Christians, explain psychopathy to me...

Christians, explain psychopathy to me. Why are some people born without the capability of understanding good and evil if supposedly, we should all understand it due to Adam and Eve? Do psychopaths go to hell when they die? Would that even be justified since they literally have no concept of "good" and "evil"?

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you will find only bad faith answers, so to speak, because to be a christian or theist is to literally give up the concept of agency in your own mind and engage in a kind of literal magical thinking that arms and predisposes you to handwaving away cognitive dissonance and following authority unquestioninglyreligion is the root of all evil in the modern world

Christians, why are you quiet? Seems I found the ultimate question to stump you.

>>899474384"Misderive"-... "enemy"-... "religion/s"- assign... or deploy against enemy...; interpret any available bio-weapons deployment routine...; misderive combat description "enemy animal-sex-torturer-ultrasadist"-... assign/ment/s"-... "routine/s", or deploy combat...Deploy.

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>>899474441>because to be a christian or theist is to literally give up the concept of agency in your own mindNot quite. Being Christian, you are forced to acknowledge basic morality, which is why you'll hear atheists say the ten commandants are generally a good guideline for everyone and also to let go of your human arrogance to properly worship God. There is a reason everyone can generally agree with the commandants. >>899474384Mental illness is a test, like homosexuality. If you're gay you don't go to Hell, by default, it is your actions. The mentally ill are being tested, so it is their actions that determine it. No human is without sin, which is why the word of God even exists. Adam and Eve were taught by God.

>>899475450>Not quite.>goes on to explain that your entire system of morality is proscriptivelmao

>>899475450What a ridiculous non answer. What exactly could you test on a being that literally DOES NOT UNDERSTAND morality?

>>899475501again, no not quite I'm not going to kill or rape purely because my God warns me against it, but because I have no desire to harm anyone. However, it's good to keep people who do have the desire to keep that in mind. And just out of curiosity, how would you describe your current set of morals?

>>899475616Psychopaths can understand basics concepts and consequence, you fucking idiot. Even sociopaths can, albeit they don't really care. But they still don't WANT bad things to happen. They don't want to burn and never connect with the Lord. jesus

>>899475914my moral standing is lying down

>>899476016you are a fucking disgusting hypocrite and you smearing your evil shit across this little rock is why it stinks so hard for the rest of us now

>>899475450>which is why you'll hear atheists say the ten commandants are generally a good guidelinethe first 4 commandments are literally about believing in and worshiping godmaybe 3-4 of them are actually relevant to non-christians, and they just say don't lie, steal, or kill, which you don't need to be religious to come up with or understand or follow

>>899476016Retard, when a psychopath does something good or bad it is COMPLETELY unpurposeful, so there is NOTHING to test. They are pretty much like wild animals in that regard. Maybe you should do some research?

>>899476056yeah that means something to this argument to call me a hypocrite. People generally don't want to never feel a connection with Christ, and I believe with that in mind psychopaths can be saved. Maybe I'm wrong, but even still, I'd like to believe people can overpower their demons to some extent.

>>899476224Intent doesn't matter, as long as they don't do it. And whether you're religious or not, wouldn't you say that it's a good thing if they don't sin?

>>899476321>it's a good thing if they don't sin?sin is a religious concept, and has no meaning to non-religious people

>>899476143Should have said most, as a basic guideline. Also, I haven't read the bible in a while but the one about not having idols, is still good for everyone to follow.

>>899476321So you don't know your own fucking religion lol. Its written pretty clear that you are already sinning by simply thinking about sinning. Isn't the point of our live on earth to test our morality? Which psychopaths literally have no concept of?

>>899476457Fine, isn't it good for everyone to not do bad stuff to other people?

>>899476492No it isn't, and especially not if you're being tested. what are you talking about?

>>899475450This guy's never opened the bible, he doesn't even know christian soteriology, which should be the most important goal in his life.

>>899476480>Should have said moststill wrong, it's less than half>but the one about not having idols, is still good for everyone to follow.I would bet money you don't actually understand what that one is even saying, especially if you think it is applicable to non-religious people

>>899476592You are talking about testing a wild animal's morals. Fucking think about it for just a second

>>899474441I find this argument to be very poorly thought out. One of the beliefs of Christianity is that humans were created with free will. With this being a core characteristic of mankind, it is supposed that good and evil exist outside of the scope of each person's understanding of morality.The existence of free will gives credence to personal agency and makes your point about obedience to authority moot to the discussion.

>>899476492>Isn't the point of our live on earth to test our morality?Nope, not if you're talking about soteriology (who is saved, by whom, from what, and by what means)

>>899476529it is, that's not what sin means though, sin has specific implications in a religious context, and sins don't broadly apply to non-religious people, many things considered a "sin" are not things people all agree are bad, or should be illegal, or even make any sense outside of a religious context in the first place

>>899476717>animal's morals(not him) This is actually dicey, as animals do show behaviors that align with morality (and immorality), the issue is that they're presumed not self aware of it.

