Social engineering in germany

No, it´s not a joke. It´s right around the corner.

Truly orwellian and the most platant piece of propaganda i have encountered so far.

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My skull is the border of my head.

The other thing they say is ….

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did you rip that off?


I've always wondered this. To the super bluepilled German and or Sweden are they alright with someday their country will not speak the language which names their country?

If they are alright with this why don't they try to learn Arabic so that they can help the refugees?


6 million hours

OP you must spray paint this on the sign if you think you can get away with doing so

Mang i live in germany. I will recieve some serious jailtime for a stunt like that.

If you know you can get away with it. If not then of course don't risk it

It´s not worth the risk tbh

I will stick to spray

beneath it.

Keep an eye out for cameras. I can't help but wonder if they do this on purpose to try to bait people and then make an example of them.

That's fine too. Something that questions the narrative. Someone who looks hard at Soros will inevitably find (((coincidences)))

They are.

foreign Krautanon here

In and around Stuttgart, they also put up signs on walls and billboards running with an 'art' gallery as excuse with similar slogans like 'Dada is still shit' and 'Logic is always wrong' With how impressionable normalfags are, I'm getting legit scared.

what about #openbordersforisrael


here is a better one.

Deliver some OC please.

why is a smoking company doing this?


You have to understand that these far-left cucks outright hate Germany and everything German, believing it to be inherently "destructive" and causing holocausts, etc. etc. and so everything German should be opposed and destroyed. This is either because they swallow the media white guilt propaganda, or (in a decent chunk of cases) because they are Jews themselves and therefore do not consider themselves as part of the nation.

Of course, the "evil Germany" meme is just that - a meme. And a forced one at that - guess who has been promoting it?

Alright, Germans….

… Last call.

Worth noting is that L&M (Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company) is an American cigarette brand, currently belonging to Philipp Morris.

Only one I currently got that doesn't involve me in the reflection.

That´s hilariously bad user :^)


Muslims smoke more and they have more disposable income from the goy government. And nothing to do but smoke and rape.
You think these peace bringers are not going to get cashed in on every step for their peace bucks?

Centurion get comfirms

But wait, if borders only exist in your head and borders are not a legal construct, does this mean they're promoting thought crime?

Human rights only exist in your head.
Equality only exists in your head.
Social justice only exists in your head.
Moral obligations only exist in your head.
Guilt only exists in your head.

Why don't we tell them what we think about their new advertisement campaign:
https //

Just tell them that you changed label because of the polital nature of their slogans.

Spooks are a spook.

So does law. So does morality. So do human rights.

Not true and you know it. You're just too adraid to do it. People being afraid of a 100€ fine is probably why the west is dying

i wonder what would happen if someone went to their HQ and tested their convictions on the concept of borders.

Bullshit. They'll go after even the most decrepit close-to-death old women they can find to imprison for saying shit like that.


Of course it´s true Shlomo. Even with 87 year old women they have no mercy.

I get the distinct feeling you're just shitposting and not actually that retarded, but I'm giving a (you) anyway.
Spook translates pretty well into "social construct", and the thing about the idea of the social construct, is that it's a social construct in of itself, because it necessitates that there are social constructs to define as being a social construct, making it a meta-construct in comparison.
Therefore, it can be said in shortened form, "Spooks are a spook." Stirner makes obsolete his own ideas. In a way, he manages to metaphysically cuck himself, on top of being a literal, physical cuck.
Of course a pinko like yourself wouldn't actually think about your own ideology.

Laws in germany/some EU states require cigarette companies to display a warning message on all advertizements and products that smoking will cause cancer and is deadly. If only people would remember that nazi germany were for a time the only ones claiming and proving that smoking is bad for you.

Nihilism a shit

They made an example of her because she appeared on public television and actually went to events holding speeches denying the holocaust. Thats another story

Man you clearly have no idea how things are going in germany, do you?

Looks real enough to me.

