Children must be protected from these evil ideas...

Children must be protected from these evil ideas, and from those teachers that would recruit them into their perverted lifestyles.

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>>899473937So they can be molested by priests, youth pastors and scout leaders?

>>899473937I don't understand your picture OP but I agreeKILL ALL GROOMERS SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM CHRISTCUCKS

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>>899474003The divide between public and private is important.

Religion has been mutilating genitals for millennia.

>>899473937what do you belive in OP?

>>899475533>what do you belive in OP?Children must be protected from these evil ideas, and from those teachers that would recruit them into their perverted lifestyles.

>>899474003this isn't a defence or an excuse, why do you choose to say it?

>>899473937It is OK to come out of the closet, dude. You will find it liberating.


>>899474046Anyone fuckin kids is bad doesn't matter if their views align with yours or not. Have some beliefs of your own instead of swallowing what social media pukes at you and maybe grow a fucking spine while your at it. Defending pedophiles in general the fucks wrong with you?

>>899476776>making shit up and inserting it into my shitpostKYS YOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRICK

>>899473937Trans Rights Activists aren't people.

>>899473937Anybody saying this shit is openly admitting some guy in a dress could’ve turned them gay as a kid.

>>899476064Stop gay bashing you bigot.

>>899476882Maybe thats wat happened

>>899473937I agreeIt's degenerate and satanic

>>899475937defence of what, retard? theres nothing to defend when it comes to drag reading hours. retards like you choose to ignore ACTUAL instances of systematic child abuse.

>>899473937People like you murder children, especially your own, because you think they are possessed. You need locked up and castrated.

>>899474003LMAO Oh the what aboutisms you child predators throw out there.

>>899476882Do you not comprehend that most homosexuals and child molesters were sexually molested as a child?

>>899477054Take your meds.

>>899473937You replaced the image of the 2016 election with a wholesome image of a motherly figure caring for some happy children.

>>899477500What is wrong with you queers?


>>899477015like the US federal foster care system?

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>>899477122So you’d be gay? That’s what you’re saying?

>>899479114gay and a child molester lol

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I was a complete heterosexual in the 4th grade I used to look up girls skirts. After my first drag show I changed completely.

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>>899479452I can, the left doesn't have mutilated genitals and if we just saw homosexuality as a mental disorder we could prevent them from indulging in pedophilia.

>>899479452One of them probably got their family blown up by Jewish war machines



>>899479452I remember what it was like to be twelve years old.

>>899480684do you actually? I don't

>>899473937>evil ideaslol anything you can't comprehend is "evil".Must be sad living in such a small place as your mind. Good luck, champ


>>899479983oy vey time to cut off your foreskin goy

>>899480942mulisms indulge in kikery, but just 4 chickz

>>899473937ALL LIES you stupid asshole.NO ONE is 'grooming' children you LOSER.Get your fat, stupid mommy to buy you a fucking clue.

>>899474003>It's okay to molest kids because other people do it too!I love liberal logic

>>899481152Insulting someone's mom right after mother's day is so shitty. I hope you get raped by a drag queen

>> conservative accusation is a confession

>>899480658A bit of a theme in here.

>>899481190Facts don't care about your feeling, BillyBob

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>>899473937We should all just stop guiding children at all and have them learn everything the hard way. That way it's not abuse or indoctrination.

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REMINDER THAT LITERALLY EVERY ARGUMENT AGAINST THE OP IS WHATABOUTISM>inb4 why do you even have those pictures tier arguments

>>899477015>drag reading hours

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>>899479452 > Explain the differenceOne side defends liberal democracy, the nation which permits it and its constitution, the other doesn't. And the cherry on top is that leftist would invite the girl on the right within the nation's border, while the girl on the left would try to block her from coming in.

>>899481841Wrong again asshole.OP is a fucking moron.Lying, uneducated and FAT.Just like ALL republicunts.Passing laws and whining about shit that DOES NOT EXIST.PATHETIC.

>>899474003>I don't like that these children are having their arms cut off by this group of people. I'd rather they have just their hands cut off by some other group of people. Yep, that's a much better alternative. Good job, guy.

>>899475937Because you dumb faggots focus on tranny shit when priests molest kids at a greater rate and have been doing so for centuries.Just admit you don't actually care about the kids already and just want a lazy excuse to hate on shit.


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>>899473937You don't care about children. You're trying to fight your gay fantasies, user.

>>899477122prove it

>>899473937Yes, children must not be forced to grow from actions of those people whos job is only to teach them that what they need to survive while living in society.

>>899477054thisfucking bar conservatives and christcucks from breeding and take their kids away, unironically, they are the most hateful things on this planet

These kids are going to grow up hating dragqueens the same way we grew up hating clowns. It will turn all right

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>>899482516Christcucks should definitely be castrated. Horrible religion, horrible people.

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>>899482318You can't stop gargling the balls of jew media can you? While both percentages are in reality very small, the percentage of rabbis molesting children is at the same as that of priests. Why do you think it is that the ((media)) ignores rabbis and greatly exacerbates priests? FYI I'm a non-believer with protestant parents. And pointing out that one group molests children is not "proof" that another group doesn't molest children. If you cared so much about children you wouldn't be so conserned about deflecting blame

>>899481152All leftoids are lying pieces of shit.

