Is karma real?

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cosmically no but there is something to say about pissing too many people off and or the wrong person

>>899475999Yes and it’s a cat in my lap.

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>>899475999No, in fact 'no good deed goes unpunished' seems to be more likely.

>>899476146What’s that mean?

>>899475999No. Bad things happen to good people all the time

>>899475999Well, here is your proof: Did you do anything worthy recently to be rewarded with 999 trips? If no then karma doesn't exist. If yes, then it exists.

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>>899475999No. People are arseholes and they get away with it. There are great injustices with no repercussions. Life is unfair. There is no magic cosmic force keeping people in check. The only thing you can do is look out for yourself. Fuck everybody else. Jump the queue. Take the last cookie. Put yourself first. No one else will.

>>899475999Check those trips, yes

>>899476174In that doing something good often ends up with a bad outcome.Like that story a man found a phone, walked a few city blocks out of his way to return it, only to have the lady accuse him of stealing it. I mean, that's just shitty people i guess, but, something like that, you know, you tell your boss about your buddy landing a big fish, and it turns out he was calling in sick that day. That sort of thing.



>>899476274it’s real....

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>>899476292you’re wrong and saying it anyways, why?

>>899476599Enjoy believing in your cosmic fairytale while you silently watch me go ahead of you.

>>899476710that’s not how it works either

>>899477027Quiet, or the behaviour leprechaun will punish you.

>>899477104You will answer to your wrongs

>>899477198That's a nice sentiment to tell the poor as the wealthy run away with all the money. 'yeah don't worry, they'll get it in the end'. Pro tip: They won't.

>>899477198Not how the world works, sorry. I shouldn’t be telling you this. You’re one of the useful idiots that lets me get away with being so selfish. The guy who lets me in at traffic. The guy who gives up their spot. The guy who stands aside.

>>899477374>>899477398this is not your first or last lifetime

>>899475999noif it was by now every evil person should be a bug or something til the end of time. insteadwe have a world where being an evil dickhead means every obstacle gets fucking annihilated like its goddamn a rule

>>899477527You don't know that, you can't know that, it's unknowable, which makes it a comforting lie

>>899477729I do know tho

>>899477887How do you know that which is unknowable?

>>899477967because it’s knowable

>>899477996How is the unknowable, knowable?

>>899475999Consistently and for the individual within their lifespan? No. Good people suffer horribly without relief while bad people over indulge in the joys of life all the time. Cause and effect are real but the universe seems to be an indifferent thing.

>>899478026you get the information and now it’s knowable.

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>>899475999I am not convinced it is real. Have you not picked up on the fact that you are surrounded by brainwashed nazis?

>>899478083How does one get unknowable information about the unknowable?

>>899478101there’s immediate which is in the lifetime you’re in or after this lifetime you’ll pay your due in the next lifetime. I remember a story in vietnam of this helicopter pilot or soldier I forgot which during this village massacre. He killed some mothers son during this and later in life had his 10yr old son killed infront of him by a drive by stray bullet and he instantly felt a reminder of that massacre thinking it was karma for his actions then. My theory is that if you know and don’t make up for it you’ll pay this lifetime but if you don’t know you’ll pay another lifetime most likely. I’m 95% sure the rich wealthy families who control the world believe in karma as well and that’s why they trh to do the work around with “telling them what we will do so they accept it and we hold no negative karma” like people have stated as their belief

>>899475999nah. i've been a kind person my entire life and all it did was get people to bully me or ignore me. if you are a man kindness will get you absolutely nowhere in life. the most successful men are cutthroat and sociopathic, they don't see people as people but tools.

>>899478229some of those past life reader psychic types. Some of those children at a really early age speaking about their past life violent ending. Multiple unrelated sources from different decades saying similar to exactly the same thing about how the life, afterlife, spirit, karma systems work

>>899478364There was absolutely no connection between those two incidents. Unless you count the fact he was a retard with no choice other than to join the army, and couldn’t protect his family because all he could afford was some shithole in a crime infested area.

>>899478412you need to look into why you did your actions and for what reason it seems like

>>899478521he was black and unrelated same tragedy but the tables are reversed sounds like karma to me

>>899476292Even if that's true, why wouldn't you want to be a little bit of good in the world? Wouldn't that mindset make you a better person? Hey, you're glass? It's looking a little half empty.