Wow you really are a dummy. This is probably why you should actually read Stirner instead of getting triggered by the appearance of his name because people from Holla Forums appropriate his philosophy as a fucking meme. If you knew anything you'd realise that "spook" isn't a direct equivalent to "social construct", it's a term for any amorphous, nonreal ideal irrationally held above the individual. "Race" as a concept to describe different human beings is not necessarily a "spook", in fact Stirner describes three stages of human philosophical evolution in his own book with the terms 'Negroid', 'Mongolian' and 'Caucasian', kek but if you were to say, sacrifice your own will and wellbeing in the name of your race, like if you were Jewish and felt compelled to be a financier or rabbi out of some sense of needing to fit in with your racial category against your own individual will to be something else, that would be spooky.

The idea of the "solar system" is a "social construct", but it is not a spook. You do not sacrifice your own will to an external will in the name of the solar system.

The central thesis is that humanity, despite all its pretenses to enlightenment, hasn't shed itself of its shamanistic impulses and still has magical flights of thinking. The contemporary worship of imaginary constructs like 'diversity' and the destruction of Europe upon its sacrificial altar is a powerful vindication of Stirner's philosophy.

Also the post you replied to clearly demonstrates that I'm not a 'pinko'.

Maybe if the definition of spook wasn't as amorphous as the ideas it claims to be against, I would have argued against you more appropriately.
still doesn't change the fact that stirner was unironically cucked in an "open relationship"

So you should never sacrifice for anything larger than yourself?

Wasn't this guy a cuck? Or is cuck a spook?

He was a massive cuck, so it's not suprise lefties love him.

At best you could argue that the idea of monogamy is a spook but then so can class conscience and anything else the commies claim to be material.

So his whole philosophy is basically a coping mechanism?

It was also to piss of Marx, Marx ended up writing a long arsehurt thesis in responce. The idea was basically anything intangible or constructed by the mind might as well not exist so concepts of family, monogamy, morality. The idea is you only follow the ones that suit your own ego do as you will, but not be beholden to anyone else expectations or ideas, on the same things because you consider them to be immateral and thus non-existant if we choose not practice it.


Why is a German ad in English?

Either it isn't German or the German government is making ever increasingly overt pushes to eliminate the language.


That's what I do anyway. Ideas like Nationalism and racism suit me, because I don't want to live in a third world country.

Im in NRW andhad to pay 120€ fine couple years ago for denying the holocaust on camera at a local public debate event sponsored by my school. And no i wasnt underage at that time, i was trialed as an adult

Learn to combat their world view. Mental judo.

The whole Stirner spook thing is fucking autistic due to the fact that it's telling you to throw away beliefs, motivations, and goals because "everything in the mind isn't real so why follow it?"

If that's true then why live? There's no point in existing because within a few billion years this planet will be engulfed by the sun the anything you do is pointless anyway and technically won't exist. His whole philosophy is just edgy nihilism taken one step further for faggots to harp on when they have no goals or motivation to do anything. That's a why liberal commies fucking love him because they don't feel a sense of responsibility or aspiration and think that the "collective" will support them.

Check my dubs or get wrekt.

You nailed it. Leftism can only lead down. All we need to do is not fall with them. But we need to protect others as well…
Not the easiest of tasks, but everything is possible. Especially if it's all a spook.

The difference is it'd still be called a spook because the idea of borders in general let alone idea's like culture and cultural borders can be considered spooks. Again with racism they would argue that the difference in races doesn't make you superior it's just your assumption of supremacy that's the spook, that's if you can get the to even admit that race is empircally proven.

The point is it's almost like positive nihilism in a way, when you accept that there are no limits or that those limits are just spooks your free to do anything even be a cuck if pleases you.

No, the idea is that one should recognise that - for instance, as a supremely simple example - there is no actual, existing metaphysical need to refrain from using the word "nigger." There are people who actually feel guilty using this word alone or in the presence of non-blacks. They will feel as though they have committed some kind of sin, or violation that they need to "repent" for.
Of course, this is different from not saying "nigger" around a group of black people, since it would not be in your self-interest to offend people who react violently to the word.

