Post urs>age>height>nationality>job>salary>bodycount>life score in ur opinion

Post urs>age>height>nationality>job>salary>bodycount>life score in ur opinion

Attached: 1624051303096.jpg (1387x1098, 453.28K)

>age: 20>height: 176cm/5ft9>nationality: dutch>job: traindriver>salary: around 2400a month after tax>bodycount: 4>life score: 7,5/10

>>899471510566'4"AusfagTruck driver90KAround 30Wat?

>>899471630u 56 and on 4chan lol

>>899471510no, fuck you.

>age: 29>height: 5’9”/176cm>nationality: Americuck>job: tech manager>salary: $150k/yr>bodycount: 15>life score: 7/10

>>899471714You will still be here at that age, ya spastic faggot

>>899471510>28> 6'2> software eng> 350k/year, high CoL> 28> 5/10idk.. probably bad mental health

>>899471739lol no ill probably be dead by then

>age: 34>height: 192cm/6'5">nationality: Latvian>salary: $145k/yr>bodycount: 10>life score: 8/10Captcha: 4G2 S0Y

>>899471510326’1IrishForklift driver50k annual 2 chicks6/10

>>899471510>age 29>height 6'1>nationality Haitian >job Warehouse Worker>salary 81k (overtime) >bodycount (3)>life score in ur opinion 6/10 because I didn't learn how to save and now Mom is dead and now living with Dad. I'm currently saving to move out. We're in good terms but it's long time I need to grow up.

toasting in epic datamining bread

>>899471510>30>6’1>amerifag >5-6k a month depending on if I take extra weekend gigs>7/10

>>899471792Yeah, I thought that too, but here I am

>>899471510>age: 32>height: 6ft>nationality: Canada>job: none>salary: none>bodycount : 25-30>life score: 6/10

>>899471510You want me to just give you my credit card info too? Mind your own fucking business

>>899471510No thanks mr glowfag

>>899471510>post urs

Attached: no..gif (200x200, 979.59K)


>>899471510>44>6'3>Murrica, fuk ya!>Video systems engineer>215,000 usd/year>32>8.8/10

should i kill myself? I have only worked a job as deli clerk for nine years after getting out of high school ten years ago. I can only see a grim future with the price of everything skyrocketing.

>>899472428>>899472509>>899472663>>899472674>Bro, you actually bought alexa? you k ow those things are just secret listening devices to learn your habits so they can advertise to you better. Plus the government can tap into them, obviously. I have express VPN so i basically a ghost in a machineThe government doesnt care about listening to you argue over waifus, and you should be glad they are showing you hygine ads you nasty gremlins. No body of autority, legal or not, needs to use 4chan as a gateway to collect your information. There is an user lurking here right now who could just answer the question for you if they wanted to. You are not on some black ops classifed dark web site. You are on a site where, i would argue, the least important or interesting discussions happen. Take a second and soak in your surroundings. You are not high value targets, for anybody.


>>899473050No, don’t kill yourself. >>899473117Kek, I know you’re right but surely you know that nobody will listen

>27>5'10>American>Pizza Shop Manager looking for better>$15/hour>0>4/10Mental illness issues sense i was 8, glaucoma about 30 years earlier than normal, 0/10 self esteem

>>899471510>35>6’2’’>Spanish >engineer>116k>12>8.5/10

>>899473050i know i will kms but im staying alive just for a bit to see the world burn. i dont intend to have kids so it makes it easier to log off

Attached: dua ye.png (901x1200, 1.23M)

>>899473211what kind of managers get only 15 bucks? They should be giving twenty or almost.

>>899473117ok mr fbi

Attached: 4611791.jpg (289x309, 18.29K)

>>899473311It's what all managers get paid at the store. Owner knows that we could get more elsewhere if we worked up to it, but no one wants to take a pay CUT so he pays just over the starting for other places

>>899473391remember to be careful with yur words. Jannies and mods will sell you out in heartbeat to corrupt libtard sheriffs.

>>899471510>36>5'9>Canadian>laid off construction worker on disability for 5 years>very little>8>2.5 / 10


Attached: images.jpeg-15.jpg (296x170, 5.49K)


Attached: haha yes.jpg (243x207, 5.5K)

506'2''whitemaleAmerican$110 an hour125+ body count. But that is only bc I was really into pussy in college. Then I gave up drinking 18 year ago and it became a hobby again.

>age 22>height 165/5'4" (F)>nationality Romania >job just got fired>salary 500 bucks/month>bodycount 4>life score in ur opinion 75/100

>>899471510>44>6'1">American>Industrial Real Estate>~300k / year>21>8/10If you don't go to the gym 3x per week and do cardio most other days then you really have no business complaining about anything in the western world. That's the first step. Just do it.

