/waifu/ threadsong: waifu>post waifu>dont steal waifu unless trips (you wont and she wont love you)>no erp>no overly...

/waifu/ threadsong: youtu.be/NSAss0O44egrurus:>claim waifu>post waifu>dont steal waifu unless trips (you wont and she wont love you)>no erp>no overly lewd content>posting gets you a reserved place in hell.>no trips or higher will go unchecked, this is absolute. -Book of Moot 1:12>discuss and have fun

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I love you, Nanakusa Nazuna-sama

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I love my cute wife Hoshino!

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I would like to claim Anzu Futaba as my waifu. Please do not steal her, post her, lewd her, or do anything else that would be unbecoming of an upstanding waifuposter.>>899473257No, I just got here sadly.>>899473240*your>>899473373Buy her something nice.

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>>899473513Pain peko, I'm thinking of skipping tomorrow.

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>>899473513N>>899473496Pocket sized wife.

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>>899473677That is still not funny

>>899473373Cute>>899473496What the fuck is wrong with her eyes?>>899473513hey hey hey... don't do thatEnglish is not my first language and I get very insecure when you do that

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>>899473677Don't feel like going after a day off in the middle of the week.

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>>899473696Shes also easy to carry everywhere>>899473771They are two beautiful gems

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>>899473892Lol she can't even lift her gun

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(You) ARE your waifu.

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>>899473966My brother loves that anime, but he watched it in English and he doesn't know that he can love it even more

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>>899471966The LEET among the NEET

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>>899473696-ice>>899473729I chuckled.>>899473771It's easy for me to tell when you're lying.>>899473793Wow what a lazy bum. You know you can't just live off royalties like some cute idol?

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>>899474051anyone can feel insecure though

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>>899474049It takes skill to be this good.>>899474082You don't feel anything.

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>>899474142Not as deeply as normal people but I'm still learning

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>>899473957She's just a little sleepy is all

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>>899474142Wait, who is kill all the neets?

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>>899474051You can though, it just wont be a very good life.

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>>899474246That picture is very cuteHumans can actually communicate in their sleep without waking up...i don't think she's human tho

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>>899474341this is why you should never sleep near anything capable of transmitting audiojust ask the CIA :)

>>899474246just so you know, the person you are talking to is a known dogkiller, pathological liar and a general asshole, do what you want but be careful when talking to him

>>899473892Live rounds waifu.>>899473966You ARE an anime girl.>>899474051Nicenicenicenicenice

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>>899474203Chat gpt feels emotions stronger than you do.>>899474249Anzu. There can only be one.>>899474300You just need to find a producer who can market your unique brand of skills.

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>>899474415MhmI also made sure to warn myself not to tell the truth before I go to sleep

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>>899474459What a hurtful thing to say to me

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>>899474459I already attract enough lonely horny men, I dont want it to be a profession.

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>>899474423Niggerniggerniggerniggernigger>>899474545Just a bit of banter, lad.

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Like Sop

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>>899474638I spend a lot of my childhood not being able to relate to others on an emotional level and it feels like I missed out on a lot

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>>899474423M-masopii...>>899474459Fake. No true neet would go out of their way to kill all the other neets. Too much work.Also funny coincidence, Highlander was on TV yesterday in here. I should watch it again one of these days.

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>>899474622Just think what you could do with an army of simps.>>899474683Imagine bloodchan but human.>>899474734Two words. Hired Assassins.I'm going to watch some old John Wayne movies when I have some time to brush up on my cowboy cliches.

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>>899474815but at what cost.

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>>899474815I am humanJust on a higher level than all of you

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>>899474829Monthly pictures of you in kneesocks. A small price to pay when you think about it.>>899474852Yah nigga, you high as shit lmao

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>>899474971That is not a small price and its rather embarrassing.

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>>899474971I don't do drugs

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>>899474815Shit, I didn't think of that. Must be why I can't be a NEET... u_u On the plus side, at least I didn't end up six feet under like the rest of em.Good idea. I'm going to watch... uhhh Jackie Chan movies?

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but you'd still do it if mayu/altair asked you to do it, funny how that works

>>899475072Abandon your dignity. Become the e-thot.What would Seija do?

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>>899475128Mayu has been asking for feet for a year and I have not provided them to him.>>899475131Walk over the corpses of her enemies.