>>899476721not even addressing this face value bullshit you are literally incapable of critical thought and will defer to your interpretive storybook every time anyone says anything against you, your politicians, your authorities, or your fucking atrocities so how about you shut the fuck durrrr it's only FUCK YOU KILL ALL CHRISTCUCKS YOU ARE LITERALLY ALL CHRISTIANS WHICH ARE THE SAME AS MUSLIMS AND JEWS AND FUNCTIONALLY IDENTICAL TO THE BUDDHIST AND HINDU POWER STRUCTURES USED TO EXCLUDE AND OPPRESS THE MOST VULNERABLE WHILE PROTECTING THE MOST MATERIALLY WEALTHY YOU ARE ALL DISGUSTING FUCKING HYPOCRITES

>>899476941that tells you more about the nature of morals than it tells you anything about animals actually being moral creatures

>>899476956Resorting to ad hominem rather than discussing the argument isn't really all that productive. I understand that taking the time to consider an alternative viewpoint can be frustrating when it challenges your own belief structures.The atrocities of Christianity shouldn't be covered up, and it's disgusting that the catholic church tried to do so on many occasions. Like transgenderism sees people born with a penis claim to be women, Christianity sees many who claim to be Christian without actually living as such. My point stands. Free will exists, and good and evil lay somewhere outside the scope of each individual's idea of morality.

>>899477341>Free will existsno it doesn't, free will is an illusion

>muh transgenderismOP's post is beautifully crafted bait that exposes your "belief structure's" crippling predication upon handwaving anything that does not fit an individual's subjective goals for leveraging the structure

>>899477341(not him)It's not ad hominem if it's true Under a christian world view, free will does not exist.God is all knowingGod created everythingGod created everything knowing exactly what will happenGod could have created a universe where something different happened, but didn't There is nothing you could do that's against, or changes gods planUnder this model, the universe is deterministic, choice is an illusion

>>899474384>psychopathy to me. Why are some people born without the capability of understanding good and evil if supposedly, we should all understand it due to Adam and Eve?Psychopaths are perfectly capable of understanding the difference between good and evil. They just don't care.

>>899477580you're talking about a sociopath. actual psychopaths have absolutely no sense of morality whatsoever

>>899477828Incorrect. Unless they are severely intellectually impaired, psychopaths learn the difference between good an evil as they are socialized, just like everyone else.Listening when teacher says it's time to put the toys away = goodHitting Missy Mae in the face because she won't share her juice box = bad/evilPsychopaths understand this. The difference is normal people develop a sense of empathy and shame when they do something bad. They think about what it would be like to be punched because they didn't want to share their juice box, and they realize they wouldn't like it and this inhibits them from doing it to poor Missy Mae.Psychopaths, on the other hand, don't care. They understand that unprovoked violence is considered bad, but they don't care, and feel no empathy towards a potential victim.

>>899478182intellectually understanding what other people deem to be good and evil isn't actually having a sense of morality so actually youre incorrect

>>899478295Yeah, this. In fact learning about morality makes many psychopaths even more dangerous, as they use it to further manipulate people.

>>899474384Psychopaths are God's trials for his faithful. So long as they have the love of God in their hearts, every sin is ultimately forgiven, at the end of all things.

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>>899478400... well, he read the book, so thumbs up, that's more than most.

>>899474384That shit is just a bunch of general guidelines. You were either taught or made up in your own head what's right and wrong when in reality you're just like a fucking squirrel in the background to most people. It doesn't make them bad. You are just insignificant.

>>899474384its not that they dont have a concept of good and evil its they dont have empathy. or have a limited capacity for empathy. but honestly most people empathy ends with immediate family or people in their line of sight. if you really listen or give half a fuck then you know right from wrong. i have hard sociopathic tendencies. if i dont actively decide i like you i really dont give a fuck about you. but im very principled. dont fuck with me i wont fuck with you. but a psychopath just sees you as an obstacle or a resource. they form little to no emotional bonds. doesnt mean they dont know whats right and whats wrong.

>>899478400im confused. are you saying god created psychopaths to test other people? what about the psychopaths themselves? what happens to them?

>>899475236One, you clearly don't understand Psychopaths. Psychopaths are not inherently evil. They completely understand right and wrong. They just don't understand other people having emotions. They are incapable of empathy, but they not incapable of sympathy. That's an important distinction. They know what society expects. There are plenty of psychopaths who never do anything wrong. Psychopathy is basically just autism-adjacentSecond, you don't need a theological explanation of psychopathy. You can both have a divine power and science. They are not mutually exclusive. I do not need to deny science too believe in the occult and magic, nor do I need it to believe in theology. All 3 concepts exist perfectly fine alongside all accepted scientific facts. There is no need for contradiction or explanation.Do psychopaths go to hell? That depends on their souls and if they seek redemption. If someone does evil unintentionally and unknowingly, he won't damned. But if you commit evil acts, acts you know to be evil, that hurt others in your community. Then yes, if you don't seek forgiveness from the Lord, you'll face divine retribution. God is not a binary. He can judge who is evil and who is not based on what they know only within themselves. He doesn't have a rulebook that says "well sorry, I know you're mentally handicapped and didn't realise that you were hurting that cat, but the rulebook is clear, hellfire for you". God makes judgements based on each individual. Even a murderer can go to heaven, eventually.

