"Do you like White women We have a ot of them here at Baylor"

Niggers rape 52 White girls at Baylor college over 4 years, with head coach scum encouraging it. This is why I've been saying for years anyone who watches nigger ball deserves the rope…


Baylor University football players 'committed 52 rapes in four-year period', federal lawsuit claims

Identified only as Elizabeth Doe in the lawsuit, a former student filed a lawsuit against Baylor University for Title IX violations and negligence
She said she was raped in 2013 by two former football players after a party
According to the lawsuit, campus officials didn't investigate her case until 2015
Lawsuit also claims her rape was just one of 52 that occurred at Baylor between 2011 and 2014; the numbers are much higher than those cited by school officials
Audit found 17 reports of rapes involving 19 players between 2012 and 2015
Coaches 'used sex to sell the program' to high school recruits, the lawsuit states
The lawsuit alleges football program operated under a 'show'em a good time' policy, and recruits were also taken to strip clubs and offered alcohol and drugs "

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Any baylor fags here? I want to find this shit bag's email (Kendall Briles) and ask him if he'd like to pimp out his own daughter to fucking niggers to do better at niggerball.

We make fun of Euros as cucked? I wish Trump could find a way to end niggerball permanently by by having someone check their SAT exams..

What a fucking cuck. I've seen the women at Baylor, and they're absolute bombshells, the daughters of rich Texas republicans. They should be a national treasure, reserved for the top tier Aryans, and this fucking faggot is whoring them out to niggers!?? He must hang.

Reading the story I get from this:

- women are typical piece of shit whores that should be put to death
- niggers are typical muh dick niggers and should be put to death
- coach should be castrated

Think about how sick this is: Brile's son, the former assistant coach Kendall Briles, allegedly told a high school recruit: 'Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they LOVE football players.'

They literally turned the prettier girls into whores for niggers, call them "hostesses." If a school had been using negresses for this…Ok, that would never happen, imagine a Hockey College team was using Asians for this….the Jews would would be shrieking so loud you'd hear it across the ocean:

Women in the hostess program, referred to as the Baylor Bruins, were supposed to escort recruits to events on their official visits to the school.
But the Bruins were 'at times used to engage in sexual acts with the recruits to help secure the recruits' commitment to Baylor', the lawsuit claims.

"On one such occasion, a Baylor football player stated that Baylor coaches sent two women from the Baylor Bruins program to his hotel room and the room of another recruit to engage in sex with the two men,' the lawsuit states."

Imagine…swimming coaches at Stanford using chink girls to get White swimmers to sign? Also, where are all the cuckolds parading outside these niggers houses with their ARs? Salon and Buzzfeed somehow overlooked this story. Sure it was just an honest mistake…

This one really calls for a doxxing of all animals involved. When it's White girls and the perps are niggers, the Judenpresse has no interest suddenly..

Every single college needs to have it's near entire staff – administrative, athletic, professorial – executed. And their families. We're at that point. If they aren't critical scientific/engineering staff, they need to be liquidated.


But why user?

"The nation's largest Baptist university has been gripped by the on-going scandal that led to the firing of football coach Art Briles and the departure of school President Ken Starr in 2016…"

Has anyone else heard of this before? The Jews send out reporters to make up shit about White "Frat Guys" at UVA. When it's niggers suddenly they go quiet.

I swear, university football is a goddamn cult on par with Scientology. This reminds me of the Penn State situation where the administration knew a coach was raping young boys but they just ignored it because of muh trophies. The whole NCAA needs to be raided by the feds.

So he has to live without his dick for the rest of his life to remind him that he's a cuck

At least with Penn State, the Jews sure as hell reported on it. I read the 3 or 4 papers a day and have never seen an article on this. Even before the niggers I want the Jews who cover it up to hang.

The point of athletics is to develop young men into strong willed, physically fit and mentally confident leaders. Not to create a nigger rape cult that everyone dumps money into and worships.

Christ save us.

here's another beauty. Imagine a lawyer saying this about the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax (which was a fucking hoax):

"If they were doing that it would be terrible, but they weren't doing that. Art wasn't involved in anything like that,' Cannon said. 'Lawyers have great imaginations when money is involved. It's really sad.'

A worthy punishment, but I think death would be just as well. Likely he is on in years, so might as well as kill him but punish his family in his place.

Is she retarded? Of course they didn't. They are not cops. They're just teachers. What the fuck did she think they were going to do? Why didn't she call 911?

Add him to the list.

Under title IX, by law the school has to investigate the case and turn it over to cops if they find anything dumb fuck.

so rape culture in colleges is true if white guys do the raping?

Watching Football or Basket Ball is no different than watching Blacked.com videos. It's pure cuckoldry. If you ever see some middle aged boomer bitch wearing a football jersey, knock him the fuck out. Look into who owns the NFL, NBA, and ESPN. It's just a way to trick dumb goys into using their inherent tribal nature for bread and circus bullshit.

Sports are meant to be played, not watched.

But if it's a nigger, you can bet your ass it's just them giving the white's a lesson in diversity.

oh heeeeeeel no, i gots to hav ma equal opportunity raping

That's the same Ken Starr who declined to run against Ollie North for Senate, fucked up the Clinton investigation, and helped defend Jeffrey Epstein in court.

I fucking hate Baptists. They are and always have been snake oil salesmen. At day's end, they will pimp their daughters out to niggers to help win at niggerball. What's more, I'd bed bet you some of the father knew their daughters were whores for niggers and were proud of it. Not kidding.

Remember the Duke lacrosse team case and the Rolling Stone shitshow more recently?

also this

Are you actually trying to defend that garbage? Pop quiz, hot shot. You are the victim of a horrible crime. Do you:

A Dial 911 and call the cops.
B Go to the police station and file a police report.
Or C Tell a school gym teacher and trust an idiot with no law enforcement training whatsoever to take down criminals.

We seriously need to handle the cuckold problem. It's out of control. Any father who allows his daughter to date a nigger needs to be strung up along with his buck.

1)mandatory iq test for all football players
2)mandatory attendance of classes for all football players
3)mandatory benching of sub standard college achievements by football players
simple rules that would save a lot of problems, it would turn football white again in a heartbeat

And this is the nation's largest (((Baptist))) university. And the women only attended because "chose to attend Baylor in 2010 due to its 'strong emphasis on developing Christian faith".

Imagine these white women, brainwashed by (((Christianity))) since they were young girls, they keep themselves pure because they only want to be with their husband, they attend a college because they want to further develop their (((christian))) values, and they get pimped out too nigger bucks so they can throw a football further.

Ever Christcuck should be hanged on DOTR, there is no excuse for this level of self hatred and cuckery.

It sounds like some cucks' interracial cuckold porn fantasy. Actually I am pretty sure this is exactly the type of (((white))) guy that jerks off too interracial porn.

Colleges with serious sportsball programs have special no-homework seminars for the afleets so they only have to go to class a couple times a week and give some thirsty betas access to parties in return for their term papers. Really, those athletes should play in minor leagues and colleges should not be allowed to offer athletic scholarships. That would solve it.

You must have done well on the LSAT logic games section…

The kikes memed way too hard. We need to counter this shit.

Is this real rape or campus rape? I find this distasteful however athletes are a hypergamic magnet.

Read the article, faggot.

Well, clearly a women would choose C.

