The Idea of a Russo-American Super State

So for a while now I've been infatuated with the idea of America and Russia coming together to form a Super-State. A nation that for all intents and purposes, could not be defeated and would be the beginning of a European-dominated global Empire.

With Trump being in office now, I see opportunities for America and Russia to BTFO the rest of the world and claim their eternal position in the sun. I know it's not likely, hell probably won't ever happen, but still, the idea of Russians and Americans working together to cleanse the world is enough to make me salivate.

What do other user's think, would a Russo-American Empire benefit the world? Would we finally colonize the galaxy in the name of our God-Emperor?

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Honestly, if US Canada, Aussie, Kiwi, and Russia Europe all joined together we would be unstoppable.

Its why the Jews have always defeated us.

I mean, its why the Jews have always divided us. the West vs the East when it should have been the Whites vs Asia and Middle east Africa.

Can Japan join?

I'd argue that the reason the West and East split was Orthodox Christianity vs Catholics. Now that for the most part, we've moved past those religious differences, why not reunite? We have a common enemy after all.

All will join us in the sun eventually.


Can Japan remove jews? That should be the primary requirement.

I think the Jew fears the Samurai

Why a super-state when we can just be allies against kikes, commies and Saracens? Work together but no internationalism. We need to break down unions like UN, EU, NATO, etc. not create new ones or even worse merging countries from opposite sides of the world (yes America and Russia are technically like 2 miles apart but the population centers are an ocean and a Europe away and the languages are completely different) that have a completely different outlook on life. Not to mention Russians generally don't like Americans because of the historical bad blood from cold war and also they are jealous of our money. "Super-state" idea is just silly. I could see an American-Canadian-Australian-New Zealand super-state, because we are all European colonies with an Anglo foundation, but Russia is a completely different nation.

Op… do not fall for the Perestroika Deception!! It is a (((plot))) to form a one world government.

Cooperation yes. But a super state? With open boarders? Hell no. As a slav I can't imagine russians would allow an influx of american niggers

Just build a bridge between alaska and russia. The worlds longest bridge is 23miles long and the distance between russia and alaska is 55miles, so just have each country build a 27.5 mile bridge and call it the friendship bridge.

it seems like everyone is game for the challenge. let's everyone get our economies churning.

Fuck off with your globalism faggot.

Being Jewish or Muslim in Japan is practically a felony.

The religious split was politically motivated in the first place, and the recognition of different religious lineages was used as a form of political legitimacy. The religious split is more a result of the political split over control as opposed to the reverse.

Globalism is the true end goal for every civilization. What we want to avoid is MULTI-CULTURAL globalism headed by Israel.

rejected, igor

Don't fall for this shill. Globalism means centralized power. The fewer people in charge and less competition between them, the easier the system is to be corrupted.

No. Putin and his oligarch kike friends need to be contained in Russia and the Stans. If you think the jews running the EU are bad you have no clue how nasty Russia's oligarch kikes are. What kind of nationalist is Putin when he uses his power to siphon off state industries and construction to pad his pocket?

Are you saying it would have been bad if Hitler took over the world?

I'm all for exterminating all non Frisian people.

No form of globalism shall be tolerated. alliances are way different than some cancerous "superstate" which will kill off every cultural differences between our peoples. Fuck off with your Russo-American brand of EU-style nation wrecking, subversive kike

hitler doesn't live forever.

Nice job on cutting the bait, user.

user, are you aware of efficiencies?

The Nation-State works because of efficiencies, but those efficiencies dry up as the organization gets larger and larger. It's not just government, but all human organization. Smaller organizations just work better. Globalized central control is against all human interest.

This. Just because we should work together, doesn't mean we are culturally compatible.

So basically globalism? Kill yourself schlomo.

Nah, competition makes both strong.

They go to space.
We go to moon.
They set up space stations.
We set up moon base.
They set up asteroid capture and mining.
We go to Mars.
They colonize Mars.
We colonize Europa.
Chinks finally make it to moon. They crash due to chink pilot.

And so on. Competition is good, so long as it doesn't turn into a pissing match with nukes, anyway.

I think you should go to Russia and try to live there for a while to see what your new countrymen are like before you post something stupid like this you LARPing American fuck.

Is this ironic or are you actually being serious

Surprises me this isn't discussed on here more often, would stimulate economic links and development in two underdeveloped regions with lots of resources. The bridge also has a symbolic value like the border wall will. Calling it now, this will be a key policy for Trump's second term.

No. This is a stealthy globalist post. Ya I know Russians are white allies, but that's just it. They are not Americans. America First motherfucker. National sovereignty is important and worth maintaining.


that's even more retarded than a pan-slav superstate

you should feel bad

The US half would be okay, the Russian half? Hope you are ready for some cheeki breeki engineering

Dubs confirm, nice digits overall

No. Alliance, maybe.

