Russians consider this "winning" lmao

Russians consider this "winning" lmao

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>>899474312It's sad to see Russians dying in Ukraine instead of dying to get rid of their corrupt leaders in Russia

>>899474312Look up what the red army considered winning in 1945

>>899474312They must be tired from taking turns fucking her. Sleep well, gentleman.

>>899476032Rape is winning.

>>899476379Rape is russian. They tried to destroy the white race with their mongoloid rapebabies

>>899476444Trips!Still winning.

They literally look like mongoloids

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They're the white niggers of eastern europe

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>>899475607ThisThey're too afraid of pootine and his minions

Let's play a game b!Can you guess where im from?I live in:A country full of niggersA country full of trannysA country full of cucksA country full of obesityA country full of mass shootingsA country with a senile old presidentA country full of insecurityA country full of warcrimesA country that lost a war agains rice farmersA country were there are more hindi, muslim and jew people that people who believe in the one and only GODA dying nationThe only hint i'll give you! It's not Russia!!!!Can you guess? Or you're too stupid?

>>899477014>muslim and jew people than people who believe in the one and only GODlol what?

>>899474312>Russians consider this "winning" lmaoNo, but Putin wants you to believe he is


>>899477014Oh god that's fucking Poland

I like Russians. I hope they get out of all this as best they can.


>>899477014Must be Zimbabwe or Liberia. Except there they don't have your level of insecurity at all. They just execute Muslims and transvestites.

>>899477092He's a wigger. Imagine his name is Cletus an treat his ramblings like that.

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>>899477925It's scary how true this is

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>>899477350You wont. We decide when the talks start, not you.Get rekt.

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>>899474312They threw away their prestige and future for a shitty country full of farmers and apparently stray dogs.The Russian mindset is fucking weird.

>>899477992Lol, you don't decide on anything. Go play with your legos

>>899478032>apparently stray dogsSeriously, what the fuck is up with all the dogs over there

>>899474312Ukraine permanently lost 300,000 men and 600,000+ are maimed, wounded, disabled.Russia lost less than 20,000.By the time this is over, Ukraine will lose another 300,000 men.If the war were to end tomorrow, Ukraine is already a failed state that can't function because everything of value has been destroyed and most of the WORKING men are either dead or have escaped and will never come back.RIP Ukraine.

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>>899478452nice fan fiction, except replace Ukraine with russia for the true numbers.

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>>899478452>less than 20,000Hahahahahahahahahahahaha you live in a bubble lmfao

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After the war there will be a lot of cheap Russian hookers available for every incel in the west. With they boyfriends literally obliterated. But beware, orcs females are a bunch of greedy, jealous and callous bitches.

>>899474312Imagine actually supporting Jewkraine...

>>899480417Lol, Ukraine is literally a nazi outpost you fucking moron.

>>899480581You retarded mong. Get fucked. Jewkraine is Globohomo Central.


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>>899474312Nice photoshop that looks like it was done by a 2nd grader. Retard Fed Faggot

>>899480693Here's your "heterosexual" russian bro

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>>899480806seethe idiot

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>>899480693Sure dude... whatever you wanna believe. Fucking retard

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>>899480693>>899480951It's nice to see him bringing you two together

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>>899478032>The Russian mindset is fucking weird.As if Russians have something like a mind

>>899474312Russia is losingThey know they're losingUkraine is slowly winning back territory/pol/ is just too stubborn to admit they're wrongJust like when they were too stubborn to admit Trump lost

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>>899481049Confirmed. Do you see one?

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>>899476632Russians aren't white.

>>899481066Are Russian shills trying to false flag as US feds now? Is this in response to everyone finding them out? Lmfao back to the brainstorming board vatnigger

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>>899474312The best part about this whole thing is when Russia is finally on it's knees, China might decide to invade them. The gypsies of the east against the gypsies of the west.


>>899481183Who let you out of the containment board?>>>Holla Forums

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>>899481066>Russia is losingPEAK DELUSIONBTW, $1.1 BILLION patriot got blown up.SEETHE, kike, SEETHE!

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>>899482080That's your board, not mine schizo lmfao

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>>899474312The jews making threads to get brainwashed Americans to celebrate whites killing whites for the sake of increasing profit margins for jewish weapons dealers. Every Russian death, every Ukrainian death is a loss


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>>899476032Conquering enemy capital, raping enemy woman ?

>>899478452>Ukraine permanently lost 300,000 men and 600,000+ are maimed, wounded, disabled.>Russia lost less than 20,000.Gotta be deep, deep in the matrix to believe such a thing.

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>>899482127>>899482193>muh twitter posts>muh memetic warfareRussia failed to encircle KievRussia scaled back their goalRussia lost territories in the northRussia lost KhersonRussia lost KharkivRussia is currently losing Bakhmut/pol/ is too stuborn to admit defeat yet again/pol/ fails to influence anything

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Doesn't matter what Russia's losses are. They've got more than enough manpower to just meat grind their way to victory. They've done it before.Even if Ukraine wins, so what? Nothing will be left but ashes. This whole war is just stupid.

>>899480693russia is homo capitalimagine sending hundred tousand people to die just to defeat nazi nato so ukrainians can have proper, legal gay sex again

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>>899477014Is it Russia?

>>899484825No no no he said NOT Russia. Russia is a perfect country with ZERO problems

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Yeah, this is pretty much how they took Berlin too. They just threw a million guys into the meat grinder and eventually, numbers always win.

>>899474312oh shit are they alright??

>>899486084they had US support that time, snownigger lover

>>899482684>Even if Ukraine wins, so what? Nothing will be left but ashes. This whole war is just stupid.nigger cope, you have nigger mentality

>>899477014South Africa?


>>899474312Do they really drag all the bodies together and get a model to taunt the fallen soldiers, just to get good propaganda shots? And this is the "good guys"?

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>>899486663brother those are dead ruskies and some photoshoped ruskie slut


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