Why do you think any average white would risk brain damage for life to play some stupid hand egg game? The game can stay, but we shouldn't be putting our brightest individuals in it.

Agreed, sports has no reason being in college. As a /fit/izen, sports sciences can stay. Gotta know when to eat muh carbs.

Every d1 school with good athletics does this. They don't whore out white girls, they use girls of all different races. Also, keep in mind that there are girls who choose to do this shit, they aren't forced to fuck anyone. Not every girl apart of their gameday/campus staff is fucking the recruits. I know the cuck assistant said the "white girls" bit, but they use attractive girls no matter their race. This stuff has gone on forever. Pic is the Baylor Bruins, they're not just white girls.


Oh no… "progressive" strong females got raped while learning about ebil white men and the patriarchy. Fuck them. I stopped giving a shit.


black are being recruited for their physical ability i.e. violence, less violence in the game would result in fewer severe injuries

It's still disgusting. Coed schools illegal when?

kill yourself. like actually.

So far it just reads like a pallets swapped pussygate. It's the status. But college athletics should get purged, when that pavement ape was able to break the deans balls at mizzou, it's clear they have unwarranted influence.

Just another case of whores calling sex rape cause they regretted it later. There is no evidence of rape here.

Yeah the niggers and race traitors need to hang, but when has that not been true, regardless of spurious claims of rape.

This too much conflation here.

No Jamal, I pulled this quote from my fucking ass: "Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they LOVE football players."

This place is now a toxic fucking sludge of ANTIFA, TRS, reddit, all the worst shit of the net. Wonder how long this board is going to radioactive with cuckolds who don't belong here? The sad truth is that it will be until a Turk comes along to gt rid of all those who don't know how to completely clear a computer with their own "special" method…

I'm getting the oven warm for you.

Tell how this isn't white knighting?

Can we get Trump to just de-fund universities that push non-academic leftist ideals and courses altogether? Is that even possible?

Muh bread and circus user, it’s no longer about developing young men into “mentally confident leaders” when those supposed “young men” are nigger subhumans that deserve nothing else but a length of rope and a spot under some tree.

That image included in your post is so true.

We’re in the final era, the time of weak men and soon it will all end. The cycle shall repeat itself once more and strong men will lead again, Amen to that.

Shitskin PUA gb2 >>>/reddit/

I wish there was a noose big enough to hang around the neck of all of humanity. I am sick and tired of this world. I AM SICK AND TIRED.

She burned coal and wants to not pay the toll, ergo crying rape.

and thanks for outing yourself you illiterate nigger. Your thread is garbage, commit suicide.

This thread reminds me. Some girl wanted to date me. So I google her social media profiles to see what degenerate shit she's done and find out she's a coalburner that had a squat mestizo boyfriend several years ago. I want to shame her but two problems with that 1) she'll know I've been looking into her and 2) she'll cover her tracks for the next unlucky fuck she tries to latch onto next

I've been ignoring her for three days. Anybody have any ideas of what I should do or just keep ignoring her? I wasn't interested in her before I found out about this and now there's no chance in hell I'll touch her.

This experience has made me want to go to Eastern Europe to find a girlfriend. The thought of being with a coalburner makes my stomach turn. There's probably millions of these coalburners running around and trying to keep their history a secret.

Nice slide there Schlomo, but white men will gas you kike fucks for turning white women into sex slaves for nigger thugs who throw footballs around.

This is the only way to deal with athletes. Unfortunately, for universities that are not known for their academic standing, sports plays a major role in generating publicity and income. If Baylor didn't have good sports teams in a state where sports is an important pasttime, they would be nothing. They aren't recognized for their academics; I had to google where Baylor was because I had no idea. And this is WITH their sports teams.

I wish there were some sort of regulations enforced on university athletics that would force athletes to meet certain academic criteria, instead of just allowing schools to find the biggest, strongest, dumbest niggers they can that can barely put two words together, but know how to throw a ball and rape. Our sports teams are pretty bad on a national level because we can't find any super niggers that can throw a ball, not rape and attend classes.

keep her around, if you go full 14/88 on her, you'll drive away into the arms of tyrone and what not
some white smuck might not care about her past and still make white children with her, hopefully she'll redpill the next generation

Around me? No.

as a friend at best

ignore but if you know a guy who gets involved with her, tell him.


the way I see it if I was in your shoes, I'll have my way with her then i'll throw her on the side of the road.

i'd be fascinated what makes her tick

Reminder, Kanin 1994 proved that 50% of reported (((university))) rapes were utterly and indisputably false (the false accusers admitted lying). The true figure of falsehood (when you include those who were lying but refused to own up) is probably nearer 100%.
Bonus (((women))) red pill: Black males are by an overwhelming majority, the massively preferred target for false accusations.
A: because they understand that the mental image of a negro raping a White woman triggers a primal fear in White men, an emotional response which bypasses critical thinking and causes their narrative to be unquestioningly believed by the credulous.
in other words, if you believe the fairy tale of campus rape, you are just as blue pilled as the typical normal fag. Yes, you, white knight
Women make false accusations for three motives: alibi, revenge and pity. Only the details change, the core stories are consistent.

And just to add, the main reason women feel the need to make these accusations is to repair loss of social status and SMV after consensual sex with a black (in other words, to stop herself being known as a voluntary coal burner.)
Let that sink in.

Because you're probably a beta with limited options. Men with options don't give a fuck about one coalburning chick (who's probably not that attractive, or user would have mentioned it). There are better ways to spend your time that learning about, or trying to redpill, one damaged degenerate.

gtfo jidf.

You will hang on the day of rope.

lol whut?

You can punish coalburners and googles on their own merits without a title ix rape witchhunt. Do you really think athletes have to rape groupies, regardless of breed?

It's good propaganda, you fucking dunce.

This is literally what shitlibs were saying about "grab them by the pussy". Women will spread wide for muscular and outgoing men of status, it's a Chad thing you wouldn't understand.

This, "sports culture" is nothing but infantilised prussian serfdom run amok.

You seem to be missing the part where the rapists are niggers, and the women are white. You're a fucking moron if you don't understand how this is useful to us.

I'm saying the sexual acts were likely authorized and the women were complicit degenerates seeking to save face ex post facto. I thought it was burn coal, pay toll.

if you don't understand your ennemy how are you going to destroy him? by ignoring him?
am married with 2 aryan children, blue eyes, blonde hair, high iq, the works

This is infuriating. Fucking scumbags subjecting white girls to the appetites of primitive dindus for the sake of niggerball and money

We really and truly need to fuse a disdain of American football into pro-white identity. It really is a disgusting sport, and the fans are pathetic.

Let it be the province of niggers and spics, much like what has been happening to boxing since the rise of MMA over the past 12 years.

Just read this elsewhere. This school needs to be hacked and generally fucked with.

What are redpilled sports? (obviously watching instead of playing is never redpilled)

MMA, Tennis, Golf, Swimming & Diving, what else?

Spoken like a virgin manlet. No, he should toss the pig to a gimp like you. You can feast on Tyrone's sloppy seconds. The bitch is done for. All used up. She's fucking worthless now. You're a fucking cuck for imagining otherwise.

Ive seen a lot of scumbags getting doxx'd and no news stories about what happened to them afterwards.

you sad little man, keep the autism up, anyone who doesn't agree with you is a traitor, must be nice living in your imagined fairy land

Kek, Baylor's twitter is full up of people calling them rapists.