>>899473937Give the brainwashed masses a scapegoat and watch them froth at the mouth attacking them leaving you free to continue to molest, destroy and take the freedom they claim to protect.It's fucking textbook guys, think for yourselves for a just a moment.


>>899482516The people against this shit are not "Christians", plenty of leftist Christians who are pro this shit.>they are the most hateful things on this planetYes, this is why only Christian nations ever birthed liberal democracies. Fuck off, ignorant faggot.

>>899481485The fact is you're defending child predators.

>>899482128LMAO Imagine the smell this rat gives off. I highly doubt this thing bathes regularly.

>>899474046>>899482516>>899482607>>christcucksHow you know its a jew posting. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Three variants on the same theme but its always presented as anti-christianity rather than anti-religeon

>>899482501It's common knowledge. You're ignorant. I'm not engaging in your whataboutisms.

>>899473937What a complete self own. Drag story hour is not evil, but lynching people is, as is trying to control others by interfering in what is none of your business. If there are any kids that need to be protected, it is the kids of Republicans from their parents.

>>899482767look I'm aggressively anti-religious in general, christcucks are just the local flavor for burgerlanders and we see plenty of modern atrocity perpetuated by non-abrahamic religions

>>899482648You dumb nigger, you couldn't have missed the point more if you tried. I never deflected anything, I asked why you retarded conservatives are so hung up on trannies and drag queens and ignore the bigger problem

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>>899483276>Drag story hour is not evilIt literally is. Child Predator.

>>899482677Yes they are. The fact that exceptions exist doesn't mean Christian groups and their ideological kin aren't the most vocal antis. Obviously Christians are capable of accepting gays, just like their entire history is one long string of accepting and integrating different cultures, but that is mostly for the sake of power, a necessity for spreading goodness.Christian nations birthed the greatest freedoms through bloodshed and cultural genocide.t. Christian who isn't in denial

>>899483755>Christian nations birthed the greatest freedoms through bloodshed and cultural genocide.Yet almost every other nation, through bloodshed and cultural genocide, birthed shit. Be grateful you're in the west rather than a shithole where you would have killed you on sight, for being a massive faggot

>>899484129>have killedbeen killed on sight

>>899484129nobody kills a faggot like niggers, yet you will never hear them complain about that. These people will complain about being called a faggot by a redneck, but not murdered by a nigger.

>>899484294>>899484129Stop talking about the pets of christianity and islam that way.

>>899480684Still no difference.

>>899473937I waiting for a news story about how a kid got molested by one of these drag queens during story time. Otherwise this is all just baseless shit talking. If we're going to ban dangerous ideologies, I'd start with religion.

>>899482066>liberal Democracy with a Bible Maga fag detected

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>>899477139Your kind doesn't even believe in medication.

>>899484807Obviously your mentality is no different to a twelve year old's.

>>899484885How many hours a day do you devote to shielding child predators?

>>899484914As long as she protects the constitution of the United States of America, which she does, we are protected from her personal beliefs, and she is protected from the likes of you.

>>899473937>Children must be protected from these evil ideas, and from those teachers that would recruit them into their perverted lifestyles.Im a screaming fag......I have no problem with this., , BAN IT!!!!!Older fags. we just wanted to fuch who we wanted without getting punched in the face. THIS BS, is too far

>>899485125And this is why they, the woke, are trying to erode the constitution so that they can take her down, after all it's drenched in "white supremacy".

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>>899473937children have the equal human right to sexually express themselves to other kids as lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transsexuals without adult oppression


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We have to be honest and acknowledge that all accusations from conservatives are confessions. Conservatives fuck kids, Epstein knew this and decided to weaponize it. He got everyone, trump, musk, all of them. He knew what they liked simply because of their politics. Drag queens are like .01 percent of the population, but the kid touching conservatives are in the millions desperately trying to convince you they aren't the bad guys. You know why the stereotype of conservative rednecks fucking their daughters exists? Because so many of them fuck their daughters

>>899484885I'd start with misogyny. This all stems from men viewing women (especially with makeup and visible ankles) as sex objects and nothing more.

>>899474046Cope. It's not white Christians raping their kids

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It's the public school that rape at a higher rate

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>>899473937I'm old, way older than you faggots. Bugs Bunny, Flip Wilson, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, Milton Berle...all did primetime drag on TV and everyone loved it. This bullshit is what you get when you let religious nuts get into power.

>statutory discludedmy god you chucklefucks bust out your "infographics" every time and give your hand away

>>899487733oh my fucking god can you IMAGINE if they tried to produce and air new bugs bunny with him cross-dressing these days, even as a fucking gag? unless it was outright saying KILL ALL TRANNIES in black and white every other frame conservatives would burn the whole country down

>the state bootlicking cuck will screech at the thought of homeschooling kids to take away their chance to groom

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>>899487714You're asking people to believe that chart came from a government agency

>>899487733They all did blackface too, because it's funny and stupid.

>>899487836They forgot to list fucking stupid, can't do basic math. Unable to cope in society. Ravaged butthole from priest with no one to report the rape to

>>899476776Republicans, the church, and teachers fuck more kids than trannies. Yet, you post fucking trannies.You are pro-kid. You're anti-tranny and full of shit.

>>899487836If anything they're more likely to be dicked by their parents and are home schooled to reduce the chances of it getting out.

>>899487836Forcing a child to get all their information exclusively through a parent teacher is grooming by default. Even the amish don't approve of what homeschooling advocates push.