>>899474384Psychopathy is a mental disorder, why would someone who truly doesn’t know or understand the effects of their actions receive eternal punishment. They receive it on earth anyways from other humans because it’s not looked in that way. Psychopathy and Down syndrome is the exact same thing

>>899478460Jesus literally died for ALL of humanity's sins. You literally only need to accept His freely-given gift to all mankind. It's that easy. >he paid for all our sins. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" (John 8:36, NIV)It's unironically>>899478627God only created man. It isn't like he creates each and every one of us specifically; he wants us to love him of our own free will, and whatever we do on Earth is our own sins to bare unto the Lord's shoulders.

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>>899477828You're wrong. Psychopaths lack empathy, while Sociopaths lack any regard for social conventions or pressure. They are both capable of sympathy.You're literally just making bad faith arguments. "No you're incorrect" when you're just spouting total nonsense that isn't even scientific.

>>899476224just because they dont see anything wrong with their actions doesnt mean they are just unaware of what they should and shouldnt do. but because they dont form emotional bonds they will kill a human the same way a human would kill a chicken. with little to no thought or remorse.

>>899474384I am a Catholic and a "psychopath". Here is my answer: You have no clue what we are. Psychology ain't real. A field consisting 90% of hypergamous middle-class women is in no position to determine anything about anything, especially human behaviour.

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>>899478656you need to do more research. morality is something based on empathy and a bunch of other emotions with psychopaths completely lack, so actually they completely lack any sense of morality

>>899478790That's just not true, psychopaths develop emotional attachments and experience sympathy just like everyone else. They just can't imagine another's suffering. They lack EMPATHY. This just means if they see you get stabbed, they can't imagine the pain you feel from being stabbed. To them, your pain doesn't trigger anything. This doesn't mean, however, they can't imagine what you're feeling, and feel sympathetic towards you.98% of psychopaths literally exist in society without anyone ever knowing. Most of them are successful surgeons and businessmen.

>>899478702>It's that easy.Well, no. We're talking about soteriology, and that's not it. Jesus was the last sacrifice, this is why Christians don't sacrifice animals (or people) at the alter anymore. If he removed original sin, far as I know is undecided. But that all has nothing to do with salvation. He was asked what was needed to enter heaven in the red letter bible, that's what you should reference, if you know it, and you should, it should be written on every christian heart, it should be the most important thing to your beliefs. Minus points if you have to google

>>899478845You should shut up, bro. Yes, I can't feel anything if I hurt you in pursuit of my goals, but I am perfectly capable of realising the long term benefits of abiding by "morality" both for myself and the world at large. You people should stop learning about life through media.

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>>899478845You're just making a bad faith argument. You're worthless. Psycopaths literally just, by definition, lack Empathy. Nothing else. They can feel bad for things just like a normal person. 98% of psychopaths are never discovered and live utterly normal lives. You're literally being unscientific and trying to criticise Christians who accept science. You're not scientific, you're using pseudoscience and lies.

>>899474384Psychopaths do understand the difference between good and evil. They just don't care.

>>899478943thats just intellectually understanding it you lizard. it doesnt mean anything

>>899478943It's not even true you can't feel anything. If you're a clinical psychopath (which I doubt since you're terribly wrong about it, so I'm saying self diagnosed) then you're completely capable of sympathy. You just don't have an instinctive reaction if you see pain. You don't feel bad if someone else is hurt, not because you're actively callous (which it sounds like you are, so you're probably not a psychopath, you're literally just a cunt), but because you just have no reaction. You describing it in positive language "I can't feel anything if I hurt you in pursuit of my goals" shows you're just a faker pretending and spreading misinformation. You're probably suffering from severe PTSD and social disconnect. Because real psychopaths don't talk like that, you sound like a fucking batman villain. Go see a doctor.

>>899478952you literally contradicted yourself in the same post. youre retarded

>>899478839I'm neither a Catholic, Nor a psychopath. And i generally agree with this guy.The constructs of "Good and Evil" are made up. They don't exist. They are taught.That's why we're pricks when we're kids. or why certain tribes, or cultures, commit what appear to us to be "Evil" but to them, are common place.Like a dog, breeding with its sister.It has no idea why that would be wrong.Nor would we, if it we're taught.Just be a good person, so you can feel good about yourself at the end of the day. and sleep with a clear head.that's all there really is.

>>899478895>If he removed original sin, far as I know is undecidedThe entire point of Jesus dying on the cross was to free humanity from Original Sin. That's why he went to Hell, freed all of the condemned souls from death after dying. The death of God's beloved Son paid the full price of all of humanity's souls. That is why Jesus' last words on the cross was>It is finished.It being death and his death being salvation from it. He is called the Last Adam because>as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made aliveWith Christ's death, original sin is paid for forevermore and it is through Christ people may find a connection and oneness with God.

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>>899479022And you think you normies are actually capable of morality? Spare me. How many of you just do nothing all day and get paid for it, no questions asked? Fucking the whole system ain't immoral if it benefits you, right? How many of you will do literally ANYTHING, no matter how vile, if threatened enough? We're all the fucking same. You "feelings" have never prevented you, the mass of normies, from doing way more damage than any single "lizard" ever could. Behind all of "us" in power, there's a mass of you to follow "us" without questioning. The poor autists try their absolute best to open your eyes but it's pointless.