I've only ever seen burgers argue that we should all merge into a hideous "super state"

Americans don't have an actual identity of their own, and assume that everyone else is the same


A link with a nation that in a few short years will be America's ally? why not?

Can't build a bridge it's fucking freezing part of the of the ocean, with icebergs, bullshit and gigantic cargo ships in it.

The Russians want to build two tunnels to go the Diomedes (which would be nice border control island since IIRC one is Russian one is American), each tunnel would only be the size of the one between France and UK so it's definitely possible.

Problem is in the article, 100 years of communist brainwashing won't come off easily, most people are opposed to loosen the laws, so they don't but it's clearly not an ideology thing.

I don't know about Super-State so explain to me like a kid.


Damn, time to play some Tiberian Sun…

That's pretty complicated to create.

What? No, fuck no. It's a miracle that the EU is on the way out and the US is getting out of NATO as it is. Ivan can come over for a barbeque here an there, and we'll stop by and have some shashlik, but you never want to be roommates with your friends

The point of nationalism is the opposite of everyone joining your retarded nigger empire. Fuck off burger

Russo-American Commonwealth
Praise Kek and MEME it! Make China shit its pants.

what a retarded idea

Piss off.

russia does not want to merge, it wants to rule

There was a West-East split in the Roman Empire even before Christianity, the West being Roman and the East being Greek.

Russian, British, and American axis

Thanks for proving his point with that tacky shit

Yeah, we need mutual cooperation with each nation doing the best for her own interests. Not empire just for the heck of it, unless there is a point to reducing efficiency by over centralizing, we would probably be better off with each distinct white ethnicity and culture to form their own nations and states to promote their own ways of doing and being.

A terrible idea.

The world would be better served by Britain ruling.
Once Sharia May and Comrade Corbyn are dealt with of course.

Here i will give you a resumé white pigu, everyone was removing jews europe, asia, arabia, even the soviets sometimes. Then the great american christian big goy came in to save the jew so their decendans could enjoy tyrones dick in daughter. end of story.

Anons jealous they are not americans.

The world would be better served if the west finally realized who their true enemies are. We don't all need to join together so much as we need to realize the rest of the world lives in barbarism, and sees nothing wrong with it.

The part that would really contradict Trump is that a Bering strait crossing would create a freight rail connection to China that would only take 3-4 days to traverse which is significantly faster than the 2 weeks it takes a container freighter to cross the ocean.

Had to fix it.

this tbh

You dumb fucking Brits created the status quo. Your self serving bad decisions have done more to destroy the white race than any other country and it hasn't even benefited you.

Let's run down your bad decisions.

1. Britain defended the Ottomans against the Russians in the Crimean war. End Result: Turkey then fought against you in World War 1.
2. Britain attacked Germany in World War 1 in order to protect their supremacy of their precious Royal Navy. End Result: The US Navy eclipsed your navy anyway.
3.Britain declared war Germany to "defend" Poland. End Result: Stalin enslaved Poland under Communism.

The Ottoman Empire was a key German ally during WW1.

Tens of thousands of Germans died to further Turkish interests and regain Turkish influence in the Middle East, all supported wholeheartedly by the German elite and government. Without massive German aid Turkey would never have been fit to fight the war.

Exactly my point. Britain threw away tens of thousands of soldiers to protect the Turks in the Crimean War only to have it blow up in their faces 60 years later.


4. Letting Palestine be partitioned by the UN

Not a problem. Cf.

That railroad goes both ways. USA exports agriculture products. With a bridge or tunnel eg. Kansas City - Krasnoyarsk. Direct.–Madrid_railway_line

I'm Orthodox myself but the this LARPing annoys the fuck out of me. Do you have a clue about 19th century geopolitics?

pic related

That happened embarrassingly recently.

Hitler shouldn't have fucking invaded then.

Blame Hitler for being a retard.

I used to be a jerrycuck like you.

forgot pic

You do realize that Russians behave like niggers, right? Do you really want Krokodil be replacement for metheads and letting those degenerates spreading more HIV in your country?

As long as they learn English. I'm not speaking that mongol crap.

I like Russia. I hope we become closely tied, but a super-state like that is globalist.

Germany gave the Turks pretty much fuck all in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

Belgium was practically a French vassal state at the time, that agreed to let French troops march across it. German troops merely marched across it first. The UK was not bound to defend it.

mark isn't Holla Forums

I think that's more due to Cold War commie bullshit but we're past all that now and it's a new page. Russia was also the only European country that was overwhelmingly pro Trump. It makes no sense for us not to be working together but agree with the other user that we shouldn't be making more giant alliances.


(((Globalism)))? Is Holla Forums about (((globalism))) now? Are you two shill cucks for Russian globalism? I could see us allying with Russia to combat terrorist, Jews, and globalist. But if they want a globalist government they can kindly fuck off.