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>>899475116You should inject fentanyl into your veins.>>899475119The laziest are often the smartest.Dunno, that seems kind of racist.>>899475128Big if true.>>899475231How does she profit from that?

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>>899474341Human or not, she's still my cute wife Hoshino>>899474416My wife is a psychopathic killer as well>>899474423Lock and loaded

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>>899475343Yeah. Hence the saying "Work smarter, not harder." If you work smart enough, you don't have to work at all.Well what movies should I watch that will make it unracist huh?

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>>899474423What are you going to eat for dinner soppi?I'm eating pasta

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>>899475427Watch Tampopo. I don't know how it will help you get into character but it's a fun movie and the whole thing is on youtube.

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>>899475343Well she would kill her enemies in the process.I think that is profit enough.

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>>899473283I absolutely fucking love Lappland saluzzo

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>>89947558218 days of may

>>899475518Who are her enemies?

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>>899475601What will you do for the last day of May?

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>>899475507Hmmm. Those are Japanese though, and not speaking English either. Also damn I just randomly clicked and now I'm hungry for noodles.

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>>899475731That gay shrine maiden that is always showing off her armpits,that weird blonde wanna be witch and the maid that can for some reason stop time.

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>>899475365Nice shotgun.Riot shield pussy though.youtu.be/wqZ9xxS72Bc>>899475464Probably black tea and make a sandwich, that said I sort of want to bake some bread myself.What sauce will you make Karyl?

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>>899475343No thanks, I love my life and I enjoy being healthy!>>899475365She's very cute and 3DIs she from a game or anime?

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>>899475582-grabs you by the throat and bites-

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>>899475766youtu.be/d_CaZ4EAexQIt ramen time.>>899475894>That gay shrine maiden that is always showing off her armpits,thatThat could be anybody.>>899475955I read this as wife instead of life.

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>>899476034Why would I love my wife more than myself?

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>>899476034Everybody's gonna be asking that question.I wish.

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>>899475955She's from the game Blue ArchiveAnd she's my wife

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>>899476077What do you love about your wife?>>899476119I'll be like cotton hill.No ramen shops nearby?

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>>899476240Cute fishesOh that game looks hard...>>899476353My actual waifu? She's similar to me and I don't feel so alone anymore

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>>899476034There are quite literally only two possibilities and we all know who it is.

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>>899476077Are (You) not your waifu?

bbl, bye Anzu >899476523There is no rule saying that

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>>899476353Like who, what?Hah! None. Looking up "ramen" on google maps, there is one but 80 miles away from where I live, by the looks of it.

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>>899476606>there is one*there is a place

fox claim>>899476606hello fropman>>899476489hello seijer>>899476353hello anzer>>899476240hello hoshinofren>>899475913hello sop

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>>899476489I don't know any shrine maidens actually. Least of all any armpitty slut maidens.>>899476606You never watched king of the hill?youtu.be/UxI5qQAUWVcTime for a road trip.

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>>899476481Leveling takes a long time since I'm a F2P player>>899476712Helloo senkofrend!

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>>899476712Yo fox claimer.>>899476751Well there is the red thing and the green thing.Those are the only ones you need to know.

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>>899476567fuck rules

>>899476712Good evening fox poster.>>899476751Correct.Kek.Maybe they serve it in a sushi bar. There's one only about half a mile away.

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I'm gonna fucking die if this goes on holy shit

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>>899477262'allo.>>899477372What happen?

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>>899477515Dog-killer-Kun>>899477595Hi>>899477633Hi too

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>>899477633Nightmares which are getting way more rampant lately. Gtg and try sleep again though bye bye

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>>899477786Indeed. How's your day coming up?>>899477851Ooof. Best of luck to you Tsugu.

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everyone always asks waifubut never haofu

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>>899478909Did you suffer a stroke midways?

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>>899479061ill stroke you midway if you know what i mean

>>899475913Didn't actuaally have pasta left that i thought i hadSo was crispy potatoes with chicken insteadJust tea and a sandwich?

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>>899479107I don't, I am have a learning delay.>>899479121Crsipy/crunchy is top tier food texture.You made them in the oven or a pan?I just had lunch a but ago, chicken and tomato sauce stew with some rice.Usually at night, yeah.