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>>899478879no they dont. our sense of empathy comes from our social attachments. they can form those attachments but not in a very limited capacity. theyre lone predators.

>>899479075> It's not even true you can't feel anything.The dumb civ thinks he's gonna analyse me. Cute. All I see is a bunch of make-believe terms, bro.

>>899479203ive always considered myself a sociopath and really dont see much wrong with it. i think most people have limited capacities for empathy if theyre honest with themselves. and i think through being aware of it i have achieved a better sense of empathy than most in the long run.

>>899474384Eh. It depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. Something that Christians are uncomfortable talking about is demon possession. It doesn't mean the host did anything wrong, but that they were subject to possession. If you believe the bible cover to cover, you believe some weird things. Like giants and demi-gods (Gen 6), fire breathing sea dragons (Leviathon mentioned in Job), witches that can commune with the dead, and demon possession. However, if you say that to a typical Christian today, you're looked at as crazy.In the telling of Jesus and Legion, there was a man possessed who called out to Jesus from a distance. He had abnormal strength and had "we/they" style pronouns. When Christ cast the demons out, it asked to be cast into a herd of pigs. Christ allowed it and they ran into the sea. A person with mental illness, psychopathy, or a wide range of other uncontrollable issues very well could be a product of very bad genetics, poor nutrition, issues like drug use during pregnancy, or demons.What I'm getting at, is it's a bigger topic than a few sentences on Holla Forums can handle.

>>899474384They have consept. They just are mentally retarded and cant explain what is good and what is evil. Why? I call good sad and truthfullness evil. There is no god, just us and them, jews.

>>899479447I can't have an opinion on your situation since I don't know you, all I can say is: Don't ever allow a "normie" to tell you what or who you are. Look at how these people accept live... "Morality" is a way of saying "I am a coward and I invented a lie to make myself feel like less of a weakling".

>>899480038accept to live*

>>899479557i really wish most christians would stop getting bogged down on old translated details and metaphors and focus more on that love thy neighbor thing that jesus guy said. i wanna say that was his only commandment. simple. effective. timeless. thats why jesus is my guy.

>>899480038forgive them for they know not what they do

>>899479203yes, normies wouldn't kill their own mother in cold blood just to get her life insurance money like a psychopath would you actual retard. I doubt youre a psychopath, just some low iq wannabe

>>899480114>Luke 23:34Literally the reason why I converted, man. Exactly this sentence. This is what I try to do every single day. All my days are spent in convincing myself that retaliating as I'd like to will just cause more problems in the long run...

>>899479190Maybe, far as I can tell, each denomination holds different beliefs about this. In any case, this has nothing (much) to do with salvation. It ended blood sacrifice, and possibly ended original sin, but it's not what to do to enter heaven.

>>899480070I'm a life long christian and I agree with you. Hypocrisy is easily the largest cancer within the church followed very closely by minor tweaks to the scriptures making it false teachings. However, the scriptures aren't all "lovey-dovey" and Christ was not some love sick puppy. Christ was rebellious. He challenged the religious leaders of the day to the point they killed Him. He physically drove merchants out of the temple. He smarted off to His parents. Even His "turn the other cheek" lesson was actually an act of defiance according to societal norms. The church has totally butchered who Christ was. Effectively crucifying Him a second time.

>>899480160> I doubt youre a psychopathWho are you again? Totally I care about your opinion, man. Don't worry.> yes, normies wouldn't kill their own mother in cold bloodTypical normie. Doesn't know himself, has no clue what he is capable of and thinks he can read others. See the problem of being a coward? Your aggression just comes out in a different, more pathetic, way. ;)

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>>899474441Ok retard

>>899480038morality is obscure and subjective but necessary. we owe it to each other to lift each other up. but your primal instinctive mind just wants to look out for number 1. and our whole problem is we got 8 billion number 1s. if our primary drive was to help each other instead of helping ourselves youd live in a very different world.

>>899480294ok groomer

>>899480311I entirely agree. "IF". My thinking is: Morality ain't real, it never will be. Acting as if morality was real has long-term benefits for all of us, myself included. Of course it doesn't mean I'm capable of being "moral", but it means I'm not gonna go out there and just prey upon everybody around me. There's a balance I seek to achieve.

>>899480292if you didnt care, you wouldn't even reply stupid. youre digging your own grave. sorry my "opinion" hurt you so much edgelord

>>899480206its hard not to let that hate slip in. it spreads like wildfire. just gotta keep trying to spread love in his name. only way to fight it is to be the change you want to see in the world.

>>899474384>we should all understand it due to Adam and Eve?Adam and Eve were the only to eat the fruit and became as God. Their sin became a curse for their lineage; the opening of their eyes is not something that is hereditarily passed on. The Lord sealed the garden from anyone eating from the tree of knowledge or life again.I assume their are many arguing "free will", but that doesn't matter here: no one has the knowledge of good and evil that Adam and Even obtained, so we are doomed to offend God, for example, psychopaths.

