I thought republicans hate cancel culture?

I thought republicans hate cancel culture?

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>>899478255Define cancel culture? The left and right has different definitions of it and doesn't use it the same way.

>>899478255>Promote mental illness>Turns off consumers>Hurr durrr cancel cultureIt's called dollar voting and it's been around for a very long time

They're all crybaby hypocrites Glad I could clear that up for you

>>899478374Seems identical to me.>thing I don't like, despite it not effecting my life, happens>brand/person should go bankrupt!

>>899478255If your opponent refuses to play fair then abiding by one sided rules is tantamount to surrender.

>got banned for spam and now posts less threads>threads get flooded with futa half the timeI'm telling you dude, there's a better life than this.

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>>899478255American Republicans are the most easily triggered snowflakes on planet Earth.

>>899478255Well it's not cancel culture, it's just the nu-inquisition

>>899478255Conservatives have been trying to cancel shit since I was a youngling, shit I remember them trying to get Married With Children pulled off the air way back when.

They practically invented it. Ask The Dixie Chicks about that. Burning their records, CDs, posters etc. for being critical of the US Iraq war policy. Yeah, not too much like 1930s Berlin

>>899478255They cancel Liz Cheney, a far right republican, because she had the spine to say that the cult leader was a fraud and a liar.Republicans are the original cancel culture zealots, they have been doing that way before the far left

>>899478497>They did it first so its ok when I do.Whew. Good thing you can shift the blame to your enemy so you don't have to look in the mirror notice that both you and the shit left use basically the same methodology.

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>>899478497Haha wow so genius of us ah yes yes it was our plan all along wasn't it

>>899478255Independent here.So "cancel culture" really depends on the method. If your idea of "cancelling" someone is just to block them on your social media and urge others to block them as well, then that's fine. If your idea of "cancelling" someone is instead calling in a false terrorist threat to the local SWAT team of the person and then getting a kick out of a bunch of cops pointing guns and possibly shooting the guy you want "cancelled" dead where he stands? That's fucked beyond belief.See? There's a difference.Ultimately you're free to purchase as much Bud Light as you want to help make up the difference in sales and support trans rights if that's your wish, and so long as conservatives don't prevent Bud Light from selling to you or your ability to purchase and are content to just not purchase Bud Light themselves? Then it's good as gold.The second they start physically blocking access to Bud Light so you and yours can't purchase or they get you fired from your wholly unrelated to Bud Light job simply to hamper your individual capacity to purchase Bud Light? Those are a couple bridges too far.It's a fine line between voting with your dollar, being an insufferable karen, and criminally intimidating others from voting with their dollars.

>>899478255Conservatives are more susceptible to things that turn you gay considering the fact that they are already gay as fuck and betalords

>>899478255A boycott is not demanding a product be forcfully removed from shelves, retard. Try again

>>899478255>be the right>corporation tries to push woke ideology>stop buying products from that corporationSeems like a reasonable action. I'm center left, and I do the same. I won't go to Hobby Lobby or Chic-fil-a. I also won't buy Gillette products. Any corporation that pushes any ideology loses my business. This is not cancel culture, this is voting with your wallet. I make a personal choice on the things I buy, feel free to do the same. This is how the free market works.>be the left>corporation or individual disagrees with your ideology>set out to destroy the offender, preventing others from interacting with or purchasing from themThis is cancel culture. It's not voting with your wallet, it's voting with someone else's wallet. This is not a free market, and it is not free speech. It's horrible illiberal.Do you understand the difference now, or are you just being purposely retarded?

>>899478374holy cope

>>899478255They don't, remember when football man didn't kneel?

>>899479218>>899479328Salty niggers.Also pitching a fit and making demands is childish behavior. Choosing not to buy a product from a company is not at all the same thing.Stay angery and reply more.

It's really not the same as cancel culture. The right isn't offended, they're disgusted. Most straight men can't watch legitimate faggot behavior without becoming nauseous. They sometimes pretend to act like faggots themselves as a joke, but viewing actual faggot behavior induces a visceral response in them. It's like finding wild animal diarrhea on your front porch. It's unexpected and revolting. The rainbow people think the right are taught to hate gays, but it's not a cultural thing, it's like I said, a visceral response they have in response to faggotry.

>>899478831This guy gets it.

>>899478831>>899481484Niggers please. You faggots piss yourselves over the Okay hand gesture.

