Would you fuck Greta, Holla Forums?

Would you fuck Greta, Holla Forums?

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Discount lorax

>>899484277hmm probably fuck her face, seems like she could take a good deepthroating

depends how much she pays me

Just imagine sliding into her tight pussy, hearing her moan as you tell her you've been throwing car batteries into the ocean.

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Yeah, I think so

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>>899484277she actually unironically looks pretty here.

its incredible that rightoids simultaneously say she looks like a child and also want to fuck hercurious (they're paedophiles)

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why do we need this thread every single dayi'm starting to think greta is the one posting iti already know she's an attention whore

>>899484865Yeah, when she was a minor you retard

>>899484277Yes. In the left nostril.

>>899484277She's flat as fuck I'll just facefuck her and be over it

>>899484865bro greta be like 30 now lol

>>899484277The globe is not the only thing warming


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>>899484893uh uh she was a minor uhh its different i wasnt counting down her birthday uh uh cope paedo

>>899484991ok trip fag

>>899484789>>899484870are these ai generated or actual fakes? not bad either way

>>899485201She was in her prime at 16, just like all women.

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>>899484277She had me at "how"

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>>899484277Have you guys seen her lately, she is fat as hell these days...

>>899485796AI Greta is kind of hot

>>899484277Everybody gets one, tell him Peter


She's so fucking cute

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>>899484277yeah ofc i would

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>>899485818its weird if you look though her insta she seems to from fat to thin depending on the week

>>899484277She doesn't look like that


>>899484277No, because I don't have a mongoloid fetish.

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>>899486148Why do you vote for republican Mongoloids then

>>899485201You are so braindead, keep projecting.She's legal and anyone who counted down her birthday is as retarded as you>>899485281Yeah, took a lot of tinkering with different models and Lora's, but I found that sweet spot

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>>899486183>Why do you vote for republican Mongoloids then

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>>899486105Well, she was fat the last time I met her in february. Who knows, I might meet her this saturday...

I've seen her a handful of times in Stockholm, during her weekly "protests". She's super tiny, smaller than you'd imagine. Really cute though.

>>899486187>>899486225>>899486291based. enjoying the output so far user

I'm just going to dump while I'm chilling

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>>899486292Anon are you going to be upset about what you do?

>>899486187Keep. It. Up.

>>899486319Where would you meet her?

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>>899484277Anal only.

>>899485150how any meeting between her and an oil company executive would end hopefully

>>899486609Sometimes in Södermalm...

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>>899487192I believe this lie as much as “climate change”

These will slowly get worse as I return to my roots

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>>899484277I would, I’ve always liked her small frame.

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>>899484277>asking Holla Forums if they'd fuck a girlwe'd stick a dick in a bee hive if it made us cum

>>899487443love that one

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>>899487520Yeah, I should try do more outside

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>>899487292Don't care. Am here for it.

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>>899487556its the right setting for her, or maybe one of her on that boat

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>>899487525the tiny tits on this one...

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>>899487640Gotta love my Greta in all shapes and sizes

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>>899487716>>899487739>>899487772these are amazing, she looks so soft

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>>899487739Can't believe you have me jerking to Greta