>>899478442>psychic typesThere has never, ever, ever in the history of everything been a demonstration psychics are real.>children..past lifeSo, this is interesting, but you should note, there has never, ever, ever in the history of everything has any of these stories been confirmed. Never ever has a child's 'memory' with all its detail been linked to another real person.> afterlife, spirit, karmaThere has never, ever, ever in the history of everything been a demonstration afterlife, spirit, karma are real.All this to say, how did YOU get unknowable information about the unknowable? Because claiming 'psychic, afterlife, spirit, karma' has been reported, is a non answer


>>899478665>There has never, ever, ever in the history of everything been a demonstration psychics are real.that’s simple not true

>>899478665>So, this is interesting, but you should note, there has never, ever, ever in the history of everything has any of these stories been confirmed. Never ever has a child's 'memory' with all its detail been linked to another real person.Not true neither. You’re just refusing to accept the knowledge given by saying it does not exist

>>899478652I think the question is why would you want to be the little bit of good in the world? Sacrifice yourself for what purpose?

>>899475999yes. i have 3,000,000 karma on other sites. i'm basically a living god over there.

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>>899475999Not in a mystical sense. But I’m a practical sense. If you are a good person typically better things will happen to you than if you are an asshole. Though clearly there are exceptions. Look at rich politicians… do we really think they are good people?

>>899478747>>899478795Cool, provide an example demonstrating the supernatural is real, i'll wait, you're about to change the world. Also: how did YOU get unknowable information about the unknowable?

>>899478970what kind of example do you want?

>>899478364That just makes me more skeptical. There's some kind of cosmic force punishing you for your actions when you don't even understand them? If Karma was real I would have people hitting me up 10 times a fucking day. I would get harassed and verbally abused regularly. I definitely want it to be real but I have doubts.

>>899478984Just give me your best one. >Multiple unrelated sources from different decadesYou should have something convincing, right?also: answer the question

>>899475999It’s a myth, but those who allow karma to hang over their heads is bound to get payback for their actions since they’re more likely to screw up due to that guilt

>>899479088I told you the good ones to look up and you said they did not exist at all!I have my convincing bits and pieces that make up a solid truth and confirm statements by multiple groups of people on how everything operates. How would giving you a bit and piece convince you when you need the whole thing and also you refuse to accept existing stories as existing?

>>899476470sounds like one of the things that never happened

>>899479428>I told you the good ones to lookNo, you really didn't. You said this: >>899478442I said "There has never, ever, ever in the history of everything been a demonstration afterlife, spirit, karma are real."You said: "what kind of example do you want?"I said: "Just give me your best one"So, show me, i'm all ears, you have demonstrable, testable, proof based claims proving the supernatural? go.

>>899478835>Sacrifice yourselfby not being a huge, self centered asshole? I mean, yeah I like self pity, I really wish I didn't indulge in it as much as I do, but even if it is all pointless, human beings still hurt, they still feel. If all we have is our bleeding heart, and we're all brothers and sisters in pain and misery and the human condition shouldn't we be sort of respectful and helpful to each other? Or am I hippy without my God?

>>899480129so you’re not going to look up the stories then

>>899480363>storiesWhat stories? you haven't given any. Ima set the bar real low, give me something better than a 'story'The supernatural (psychic, afterlife, spirit, karma) is real, and my best evidences are... go

>>899480445You’re just refusing to look them up!

>>899480631I'm refusing to look up 'your' best argument and evidences? I'm not a mind reader (pun intended)

>>899480858you’re lazy because you refuse to look up the direction I sent you in

>>899481199Ah, I see, wellThey don't exist, go look it up you lazy sod, stop refusingCheckmate

>>899480344Sacrifice yourself in the sense of being taken advantage of because you feel like, I’m guessing, you’re installing some sort of hope into the world?What do you think is the likelihood that any respect or help you dish out at the expense of yourself will go to those who deserve it? Is it not way more likely that you’re just enabling a selfish asshole?

>>899481314they do exist

>>899481381>because you feel like, I’m guessing, you’re installing some sort of hope into the worldNot really, I don't think I could ever do enough to warrant calling it that. But I really don't want to die with guilt about how I treated others. I probably will but it's scary to think about. You make a good point, though. It's not fair to expect it of anyone else, if most of the human condition is suffering people should get through however they can and there should be no guilt attached to that.