Stirner is diagnosing this pathological mindset that exists in people's heads, and that underlies the way we as individuals get manipulated by others into serving their interests instead of our own. Or even into serving the interests of nonexistent values or deities - sacrificing yourself for nonbeings which don't even reap the rewards of your suffering.

Another example is that of Islamic suicide bombers who kill other people and themselves. They believe they are sacrificing themselves for a 'higher cause', and that killing others and themselves is righteous and that they will be rewarded in heaven. These are thoroughly spooked individuals.

Stirner despised 'the collective', as well as liberalism and communism. Not saying that people of those ideologies aren't attracted to his philosophy, but I don't think he should be conflated with them. His individual perspective has its own merits.

What pleases me is living in a sane, peaceful European society, and knowing that that society will still be there for future generations of my people to enjoy.

His ideas do have SOME value in terms of letting your mind unshackle itself, but the problem is when you get into nihilism, that can be presented in such an edgy leftard way that it's very hard to explain explain it otherwise

Other than the fact that leftypol and cucks worship him, I would see his teachings as slightly introspective and esoteric

Ask the american corporation why they did that.

You would not be spooked in pursuing that end. Again, the idea that there is a cogent "egoistic" lifestyle that must be followed is in itself a spook. If fighting in some right-wing death squad alongside your comrades is what you sincerely want to do, there is no reason to refrain from it that comes from outside your self.

That said, Stirner would consider hedonistic behaviour as undesirable the egoist as well, since - as the Christians rightly recognise - people are enslaved to their sins. If you want to follow your will, you should gain self-control and be able to refrain from indulging in your passions.

Then you have command of your ego and you're not being pulled into anyone else's agendas. That'd be enough to make Stiener happy althought the commie are convinced your actions are being dictated by the current ruling class.

Yeah he's interesting and makes for good meme material. It's fun blowing apart people's shitty platitudes and appeals to some faggot leftist moralism ("m-muh you must take refugees or you're evil") by pointing out that it's just self-destructive prostration to a non-existent god.

The current ruling class are doing in everything in their power to tear down tradition and flood my country with hostile outsiders.

Which lefty/pol/ is split on they think it's either bringing the coming class revolt or the see it as I see it which is the gloablist cast finally turning all the world into a slum where they can extract their resources for the lowest prices possible and indebt every country to some form of international bank. Greece was the test bed for the rest of Europe.



Porbably funded by an NGO, we really have to start pushing for legislation to ban NGO's.

Leftism seeks to justify unatutal things through rhetorics and entertaining unicversalist abstracts. That is why the jacobins wanted to create a 10 day week and leftists today care more about pronouns than practical reality. This diversion started with the mild abstract musings of rousseau and now ends in the total denial of reality. Of course talmudic dialectics (trying to tilt/ influence someones perveption of reality through the means of rhetoric independently of truth) worked very well on the left. Basically you have 'rationalists' who think that based of their experience growing up in western europe everyone on the planet is equal and we just have to change society a bit and fund more public education who then get tqlked by some lawyer type rabbi into believing that because of a certain internal logic of socio-economic constructed ideal (that he just theoretizised) we have to destroy all hierarchy and build gulags to kill farmers in.

Now in post-modern leftism they seek to destroy any natural hierarchy and enforce their abstract social constructs by denying the very validity of social constructs and therefor the foundation of civilization.

The constitution of 1795, like its predecessors, has been drawn up for Man. Now, there is no such thing in the world as Man. In the course of my life, I have seen Frenchmen, Italians, Russians, etc.; I am even aware, thanks to Montesquieu, that one can be a Persian. But, as for Man, I declare that I have never met him in my life. If he exists, I certainly have no knowledge of him. –de maistre

tl;dr 17th century redorics autism has spread like aids and weakens your mental immunity system to talmudic word plays that ignore reality for the sake of the abstract

I think they just mean personal borders. Cigarette brands want to seem cool and convey a sense of freedom.
Still carries a double meaning, though.