IMHO, anything that is graceful and really probes the limits of human ability, like gymnastics and figure skating, along with most types of martial arts, particularly MMA. And of course any sports that you are actually doing instead of watching.

A lot of sports like soccer & field hockey are fun to play: American football doesn't even have that. If you want to play it without all of the equipment, you need to use modified razzle dazzle rules with lots of passing or you will wind up with severe injuries at one point or another.

Checked for
Face to Bloodshed

Daily reminder that title ix was used to legalize rape for student athletes(niggers).

Given that authorities have covered up shit before as long as it's done by sportsball niggers (like Steubenville) chances are it's legit.

Nope, castrate the niggers and show them off in cages as circus monkeys, hang the white traitors. Those trips tho.

Let's put a face on the crime here, so we can see the magnitude of it.

look at the shit they're up to in europe


Tbh, I'm surprised that this isn't the busiest thread on Holla Forums.

This is maybe the cuckiest news to ever come out about American football, which has been on the decline for years now:


This is our best chance to strike a mortal blow on one of the worst aspects of American culture: niggerball.

You cucks don't realize you can push this anyway and still add fuel to the fire and help the fire rise against niggerball, desegregated teams, and (((college sports))). Even if this is inexplicably just another example and somehow all teams are cuck fantasy football, you still raise the alarm. You can get so many groups kvetching over this and from both sides. You can use the college rape narrative against itself. If you are so cucked you can't see how opportunistic a story like this and the shitstorm it can cause you need to fucking kill yourself.

Football is the worst thing to happen to whites in the US in terms of culture. It needs to go. I'm always amazed when I see some guy walking around alone or with his woman and they're wearing shirts with the name of their favorite nigger on the back.

And what's the price for promoting degradation of white women? Let those whores be known for what they are, but burn everyone else who was involved along with them. This entire situation can be converted into a win/win by pointing out that those women (raped or not) are now ruined for life, thus discouraging other white women from hanging around niggers, and it highlights the sick recruiting practices of university football programs.



This Please Trump raid the NCAA and sportsball organizations and shut them down

Just flat out tell her that you don't date coal burners

My sister goes to Baylor and is working for the school news journal. She was hit on by one of the football players that later raped and stalked a girl. She's not a coal burner though so she stayed away.

Agreed. It's also embarrassing to even listen to them talk about it. I don't think any other American spectator sport makes people sound like such fucking morons like football does. They have this gushing idiocy about them.

I don't like defending team spectator sports, but none of the other sports liked by whites are like that. Baseball fans and hockey fans aren't as retarded as football fans.

Highly degenerate if true. I wonder if the SJWs will defend this man. Are we that far gone yet?

Joe Paterno was something of an icon. Jews liked the idea of making an example of him. They thought that taking out a cultural hero like him will lessen resistance to social change.

Heh, I'm already throwing the choice of being a game designer out the window in favor of farming. Maybe I could've been a programmer given the coding expertise, but I'm much happier in remote outdoor areas.

They talk about it a bit if you pay attention to sports-centric media, but jews or not, they're all in the business of promoting sports as entertainment, so they basically just spend an hour on-air condemning it and then move on.

Go back to cuckchan

When it comes to melanine-enriched minorities SJW react by sweeping it under rug and claiming ignorance. Like for example Laci Green pretending to never hearing about Rothenham and similar rape gangs.

Jesus Christ bump

Jesus that's crazy man

Any public accusation of rape where the police have not gotten promptly involved is no less suspect


Are you fucking kidding me?

Your time is drawing near you blue gummed boot lip moon cricket.

The fervor that most middle-aged normie men feel for their football teams is downright fucking disturbing, until you realize that their football team is a stand-in for their race. They bought the marxist trash so fully (or perhaps the brainwashing back then was that much more effective without an internet) that they don't even have a concept of being proud of their own race. The instinctual pride and zeal felt towards one's own in-group, then, is unconsciously directed towards the fucking pack of roided niggers they decide to (or were socially pressured to) worship.

It's really fucking sad and every time I see it I'm filled with equal parts disgust, rage, and sorrow.

You do realize there are literal gang fights and riots in Europe over soccer, right?

European soccer fans are much more nigger-tier than American football fans. That's a pretty low bar to have, but still.

See for an explanation of why. My theory is the more cucked a country is, the more zealous and excitable they grow about their chosen sports team.

It's the only sanctioned proxy for nationalism/regionalism remaining channeled into a merchandising opportunity.

I definitely agree. I also think that how degenerate sports fans are is a result of our degenerate society, not because spectator sports are inherently degenerate. American Football, for example, existed for almost 90 years as being exclusively white. It only went to shit in the 60s and 70s, like all the other major US sports, when certain university (((donors))) start making incentives for universities to accept nigger athletes over white athletes. Old American Football culture is white as fuck, and teaches young men good values and life lessons, like how to be part of a team, push yourself physically and mentally to new limits, and binds rural communities together. Hence the stereotype of all white towns in the South and Midwest living and breathing local highschool football. The complete niggerdom with sports is a symptom of society, not a symptom of sports themselves. In a white ethno-state I would highly encourage competitive team sports like football, soccer, basketball, and hockey.

Yeah, understood, I'm only talking about the United States. The only thing I will say in defense of European soccer is that the people there, including middle age men, actively play it. It's not purely a spectator or school sport like football is.

In the United States, a lot of rural Americans join baseball leagues and play, and there is also stickball, though maybe not as popular as it was decades ago. Field hockey is also popular, and there are rinks for regular hockey where it's common in many states, and super common in Canada. Basketball is very popular, mostly among niggers, but at least they are actually playing.

Football is unique among the major team sports. It's too dangerous to play regularly without a shit ton of gear. There is something really unhealthy/cucky about that.

Football(the real one) is highly nationalistic and very racist your nigger ball on the other hand is the complete opposite.


Sounds like a very implicit stand-in.

Football clubs here used to be about where your from, you would support your local team made up of local lads vs some other towns/city's lads. But it's not been like that for a long time.

Except Turner didn't actually rape the girl.

Are you not capable to see it? right? They do it for the same reason you would keep her around: they see a dindu, they think "oh he's a bad boy gangsta but I'm gonna turn him in a disney prince".
That's all.
And you see a coalburner and you think "oh I want to know why she does it I want to turn her into my redpilled dianey princess".

Sure you are. And yet you're fascinated with "the enemy" who happens to be an unremarkable mudshark. If I were married and did my part to produce smart aryan kids, I wouldn't be fucking around in this thread worrying about the inane details about some degenerate.

He looks like a fucking caricature. For all we know, he's a special tank-tube, kike-created brand of super-nigger. This can't be fucking real. We could barely devise a more damaging nigger stereotype if we tried.

College sports would be great if one condition could be imposed: no recruiting students to your school specifically to play sports. Your athletes are students at your school first, athletes second.
Problem is that the Jews that run the sports industry and the cuck coaches would try to circumvent this to bring in feral niggers (whose barbarism is a huge chunk of the reason football is such a dangerous game now).

Tennis is pretty based, nothing but peak athletic Europeans (albeit if you're watching mens)


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


I would love a greentext story about a white athlete who goes on a spree, and shoots up all the niggers on the football team because he wasn't allowed on. Not because he wasn't as good an athlete, but because he wasn't a minority.


