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now the dude wants to grow weed in the shed,....

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>>899477485just post AI /fur art in the ai threads. post a lot.

>>899477418kinda based tbh

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>>899477418What else the bun gon eat?

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>>899477577first, like a pair of 5 year olds they bring a bunny into the housenow like a pair of college junkies they want to grow weedwtf is next?

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wait this is the image I was looking for

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>>899477568Why user at all have to do poll?

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>>899477664there's no telling with unpredictable brainless NPCsor at least that's what they sound likeI mean growing weed is still less retarded than bringing in a fucking wild rabbithow did they even get it in the first place?

>>899477656they went out and got some sort of bunny kibblethey also give it berries and cabbage, and apparently it eats alot.AND NOW THEY SET OFF THE FIRE ALARM WTF!!!!

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>>899477721if I weren't feeling depersonalized today I'd comment on that lion

>>899477717Hare won't sit still, it will run away after left unguarded

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>>899477717he found it in the back yard getting harrassed by my older sisters dog when she was here for 3 days. cornered it, caught it, and was all like 'we haz a buny now!'next thing you know he spends 200$+ on making a cage and bunny supplies and whatnot.EVEN FURTHER DUMPING THE DOG ON ME! BECASUE NOW THEY IGNORE HIM AND KICK HIM OUT OF THEIR ROOM EVEN HARDER!

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>>899477867sometimes I wonder if they do these things to make you take care of these animals just to give you a creature to be around

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but to me, everyone has an ulterior motiveI simply can't wrap my head around the unpredictability of people who live moment to moment without even thinking about their actions, and how it may play out in the future

>>899477956just imagine the average Californian

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>>899478035I try not to

>>899477956Ytb recommended me story about guy who migrated from saudi arabia through ukraine into eu. I hope i can find it to post

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>>899477956there's always Floria Man to the rescue

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>>899478172that can't be Florida because there's no guns

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you ever feel so desperate and lonely you'd fuck a fat redneck woman just to know what it's like to feel intimacy for the first time?

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well good luck then because that's half of the country or more

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you're a britbong so your input is irrelevantidk wtf kind of people you have over there

Definitely don't like AI art in these or /gfur/ threads tbh. I'm with the furry community at large on that

fuck it, ima have another apple in my room becasue i dont want to go out there and even see them

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Maybe, depends how fatI bet without emotional connection it will be shit

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>>899478439not like obesejust like, normal fatsad to say that's normal but like, overweight, some tummy, big tittiesjust soft without it being a problemI'd be with an average woman right now, doesn't have to be attractive or successful or anything, it's not like I have anything to offer eitherI just want to be with someone, maybe that would help fill the void, idk

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>>899478439>band-aid on exhaust runnerthat's gonna stink

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>>899477263Misderive animal-sex-torturer-ultrasadist "entertainment".Misderive with prototype pain assign/ment/s now.

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>>899478564cleverand catatonia is what it feels like when I'm depersonalized and dissociated :)

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this grill is gonna make me hate my life, once it's cold enough to cleanthe marinade made a mess

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>>899477263Where would someone go to find furry girls or femboys now that omegle is dead?

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>>899478893the IT field.

>>899479096>IT """Girls"""

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>>899479096No no. I don't want to actually touch one. Just rp with one from time to time.

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>>899478893probably discord and telegram serversbest bet is probably where someone already has a following like a furry streamer, or maybe an artist if they have one, if that existsidk because I never join any

>>899479233ah, try furrymuck or something like that then.

>pic unrel

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>>899479944you better show that to del next time you see him

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>>899480006Will try to not forget

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I wish i could have such week schedule

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>>899480293my dick hurts just by staring at this schedule

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If your penis randomly hurt when looking at images on the internet, please contact a doctor.

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>>899480293jesus, this sounds fucking miserable

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>>899481045get hoobed, faggot

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stupid grill-roast won't even fit in my shitty sink

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Too late to scream

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>>899481142fk u nerd

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>>899481227ewwwwww feets sicko

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>>899481257idek what she is, snat? cail? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Is your meme folder is a mess too?

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>>899481302I didn't even notice the shellkinda cutethere was a big snail on the trash can last night, and a tiny little slug on the other one I was taking outso I put it on a leaf and put it beside the big one :)

>>899481393literally just one folder

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>>899481454sluges and snails are slimey friends, erin had a couple slooges over winter and kept them safe till it was warmer

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>>899481577aw, that's cute :3

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>>8994814664k files in one folder?

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ew, slimes are nasty

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>>899481729depends on where it comes from :P

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>>899481613was nice to give them some leaf

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>>899481934typical cat, always choosing violence

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>>8994822222s of troof

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>>899481934But if two sides don't have fun, violence is not so good?

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>>899482268The only side that matters is Cat's side.

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>I'm on nobodys side, because nobody is on my side.

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>>899482528Weird. Unusual time

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>>899482486You just need a girl, mate.

>>899482593Kinda. I'm often here but don't often post. Having my morning coffee, waiting for the mail man. After mail is mum's morning diaper change.

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>want to go to bed>find mosquito>it excapes>can't find it againfucking kill me

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>>899483358as soon as you try to sleep all you'll hear is it buzing

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>>899483470They sit on top of shelf, ceiling and walls

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Of course, as soon as I posted that she wanted changed. Good example of why I usually just lurk this time of day. I could be called away at any time for any length of time.

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Please post cum. Boy or girl, doesn't matter, just post lots of cum

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That's lewd though

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Is scotch tape getting the hacks? Why must I insult?

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>>899485859Yes and?

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>>899485902Or instead hand holding and fully clothed cuteness

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>that uncomfortable feeling of both tired and caffeinatedI want more coffeebut it's a bad idea

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ooof that was some rough sleep paralysis my fault for napping i guess

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>>899486545were you visited by a cute alien cat thing?

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>>899486670nah nothing nightmarishjust a stupid false awakening loop, don't like not being in control of this stupid body

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>>899486777ah, I feel thatyeah those are weirdI used to have sleep paralysis a lot as a kid and teenager, but lucid dreams tookinda boring not having either anymore, just sleep problems :/

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>when the last second of a news video is an extremely loud jumpscarethe media is getting real creativealmost got me

>>899477669UwU ... Meow youtube.com/watch?v=7CXv6UaIEwg


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