>>899475999Is your definition of "real" , Real?

>>899481590you’re lazy because you refuse to look up the direction I sent you in

>>899481714you didn’t send me in a direction

>>899481667real as gravity

>>899481752You’re just refusing to look them up!

>>899481847I wasn’t directed to look up anything

>>899476292Some of the happiest, most fulfilled people I've ever met are some dudes that volunteered at shelters and donated to local benefits for homeless ever month. Being shitty has no direct or indirect repercussion, but you can't treat people like shit and expect to live a happy life. Humans are social to our very core, you live what you believe to be the norm. It helps a lot if your norm has, at the very least, a modicum of unconditional kindness. That cliche phrase 'be the change you want to see in the world' is fucking gospel despite the initial eye roll it summons out of anyone who has ever heard it before

>>899481863I told you the good ones to look up

>>899481955I’m not here to look up knowledge and you aren’t giving anything to look up!

>>899481948shitty people are monsters but people can’t see them pass their public appearance

>>899481987I have my convincing bits and pieces that make up a solid truth and confirm statements by multiple groups of people on how everything operates. How would giving you a bit and piece convince you when you need the whole thing and also you refuse to accept existing stories as existing?

>>899481948Also cooking for other people is really fun, volunteering at soup kitchens is like the best. It's hecetic though

>>899482079See you’re upset that you weren’t hand fed everything so now you’re throwing a fit in a passive aggressive way haha

>>899482148what kind of example do you want?

>>899482079Please try to articulate a little better. There's not much I can really do with esoteric information on an esoteric subject. Authentically trying to understand what you're trying to get across

>>899476079fpbpIt doesn't exist, plenty of people in the world that deserve eternal suffering, but will live an amazing life despite being absolute pieces of shit; however, crossing the wrong people will eventually grant you a knife straight into your neck.>>899476292Also true, worry about yourself>>899481948There's no black and white, just gray areas. You can be kind and be selfish at the same time. These people identify with being a gracious person, but then go home and beat up their wife, it happens. It's possible. Looking at the world in a black and white mindset is a ridiculously stupid mindset. Some of the most successful people cheat their way through college. The world is a dirty place and nothing is fair.

>>899482241The world is more than fair. It's the people that aren't fair.

>>899482241Letting the shittiness of others stop you from being better is the first turn onto the pipeline of degeneracy


>>899482306Completely disagree, usually people born with a golden spoon up their ass say shit like this.>>899482370I don't and I completely agree with you. The best way to go about things is to view everything in the worst way possible, that way you're pleasantly surprised when things aren't so shitty. I'm a generally nice person, but I see the worst in people. You have to acknowledge the bad in the world and in people. It's very real. There is no reward for being nice, just be nice if you feel like it, it's not a requirement though.

>>899482603Well said. I concur with you wholeheartedly user. Maintain a sober outlook of the shittiness people are capable of. Tread over it with vigilance, but don't let it infect you. If that can be accomplished, it's as easy as, like you said, just being nice when you feel like it

>>899482603isn’t someone feeling happy a reward to you?

>>899482603>>899482603It's better to live under the assumption that the world is fair. Nothing can be done about the former. Everyone should have an individual sense of responsibility and hold themselves accountable for wherever they are in life. The only other option is to expect the world to be a better place. Most belief systems are the farthest thing from reality, yet they often have commensurate utility to some degree

>>899481948The people I’ve come across working at shelters are religious whackjobs who have absolutely no problem throwing vulnerable people out on their ass if they don’t play along with their beliefs. But hey, if you’re not feeling happy or fulfilled in life and doing that shit fills that hole, go right ahead. But if you think you’re getting cosmic good boy points then you’re deluded.

>>899483484Not him but yes. what's wrong with that though?

>>899483572where did you hear wrong

>>899483565Surely that's not all you gleaned from that post

>>899483565I'm sorry that they harmed your faith in humanity user.

every single volunteer at any shelter or food bank here is either homeless or close to it, extremely old, literally retarded, or a student doing it for their mandatory community service hours. regular ass people don't volunteer.

>>899483605I suppose I misunderstood the context of your post

>>899483734They're out there, albeit not many. Not many at all.

