Post tribute saves

Exoticassistant tribbed my cute ex gf Lisa for me on kik

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big boy

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Cock tribbing now kik danhill11223344

Jana by Kik exoticassistant

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>>899479127More tribs?

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Girlfriend is at work but I texted and told her I’d post her in a trib thread. If she has time I’ll get her to react. She is a very hot 46 year old.

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Lets make her proud

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>>899480656Hope she’s not too busy.

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Collage in progress

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Need a second cock on my gf

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>>899480927Send pic will add

>>899480908I will use her even more

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>>899480656>>899481115Be warned. She can be brutally honest about what she thinks. I’ll post whatever she sends me though.

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>>899479143Hey, that's my cock!

>>899482027hell yeah

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>>899481817Damn who is she?What's her@?

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>>899482333Wish I could buddy

I love this slut

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>>899481674Great one

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>>899479127Excellent cock and choice of pic to trib.

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>>899484497Got the original?


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>>899485503Damn i wish i could get requests done by this guy

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>>899486350Like this

where can I request tributes from these massive cocks?

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>>899487161How could you degrade my beautiful Jenna like this?!?

Trib of the wife

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>>899487300oc or saved?

>>899487333That’s a saved trib of my wife from a few days ago

>>899487300nice bro, my gf have a trib too

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>>899487688You son of a bitch

>>899487751Love it when he flops that big ol' dick


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>>899487863Me too, I would love to see my girlfriend sucking him cum.

>>899487877Have you no decency?

i showed it to my gf and she said "damn, he's like twice your size, he would stretch me out too much for you"

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>>899487908I know a few girls id like to see him bury that thing in

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