Second last pic: Reeeee get that rape ape away.
Last pic: Pretty sure I've met that girl, her name was Megan if I recall, very attractive in person.

No you are not. Your posts in this thread betray you.

What are Holla Forums approved sports? Hockey? Auto racing (even though Formula 1 is ruled by a nigger)?

No, the point of athletics is to give men an alternative outlet for aggression, for lack of war.

Another reason girls shouldn't go to college

Normally I'm skeptical of rape accusations and while I'm less so in this case (football, niggers), why the fuck didn't the stupid cunt go to the police?

this is true, sadly. My school didn't do this and had few niggers, and even with very low standards and guaranteed jobs waiting for them after college we had a permanent losing team.


This might sound weird or even made up, but I played hockey extensively in my youth at intermediate levels, and went to school with elite-level players and I can tell you this: they're some of the biggest betas and cucks you will ever meet in your life. Not all, of course, but many. And one of the main reasons for this is because they are under extreme, Asian-tier pressure (generally from the mothers) to "get good grades", which results in test-taking airheads who know nothing about anything and who obsess over female approval any way they can get it. I think Tommy Sotomayor said the same thing about basketball players, although for slightly different reasons (single moms)

It's one of the very best sports for personal development and simple fun, don't get me wrong. But I think there are huge misconceptions with the culture, with many, many yes-dear, anti-racist "alphas".

Brainwashed into respecting bureaucracy and institution. 12+ years of believing that schools are authorities that should be respected and deferred to.

Just start making raycist jokes about beaners and how President Trump will make them have to go back.

This is the case for white athletes in any college sport, at least any sport that hasn't been heavily blacked. Most guys who haven't been around it don't realise that alphas/chads of those types are incredibly rare.

Good point

Football "culture" has been the best poz vector into white conservative, (especially southern) society in all american history.

I absolutely hate it, just look at it all. Niggers playing ball, white cheerleaders. Its basically BLACKED. Its revolting, and cuckservatives love it. They worship these niggers. It was a difficult pill for me to swallow because my family is big into sports but now it can't be unseen.

It's the same thing in Europe. We even stuff our NATIONAL teams full of Africans, it's a sick joke.

Some people even watch American Football over here and swallowed every drop of the Black Lives Matter koolaid when that mulatto knelt, complaining about the white devil cops shooting innocent children.

Hamilton only wins because he has the best car

Yes, and a lot of derives from hundreds of years of history between team's supporters.

Why do you think ((Uefa)) have been pushing this no-racism crap every week for years? They are fighting against the current of racism that is heavily involved in football, especially amongst supporters.

However, Hooligans are fucking degenerates.

Well, that has been qiuet obvious the last decade or so, hockey is so expensive now, only kids from wealthy families with that mind-set make it, because it's not about talent anymore, it's about who can afford the best trainers.

Hockey used to be a blue-collar sport for kids to play during winter, the reason for indoor-hockey was to make it so that they could play during summer aswell. ((They)) however saw a market and increased the prices on playing that to the point only kids with wealthy parents and a special interest in making their sons hockey-stars, can get that chance.


Even Based Laurent Blanc went out a couple of years ago and talked about how it didn't feel like his team anymore.

What a disgrace..

Sports you are in yourself. If you box or just spar with friends to keep skills up, the occasional night at the bar watching it is okay and a chance to talk bad about niggers or spics with your friends. If you played football in high school, that's not an excuse to watch niggerball every week. You shouldn't watch anything more then you do it.

Every sport goes that way over time if there is money in it, or devolves to extremes in size like football or basketball.

She probably regretted going black and framed it rape. Modern women are pure cancer thanks to jewish indoctrination.


Girls lie about getting raped. Most likely they fell in love with Tyrone since he had status and had an opportunity to go to the NFL but since they were just a one night stand they got mad and reported a false rape accusation.

Any White girl who fucks niggers deserves no sympathy and should be executed.

You're absolutely right, sadly. I'm not sure I could have played if I were a youngster today. Between the gear and fees alone, most families are priced out from the get-go, and there's also an enormous time commitment for the parents, driving to rinks at whatnot. There's a reason Wayne Gretzky's father is beloved, and almost as well known in Canada as Wayne is. He'd probably get taken away by CPS in the current year.


Also shooting and weight lifting

Get out

definitely this


College football coaches are lowest scum on earth. They'd pimp out their own mother to get a negro that runs a 4.3 40 to sign. They literally do pimp out white college girls. Scum

Boring comment, T.B.H.

Should I ask you why you know so much about it, or not, user.?

Overload his address with "cuck" messages and shame him ideally he should be killed along with the pet niggers and their heads placed on pikes but no one is going to do that yet

This "white women actually want blacks" cuck fantasy you have needs to go. At best you're a faggot, at worst you're a race-traitor implying it's not worth protecting white women as well as misusing memetic power. Blacks are still the least wanted of any race despite the heavy brainwashing and social shaming set up by kikes.

You ever look at pictures of the spectators at baseball games back in the 50's? All well dressed men some women, also well dressed. Everyone was white, in the stands and on the field. Then coonboy Jackie Robinson came along, and from there on baseball began to become soiled.

You have to go back cuckchanese faggot

I can't watch any of the "big sports" except hockey at this point, there's niggerball, niggerhoopball and spicball otherwise.


its all good. the patriots are about to win the superbowl again with the whitest offense in the NFL. whites are making a hard comeback in niggerball now that coaches are starting to realize that just because someones skin is black doesnt automatically make them better. MMA still shits on ball sports.

I used to love baseball, playing it and watching it.

Now, because of all the spics acting like trashy spics, I cant watch baseball anymore. I honestly do not give a shit about any of the major sports anymore and people look at me like Im crazy when I share this view with others.

The conditioning goes deep. I know, I used to think like them.

ski jumping

Baseball used to be America's favorite sport, and it had a level of class to it that died many years ago.

The same is true with all major sports. If you go look at old pictures of major american sport, every one is white and well-dressed, and it's generally aryan as fuck. Sports are a great thing in a healthy, homogenous European society. They bring communities together, teach kids good values, reward and encourage physical and mental superiority, and reward competitiveness.

Not to mention that on a collegiate and professional level generate a shit ton of income. My city built a new stadium for our NFL team in the last decade, and since then it has hosted multiple Super Bowls and National Championships, along with two NCAA Playoff games. From the tourism of those games along, the stadium has already paid for itself multiple times over.

This makes a lot of sense.



watching other men play with balls is pretty ghey

Baylor is Catholic bro


whoops nope they're Baptist

I stealthfully try redpilling sportscucks when I talk positively about the Patriots offense and Belichick's scouting. He has never explicitly stated this, but I am of the opnion that Belichick rates intelligence much higher than all other teams when it comes to filling their rosters. That is why it is no coincidence that at 6 of the 8 skill positions on offense (QB, 2 TE, 3 WR) are white athletes. No one talks about it because society pretends to be race blind when it comes to whites outperforming niggers, but it is truly amazing how anomalous it is.

for marketers jews

I had college and pro football players in my family, the pros back in the day were regarded as thugs and college football depended on the era.
with other people's tax money

thats a nice get, and in your ID as well

i dont see any difference between them and you tbh

KyAnon here. I can't watch Kentucky basketball anymore, because it's dominated by nogs from urban shitholes that are nowhere near Kentucky that want to play one season and go straight to the NBA (Thanks Pitino and Calipari). Adolph Rupp is rolling in his grave.

