Drawthread: turtlezilla edition

Drawthread: turtlezilla edition

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op is a threadsplitter faguse>>899477904

Requesting better lineart and colors on this elephant girl.Elephant Girl Reference: desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/trash/image/1666/82/1666825495108.png

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>>899478217Fernando you areThe homo grande


Requesting titjob with tonguejob combo with Neeko.

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>>899478217I can't believe Fernando is almost 40 years old

>>899478327he is? damn


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Requesting Carol getting tenderly fucked on her bed by an user while she's hugging her bunbun plush.

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Requesting furry Pitou giving a human a blowjob with heart pupils in her eyes.

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>>899478323You better delete all your posts about references or else I'm gonna quote all your requests.>inb4 its not meYes it is nigger cut your shit out.

>>899478882Genuinely not me but I treid to talk to you when you first got quoted, then you ignored me and now i am just posting between you and the sperg. What do want to do beyond sending a feedback for mass quotation. I cannot do magic you know.

>>899478882And you cannot said I did not tried to talk to you because I posted that shit twice.

He gets mad at me and doesn't realize that other people are going to notice if there starts to be one a bunch of them ones after another.You need to put X and Os, not only Xs.

>>899478931What you making the comment about common sense? Pretty much all my deliveries have been from my single image references meanwhile the requests I do have with references still haven't been done.

>>899479140Read the post above mine, come on man you put them all one next to each other... think dude think.

>guitar riff begins

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>>899479193>>899479140>>899478973>>899478931>>899478882add each other on discord already

>>899479563>using groomcordno

>>899479115>He gets mad at me and doesn't realize that other people are going to notice if there starts to be one a bunch of them ones after anotherIn your dreams, pedoboy. You do not understand what you are dealing with.The fuck does X and O have to do with this? What are you even going on about? Kisses and hugs? Who the fuck is kissing and hugging, here?Lord.You don't seem to have outer-world experience, frien. Let me help you with that!You are impossibly wrong about how you have gauged this situation. Go ahead, summon your bros.

evens draw odds sleep

>>899480150goodnight sweet prince

Make more vague threats about uh-uh-uh-um muh reputation. Fucker, you're a month late.Moran.

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>>899480268Good, mobilefaggot. Air Pad Master Race.

>>899479140Alright I sent the feedback, do the same or not whatever I cannot help any further.

>>899480242Oh boy, here I go killing again.

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>>899480268Its been you hasn't it you fucking nigger? Keep laughing while you can buddy, eventually your shitty VPNs will run out.


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>>899481004ideal bodytype for both boys andd girls

>Pass out after ranting>Wake up to charger cable around my neck, my power bank still connected and next to me>Wake up, roommate immediately giving me food>"I wanted to give you this to prove to you that I'm not that bad." >Eat it>ONIONS>Feel ill>Want to go back to sleep but doesn't.>Tries to tolerate the onions>Bites bites b>Can't and cleans them off the food>Continues eating>Feel drained and upset. Like I'm evil because I didn't eat the onions.

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>>899481364evil unyon h8r confirmed

>>899481408I'M NOT EVIL...>Unyon h8rThey just... Taste so fucking bad. I don't like liquidy foods that are white and I don't like onions. I only consume onions if it's for medicinal purposes.

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>>899481634>and I don't like onionsliterally 0 taste you don't know what's food

>>899481364god onions suck.I’m glad I live alone.

>>899481634unyons a liquidy food??? no one has fed you a proper unyon b4 and i pity you

>>899481663No, YOU have zero taste. Onions are fucking horrible. >>899481786Hooray..>>899481789No. I. I put both liquidy white foods and onions in two separate categories of things I don't like on my mouth. Onions are not liquidy and white.

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>>899481896oh lol misread my badstill.... do you dislike them in all forms??

>>899481896also did you do a third hungergames round or did i miss that

>>899481932It's okay. I don't like them in any form, no. They're either too crunchy or have too much.. Aroma..?>>899482007I didn't yet. Would you like me to do it now?

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>>899481896>Hooray..yaaaay!being a loner can be great sometimes.


>>899482049wow, this is... a LOT. unyon slander at its finest. you have have them in a curry? or like any other dish where they're not the main ingredient and rather an enhancer?and yeah i think rn would be fun, i think a lot of the ppl participating are itt presently>>899482073rip in peace


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>>899478105>Drawthread: turtlezilla editionayy doctor dj

>>899482073Don't try to seal my fate in stone...>>899482125Heh...>>899482232>CurryI make curry without it...>EnhancerNo... I'm... I'm really picky LOL>YeahAlright, I'll start it now.

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>>899482415are you a shallot h8r as well?? this is so heartbreaking

>>899482415>Don't try to seal my fate in stone...you’ll probably die anyway might as well lol>Heh...I mean all I do is wake up, feel depressed, and stay in bed all day.livin the life.also can you repost the new ref you made real quick, didn’t have the chance to save it.

