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If there are infinite parallel universes, then there is a universe where Penance wears cat ears and runs a comfy jazz bar.I think that's better than joining a sickfuck/sex/torture cult of overpowered superhumans, and massmurdering people because of a blond-haired Nazi God.

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It's showtime

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>>899479572How else are you supposed to take them, from the inside ? Upside down hanging from the roof ? Fucking retard.lol


>>899480329Two nukes clearly weren't enough.

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>>899480379Lost, holy damn that's good


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>>899479572Women ≠ Funny

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>>899480249what a fucking retard


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>>899480329Worth watching?

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>>899481143Yeah, the very best part of that is missing. When their sister catches them, and they're embarrassed as fuck for being disgusting degenerates.

>>899480249Faggot face returns to normal soy face when shit hits the fan

Time for some really evil shit, like a magir polishing Hitler's ass.

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>>899480249I fucking lost


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>>899481121I wish I could see the replies to this


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>>899481716One of the bakemonogatari installments.They are all very good


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>>899479572What is she expecting?

>>899481822Archives are your friend.(When they aren't trying to spam you with virus ads)

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>>899481868faggot uses some weird shit in his bath that makes pretty stones and clogs the pipes of the whole building, sewers and neighbourghood and gets a notice telling him he's fucked


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>>899482779Cringe boomer tier shit.

>>899479572women aren't funny

>>899480124MTG is a tranny

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Budweiser and fatties -- two American legends.

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Why would I lose to this?

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>>899481880>>899483868if a problem(x) whose solution (y) contains only variables(x,y), than represented is imagination itself



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>>899485700>>899486248they're only solving for one variableplease either kys or at least never multiply

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>>899482003The rest of that story makes it funniermetro.co.uk/2021/10/14/nurse-sued-nhs-claiming-shed-been-secretly-hypnotised-to-fart-against-her-will-15422517/

>>899485868Bro that image is old enough to fucking drive and it was never funny