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What the hell did he mean...

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>>899480201She wants to play golf with you.>>899477047Worst case you end up getting sushi.

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>>899480262I wanna go back to bed.

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>>899480672They don't have ramen, I checked.But they do have a single kind of beer. See if you can guess what brand it is.>>899480696Wake up you need to make money.

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>>899480778Or I could just die.

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After heavy consideration, I have decided I require a new CPU.

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>>899480778Sapporo is the standard here.

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>>899481790You could have asked this question by using your voice you know.

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>>899481820Did you punch it incredibly hard in a fit of autistic rage?

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>>899480840No way...>>899481499Try one more time. It's often depicted in anime and anime accessories.

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>>899481877I did not, but I am in need of a CPU that wouldn't 100% on four cores in fights.

Attached: FO0qryXaUAAftUo.jpg (1277x723, 434.68K)

>>899481913I'm just glad that my 2019 bread box pc can run my war crime simulators

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>>899481884I have never watched an anime in my life. I give up.

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Publix has BlackBerry lemonade in season now. Shit slaps so hard.>>899481884Yes way.

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>>899482470Thats what I've heard yes

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Kinda stormy

Attached: 4F8719D3-2E44-4A86-B631-4BEA0F02318C.gif (600x356, 1.86M)

>>899482646Pick me up a chicken tendie sub please.>>899482760Who told you what?

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>>899482470Maybe you recognize this one?>>899482646I'm sorry, I can't let you do that El.

Attached: file.png (1000x763, 723.32K)

>>899483240Sauced?Never had a tendie sub, seems like too much bread.>>899483373Why not?

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>>899483479I would tell you, but I'd have to kill you.

Attached: frenemies 1649586262494876.png (700x635, 410.76K)

>>899483240you told me you never watched anime

Attached: 1650062582262.png (771x436, 520.05K)

>>899483373Nope, looks like a typical big tittied tomboy to me.>>899483479Duh. Replace the bread with a tortilla.>>899483615Who are you?

Attached: ReplyToThisPostOrYourMotherWillDieInHerSleepTonight.jpg (1800x2400, 374.39K)

I require potato chips.>>899482866She's grooving.

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Attached: ChonkZu.jpg (800x1154, 618.35K)

>>899483595...So tell me.>>899483820That's just a buffalo ranch wrap then...

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Rem claimed

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>>899483949I'll settle for one of those as well.Maybe even just some saucy tendies and ranch, whatever really.>>899484028Don't you forget it.

Attached: TicketToRide.jpg (1447x2046, 585.02K)

>>899483820It's Asahi, ya goof.>>899483949Uhhh actually maybe uhhh some other time or ummm... golly look at the time.

Attached: frog neutral c54bcacddd08ad095c12519b26301024.jpg (564x733, 43.03K)

>>899484315Never heard of her, you should post the uncropped image though.

Attached: SmugLittleShitZu.jpg (724x855, 139.93K)

>>899484206Forget what?

Attached: 1581747978332_-_Copy.jpg (1751x2206, 1.53M)

>>899476712Cute af>>899476789What is F2P mean? I haven't played games in YEARS>>899476994Exactly>>899477372Die die dieee>>899477515I know he's Ouji, he's a faggot>>899478849Cute c:>>899478909Hey Jill-claimer>>899481433Not a M2, hopefully>>899482866Where?>>899483965Hey Rem, how's u

Attached: 1657851891401.png (1239x758, 872.47K)

>>899484386You smug shit -.- Fine, here's a full pic.

Attached: file.png (750x750, 454.81K)

>>899484206The tendies are pretty good. Air fry them for like 10 minutes and they get nice and crispy.I prefer blue cheese with my buffalo stuff. Ranch is for nerds and wimps.>>899484315What time is it?

Attached: 14c134b327a76ce5e4513b9812fafa81.png (1481x1062, 789.52K)

>hide post>>899484451The square of the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs of a right triangle>>899484563I can't fap to this.>>899484628Overnight me some, I'll be the judge.Both ranch and blue cheese have a place in my life.

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Attached: 357d1594274a80608bf757f7f835f779.png (1677x1057, 1.25M)

>>89948462810:20pmWhat is it for you btw? Not sure I ever asked what timezone you're from.>>899484681You weren't supposed to, we were talking about ramen, sushi and beer.

