Nudify #33

undressing ur HOTTIES!! NOT FATTIES UR MF with

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Other urls found in this thread:>>899485284don't

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Please and ty

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Attached: result - 2023-05-18T232013.722.jpg (1080x2400, 155.04K) use my referral code too lol

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This doable?

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sorry i am doing any, i just made this thread to push my app to scam kids for data and money



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and just a tip creator maybe dont use AWS servers in California, you made it a breeze to track you down


>>899484785Fuck yes finally my cousin nude

>>899484974oh snap, thank you!

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>>899484785Does the premium version allow for better variations on nipples? Most of mine come out looking like salami.

>>899485016neck urself

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>>899485095So good! Any way you can get rid of the watermark?


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>>899485255give me 5 bucks and ill remove it


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pretty pls

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>>899485255here you go, dont fall for the scammer

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idk if possible but would be cool

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>>899485414Using unstablediffusion?


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>>>>899485284don't be stupid

>>899484699Please, kind man


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please someone do my sis

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>>899485783im gunna need you to post more

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ok heres more

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>>899485703Thanks user

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>>899485783shadows really mess up the images

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Can u remove her top

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What do you think?

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>>899485509Come on mannn I'm begging ya


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>>899485966Thank you

Any of them doable?

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this one seems easy enough, already teasing so much

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>>899485944angle is weird and AI is hella confused , but ill post results anyways

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wow i love it

>>899486048Thanks for info and try

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here is another

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This pose better to undress?

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>>899486102She definitely deserves to be done!

Remove her dress pls

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>>899486048>>899485811would you bel able to give this a shot? Id like the comparisons you did too

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>>899486047next time flip it in paint, AI has a hard time with sideways stuff

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Can you do this one? I had a big crush on her in college

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>>899486296thanks user

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Just the top

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>>899486237Tysm bro this is hot as fuck. I'll keep that in mind too


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Pls nudify her if possible. Image is rotated for better ai results

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Pls strip her and give her small boobs

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>>899486530Lol looks like someone took a bite out of the toilet. Thanks user!

making my dreams cummm tru

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Im so much better at these than the garbage on this thread. is the only reliable way to do this. buncha cucks.

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ignore the app shill, if you want to get your data stolen or when the fbi eventually raids their servers you will be on thier logs, go ahead and use the app

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>>899486768Damn that turned out great thanks!


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>>899486946Perfect thanks

Can it do pregnant women?

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this is awesome, last one ill ask for

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>>899486048Which AI are you using?


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Please boss

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>>899487203stable diffusion locally, with uber realistic porn-merge model

Please God

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>>899487240best i could do with light and low resolution

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fuck that was the best one yet. great job and thank you. ill keep reloading in case one of those others catches ur eye

Will this work?

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Can you undress him?

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Could you give this a try?

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>>899487426Thank you so much!

>>899486813fuck you nigger, you have no idea wtf you are talking about. the nudes here are trash, but whatever, be a cuck

pls op

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>>899487584LOL we rather get it for free than getting scammed bud

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my new fave thing

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try this one

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at least dont use AWS, here is proof yall IP's will be logged if you use the app

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begging for this one

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>>899487608OP is this not dooable?

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>>899487923nah sorry, too ugly, not worth the time

this would be more involved than i would ask of someone on here, but if you have an actual nude of them, can you apply the qualities of their actual naked bodies to this? like have nips the same color and size as they really do

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love it, gr8 work

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