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>>899481894Oh look here's one now

>>899482018Which one are you?

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>>899482393The obese middle one with her tits out. This you?

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>>899482428Average 4chan user

>>899482428Yeah because there's only insane leftist and nazi for you huh?

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>>899482428God I wish I had red hair. Did you know no one fucks blonde dudes? i didn't

>>899482508>point out you're offended by budlight and being called a snowflake>Yeah well look at these pictures of "far-left" communists!I'm convinced right-wingers aren't self-aware

>>899482508That's not a real place. That's just another place Satan lives just like the top right. The whole top is satan. Bottom right, you're a autistic cracker and bottom right you fucked a dude more than a couple times.

>>899478255No. But I think we can all agree that niggers are pretty bad , right?

Just hate trannies.

>>899478255Not buying a product whom has explicitly gone against the consumer base's expectation is called a boycott.Not hiring or associating someone because of their views is called social enforcement.Using selective social enforcement on people ideologically opposed to you is called cancel culture.If you don't know the difference you are a sheep.

>>899481420t. Rudy Giuliani in drag

>>899478255You thought republicans don't do anything. That's what you thought. Faggot

>>899478255>I thought only democrats did things that had meaningful outcomes. I'm scared.

>>899482657You're most likely a zoomer child without any experience. Tell me about how self aware your ass is.

>>899478255mom, i posted it again

>>899483680I'm sorry, tell you how self-aware I am...? How? Do you think before you post?

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>>899483812Do you boy?

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>>899478255Cancel culture is going after an individual trying to get them fired from their jobs and blacklisted from everything. This is a boycott. Free market in action. Want me to explain how the sun rises next since we're asking retarded questions?

>>899483918Zoomers are fucking retarded and indoctorineated

>>899483912>n-no u!I'll take that as a no. Also I'm an adult and I make more money than you.

>>899484043>I make more money than you.Lol, you're a big zoomer online.Post proof faggot.

>>899484073No? You're just going to have to deal with it, poorfag.

>>899478255They’re cancelling miller light now. And no, conservatives founded cancel culture. They are cancel culture. They’re trying to cancel troons, gays, blacks, Mexicans Asians, feminists, and anyone that’s not a white, right wing asshole.

>>899484267Lol, yup, if you have to say say that you make more online you're a sad child.

>>899484383You sound jealous

>>899484410Sure thing bro, keep trying to prove your wealth to people online without any proof. Yup I'm really jealous of your psychosis.

>>899478255We hate faggots even more than cancel culture.TRUMP 2024!!!

>>899484610I can tell you are super bothered by the fact I make more money than you. I think it's funny because it doesn't mean anything to me but I know it does to you

>>899484719>by the fact I make more money than you

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>>899484756I don't need to when I know I make more than 80% of the population, I can just guess based on probability.

>>899484829>I make more than 80% of the populationSure you do.

>>899484884Yep, I sure do. Seethe ;)

>>899484829If I had 5 cents for everyone who claimed to be a well adjusted professional online

>>899484939I didn't say I was well-adjusted

>>899484922Seethe at what exactly? a child who feels a need to be tough on 4chan?

>>899478255stop generalizing people, its simple minded and not based. you thought? you thought what? you're thinking about other's thoughts although you can't read them and don't speak for those people. you ASSUMED. you took millions of people and assumed something about them. i'm a registered republican and i don't associate myself with cancel culture. i don't like the idea of being part of a lynch mob or a cult and i check myself before i fall into logical fallacies like those associated with cancel culture movements. i don't think its in line with Christ. he was a friend to sinners and people who had been canceled, he stood up for, defended, healed, comforted many who had been "canceled" at that time. from lepers to adulterers, criminals, even Judas. i guess he tried to cancel the pharisees but thats different.i've drank their beer for years. not bud light. but i've bought MANY thousands of regular Budweiser and regular Busch (not light) over the last 20 years or so. and i'll continue to buy it because its good quality and well priced. i think boycotting companies over one little thing is like treating an individual as if one choice they made defines who they are entirely and that they should be punished or even rewarded for that one choice they made. to think we need to just sink that company like its a war ship because of tranny on a can is just ridiculous. i see them as a good American company that jews, the ones often behind lynch mob cancel culture movements, they want to infiltrate and destroy it, they are doing it with other companies too like Disney so either you accept the agenda and let it destroy us that way, or we reject it and boycott eh company and destroy it.. a company founded by European and whites. and they mean to do that to America itself.. what they're doing to Busch they want to do to the American government so everyone gets mad, rejects it, destroys it and then is ready for something else to take its place.