The real question is why anyone feels team solidarity anymore.

On a small scale and before sports went pro, teams would have come from your own little part of the world. Some of the players were probably related to you. Solidarity when they are playing outsiders is understandable.

Even fast forward to the early 20th century. You might ride with some of the Brooklyn Dodgers on a train going to the stadium. Most likely, many of them are local boys. Their being relatives was unlikely, but there was at least proximity, where you could run into them at bars, and many of them were simply regular guys.

Fast forward to today, and it's niggers from who knows where. Who would honestly give a shit?

At the professional level a lot of the money goes to the team owners, who are disproportionately Jewish, so you are right on that note. But, in the case of collegiate sports, basically all of it goes back into the college. Almost every single school that has a Division 1 football program uses that money to fund multiple academic and athletic programs.

American sports were already jewed in the early 60's, just like the rest of American culture was beginning to be, which is around the time pro football was getting popular.

Do you not understand the insane amount of money that a city gains through the tourism and advertising just from hosting a single Super Bowl? A lot of that money goes back into the city, and it is a net gain for tax payers. It's only been 10 years and that stadium has hosted two National Championships and two Super Bowls, and is already lining up deals to host another Super Bowl sometime in the next 5 years. That is massive amounts of money for the city. As I said, that stadium has more than paid for itself from a taxpayer's perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the modern status of American sports isn't softcore nigger worshipping and blatant cuckoldy, but my point is that in a white society that is free of the jackals and their masters, there is definite value in organized sports.

Sure, but my understanding is that most school athletic programs lose the school money:

The report found that expenses exceeded revenue at all but 20 schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision. The average loss among the Power 5 conferences was $2.3 million. At all other FBS schools, it was $17.6 million.


Those programs may have been quite profitable decades ago, but not today.

you say that like it's a good thing, another taxpayer-funded moneyhole for useless mouths.

I meant teens through thirties

through taxing me and giving it to people in your city, yes, I understand.

I haven't seen any of that money back. Quit rationalising your shekelgrabbling.

Yes, prolefeed.

And who put that idea in their mind in the first place? who told them to go to university to get a career instead of marrying a man and bearing his children? this is racial extermination through and through.

Hey OP, I went to Baylor too! Did you know that you can get a good deal on jerseys at Walmart.com?



i like watching gaming tournaments on twitch


"Athletes", "Rappers", whatever pseudo professional title they give themselves, these niggers and white would-be court jesters are PLUNDERING our fucking country and brainwashing people with their cults of personality–the media and elgal coverups of these fucking CRIMINALS. Literally all athletes are morally bankrupt demons, without exception–the kind of person that would play a sport for money and make that their only job are literally the EXACT SAME kind of people who sit at home and collect welfare checks without even looking for employment–they accept money despite knowing that they do nothing, that they create nothing of value. The notion that because they are paid athletes mean they contribute to society, is a fucking façade. Let the number of people killed, raped, and robbed by these sub-humans climb higher and higher, one day people will be sick of it, and every single "league" or whatever they call themselves to feel important will be outlawed and the CRIMINALS who profit off of it will be hunted down, and gutted for their crimes.

It's like a cross between sandwich and some kike demon name.

I agree with this gentleman's comments and wish to provide support by signaling to my fellow readers that this is a great comment.

It is pure cuckoldry to watch any of that garbage.
As you say, it's basically no different than watching (((porn))) —
Jew run with black actors (in this case, athletes).

And who do you think is watching it?
pic related (what a shame)

Here are the 3 things I hate most in the world.

And this story is about all of them. Especially as a Southern city-user, I am surrounded by all three. As far as women go, there is nothing I hate more than a goddamn coalburner. At least one advantage of living in the south is there are more nigger-hating qt's per capita but the flipside of the coin is there are more coalburners too. Nothing makes me want to go Elliot Rodger more than driving down the street and seeing

I hate these fucking kikes for telling girls that it's not only socially acceptable, but it's the cool fashionable trendy thing to do. In all of history, has a global population of men EVER been so fucked over when it comes to women? I think we're hitting new lows here. Anyways, what really worries me is being with a girl and not knowing if she burned coal in the past. How do you find out? I know the typical channels - goybook, instagoy, etc. but is there an official Holla Forums how to spot under-cover coalburners?

In the end I can't stay mad because cuckoldry is one the main things that pushes young men to Holla Forums. All this pushing for cuck shit in the media, movies, music, literature - will be their demise. I dream of a long noose and the sound of a hell march to end the degeneracy.

Trips! Kek speaks!

Take heart. Don't despair and keep your chin up. Yes, the (((media))) may push this shit like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but coalburners are still in the minority. And they're easy to spot so you can avoid them like the plague, *which they most likely have, given that dindus are severely crudded up with STDs because they don't believe in condoms.*

Basketball is about the same; baseball and soccer and the like are the only sports not dominated by negroes, and it's because basketball and football take absolutely zero skill to play. All the best players in the NBA are going to be tall, because being tall compensates for having zero skill. All the best players in the NFL, while it depends on the position, are chosen for their body type, because having a certain body type compensates for having no skill (huge quarterbacks, lean offensive linemen, whatever). Soccer and baseball take hand-eye coordination among other things, it's part of the reason why baseball is so huge in Japan and its race of people who are not very athletic in comparison.

Kek is here!

Also, the Patriots are America's team. Bill cuts anyone that doesn't pull their weight or acts like a nig. Plus, the team's stars are primarily white and fuck up dindus on the reg.

What am I supposed to do then? I'm not gonna mate with some fucking whore that's touched a nigger. I'm not gonna race mix like some cuck either.

Guess my bloodline will die with me. I prefer that over having a white daughter that constantly has to look out for getting enriched. Or worse believes jew lies and says she loves tyrone.

Try harder, cunt.

I'm not up to typical merchant tricks, I'm being honest. I'm sick of fucking seeing white women touch negroes, and I'm not gonna fucking risk some bitch lying to me about being used goods.

The modern day woman, especially white, is a fucking sham. Everywhere I go where there's "muh muslims" or "muh blm" it's all fucking white women. I'm 19 and I haven't had sex or even a girlfriend, I'm already convinced I'm too fucking late and all these girls have already tainted themselves.

just get an abortion if it's not a boy tb.h


Just be as racist and paranoid as possible nothing will go wrong. On the flipside it's really hard maintaing a relationship in this way (mostly the paranoid part) because you don't trust your partner.

I would never trust a partner, maybe when I was younger (below 20) I would've believed it but I really don't. Degeneracy won't be ended though. There won't be a racewar because people are too comfortable.

I don't know where you live user, but if "everywhere you go" is full of that shit, then "everywhere you go" needs to be somewhere else if it's affecting you this bad. If you look harder, you'll see that not every white woman is a coal-burning, drunken, drugged, degenerate whore only out for herself and no one else.

It's hard in certain places, but trust me. They're out there.

For now…

Not him

I'd rather not even fucking try to breed if I constantly have to worry about the woman I'm with being a whore. But what's the point of living if you can't have children? I mean honestly, our entire existence is based on reproducing. If we can't do that we are a fucking waste.