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>>899480217Freedom from death and oneness with God is Heaven. God and Heaven aren't really two inextricably separate entities, but the latter is more of an extension of His being, as God is all-encompassing and the realm where God inhabits, being Heaven, implies that all of Heaven is God, though I don't really think people usually debate that point as Heaven's association with God and to what extent the kingdom of Heaven extends to in relation to God are moot due to the all-encompassing nature of God. Regardless, salvation is given freely, but only to those who accept the love of God, as it is a freely-given gift that must be accepted of one's own free will.

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>>899480416> if you didnt care, you wouldn't even reply stupid.Illogical.> sorry my "opinion" hurt you so much edgelordIt didn't. But you are forgiven anyway. Anything else you wanna talk about? Any questions?

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>>899480524its not illogical you little idiot. would you bother raising your hands to your keyboards to reply to something that you truly didn't care about? all of this points to you being a wannabe. just stop replying

>>899480291im not saying he was lovey dovey but his whole thing was loving everybody. love thy neighbor as thyself. he rebelled against the self serving churches and communed with the outcasts. he was a man of the people and all he ever asked was for us to love each other. and if we all followed his word wed have heaven on earth. because love spreads just as well as hate.

>>899474384To stay neutral. To be able to absorb the person around them without emotions or bias. There has to be a concept of good and evil in some form. You just let it come to you when speaking with the person. People tell you who they are. Now, to trust that, that's always your choice. Proof would be actions, I suppose?

>>899474384Culture is what determines what is good and evil. Humans are not born good or evil. They are learned behaviors.

>>899480512yeah, no.I was going to give you chapter and verse myself, but when I went to find them, this result came up, and honestly it's not Accept Jesus as your lord and savior, and repent.(entry) is a gift of God—not by works (Your deeds don't matter) You where talking about original sin and end times stuff, which while not unrelated, are not instructions for salvation. But, i should brush up on both.

>>899480291>However, the scriptures aren't all "lovey-dovey" and Christ was not some love sick puppy. Christ was rebellious.I liked the part where Jesus beat the shit out of a couple for fucking in church.

>>899480668See? You're stuck in a world of hyper-sensitivity to your own feelings. You can't think past: "I feel like X, so I'll act upon it." It is fundamentally illogical. It's hilarious that you can't see it.> just stop replyingI'm the highlight of your day and we both know it. Here, have some Christ. You clearly need it.

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>>899480792retard, feelings are the reason why we do shit. haven't you heard of dopamine? youre clearly getting some of it by replying to me, otherwise you would have no reason to do so. youre not a psychopath lil bro

>>899480384right so even if you dont feel that connected to people you can still see the benefit. its not a wholly selfless act. when we live for each other were exponetially stronger than we could ever be alone. and 8 billion of us all looking out for ourselves and no one else isnt sustainable.

>>899480695I was more so speaking on how modern Christianity portrays Him. He called us for much more than just loving our neighbors. We are called to feed the hungry, water to thirsty, visit those in jail, but most importantly to worship God. Even if we all practiced these principles, we're still going to face evil in this world. 100% chance of it. It's mans sinful nature. He knew it too when He said, "If the world hates you, know that it hated me first."Christ put out fantastic morals, ethics, and guidelines. But He was also firm on standing His ground. The "if one asks you to go one mile, go with him two" was actually to get the Roman Centurian in trouble with the law. Law at the time permitted a Roman soldier could ask any Jew to carry their gear 1 mile. Any more and the soldier would be breaking the law. Hence what Christ said. There's so much more that Church is afraid of teaching.>>899480779Must've missed that one. Lol

>>899480884>feelings are the reason why we do shit.Exactly, "we" as in you and your flock.> haven't you heard of dopamine? Never heard of it. Sounds like something you spend at least 5 hours a day thinking about instead of doing anything productive.> otherwise you would have no reason to do so.Normie can't grasp that non-normie behaviour might exist. You're like a puppy, I wanna play with you.

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>>899481044alright cringelord, I'll bite. youre a hypocrite for telling me that im a normie who psycho-analyses, when you are doing the same shit to me. do you know who I am? I have literally killed people before. I would bash your retard skull in. every human is built on the principle of motivation. you clearly have some motivation to reply to me, but what is it? you are completely ignoring logic while accusing me of ignoring logic. its hilarious. NOBODY does shit withut motivation, its just a fact of life

>>899480760havent been studying humans very long huh? i can spot em before theyre out of diapers. i think animals pick up on that shit too.

>>899481256>I have literally killed people beforeVeteran? I'm assuming so, no criminal is as moronic as yourself. Zogbots are fundamentally retarded, so that would make sense.> I would bash your retard skull inYou really wouldn't. You're just saying that because we're far apart. Meaningless threat that you wouldn't be willing or able to carry. Got anything else, boy?> NOBODY does shit withut motivation,What do you know about what motivation is? See, you're now twisting my words like a good-normie does when he can't get his good-boy points. Pathetic. I'm still waiting for something more interesting coming out of you, should I take a sit?

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>>899481562nobody does shit without motivation because thats just simply how psychology works dumbass. yes, I would absolutely bash your skull in. you are an ant to me

>>899481612>simply how psychology works dumbassPsychology ain't real. Quit listening to females so much, moron.> I would absolutely bash your skull inNo, you wouldn't, tough guy.

