Andy's log is NOT my lover OOHH it's just some food, tha-HAT sliddes from his bum...

Andy's log is NOT my lover OOHH it's just some food, tha-HAT sliddes from his bum...(oooh) but the retarded human shit baby is not my son!

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>>899484937>HOW MUCH FO' ONE RIB?

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>>899484972haha kek kek kek

I said your TEETH cocksucking cum eating clownRIGHT NOW

>>899484937ooooohhhh... UH HA HA!

>>899484856I love logposters so much. They're the only reason 4chan is still worth visiting. These posts faintly sing to me of Holla Forums's past glory. Thank you for existing

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this thread is bussin

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Quads checked. AHHHH

>>899486200Nice dubs fellow Andy Sixx enjoyer

Reminder to report all log fag spam to remove these threads


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>>899486300Dubs logged throte clogged

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>>899486796This video made me happier than anything I've seen on 4chan for my whole life

>>899486866Video name?Also dubs logged throte clogged


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>>899487059I need more of these videos



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>>899487214Her bitch face looks absolutely crazy, typical feminist. I want to choke her and kill her by shitting down her throat if that's what she likes

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>>899487296i posted the unedited version by mistake kek and yes she does. That is probably a vegan shit mixed with endometriosis

>>899487296well looks like E got banned again. rip.



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>>899487301Bro it flew out like pus from a pimple

ITT: mentally ill faggot replies to himself and the two real people in the thread tell him to kill himself

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>>899487370Such pure expression of happiness. These videos made me understand how much I love the world despite the shit it's filled with

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>>899487413There's 33 posters in the thread. Arr you fucking blind?

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>>899487523It means you're using bots, which is an even bigger offense here

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>>8994876054chan really does need to enforce its no-spamming rules

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>>899487523One person can post under 30 different IPs.You know this; because you do it.We know this.Why do you think anyone believes your lies?

>>899487605>TwitterOpinion disregarded


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>>899487742I choose the classic log

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>>899487748I'm not asking anyone to believe anything, I simply find Andy and his logs very funny

Keep reporting these spam threads. It's working

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>>899487781You disregard anything that makes you look like a weak impotent baby dick

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>>899487990Me on the right

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