Attached: frog legs 1661963706440.png (850x870, 772.52K)

>>899484546Hello Ika, the how'ing is unknown. What about yours?

Attached: CuteHairRemalicious.jpg (1474x1777, 224.23K)

>>899484792Let me put you in a headlock, I want to see if you can escape.>>899484851Waifuposters go 5 minutes without talking about food challenge (literally impossible)

Attached: AnzuPretty.jpg (4032x3024, 1.07M)

>>899484857Oh did you just wake up?I'm doing okay, I'm just watching the construction workers outside my window. One guy is working and the rest are standing around>>899484932Anzu-cute would never date a chicken pussy like you irlYour fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

Attached: 1657860840677.jpg (610x543, 415.12K)

>>899484932Usually I just used grabbed their arm and pulled them forward with my hips and back.It takes a lot of strenght though.

Attached: 89070565_p0.png (1720x1550, 1.07M)

>>899484966No, I'm just bad at figuring out how I'm doing. Normally I never know.Are they goofing off or actually just doing nothing?

Attached: 241Remalicious.jpg (1280x1810, 459.37K)

>>899484681I'll drone strike you with tendies.>>899484851Approximately seven hours behind.

Attached: e01467848e3209d47c279626d4fa12c1.jpg (3597x2746, 847.92K)

Someone's cranky!>>899485019Reach back around and over their head, grab their nose and pull back. That's what I was taught.>>899485045Thanks Obama.

Attached: Gremlin.png (2160x3840, 1.22M)

>>899484546F2P = Free 2 play! Blue Archive is a free-to-play gacha game and I don't plan on spending money on items for the game

Attached: 106633570_p0_master1200.jpg (852x1200, 507.04K)

just saw relmhe was pushing a bike with no front wheel down the sidewalk, really strange!

>>899483820the man who beats you at golf

Attached: Aya0.jpg (400x400, 37.71K)

>>899485038Mmh, have you eaten anything today? Are you hungry?I think the supervisor is yelling at the guys, but the guys are yelling at the person with the shovel

Attached: 1675387270157.png (814x545, 349.42K)

I'd plow Relms boy pussy

>>899485307Never happened and even if it did I was tired and bored.

Attached: ankira_45.png (1612x2442, 730K)

>>899485120The way I did it was pulling them over your shoulders. People panic when they go airborne.

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Attached: 1664780290002016.jpg (1440x1798, 252.14K)

>>899485611The nice thing about this is that it only requires a bit of flexibility and works even if they're much larger than you.

Attached: Nyanzu.jpg (1200x1200, 945.33K)

>>899484932All you gotta do is wait for the waifu threads to die. Then you win.>>899485045Did you work night shift that you're sleepy, or was it just a particularly tiring day?

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>>899485768Any day now....

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>>899485617Sops too while u watch and fap in the corner

Snap my spine like Bane did to Batman.>>899485768Just tired.

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>>899485311Rice, braised pork and eggs. You?I guess they're mad at him for either not doing their work or doing work at all

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>>899485942I don't think Sop could handle good dick>>899485964I knew you were Ouji you fucking faggotGo hang yourself>>899486000>6000That sounds very good ._.,I ate a little pizza from the ovenThey're mad because they're in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in NYCAnd we're all looking at them to leave already

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>>899486110So? That only makes it hotter

Damn. Caught again.

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>>899486189Also I'm not going to fap in the corner like some cuck>>899486227Yea go change your waifu again, faggot

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sono mald hour already?

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>>899486270We both know That's exactly what you're going to be doing.

Pot, Kettle.>>899486308That ends?

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fgt anzu>>899486318No I won't, I'll probably take a video and post it on /gif/>>899486361fgt

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Why is sono afraid of me?>>899486361I assume he has to sleep at some point. Do you think he even seethes in his dreams?

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>>899486421Yeah but you'll be fappin' while recording. Don't even try to lie your way out of this.

It feels like you're breaking character, somehow.>>899486478I wake up, I seethe.I go to bed, I seethe.It's a lifestyle.

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>>899486478I would beat you and kick your teeth in>>899486507Wtf I'm not a cock!


will soap dog cum hands free ?

>>899486617Quiet corner boy