You're right. Those girls already have partners. I live in fucking Colorado dude, Aurora. I fucking hate it here but I'm convinced even if I go to a white neighborhood (which is happening soon) I'll still be surrounded by women who are coal burners. When I was in high school, an extremely white school, there was like 10 negroes. All the fucking attractive girls flocked to them, and the ones that didn't had boyfriends. Say what you will about Elliot rodgers, but he was pretty fucking on point about women being whores.

Fucking niggers, man.

compare to this niggery, which is spammed on youtube endlessly.

That image makes me want to fucking puke, niggers are freaks of nature

what's freaky about it besides it's niglet-ness?

That one wouldn't be the first child I've seen niggers force to play that retarded game in hopes of turning their child into a glorified welfare recipient (athlete). The whole practice is so black it hurts–they have literally no idea what work even is and think the only way to make money is to perform equally worthless roles in life like playing games.

Nick Saban is my son

People told this shit was to go away.

Isn't it strange that college campuses, supposedly comprised of intellectual individuals of high intellect are suffering from a rape problem?

It all started when college athletics became big money and a way to shoehorn the imbecilic Negro into a place where he didn't belong.


haven't been there in nearly a year, so wouldn't know.

well aren't you special?


You act like a wimpy Faggot. Good goy, don't breed, that's the whole point.

Get the fuck >>>/out/

per I thought he just meant there was niglet sportsball on yt

you're pathetic dude.

Yeah absolutely. When the only brains on the teams are the coach and QB teams get wrecked. The Patriots have one of the deepest playbooks in the NFL. Why? Bc their offensive weapons can remember it all..

>Get the fuck >>>/out/
make me, faggot.


Because I don't want to touch coal burners? You think im going to have a kid with some fucking nigger lover? Fuck that man. I'd rather have my bloodline die than have my children be spawned by a tainted whore.

One of them bought a few Ikea appliance assembly sheets to his hiring to look knowledgeable and the judge fell for it.

why the fuck is america like this? is this what (((colleges))) have become? just some fucking sports syndicates that get their accolade thru sports instead of academics?

Death is better. There is no point leaving a drain on society around wasting resources.

thats the definition of a cuck

then dont live in the city, faggot

the aoc is 14-18 in the western world
become a resident somewhere where the aoc is below 18 (dont travel there and try to travel back, that can be considered sex tourism and you will be prosecuted)

because you're obsessed about cuckery and talk likea jew, get the fuck out of her enow

This deserves to be stickied.

The walking bag of shit encouraging the rape of White girls is accusing me of "outing myself" as he tries to exonerate shitskins raping White girls. Just like Rotterham right? "No evidence of rape" there right? I'm sure those 1,200 White Brit girls really wanted it, right you sick mongrel fuck?

I really want you to wake up and find your mother's corpse in your living room. Shitskin apologist trying to make excuses for scum literally pimping out White girls and the niggers raping them.

Baylor has a law and medical school you Paki piece of filth. You think a self-respecting White girl from a decent family (when the story says her BF heard her screaming and found her topless after forcing open door) wanted to fuck a niggerballer, or do you think there is a deal with the scumbag donors that gets them points toward getting into Med/Law or keeping their scholarship?

Fucking shitskin dregs have ruined this board. Go back.

If you have the shekels and the grades, you go to a small NESCAC school nestled in the woods of New England. Coming out of Williams or even Bowdoin, if you have the GPA and the MCAT/LSAT you'll still get into H/Y/S if you've really worked or a good medical school, whatever your thing is.

In the fucking 3 years since I left UG, the acceptance rate at my UG has gone from 29% to 13%. The secret is out now, and won't be long before they ruin Williams, Amherst, Middlebury, Colby, etc.. too. At those schools, you used to be able to count the number of non-Whites on one hand. They also did a good job of keeping Jews out, so really was no "safe space" or any sort of political bullshit.

If you have a sibling or whatever or you are underage yourself, the only decent schools left are NESCAC. But you better be good at hockey, squash, some sort of White sport or have an amazing GPA. And within 5 years that will be over too.

Not to discount from how fucked up this all is but most of the girls who were part of the hostess program weren't black.

Were black rather

You know, even though you corrected yourself after looking it up, how fucking stupid do you have to be to think they'd have a huge Catholic niggerball school in the middle of Texas?

And then to run your fucking mouth without checking it first. On the same level as telling someone Notre Dame is a Jew school. You do take the prize as top retard in a few weeks.

And you said it with such certainty, not with a question mark but even adding "lol" as if you know so much better. Are you Mexican? I'd like to think you're Mexican and that a White wouldn't be fucking stupid enough to think a school founded on oil money in TEXAS would be Catholic. Fuck's sake, even if you know NOTHING else, if you've seen the film "There Will be Blood" it should be obvious.

And it's not a mistake of like some tiny school– it's literally the biggest Baptist Uni in the world.

tl;dr- Read MORE, post LESS. Take in MORE information, Expel LESS information. You're not very smart. If you had to even look that up, you haven't the slightest concept of the basics of American culture or history.

Bullshit. If that's the case then why are real sports dominated by whites? Even SA's Rugby team are white ffs

Cheering a bunch of whites beating a bunch of niggers in niggerball isn't being a cuck.



Can confirm.

Even here in the country of Anne Frank many anti jewish and anti homosexual songs are sang.

was never true, especially at the dawn of history, when gymnasiums were first conceived

The number of nogs playing niggerball far exceeds that of whites. So if you watch any game, it's not going to be your fantasy of whites beating niggers–best case is a mixed team beating a nog team. Rooting for a partial nigger team to beat some other kike-owned nigger team from cities you've never been to, makes you a cuck. There are no stakes involved. It's all corporate bullshit for pudgy fucks to pretend to be manly by watching dudes run around a field. The fact that i had to explain this makes you retarded as well

Ah no. Remember they are TRAITORS in the deepest sense of the word. They are traitors to their own blood, no other traitor is as pernicious nor disgusting as one who betrays their own blood.

Whatever happened to the coal burner database/registry website idea? It sounds so promising.

Women that mix with niggers are asking for a good raping, and to get a few teeth knocked out in the process.
The question is, how can we make them understand this?
And those that are virtue-signalling by being anywhere near these feral monkeys pretty much need to be ostracized as lost causes, their lives will be their own living hell.

The stupidity of women is inexplicable. They clearly have a wiring defect in their brains.

Boomers are FAAAR past middle age now, you're not paying attention to the passage of time, user…

You need to be blaming everything on a different, non-existent, Jew-manufactured "generation" now.

Until they're redpilled.

Good fucking goy, stay in your cuck fantasies.

White male faggots do the exact same thing if you haven't noticed. I mean the assistant coach himself is a mega cuck trying to pimp white women. Tired of the shills on Holla Forums blaming the low-hanging fruit and symptoms instead of the source: Jewry. We must be infected by TRS and other alt-right groups still.

It's rather evident most postees did not go to college if they are hasty to believe real rape happens there, not just debauched regret rape.