Go complain about it:

Write under it:
But thousands of injured, raped and killed germans do exist. Open Border is suggesting suicide just like this smoking advertisement.
Also you can write next to "Rauchen ist Tödlich." , "Offene Grenzen auch."
Habe letztens eine Malboro Werbung gesehen, wo sie mit "Vielfalt" geworben haben

Being shit is only spook

B-b-but… in my mind, it is real.

Spray paint that shit.

that screencap gave me cancer
JEWS ruined europe
Jews and traitors

So does that mean we can sexually assault any women we like because "borders only exist your head" obviously applies to personal boundaries also.

Just call the Anglos and Burgers what they are

t. krautcuck

Anglo master race here, having a chortle at the lessers.


OK… so this means the white man DIDN'T invade AmerInd territory when we swarmed all over North America?! The borders were all in the Indian's head?!

Wew…glad I don't have to feel guilty about taking "their" land, as it really didn't belong to anyone in the first place.

Now…does this mean I can squat on Merkel's front lawn whenever I want? Her property's borders only exist in her head, right?

Multiculturalism only exist in your head


I told you guys this while it was happening.

Greece was a test run, to see if the banking cartel could foreclose on a sovereign nation.
The Greeks let us down.

Here's the thing: so what? Tons of things only exist in a person's conceptions of them. That doesn't make them invalid. The entirety of scientific knowledge only exists "in your head."

If a revolution ever happens, that guy will be one of the first to get a bullet through the skull.

Germany didn't start shit. It got dragged into a war it never started and then was punished after losing the war.

I would rather sacrifice 6 million bicycles to Hitler on an altar than ever lay a hand on Germany.

t. Swampgerman

what did he mean by this?

How are suicide bombers spooked. They see a problem and want to help out. They die in the process, but they might as well have died in "conventional" combat, even before they made their first kill.
So suicide bombing is a legitimate strategy. They may be misguided or believe in the afterlife but that does not change the fact that they have value for their commanders. The goals of the commanders are quite concrete, like getting payed from Israel, or create a state you feel comfortable living in.

Besides the above, sacrificing yourself for the greater good is seen in the animal kingdom as well. Bees die when they sting, but the hive lives on.
Humans can just put more thought into it.

Germany didn't start WWI but did get punished for it.

Britcucks were jealous of Germany's industrial prowess so they had to destroy Germany. Churchill openly admitted it.

at least post the location so someone with balls can do it.

migrants only exist in your head - human suffering is relative.

People usually have personal motivations for volunteering to fight and going on suicide missions. No one joins just because they think they will be used to the strategic advantage of their commander's plan. The suicide bombers are of course aiming to have a particular sociopolitical or military impact, but the personal motivations that led them to value this course of action are based on falsehood and deprecation of the self.

As for bees and beehives, you're right. But we are not talking about what, by pure mechanics, is advantageous for the perpetuation of species. The way bees sacrifice themselves for the hive is evolutionarily advantageous, which means they continue to exist. That's all. It means little to our interests as self-aware individuals.
Why would I want to emulate the behaviour of bees when it will result in something contrary to my own desires? Unfortunately, Stirner has to use language that we often interpret teleologically and categorical in an ontological sense, but really all he is saying is "be aware of external and irrational attempts to subvert your will and make you commit actions that are undesirable to you." There is no universal spook list or anything. It's not a rule of nature. It's self-help.

Oh right, I thought you meant ww2.

They now also require to show gore pics of diseases caused by smoking, like black lungs and what have you.

Rebuttals to this sick propaganda is easy and logocal - but involves grafitti.*
*trick is do it well.

No borders? Brainstorm a bit and youll come up with
No Locks on doors.
A locked door is a border. It's an inplied insult to your city nation and earth.

No sexual borders (this includes men women and children. You have no right to a border.)

Or we could point out Israel's fabulously successful wall. Or how Arab states do nothing for refugees and hell i cant go into mecca as a non muslim.

Germany really didn't "lose" the war, per se.
It capitulated, for some unknown reason. And it accepted punishments far in excess of any damage it had committed to any of the allies.