>>899483619The rest of the post was sappy “maybe one person CAN make a difference!” bullshit but thought better of saying so. Until you used the word “gleaned”, made me cringe and change my mind.

>>899483776normal well adjusted people are usually too occupied or busy to volunteer. maybe when they're retired and want something to do to make the days go by, but most young to middle aged people are simply too busy or tired.

>>899483818One person can't possibly make a difference. Maybe you don't release the degree to which just trying can help you and you alone.

>>899475999trips says pic related

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>>899476079Honestly this, a bunch of spiritual nonsense is just that, nonsense. Wording things to be more interesting than they really are. Look, it isn't karma or some past life bullshit, it is called if you fuck over each and every person you come across, fuck around and find out. You'll mess with the wrong person and they will give you what is rightfully yours. There is nothing karmic about it, if anything the idea of karma was not too dissimilar to the concept of god, the omnipresent god that is always watching you so you better think twice about what you plan on doing before you do it. Is this something you can live with? Karma/god is always watching, always in effect, and to knowingly transgress is to sin, because you had every intent of doing it, especially when you knew it was wrongdoing. It is also wishful thinking, again, not too dissimilar to god. Someone out there fucked you over or fucked someone else over, so the "universe" or "god" will avenge the wrongdoing, they might not get it right in that instance, but they will get it evemtually. Again, same logic but just worded to be a little more mysterious and spiritual. If you fuck over enough people, you'll mess with the wrong one. Fuck around and find out is basically what karma says in a practical sense, not the whole psuedo occultic babble.

>>899483856Cringing over a mundane word is sort of bizarre. Genuine question, are you on the spectrum? Authentically curious

>>899484050Was meant for >>899483818

>>899483734depends where you volunteer. The poor are usually shitheads in a lot of areas

>>899475999Karma's a relaxing thought.

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>>899475999Is it real? Yes. Is it a magical energy field that surrounds us and binds us? No.

>>899484580That's all I've really been trying to get across, just in tldr form

>>899485067It's the same shit with the full moon. People go crazier on nights with a full moon, but it's not because the moon to shooting lunatic particles at us. It's all psychology.And the Mandela effect to. It's not because of changing timelines or realities. It's just a fault with the human brain in general.

>>899484580not true

>>899485296A disagreement without vitriol? On Holla Forums? I must be dreaming

>>899485450>it’s in our heads nothing more!>because....I said so!!look at youtel me about frequencies and vibration levels

>>899485491>>in our headsYes, that is significant. Our brains are our most important interface with reality.

>>899485491I'm willing to learn if you can tell me because I haven't the slightest. Im always looking for objective truths. I don't care about winning debates or feeling like I'm right. Discourse is all about the pursuit of knowledge. I just want to know more.

>>899485633That I can agree with. It's the linchpin between us and the world around us.

>>899485491There's the vitriol. I just had to point it out.

>>899485633schizos imagine fakeryReal events happen outside the brain that aren’t related to the brain

>>899485708do you have tiktok?I have a lot learned from there and tried some methods by a psychic that let me speak yes or no question answers with my spirit guide and it worked

>>899485824Yup, that's true. Doesn't invalidate my point.

>>899485896Okay you kinda lost me there big guy

>>899485960you’ll have to look into it

>>899486124Esoteric information is more or less transient. Tends to cause more confusion than it absolved. I thought I was gonna learn about some kind of wave the moon emits that affects our brain or something. I'm gonna have a hard to getting behind anything associated with psychics

>>899475999Yeah. 90% of all the shit related to buddhism has come true for me. Shunyata, intrinsic nature, independent origination. I think rebirth is mandatory because there is no real self so yeah karma follows along with that. It's like a natrual set of results that happen. Makes total sense to me.

>>899486233physical info like what frequencies healing power? I heard planet powers energy but it didn’t sound feasible

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>>899475999>be me>a registered sex offender with over 12 years of experience in pedophilia and sexual harrasment>land my dream job in a kindergarten>meet my future wife on the first day>she cheats on me with her dad>fastforward two years later she turns six and worries that she doesn't turn me on anymore and I'm losing interest>I secretly cheat on her with her little brotherYep, karma is very real

>>899475999I believe it to be.

>>899487166I hope you heal from whatever fucked you up so bad, user.