Two can play at this game, nigger apologist

So, for example, the increased rape rates in Europe are actually because white women and only white women want to fuck shitskins and the niggers and sandniggers actually dindu nuffin? At last I truly see, thank you for your wisdom. This is the final redpill Holla Forums, all white men need to stop breeding with white women to show them whose boss. We all know Jews are terrified of white people dying out by voluntary celibacy or use of birth control. :^)

it takes two to tangle and blame has to rest on compliant roasties as well. The police have not gotten involved and done their damn job as so often happens with false rape accusations. Unless women start getting rightfully punished for squandering precious municipal resources through rape hoaxes,thus discouraging future farces, I will shed my skepticism.

Guy you're responding to

What do you fucking expect? I'm a KHHV, the only girls that have ever wanted me were out of state. One was asian, the other was a jew. I have never fucking had a girl in my life say she things niggers are disgusting or that there's nothing wrong with race mixing. Of course I'm gonna fucking get upset. It angers me to no end. Until I get a white gf that's not some coalburner whore I'm going to continue to think this because that's all I see around me. GG NO RE

Too bad reading isn't a sport.

Jameis didn't rape that girl, she had a boyfriend and willingly did anal with crab legs. After word got out she of course had to change the narrative for the sake of her reputation.

Not sure that is any better of an outcome tbh. Weak white men with beta dads and stronk womyn moms are as bad as kikes, and work their entire lives subverting the interests of whites.

White children is always better than none at all. There's white kids that were raised by fag couples that have come out and said that these types of marriages should be banned because of how damaging they are.

fail, should be executed.

Then you're using your current situation as a crutch and justifying it by saying all women are the problem. I actually socialize with females and they're not these elusive, white-male hating, nigger salivating animals some anons think they are. Even more liberal women can easily be controlled and made to believe what you believe because your charisma shows them out. They just want strong makes to put them in their place. Simple.

Yeah and you know who solves society's ills? Men. Men that stand up and fight instead of run away and metaphorically say "fuck my life I quit", it's disgustingly pathetic to me. Fight for your goddamn race, fight for the future you want to see.

Maybe so…

I've been rejected many many times, recently or not. I've started losing weight (own choice, not because of women, that's dumb) and my skin has cleared up a decent amount. Honestly I think one success with a cute loyal white gf will give me hope and change my perception of them. My standards aren't that high either. My problem is still the fact that I don't want used goods. I can manipulate them no doubt, but if they've already made the mistake of touching a nigger before I can save them, then it's a true waste.

This. That image is pushed by media but it doesn't reflect reality. In fact most women are very aligned with Holla Forums-type views. They hold some contradicting views but they feel free to express shitlordy opinions because they don't get hit for talking shit.

Ding ding ding. Dubs of truth.

Belichick probably gets all giddy when he finds a physically talented white guy to play a difficult role. It's not a fucking coincidence, he knows what's up. Also notice how he basically segregates the blacks on defense and whites on offense, almost like a reversed "Remember the Titans." The Patriots are lauded as the team with the finest camaraderie in all of the NFL. I wonder why? Oh yeah, because races get along best WITH THEIR OWN. And both sides of the team get along well because of that.

don't they all take a wonderlics? Those are a truncated proxy for IQ and it can absolutely bear out.

Where are they then user. All around me are familiar faces, warn out places, warn out faces.

If you get to a point where 1. You're happy with yourself and 2. Women feel safe around you, it opens up a whole new world for dating prospects. If all that fails then you must really live in one of the worst places for finding a gf in the world but something tells me if I was to live there I still wouldn't have a problem. Besides if it is the case, leaving is always an option.

I'm going to therapy and I've improved a lot with myself. Women should feel safe, I'm not a tiny beta cuck. It's just I don't even know where to go and meet women. I don't drink, I don't party, I'm extremely straight edge. Even if I go out I've asked for digits and just gotten rejected with no success. It's also nigger central so I don't wanna fucking go out only to find tyrone and his gang. I might be getting a job at a mall though that's white, so heres to hoping.

Two to "tangle?" Jesus christ, not even worth the space to type it out, between your R9k and retardation…no, "real rape" doesn't happen at your state or community college.

REAL RAPE does happen with big nigger football programs, from Notre Dame to Vanderbilt to all of them. The Jews just don't write articles on those. If you have niggers who walk around a campus as celebrities because they are affletes and they think every White girl is waiting to open their legs, they know the coaches, faculty, admin, even local cops will cover for them…you can bet your fucking ass REAL RAPE goes on at these places.

I don't mean girl gets drunk and forgets that she let you finger her. I mean genuine, nigger, congo style rape. you could blame the whore who steps foot in niggerball dorm for not knowing what to expect, but especially with the social media jew now… 99% of them will never be professional and will be smoking crack in an alley in 10 years (even the ones that do will last 3 years and lose the money the jew gives them). Yes, REAL RAPE (not some Stanford swimmer fingering an older bitch behind a dumpster) does go on.

tl;dr- Trump needs to get affletes out of "universities."

NASCAR, if you consider it a sport. I don't follow it much, and they've had some PR problems due to meth use, but they're moving those cars at 200 miles per hour. It takes extreme mental concentration. Niggers don't have the cranial capacity for it.

Sports shouldn't have a place in higher education anyway but that's Burgerstan for you.

If you ask the Jew, they will tell you that the shekels niggerball brings in goes to "medical research" and other "essential educational needs." What they really mean is that they use niggerball shekels to fund more niggers and womeyz studies and all the other fucking worthless degrees pumped out.


Ghetto Safari. Duh.

Does anyone know any good resources on this topic? I have heard some stuff in general second-hand from people I know, where athletes get away with all types of shit from rape to bullying on college campuses, but I've never seen it discussed.

It sounds like you need some mandatory Emmacaust education, shitlord.

Start reading "The Daily Mail" every day. They usually cover the monkeyshines the US jewish media covers up.

Baylor user here
Baylor is shit none of this surprises me well the fact that they were using the girls at university as whores is still shocking but
Baylor is the definition of christcucks
I have encountered more leftism and SJWism here than at my previous public college

It is an expensive waste of money

As soon as I graduate I'm giving out the details of all the employees and students who signed up for Ashley Madison using their school emails

no, she was a naive christian who did not realize that the niggers she was "entertaining" had been told they were entitled to fuck her. read the article.
on the plus side, she is now redpilled for life.

Does anyone here have the Ashley Madison dox?
There are a couple of football players, professors and employees on there if I remember correctly but I didnt save it before the searchable list was taken down

Whites still dominate boxing.

You're probably thinking of the super lightweight divisions where it's only tiny spics.

That info is already publicly available after the hack, dummy. Try something that isn't redundant.

I get being mad at this dumb motherfucking cuck and wanting to lynch his ass as slowly as possible, but in reality football isn't dominated by blacks the way basketball is. While the majority of players are black, all the superstars tend to be white.

Not to mention you should be supporting Brady, Belichick, and Kraft this sunday for not being cucked and afraid to support Trump before the general election. Do you know how hard that probably was for them to do with the super fucking pozzed NFL commissioner?

All that said, sports fanaticism has bothered me a great deal since I was a kid, and I understand the perspective of "If I don't play it, why bother watching it," all too well. I don't even watch chess competitions or that dumb esports shit and those are my primary competitive outlets.

All from 1 team, that's fucking impressive, nigs gonna nig

I feel like this is a fucked up reflection of American culture.

does anyone have that chart that compares the murder rate of niggers in america to a bunch of african countries and has the white homicide rate at the end?

Pic related from local high school football game in my city. All too common.