>>899485028You're a lying faggot,

>>899485029Being moderately wealthy is being tough? I mean I'm certainly tougher than you, you're incredibly thin-skinned.

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>>899485068Ok you caught me, I am actually well-adjusted

>>899478255Republicans (aka white trash retards) are the most sensitive crybaby snowflakes on planet earth and they INVENTED cancel culture.

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>>899485087>I mean I'm certainly tougher than youMore toughguy ism. Yeah I bet turbo homo.

>>899478374Cancel culture is when you want to have gay sex with Ehrlich Bachman on Silicon Valley and then some foid has to claim she was "sexually harassed" so they kick him off the show and you have to beat it to Gilfoyle instead because an atheist bf top is the runner up to the narcissist stoner bf vers. The third place being the Jeet.

>>899481340>>Also pitching a fit and making demands is childish behavior. So it's not pitching a fit when Republicans moan and burn products? Okay dumbass.

>>899478379its called a lynch mob, and obviously its been around for a very long time. the question is when will people grow, mature or evolve beyond it? people are retarded.

>>899485105What was your major in again? Where did you matriculate?

>>899485115Are you drunk?

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>>899485189>claiming your wealthy online asks about substance abuseYou're a child aren't you?

>>899478432this is how hypocritical leftists are.. even so hypocritical to call republicans the hypocrites.. its calling the kettle black. leftists are the actors and bullshitters. its measurably true i'm not even making it up you guys are such dipshits. what you did here was invent an answer to a loaded question that implied a falsehood. please stay off Holla Forums you and OP are cancer.

>>899485240Do you eat ass with that mouth?

>>899478469>Seems identical...Not really. Cancel culture is more like: Dox you for posting somthing "alt-right", dm your employer because you posted something controversial on your private facebook account, get you fired, make sure prospective employers are aware of this, go through you private contacts, or people who follow you, message them, etc etc.If it's a business that did something, DM their bank or investors and scare them into not funding the business/closing their account, etc etc.That's cancel culture. Bud light is just people not paying for woke shit. Two very different things.

>>899485229*you'reAnd I don't see the relation, also I didn't mention substance abuse, so you basically answered my question

>>899485240Tell me, user, how many presidents have we had with acting backgrounds and what parties were they affiliated with?

Grow some fucking testicles user

>>899485400>when they pander to me and my sister fucking friends it's okay>but when they pander to the dick choppers that's where I draw the lineMaybe your mom drank too much bud light when you were in the womb.

>>899485428>me rich u noSure you are fag.

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>>899485655You're still hung-up on that huh? I thought it didn't bother you.

>>899478255They fall for any culture wars thrown at them by the right media. (M&M....Lol) They don't even realize that they are being controlled so they keep their minds off the fact Rep party has no policies whatsoever.


>>899485689Keep making claims about how you're a wealthy leftist. Your eliitism is rather amusing.

>>899485755I'm done making the claim though, you're the one that can't get over it.

>>899481420Imagine being this deep in the closet

>>899486073That was my thought too, dude has some serious angst

>>899481894>A bunch of Nazis all agree that the okay symbol means something to them and start using it to signal their beliefs to each other>" You get upset over the okay sign!!!"You're retarded lol. No one's upset by the okay sign. Unless it's a Nazi using it to signal his Nazi buddies. Because that's literally something you retards do.

>>899486194>A bunch of Nazis all agree that the okay symbol means somethingYou poor newfag. Where did any of that start, huh?

>>899486257It's for cool kids only

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>>899485525holy troll.you're a faggot.did you study logical fallacies?

>>899486327Did you because you didn't name it

>>899478469Right thinks they shouldn't buy productLeft will harass and assault until product is made not availableThese are not the same retardnon

>>899485525>>but when they pander to the dick choppers that's where I draw the lineYeah, do you get it yet? They pandered to a demographic that doesn't buy their product and alienated the ones who do.Trannies don't buy beer. Sister fucker Southerners do. Why would they buy a beer that supports globohomo?Don't pander to people who don't buy your product.

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