Drawthread: Pound-town edition

Drawthread: Pound-town edition

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booru.plus/ bdrawthread

Requesting titjob with tonguejob combo with Neeko.

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>>899477904That's hella gay bro

Requesting Colors and Fix Lineart workCat Girl Reference 1: desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/trash/image/1683/84/1683840223632.jpgCat girl reference 2: ttps://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/trash/image/1683/84/1683842920188.jpgBeach: fodors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/BestBeachesInCostaRica__HERO_iStock-1003143496.jpg

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>>899477904Yes, thank you for this

this feels like an appropriate time to drop this lore

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>>899480207where you make this

Yo, I'm going to make a new reference for my characters, and I was wondering if there was a template I could use to give my characters some more life

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>>899480396check deviantart they have a bunch

>>899480302you have to be 18 or older to post here

>>899480452bro i've done it before i just don't know the page's name

>>899480486lol just giving you some shit herebdsmtest.org/

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>>899480396template? you mean like colors?

>>899480207Gah damn

>>899477904requesting thicc femboy gf =:3

>>899480940Details. gimme me a lil bit to work with

>>899480207heres this also

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Reminder to always say nice things about abusefag x3

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>>899480892No, like I want to write a bit more about them than just their likes and dislikesThough I wouldn't want to get too detailed, iykwim

idk why i felt compelled to say this now but id rather be taken out back and have a bullet put thru my skull then ever smoke a fkin newport

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>>899477904remember to upload your submissions and doodles to the boorubooru.plus/ bdrawthread

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>>899481463i'm too lazy to even upload to my socials in a timely manner and you want me to do this shi

>>899481376try smoking pyramids if you want nasty lol

>>899481662looked them up and they look like a brand of cigarettes youd find in a low poly game

>>899481463Interesting, I wish there were tags in there though =)

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>>899481733they taste like 16 bit hell :b

>>899481823dont do it, its the feds, or worse..some larper

>>899481855ill take your word for it lolbest cigs r djarum blacks imhho

>>899481823of course there are tags, just tag them with your artist name when you upload your drawings

Requesting Yuuko Absolutely frustrated by a chastity cage snugly on her dick as she humps the air uselessly

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>>899481905Oh, you're right, I didn't see them earlier>>899481892What's the worse that could happen? Identity theft?

>>899481463lol who uploaded my croc terezis

>>899481463>my art not therei've won

>>899482164low quality crap is not allowed, I guess that may be the reason

>>899482296hey then why is my art there

>>899482296you flatter me greatly but it's probably because lolishota is banned

>>899481939Futa sub, seconding

>>899480979>cute>big eyes>wide hip>not too tall>cute feet>smol pp or big cock

>>899481463Needs more Snacks and Pettan

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>>899482660i have an oc that is all this but way too tall

>>899482701Noodles? Lee?

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My doodles do not compare but I posted anywayI've tagged myself as a poster and not artist, if it makes anyone feel better

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>>899483204dakifag (the oc isn't daki)

>>899483250Thats disgusting

>>899483250shes sooooo pretty she deserves more than mcdonalds

>>899483250that's hotdo female hogs actuslly have tusks?

>>899482701welp, make a short one =:3


>>899483636i have a species ocs that is also lile that but super short


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>>899483663you okay bunnigger

>>899483566Thanks man.>>899483630In nature, they do but smaller ones. Males get the huges ones.>>899483819Thanks.>>899483361>>899483663You can always look away.... just move youe eyes some other place

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>>899483250Hog someone cum tribed your rule 63 sona and posted a video to tread some days ago.

>>899484198Flattering ig, since I draw some coomer stuff, which did they tributed ?

>>899484198really? post itwish someone cum tribed my oc/waifu

>>899480207Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuice o(〃^▽^〃)o kinky (◍•ᴗ•◍)

>>899484253did u know that you won the drawthread hungergames last night

>>899484783hello slushy!! im actually not all that kinky i dont think

>>899484836Haiiiiiiii, how are you doing juuuuice? ٩( ᐛ )و How was your sleep. Oh really? *takes the paper in hand and reads out loud*DegradeMasochistPetSadistBratSubmissive

>>899484956juice being submissive was the biggest plot twist ever like how did I not see that coming


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>>899484956i slept well i remember having a weird dream but dont remember it now.n that stuffs like your average run of the mill kinks

>>899485140takes the right person

>>899485170Fuck off Doxce lover

>>899485170Worthless whore with shit art detected

>>899485140Brain damage might be one of the reasons. >>899485171I have a weird view on what's normal and what's kinky nowadays then(´-ω-`). Ooo dreams.

>>899485261brain damage?? wtfi meant like those r pretty normal in terms of kink

>>899485170wrong thread>>899478105


>>899485301No. The fact that you are submissive is so obvious that only brain damaged person wouldn't spot it. ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

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>>899485401im usually a dom tho

>>899484808Yes, juice told me

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>>899485170Your midget lover attacked Ivy for no reason

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>>899485170Why are you jealous of younger girls?

Smh kot

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>>899485433Hence the switch part ٩( ᐛ )و. If I took the test it would be like yours, minus anything submissive. Only sadism and stuff

>>899485261>Brain damage might be one of the reasonsFair point I’ll see myself out.

>>899485527see? typical stuff

>>899485591Perhaps you are right. (´~`) Hate admitting to being wrong

>>899477904>m.jpgyou will piss the bed tonight and it will completely turn yellow

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>>899485728just reposting cuz someone wanted to see it lol

>>899483785lemme see.

>>899483938who?>>899484130>ust move youe eyes some other placemake me.


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>>899486144Nobody cares generic whore go back to twitter with your shitty bdsm art

>>899486144you will never be a woman


does anybody else play dol its so fun

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>>899486144Cece is attacking other drawfags why do you simp for him?

Requesting Katia giving the human viewer a clothed titfuck with a cumshot through her vest and a facial

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>>899486388wtf is dol


>>899486144Cece prefers quirky little mentally ill girls over you..what will you do now?

>>899486388are those... THE tattoos?

>>899486444not like the vest is gonna stop the shot, right?

>>899486388yea but i dont like the bottom forced simulation. wish we had more to go for instead of always getting raped by others

>>899486388That looks like a washed up Pettanoid, whats the game?

>>899486144I miss seeing your art tai. Goood shit

>>899486472Okay Cece

>>899486578Hi Cece

>>899486624If i was cece id just dm her on twitter to see art. And twitter is cringe

>>899486688Ok Cece


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>>899486388every now and again. too bad you cant fuck the teachers

>>899486472Stfu you dirty little dirt baby


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>>899486606>>899486753Grrr.... Puts my hands on the sink and looks into the mirror... Eyes turning red... Looks at you behind me through the mirror... You don't want to mess with me right now Chuds you really dont...


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Requesting Carol getting tenderly fucked on her bed by an user while she's hugging her bunbun plush.

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Requesting furry Pitou giving a human a blowjob with heart pupils in her eyes.

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pov your dick after beating it work the 6th time today

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Somethings been of about this body for awhile but I cant figure it out.Been using Riley as a scale ref but it still feels badd proportion wise..

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Yay, it only took me three hours! =0

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