn't go on holiday to Weimar Berlin, would you?

There's no banks with money anymore. That's the major problem, all you have to deal with is computers.

I'm a labourer and work almost exclusively for cash, luckily my country isn't totally vwashed out with Mexicans or niggers (willing to do any work that is) so I'm not being under cut and am making a comfortable living. Of course this being the case means I pay virtually 0 income tax. This is what the juden hate. Individuals working for individuals and spending money locally to other individuals. I but all my food and clothing at the local market and in charity shops. Not because I need to but because I wish too. I live in a rural area and have my own water supply. The only kikes getting anything from me are the ones I'm paying for internet access and electricity. Live your life like me . Get out.

When I was a little kid I thought globalism was a good idea and that we should get rid of cash. Because I didn't thought of consequences other than "no wars lol" and "muh convenience". This must be what a dumbass normalfags, niggers and women think of it, too, because they never progress beyond "little kid" mental state. They are useful idiots.

And then there are the kikes. Just like mudslimes' religion tells them it's OK to jihad the fuck out of everyone, yids' religion tells them it's OK to jew the fuck out of everyone. Those faggots know full well what they are doing, they're clenching people in iron grip so they themselves can benefit, and they exploit useful idiots in doing this.

Mudslimes should be eliminated because they're extremely militant and go any lengths to obliterate the enemy. Kikes should be eliminated because they're extremely selfish and go any lengths to profit.

Fuck everything. Race war now.

Hypothetically speaking, how many men would you need to break into the EU parliament and mercilessly slaughter everyone inside.

A few dozen or so, armed with nothing but butterfly knives and molotovs.

Your nose is showing

To be fair, Northern Ireland is probably Whiter than the Republicuck.
t. Potato Man

Oy vey! Think about roads, goy!

fascism involves a strong senseof national identity and unity. The EU is anti-european, and actively works against its primary cultures.
Even communist Yugoslavia was netter than this.


You do realize what those countries were founded upon right? :^)


except that that's not fascism.
there is no nationalism and for all the things fashies did wrong or that were not clear, they were very clear in how to handle banks.


The other thing is that they want to be able to garnish wages more easily. If there is a limit to how much of your own money you can spend then you can bet that they will try to enforce some pseudo loan system where you have to pay a service fee or interests just to use more of your own money.

Goy we are going to tax you up front instead of waiting until the next tax year. Moshe at the IRS says many people are not paying any taxes at all because they don't enough to be taxed, so the solution was to tax everyone up front. Isn't that a brilliant idea goy?

It's already peaking since yesterday. Though Trump's border tightening is the most likely reason behind that.
I don't think vague totalitarian plans of EU kikes will influence exchange rates until they are embodied in ratified directives and start being implemented in member states' laws.

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I just keep on waiting until the I get stoped one day for precicley that fucking reason.

you know this shit comes from your country, right. the u.s. under obongo pressed india the cut the money wire, and that clown they have obliged gladly. same with yurop. you are a cancer upon the world. either get your shit together with trump or you can go to shit.

Don't forget to filter IDs

I heard terrorists breathe air too. I guessing the elites should stop breathing now.