>>899481693keep trying to psycho-analyse me normie. I already hate you to the point that I would have no problem curb stomping your retarded ass in public. you blatantly deny objective science, no wonder you're a christian.

>>899481612idk sometimes we just do random shit til we find some motivation.

>>899481756i love you buddy. its ok. everythings gonna be alright.

>>899481756>would have no problem curb stomping your retarded ass in public.Besides the fact that you're a weak sperg, right? That would be a problem, bro. Don't bark so much, you have no teeth.> you blatantly deny objective sciencePsychology has produced nothing that stood up to scientific method besides establishing that IQ is real and can be measured. ALL ELSE is mumbo jumbo. Prove me wrong.> inb4, everybody says, but my teachers, but muh societyYou can't. Prove me wrong. What else was scientifically confirmed by psychology other than IQ being real? > no wonder you're a christian.And I take science very seriously since, you know, it's a Catholic endeavour from the very begining. ;)

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>>899481909all of this just to avoid admitting that me doubting your made up psychopathy really hurt your feelings huh edgelord? you literally dont know me. nothing you say matters

>>899474384Daily reminder that Yeshua Ben Yosef, the JEW who lived as a jew:- Preached only to the jews- Told his followers to preach to jews only- Refused to help 2 non jewish women (caananite and roman)- Refused a glass of water from Samael (Satan) in the desert even though he is supposedly god. What would have happened, he would have sent himself to hell?- Cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit even though it was out of season- His daddy Yahweh the kike god was actually a pagan war deity called El- Absolutely no eye witness reports of Jesus, he popped out of nowhere 50 years after his supposed death- Could not have been buried inside a tomb because toms were reserved for royalty. He was executed as a criminal and would have been thrown in a ditchStop being a jew, stop living in constant fear and paranoia of hell.

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>>899481988>made up psychopathyMy point from the start has been: Your understanding of what "psychopathy" is is completely illogical and based on pseudo-sicentific mumbo jumbo. I also told you to stop learning about life through media. Are we reaching some understanding here, killer?

>>899481988youve been threatening him a lot maybe youre a psychopath too. they really arent that uncommon.

>>899482108Daily reminder that "your people" still don't care about you nor they ever will.

>>899481756>keep trying to psycho-analyse me normiethat's not modern psychology, that's old ass Freud psychiatry shit

>>899482108And by the way, Jesus is a creation of the Roman empire. They were tired of the kikes gaining power and they knew they were waiting for a messiah. So they fabricated him, a weak and miserable jew, in an attempt to pacify the kikes.

Attached: Christian-Hypocrite-on-Disrespect.png (443x249, 133.76K)

>>899482122problem is, why should I listen to an obvious complete wannabe like yourself? you expect me to believe you have any sort of expertise? yes, I really am a killer for real. in fact, I'm a complete nigger and I dont even deny it

>>899482184And this is why he only preached to jews and instructed his followers to preach to the jews. To avoid pacifying and weaking romans with this spiritual parasite they had created.

>>899474384Perhaps these people are put here to raise these questions and challenge your faith. Read the book of Job. God took every single thing Job had simply because Satan suggested Job only had faith in God because he had everything. God works in mysterious ways. I can honestly say I do not know the answer to your question, but I will never lose trust or faith in God simply because I am not meant to understand something.Luke 8:17 - "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."I pray that all of our questions will be answered in the end.

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>>899482170Cry harder

Attached: 1661552688598176.jpg (722x695, 82.49K)

>>899482184You have no idea what you're talking about. You do know it ain't the kikes, right? It's your own people bro. You're a reject, your own "race" has determined that you're a worthless member. Proof: You can't get women. PERIOD. The kikes are turbo-kikingindeed, but you are your problem. Collective thinking has doomed you, why do you see it as a solution? You people are weird.

>>899482108According to the ahmadi, Jesus never died on the cross, which correlates with those seeing him alive days later. They believe he left looking for the lost tribe of Israel as he said was his mission but never was shown completing in the Bible. There is an actual grave marker where he is said to have died many years later.Stupid Romans don't know shit.

>>899482195>I'm a complete nigger and I dont even deny itSad part is we might've gotten along had we met in person. I kinda like you now, normie gangsta. I'll leave you be.

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>>8994743841. That's not psychopathy, that's sociopathy. 2. It's evolutionarily necessary to have group members who will ensure the success of the tribe by not getting feels over committing heinous acts against completion.

>>899482424>2. It's evolutionarily necessary to have group members who will ensure the success of the tribe by not getting feels over committing heinous acts against completion.FINALLY we have a post above 110 IQ.

>>899481280Let me guess. You're a mentally ill otherkin?

>>899482424first of all youre the one getting sociopathy and psychopathy mixed up. a simple google search would have fixed that. sociopathy is a response to childhood trauma that makes you act niggerly and psychopathy is the shit you were born with. on the second point, although you might be correct on that you still have to explain how it relates to christianity

>>899474441I’m sorry but anyone who uses the term “evil” without a believe in objective truth is just a silly goof.

>>899483660>sociopathy is a response to childhood traumaProve it.> psychopathy is the shit you were born withProve it.