Football is two white guys ordering their nigger armies to hurt each other.

Baylor fag here, that nigger did win the Heisman in 2011, so he's somewhat talented. Despite that, he unfortunately is rumored to have fucked a lot of white girls during his time at school here, even cheating on the white woman he impregnated with his mixed nigger offspring. His wife left him, and now he's in the NFL and sucks, perhaps as punishment for his dindu nuffin ways

In an ideal world, all niggerball players and niggerball-associated people would be swinging from lampposts: the players, the coaches, the owners, even the fans.

Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world and we have to be content with the fact that the viewership numbers are steadily declining.

nigger filth spreading around their disgusting seed




So? It's still infested with niggers.
I'll do no such thing, you fucking cuckold. I'm not going to support a bunch of coons throwing a ball around for LITERAL kike owners. fuck off with your niggerball apologetics.

He actually finished his classes a year early and was on dean or president's list for top GPA or some shit like that even. He has had a weird career for sure. There was a lot of controversy about his dad being in the locker room and him and his head coach having issues but none of it ever seemed to concrete.

Guy got fired over calling him a cornball brotha.

His punishment must be more severe. When the NFL is ashes, then he has my permission to die.

that's a beta nigger. you can tell by the girls' placement, his lack of uniform, and his "quirky" non-threatening pose. they shouldn't associate with nogs anyways, but at least the silver lining is that he's not fucking them.

Over decades, the Kraft family has given away more than $100 million to a variety of causes, including health care, education, the Jewish community, Christian organizations and local needs.

By supporting the NFL, you're financially supporting Israel. Remember that.

Also every school with a big money program, football or basketball, probably has something going on like this with the exception of possibly Notre Dame. If they're in a big conference with big money TV contracts I'd say it's almost surefire. Louisville basketball had something go on with bringing in hookers for people they were recruiting, not even athletes yet and they didn't even fire their coach for god's sake. You clear house after shit like that typically.


It's channeled wrong. You're loyalty and violent outbursts should be in defense of your people, not a fucking T-shirt that arbitrarily divides nations.

Triggered, mehmet?

This song is just a shitty spin-off of hello darkness my old friend.

Even high schools are corrupt when it comes to sports. Some niggers can't manage to pass their classes, and thus aren't eligible to play. But administrators will do shifty shit and let them play anyway. Because fuck ethics and academics, it's all about some inane ballgame!

At what point do you realize you've gone too far? And if you're going to be a goddamn degenerate about it, at least get a slightly attractive hooker.

underage detected. you only think that because you've only heard the retarded slow covers, and not the original Tears for Fears

Not as shitty and monotone as Gay Jewles but it's still rather unimpressive.

I have a difficult time giving a damn about women who take part in the college-party life, have everything given to them for free, take absolutely no precautions for their own safety (like for example, not going to that kind of party), get drunk …and then expect there to be no consequences.

I'll get mad about a virtuous woman who was saving herself for marriage and wanted to have a family - when she gets raped, that's a tragedy. I'll get mad when a woman is just walking down the street and gets attacked, that's not her fault.

But I really don't care about women who let their tingles guide them to thugs, and then they mess with the bull and get the horn. We could put these football players in jail (and we should) but it doesn't fix the underlying problem, which is that women are stupid.

A much better reaction would be to talk openly about black-on-white rape. Duke's all white Lacrosse team didn't rape anyone, yet it was national news and everyone talked about the race angle. Black athletes be rapin everyone and nobody says a word.

The white race is in need of great men more than ever before. The white race can't die just because it's people are afraid of offending other groups.

thats not how it works. she has already been defiled

Keep fucking redpillling them - keep the redpilling repetitive. Keep 'shilling' a piece of content and it'll soon become truth, regardless of whether the content is actually true or false.

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Nigger males rape all kinds: black sheboons, Asians, other black niggers. However, their preferred prey is white blonde women.




Kill yourself Kike! Truth is our weapon.

Is what I'm promoting in my message not the truth? My point was that truth does not matter to liberals and leftists - the majority are just sheep who go where the wind blows.

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Is there ever any story behind these videos? How much MUHDICKIN do you have to do in Africa to get the whole village to throw cinder blocks at you?

The only background details that I've got is that it was done in a continent with average IQs in the fucking 70s, mental retardation by Western standards (another piece of fact that you must repeat to white females everywhere).

what exactly is the problem here?

We need a Final Solution to the Sports Question.

Most Universities have Campus police who are "Actual Police" who have jurisdiction over the campus, so all crimes on the campus are supposed to be reported to them. I'd expect their tiny little police departments to be subject to the same kinds of political pressure in favor of protecting athletes as the rest of the cancerous universities, so they likely do what they can to mess up the situation even when it's handled "right".

Schools would put forth great effort to try to cheat the system. It would probably be like all those actors/singers/useless celebrities whose IQs are totally 150+

Schools would fudge this one hard.

Once again, schools would fudge.

You'd have to start with an athletic association that gives a shit because the NCAA clearly does not.

Fuck you, we only use truth in our memes.

Pic related is the most hated faggot in Canada. And most people don't care if he's a kike, they want him drawn and quartered.

nice face saving, but you're still a faggot who didn't even know the song's name is The Sound of Silence

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How many of you Shabbos are cucked enough to watch the Suberb Owl today?


Which is to say a societal distraction to keep the plebs docile while they're robbed blind. Fuck the entire sports industry, we're crashing this plane with no survivors.

Baseball, Basketball, Footballs, it's all absolute shit (that includes soccer/Futbol Euros). The only two sports which are even slightly redeemable are Hockey and Rugby.

I guess rape culture was really ape culture


If you don't want to get married or have kids, then don't worry about it - just fuck her and eventually leave her. If you want to get married, then you need to marry a virgin, and you need to lock her down soon after high school. Chances are, the marriage will still fail, but at least the kids will be your own and you wont have to worry about telegony.

Also, chances are that even if you decide to go this route, you'll be unable to find a virgin. I don't know how old you are, but I'm 40, and I haven't even met a virgin since I graduated high school in 1993. I'm not kidding. I've been married and had plenty of girlfriends. I served four years in the Army - so I was in good shape and was never a NEET loser. There's nothing wrong with me - there just aren't many virtuous women out there.

And the stories I've heard from women would make you rage at the abject degeneracy. Sometimes they'll tell stories about themselves. More often, they'll tell me about a girlfriend, a roommate, and sometimes even a family member. I try not to put on the disgust-face, but when I think back on it, I'm always disgusted.

Bottom line: the landscape for men who want to do things right is quite fucking bleak. It's bad to start with, and the older you get, the worse it gets.

A new Baylor scandal- strength and conditioning coach arrested on prostitution charges:


Title IX doesnt stop alleged victims from reporting to the police.

Title IX requires schools to combat sex discrimination in education. One of the most common objections we hear to campus adjudication is “but isn’t rape a crime?” It absolutely is, and
students who report to their schools can also report to the police.
However, rape and other forms of gender-based violence manifest and perpetuate inequality, and federal antidiscrimination law recognizes that. To make sure that all students, regardless of their gender identity and expression, have equal access to education, schools are required to prevent and respond to reports of sexual violence.
This isn’t a replacement for reporting to the police; it’s a parallel option for survivors
based in civil rights – rather than criminal – law.

t. archive.is/Xctqn