Just before the U.S. entered the war, the Germans had basically won it…the Russians were deserting their military, France had lost almost an entire generation of their young men, and Britain was blockaded & surrounded by U-boats, with a limited supply of food left. And not one enemy soldier had set foot on German soil.
Germany had offered a settlement, where everyone would take their armies home & nobody would pay reparations. Essentially, the war would end & everything would go back to the way it was before the war.

But when the U.S. got into it, the Germans changed their minds…they surrendered, and got reamed in the peace treaty. I can't really explain this, and nobody seems to have a reasonable explanation for it. It's almost like the German government itself was in on the destruction of the German people.

Anyone have a good explanation, I would love to hear it.

You make the situation germany was in sound much more advantageous than I've ever read before. From what I've read germany was facing a massive food shortage and starvation towards the end of the war and beyond the end. The americans tricked the naive germans by making them believe that they spoke for the entire entente when they offered an armistice and peace negotiations. When germany demobilised and pulled back, the entente not having officially agreed to anything was now in a position to extort germany and get their way.

At least that's the basic gist of what I remember from "1939 - Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte"




According to Hitler himself the jew-controlled press was spreading lies that the German forces were defeated and people just gave up.

the stab in the back (((myth)))


I imagine a bar talk:
"hey user, what do you do for a living?"
"I m a social engineer."
"Cool, so what do you do to engineer society?"
"I create smug frog mems and then align them like a symphony."

Some artfag has to draw a picture where as a baseline you have a note sheet and the head of the notes are different pepes.
Or for reddit it could be a sad pepe minor etc.
Having notesheets for every internetforum.

a better answer would be "I decide what people like you think and believe"

THen my post wouldnt have a punchline, would it?

It didn't have one to start with

History is written by the victors.
Germany's farms had not been touched by war, it was France that was laid waste.

Serious business right?
We need more anemic lifeless people that wage slave and are filled up with feminism.

But then again you could have improved that hypothetical bar talk with "come as you are, as i want you to be." Would have had some touch to it.

Daniel Smith, representing Altria, sits on the Private Enterprise Board of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC was co-founded by conservative activist Paul Weyrich, who also co-founded the Heritage Foundation.

Paul Michael (((Weyrich))) (October 7, 1942 – December 18, 2008)[1][2][3][4] was an American religious conservative political activist and commentator, most notable as a figurehead of the New Right.

Kikes. Every. Fucking. Time.

Gaschambers. We need more.

Wasn't germany reliant on imports? Maybe not for food then, but there were a lot of things they had to import, which the brits as per usual denied them through blockade.

Willing to die for your tribe could be considered evolutionary advantagious for humans. Although you could die in battle your genetically close tribe members can continue to exist. So to some extend humans could be wired for self sacrifice, or atleast to value their tribe above their own live, similair to the bees.

I could get behind this. I thought the whole spook thing was something used by Holla Forums as an "argument". This sound more in line with the subversion Yuri Bezmenov was talking about.

As for Dylan Roof do you think he was spooked, acting like a bee or something else?

Oh another person who isn't a lefty faggot and has read Stirner. Anyone who hates Marxism should read Stirner.

Interesting question but i wouldnt compare that to bees and other shit, i would rather say it is a question of personal outlook and personality.
I would say that he had some special personality traits along with the imput he was exposed to and then snapped.
If i would give my guestimate, a lot more dylan roofs are created given the general social circumstances. If i take a short look on his profile, he is kinda a sperg, not knowing certain acceptable social boundaries, also factoring in that society in general is fucked which would amplify said traits, then having a certain environment and input, click click bang.
I think factoring in subversion is far fetched since society simply "exists", it is logical to assume that certain social trends lead to certain outcomes but it would be useless analyzing his profile.

And you do not the yuris to see that your framework will create a lot more of the dylan friends, fbi cunt. Esp. if the flog to poorly created tinfoilery.