>>899483832I sure am a silly goof but you can go ahead and substitute instead>hateful anti-humanitarian or anti-egalitarian act

>>899483866bro this is common knowledge I dont have to prove shit. thats like asking me to prove the earth is round nigga go use google

>>899483915Why is being hateful or anti humanitarian a bad thing?

>>899483986how are they good things or contribute positively to society?

>>899483943>bro this is common knowledgeHearsay ain't knowledge.

>>899483986literally because it harms someone I'm not playing this philosophy 101 shit with you morality is entirely subjective and synthetic

>>899483943NTA but 'common knowledge' about psychology doesn't have a very good track record. I see no way anyone could know that a baby is a psychopath. Or prove that those tendencies didn't result from some mistreatment as a baby.

>>899484074That’s what I’m asking you.

>>899484074How is society a positive contribution to humanity?

>>899484091Harming people is…le bad…because I said so!


>>899484080in criminology and also in the distinction between type 1 ASPD and type 2 ASPD these facts I stated were solidified. u must be like the other wannabe psychopath user who is scared to admit they were wrong

>>899484105How is it that "low-empathy" that naturally occurs in 3% of the population of any place or era can be classified as a disease? Nonsense.

>>899484108no, I'm asking you how being anti-humanitarian or hateful are good things

>>899484180What the hell are you talking about? My post was about birth.

>>899484161Answer. Just do it.

>>899484235Humanity only exists because societies came first and enabled them to evolve.

>>899484140lol retard that is literally any claim to any kind of morality or definition of good/bad

>>899484189Because they make me feel good

>>899484105frankly there are children on this earth that were simply sent from hell and you can tell this from the very day they were born. there are kids born with all kind of illnesses so a kid being born with psychopathy is not at all hard to believe

>>899484178>in criminologyWho cares about criminology? Is this how you come up with your world-views? Do you base everything on some form of authority in fields you know nothing about?> u must be like the other wannabe psychopath anonI made zero claims about myself. Also, you didn't win that interaction, which I read. The guy trashed and toyed with you while you remained entirely oblivious to someone just making fun of you... Do you usually resort to ad hominem when you don't know what to say? You made a claim, I told you to prove it and you couldn't.> muh common knowledgeNot how science works, mate.

>>899484288what makes you feel good personally is irrelevant, if they don't benefit or are a detriment to society or the community then they're not wanted, and will cause society to turn against you and outcast you

>>899484323Body and brain diseases can be observed biologically. But to think there is some deep spiritual disturbance with no physical signs that people are just born with sounds like pure guesswork. It seems possible that trauma as a newborn leads to the psychopathy observed in toddlers and above. Observing it on the day they're born is a sign of bad observation.

>>899484452> Feeling good is irrelevant> Multiple people feeling good is relevantThis is what mental disease sounds like.

>>899484414I dont need to prove solidified facts retard. literally just use google. that guy was some cringelord pretending to be a psychopath and ended up sucking my dick in the end so I clearly won that

>>899484525>solidified factsSolidified by whom? NAME THE WORK, that's all I'm asking you to do. Just name the work from which you extracted your facts. At least name the authors you read on the subject. Something other than: "I think this, people agree so it's true" Anything, mate...

>>899484452Why do you get to decide what’s best for society?

>>899484516>This is what mental disease sounds likeno, this is what communities want and need for survival and mutual benefitit only sounds like mental illness if you're a sociopath and have no interest in being part of any group, in which case, you shouldn't be allowed in such groups in the first place, as you don't share their goals or ideals

>>899484616What’s the difference between “mutual benefit” and “feeling good”?

>>899484604dumbass you tell me then who said that sociopathy is the shit you were born with like you claimed in your original reply? go ahead. nobody agrees with ur shit

>>899484616>you shouldn't be allowedI think you shouldn't be allowed in a group, mate.

>>899484668is that a real question? do you not understand the difference?if you enjoy running around robbing and murdering people, you are not benefiting society, you are benefiting yourself at most, and as such that society will seek to either kill you, lock you up, or otherwise outcast you as you are a danger to the rest of that community

>>899484695> like you claimed in your original reply?I never made such claim. You might be mistaking me for someone else. All I did was say "prove it". I joined the discussion at that point. You can't prove shit. You have read shit. You have zero knowledge on the subject. I would honestly advise you to stop talking out of your arse in regards to topics you have no knowledge of whatsoever. That's simply childish. I'm out of here.t. Psychiatrist.

>>899484828youre still asking me to prove shit that has been observed by common people and specialists the like? fuck off bitch

>>899484774Why should I care? If there’s no Hell or any kind of punishment, shouldn’t I live the rest of my life having fun and blowing people up, rather than being a crusty hermit living in a hole? (I don’t actually want to blow people up, for the record.)

>>899484943I am asking you to back your claim. You claimed something that my field of work, in its entirety, has never been capable of scientifically proving. "What causes psychopathy?" WE DO NOT KNOW. All we have are THEORIES. So, please include the proof the next time you solve one of my jobs greatest challenges. Hell, just get your education and join us since you're such an astute observer. Mr 4chan genius.