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>>899482794Thanks bae love you


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Requesting Katia giving the human viewer a clothed titfuck with a cumshot through her vest and a facial

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>>899483367>>899483232Disgusting unfunny zoomer roasties fuck out of here your voices are insufferable

>>899483367i did snort. im speechless. listen to me be speechlessvoca.ro/17XUwoHY02c8

losing my fling mind over this whats next? ren hates salt???

>>899483501but I like rens voice.

>>899483501voca.ro/11FfjVe0iqMI>>899483521Tch...>>899483631WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME!!!!!

>>899483686opinions on salt suspiciously left unstated....

>>899483290Seconding but its a horsecock she's titfucking instead



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>>899484033i like it

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Idk if I should count this session as canon because there's not even many drawfriends itt.

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>>899484183ren I do NOT fuckin care I’m just glad you finally started it.

>>899484183dubiously canon

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>>899484274the murder......

>>899484274daki really fisheminded

>>899484329and fireminded she started like 4 fires already wth

If you're taking requests:Draw Yotsuba wearing an MF DOOM mask, if you haven't already done so beforePlease and thank you. God bless

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>>899484389damn is nobody eats hog

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>>899484424what strangely peaceful session

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>>899484472>Ren picks flowersI expected nothing less from you, fag

>>899484533isn't there a different hg set-up you could use?

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>>899484109thanks, here's the nude version>>899484614rip

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>>899484065>tfw you killed a childthe nam flashbacks...

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>>899484660what a bitch

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>>899484706holy shit

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>>899484749finaly two omfg my bets on sicklr

>>899484749but at least you didn’t kill yourself with that rope


Congrats DuckOne more session?

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>>899484854im for it!

>>899484854YES PLEASE

>>899484749>beaten>infected >spared>cries>dieswhat a wild ride

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>>899484854use another hg set-up this one's boring

>>899484925maybe later

WAIT GUYS THERE'S.. DIFFERENT VERSIONS???birdietalk-productions.fandom.com/wiki/BrantSteele_CodeCHECK THEM OUT I'd like you guys to pick what au you want, I'd like the casino or office or Danganronpa one but still

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>>899484854>>899484780Duck ended his killing spree

>>899484970voting romantic

>>899484970romantic games


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>>899484509SORRY DWELL

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>>899485048>>899485050>>899485053HELP okay we'll do rom first and then we'll do the shipping wars. I want to do the shipping war first because that one sounds funny but... This is a democracy.

>>899485159I can see it now, ren ship wars.that’d be hilarious.

>>899485159think of the mpreg

Wait who should I replace Pettan with for this

>>899484970we should do the one ypu want host fren

Good news, I found out how to get the proper colors for the mouse Jas portrait edit.

>>899485271Go for an evil choice like Cece


>>899485271do oak (neckro)

>>899485297No... I'm gonna add Samgasm because it'll be funnier

>>899485440peek comedy

>>899485440why not bunny sam

>>899485159preemptively dubbing this the sessions theme songyoutu.be/uJoMqYumxmA

I hate this so much>>899485516I SHOULDVE ADDED THEM BOH FUCKKK

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>>899485607sicklr with the drip


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>>899485607SICKLR DRIP

>>899485607nobody being thirsted after....

>>899485607I like this, this is funny

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>>899485607Holy shit Ren

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>>899485666>"you smell nice juice, h-heh"

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>>899485666Hog about to cuck Gooey

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>>899485816This Ren is so canon


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>>899485666Oh wait what im in this. Yipee.

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>>899485780>mfw when askin duck how much>>899485810lmfaooo ppl sniffing me is actually a pretty common occurrence, oddly

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>>899485881Lmao fatass

>>899485881>Dante schemingMan, this is just like real life!

>>899485718District 2 is cursed

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>>899485881Based Dante strikes again

>>899485816the trinket and hog tables have turned....

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>>899485881Dwell you bastard. Let a man store his nuts for the winter.

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>>899485958>sicklr gayHot

>>899485958soren canon but at what cost....

>>899485607>dies at the very startnot like this...

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>>899485958>Daki just wants to be Hog's everything>>899485666>Hog just wants to tell Daki how he's feelingOh no

>>899485958KEK SAMGASM'ate coalburnerssimple as

>>899486001We died in each other's arms...

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>>899485957Hot now do string

>>899485958Based Gasm

>>899486012hahaha you're bb 2.0


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>>899486028>dwell hates furries

>>899486028get off my leg sicklr!!

>>8994860282 real...

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>>899486087Women And you think you know what they like

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>>899486108FalseYou are good

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>>899486028>juiceDamn that's sad>>899486074>dakiHoly shit

>>899486074sicklr x samgasm movie date more funny then it should be

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>>899486142Evil Bee


>>899486182Bitch cant handle the drip stay out of my pond.