Why would there be English advertising in Germany, are you sure that image is not from the UK

People routinely do years in prison in germany for wrong think. It is not burgerland

Good post we need to take stirner back from leftypol

I would assume that german cops are routinely dissatisfied with the current situation.

Nice work. I blurred the text to make it look a little more realistic.

The reason I mentioned Yuri was that the large parts of the West are currently acting against their own self interest. They welcome refugees which are at least a drain on the system. They embrace a single or no-child lifestyle which goes against the basic principle of life. Hence you say that "the left" is spooked one. See this
I guess.
As for Dylan, a less fucked up society would have probably prevented it. And poor outlook played a big role, but those are related. At the moment we are too far removed from the kind of life we are wired for.

What framework do you mean, self-sacrifice being advantageous? And what fbi and tinfoilery.

WHat i imagine is that the social engineers are cooking some soyolent green and i want to shit with the worst diarrhea in their pot until noone wants to eat it.

And by framework i mean the current system with its fucked up reckless shortsighted nihilism and their cooked up bullshit to make it work a little longer. And by "the life we are wired for" you need shekels, lots of shekels.

And considering the dylan roofs from a psychological side, they are like "doctor here is a broken bone now fix it" without the esoteric shit, they just want it fixed. A lot of people believe in Homeopathy because feels n pacebo, they dont operate like that.

And so to say there is a principled hatred, just like gamergate. A conartist like zoe quinn and anita sarkeesian is now a "critic", they were never critics they were always scam artists, and it wouldnt surprised me if they were artificially pushed given the nice little tools that are available. They are made to be hated, and it serves certain interests to invoke certain mechanisms, that is the art of that. But then again, they have handlers and little dumb shits that think that wont pay a price, and i m here to reap their shekels.

That in itself is fucking insane. Germany is really too far gone.

They are a lot more sensibile on what they do right now, it doesnt work like this anymore, they are shitting their pants and i cream my hands.

The French army was on the very verge of revolt.
In fact, it had already faced large scale mutinies just the year before
All things considered it's absolutely baffling that Germany "lost".
Thanks, ((Zimmerman))

Meme it.

Not possible to anchor your values to artificial culture, which is why they seek to equalize all native cultures. Leftists have to create a system in which everyone is accepted including the worst of the worst, not surprising since the only thing they seem to passionately care about is sexual degeneracy and empowering political internationalists in the belief that they are doing something good for everyone.

You can't expect someone who has been sheltered their entire life to be politically savvy since they just tend to absorb the ideas from academics, actors, or comedians.

Other than undermining belief in existing systems, it also serves as a way to chisel stable and constructive religions.

Is it any surprise though that they hold so many artificial and contradictory beliefs? Everything is pulling in different directions because nothing is anchored to anything.

All purpose is relative good goy, nothing matters! Just do what you want, but remember to tell the bad goyim that too!

Its been a common argument of leftists where I live in.
Basics of critical theory.
"Borders are generally done by rivers or mountains, but in plain lands if there is no border control then you wouldn't know there was a border there. Borders just exist on a map, a piece of paper, we all live on one planet called Earth".

You can counter it easily with "what did my forefathers fight for? Arbitrary line in sand? No, my forefathers fought for *existance of their people and future for their children* "

They are just fucking stupid, their monkey brain has gone and they rely on faith which gives them strength.

But your ancestors are dead though, its not an argument. They will have pity on your, but they won't be convinced.

The tobacco company?

They would say yes, actually.
The crux of their argument is that borders create unnecessary conflict.
It's basically the "war wouldn't happen if there was only one (or no) government" argument made a bit more subtle.

Everything only exists "in your head". Reality is mental. Enforcing borders can be said to be an act of magickal will so praise KEK.

Suck my dick :^).


If that's true then they should have no problem getting past them. :'^)

thats private property, not like a country.

more like a little state, of being.

The berlin wall seemed to be pretty real


Reminds me of a note I received with a sandwich a few days ago in burgerland. Left it in the tip jar.

Stirner was a literal cuck. So Why the hell should I even waste my time reading your Stirnerposting?

;didn't read