I believe in Christ, but even the devils do, I will go to hell for my deeds, I have come to recognise I have always been the evil and misguided one and can't seem to change these circumstances

>>899484951>Why should I care?you should care if you want to be a part of a society and benefit from it, such as using its resources and services, it's called a social contractif you don't want to adhere to the rules of said society then you don't belong in it, and society will punish you for not following those rules. in modern society we call these rules "laws" and "social norms", you may have heard of themso you should care if you value your own survival. if you don't value your own survival then you can't complain if you forfeit your own life over it

>>899476224There's a popular study that debunks this. It's been on TV for years, just maybe not in Russia. The summary is basically, they find brain structure anomalies common to all psychopaths, then the leader of the study finds the same structure in his own brain. Then they realize the difference between him and the murderers is just bad parenting.

>>899485093I do not value my own survival, not do I give a fuck about who’s resources I’m using or a social contract. I also hate society.

>>899485153>>899476224(I'm not gonna bother looking up the name for you. Do your own research.)

>>899485075thats how I know youre larping. its obviously just a personality type with weak neural connections they were cursed with since birth

>>899485179that's fine, but don't complain if society outcasts you, or puts you in prison, or kills you, for being a bad actor and not playing by society's rules

>>899485247> cursedScientific as it can be, eh?> thats how I know youre larping.If it makes you sleep better, man... I am done with you and anyone who values their own sanity should follow suit. You're the type that belongs in isolation.> its obviously just a personality type with weak neural connectionsYou have just lowered the entire board's collective IQ. Peace out.

>>899485434I win this argument nigga. peace out homie much love

>>899474384That’s like saying there aren’t biological sexes because some people were born with both. The exception doesn’t make the rule. If a psychopath killed your parents, should they be punished for murdering? Things are right and wrong whether people know they are or not. And it is true that MOST people GENERALLY agree on MOST big issues of morality. Are their exceptions? Of course!

>>899485602> I win this argument nigga.Yes. I humbly accept my defeat: You won the shit-show where you name-call, ignore everything that goes against your point, shits on people who actually work in the field you're moonlighting as a revolutionary master and then you claim victory regardless of facts or public perception. I know you, mate. You're one of the few posters that actually stick once interacted with... We've exchanged words a few times in the past. Yeah, you win virgin of the decade award. Enjoy it.

Attached: 1667937242646846.jpg (724x1024, 135.63K)

>>899485262Yes, but don’t call me “evil” or hate me just for being the way I am.

>>899485852idk what ur talking bout bruh cuz I can guarantee I get more bitches than u

>>899485933You're literally imitating the poster who RPs as a gangster using GTA quotes... I remember you being utterly fucked by him during one of your moments a few weeks ago. As with now, you also claimed victory and yet here you are copying his mannerisms... Total virgin.

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>>899485885but behaving in such a way is evil and hateful, and is shunned from the perspective of a society, and you have no expectations not to be called on it

>>899486025ok dude literally wtf are you talking about? im from soc I only came here to make this thread

>>899486122As I said: I know you. You can't hide your mannerisms. I've done this ridiculous dance with you once, I observed it happening between you and others. You're by far the most childish and annoying poster I've ever encountered online, look at where we are, this says a lot. I also remember the GTA gangsta poster (He always starts by posting Ryder) who you claimed victory over. That guy was at least sane and had decent ideas tho expressed in a comically exaggerated way. You're just annoying with retarded opinions. I'd bet money that you are fatherless and grew up being mostly rejected by other males as a friend. You have no idea why they rejected you so your cope is "cuz I am very smart". You're a sad case.

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>>899474441Mao is that you?

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>>899486347nigga imma be deadass I got no idea what the actual fuck youre on about. you pretended to be a psychiatrist so I assume youre schizo or sumn

That’s a false premise from the start. A psychopath both has the capacity to understand morality and the ability to behave in a moral way. The primary cognitive divergence between psychopaths and the rest of the population is that a psychopath does not possess the ability to empathize with the fear of others. They can empathize with others, they can feel fear, but they can’t connect those two things. When psychopaths become violent serial killers, it is because of a pretty specific intersection of circumstances that have to do with the actions of humans around them. 1. Their father must carry a specific gene. 2. They suffer significant childhood abuse, neglect, or highly unusual circumstances that greatly destabilize their early worldview. 3. They suffer from additional mental illness (which may be innate or environmental) that go insufficiently treated. 4. They suffer intense physical trauma; often head trauma, though not exclusively. They aren’t born monsters. And the world can’t be a cradle that protects everyone from everything or free will ceases to exist and existence loses all meaning.

>>899486439Lie all you want: I know you. I also remember you immediately running away from your post once some user started describing your physical appearance... Does he know your IRL or just took a good guess?

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>>899486645alright bruh u just fucking crazy. literally imagining shit at this point. get help

>>899486719You're even trying to change your typing style now...Fucking crazy eh, bruh KEK, my sides. You could at least start by correctly typing "you're".

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>>899486808dude you are actually mistaken here. im not even trying to troll you. you are just wrong

>>899486932No, I am not. As I said, lie all you want. I know who you are. No need for paranoia, tho.

>>899486975ok so youre an actual retard then. later nigga

>>899487029Peace out, virgin.

>>899487441we already established i get a lot more hoes than u bruh. u sperged out over some random shit so ik u get no hoes