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>>899486142>not even cupid can fix dante


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>>899486182>that hog and sam interactionSO TRUE

>>899486261lookin like hogs not gunna take the W this time

>>899486261Yeh, that sounds like Puke tbf.Dirty shipper>>899486293Real

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>>899486330the incel horde is terrible at capturing

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>>899486401Been saving this pupper for this exact situation

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I am...Oshitter.


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>>899486401woah plot twist

>>899486442hog wins again

>>899485780based and volcel pilled

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>>899486465Im fine with that. Still believe he's the sexiest mf in these threads

Alright, ship wars hunger games edition OR redo but with Sam bunny added>>899486501BASED

Requesting you guys do this with your ocs or yourselves

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>>899486431omfg no babe dont do it

>>899486442based hog taking another W

>>899486512whichever you want captain ren!

I've been laughing non stop at how accurate this shit is. Hahaha>>899486533Missed

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>>899486512Ship wars

Reminder to always say nice things about abusefag x3! !!!

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>>899486593Samgasm is literally into blacked



>>899486653Still fucking accurate.Most racist people are the ones that secretly love this shit the most>>899486512Ship wars. I wana flex my Riley Reaction Catalogue I've been building

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>>899486713wrong pic.

Attached: Inland.png (721x728, 9.56K)

>>899486653Only men like blacked

>>899486713>unironically using the term raciststupid nigger cunt

Okay.. I.. I'm sorry for asking for this but I need a very, very long list of ship names from every drawfriend.... There's a lot.

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>>899486512do one with orgy code

>>899486774You can reduce team amount, no?

>>899486743you're right! smegmasm is a troon! that's why xhe loves BLACKED and BBC!

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>>899486527i love machine girl

Attached: file.png (549x653, 49.38K)

>>899486774Jesus Christ, didn’t know it was this big.welp posting my correct opinion- I mean my tier list.

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>>899486774heres my listsizel (sicklr x azazel)

>>899486774Just mix the names like usual or better do another theme then

requesting more oppai sarah

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>>899486883>that biasmillenial hands made this

>>899486867>trinkren and pettren badJealous

>>899486918secondedbooba is kino

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>>899486973Shut the fuck up bunyan

I'm gonna do normal hunger games sim but with ship names. Sorry that other one was acting weird with me. >>899486970PettRen doesn't exist though

>>899486970pffft no I’m not.

>>899486970Why would Ren care about some random porn artist and she doesn't like underages

>>899486774holy shit..

>>899487037>SheRen is a fag who draws porn of ugly yaoi men

>>899486774me x every female oc

>>899487012fair enough.I mean ship wars was huge, I don’t blame you honestly.

shipping is cringe get some bitches

>>899487012Im not sure if Riley has any ships.Theres been Oc interaction before lewd and non. But they dont really count, yeh?


>>899487068Hi BB/collagefag

>>899486774>>899487012Do >>899486799, it's here hgtools.neocities.org/static/codes

>>899487012you’re right pettren is just a concept.

>>899487063shes a fujoshi

>>899487001>>>899486973 (You)>SNoPlease draw girls with nice boobsyou niggas don't understand that my tastes are not complex like yours

>>899487243Fujoshi is tranny cope to try and appear attractive as the ugly fucking bitches they are


Attached: ab733ba338.gif (196x264, 60.13K)

>>899487272>attractivefujoshi isn't an innately attractive word it literally means rotten girl

gimme a list of drawfriends and ill come up with ship names rn

is she mad at ren?

>>899487352leebeepettancecerentrinkethogdwellsnackssamgasmkrimblesamjuice sicklrpukedantegooeysorendakiwurm





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>>899487554shota sucks

>>899487554milo and bb

>>899487554hot but i don't like shota and mommy type pairings

>>899487568i dont care

Attached: 1677077021646392.png (1000x909, 1.44M)


>>899487554>>899487602cece feeling lonely

>>899487607schizophrenia>>899487585so much this

Attached: 1676603036481742.png (940x1085, 1.67M)

>>899487602>>899487723how would i get sex starven woman to be horny over me like this? still, krill yourself cece?

Attached: 1682743561752316.png (1080x788, 582.26K)

>>899487850youre too ugly and old


>>899487894i ain't grampa niggahowever you are, cece, you are in pathetic 30s, you have wasted your youth.

Attached: 1679003109195857.jpg (640x640, 70.08K)

>>899487957i'm not 30 nor am i cece you are ugly and you have disgusting hairy feet no women would want to fuck you even for pity

>>899487991i never posted my feet

Attached: 1684359332273985.png (111x97, 1.73K)

>>899488056yes you have you lying fag

>>899488075that was someone else

>>899488056lmao liar i didn't forget. poopcat and bunyan are such bad liars it must be an autistic thing