>>899471510>>27>>6'2">>American>>Marketing executive @ family company>>$120k>>~60? I dunno, I fucked a lot in college>>life is good

Attached: AverageGuys2.jpg (1080x1080, 105.76K)

> 27> 5'8> Merica> electrician> 60k> 27> 6/10

>>899471510>age 38>height 5'10>nationality 'Murica>job Middle school music teacher + coach>salary 80k + 25k (Side lessons)>bodycount - 18>life score in ur opinion 7

>>899473637You forgot to give your life a score because you couldnt stop talking about how much sex you have

>>899471510Datamine elsewhere you fuck.

Attached: 1682543517353273.gif (498x328, 522.66K)

>>899471510>32>178cm>Norwegian>retail>about $45k>0>3/10 would not recommend

>>age32>>height170cm>>nationalityitalian>>jobused to be an actor/singer>>salary300€ a month due to a heart disability, but my girlfriend makes around 100k a year>>bodycount8>>life score in ur opinion8

>>899473686People like you who worship gym routines as gospel are just making up for a completle lack of personality. Working out is good for you. Red means hot. Any other gems you want to drop on us Socrates?

>899471510>age: 40>height: 177cm/5ft9>nationality: ger>job: Social worker>salary: around 2000€ month before tax ( but just working part time (20h)) >bodycount: 3/6 (second if prostitutes count) >life score: 8/10 Good wife( sometimes psychobitch) nice kids . I like my work but the salary is shit like ever in care work. should have fucked around more as teenager

Attached: SG abl.jpg (640x480, 88.69K)

>>899471510415’10”United StatesDisability< $20k42C+

>>899472274Body count?

>>899471510>age: 41>height: 6’0>nationality: canadian>job: lawfag>salary: 132k>body count: 14>score: 7/10

>age 33>height 6"1>nationality British>job - private medical sales>salary £25k>bodycount - 8>life score 5/10recently diagnosed with ADHD which seems to be the cause of all my life problems and have to wait 14 months to start meds

>>899471510age: 27height: 6 ftnationality: muricanjob: uber driver/actorsalary: 13kbodycount: 39life score: 9/10shit's going pretty good right now all things considered.

>>89947151030188cm/6'2"hungarianelectrical technicianbarely 800 euros00

>>899471510>30>5’10>American with German ancestry and some Scandinavian >political worker not saying any more>$55,000 a year >13 >8/10

>>899474270>making well below poverty income>shit’s going wellPick one

>age 28>height 6>nationality German>jobGovernment office stuff>salary 35K>bodycount 3>life score 6/10Too autistic to talk to women, but at least deadlift is on point.

>>8994742786’2 and 0 body count?Goddamn user you must be a fucking ogre

>>899474338i'm just obese

>>899474313>lives with parents>no expenses>all savingsshits cash

>>899474037Working out and staying below 20% bodyfat is just like brushing your teeth or wiping your ass. Fuck, it's like showering 1-2 times per day.And yet you fat retards seem incapable of doing it.

>age: 34>height: 5’8”>nationality: Jap>job: Plant Ops>salary: 120k/year>bodycount: 17>life score: 7.5/10

> 26> 1'76m - 1'77m> Spanish> Administrative on the family's business> 1500€/month> 1> Honestly, solid 80/100. Only thing missing are kids by now.

>>899471714That means he has more of a right to be here than you newfag. You’re the interloping shit dick.

>>899474905You know what, I want to change my life score. I'm pretty damn happy, stable and don't really want much more out of life. I'd say I'm set on a 95-97/100

>>899474582You shower 1-2 times a day? The fuck? Do you have a body odor problem or overactive sweat glands or something

>>899471510Who's that fun cutie?

>>899471510>29>5'6">American>Mechanic>80k a year>12>75

>>899471510286'3USA012Realistically 3/10. My parents fucked things up for me hard when I was 18-20.

>29>5'7">USA>Tech>236,000 annual>More than 20>80

305'10Texan AmericanSmall business office manager25kWizard2/10

>>899475028look at the picture clothing, converse allstar shoes, hairdo. she is probably a granny by now.

>>899471510>Age: 28>Height: 6' 0">Nationality: American>Job: Analyst>Salary: $35K>Bodycount: 9>Life score: 7/10I don't make much but I feel good in my personal life

Attached: ali325.jpg (732x878, 144.65K)

>>899474582>showering 1-2 times per daynigga do u work in a coal mine or smth

Attached: wut.jpg (313x286, 19.5K)

>>899474206a year wait time bevor meds ? wtf why?my wife had big life problems since child days because she is female no one expects adhd so all the pressure and problems and mood swings especially when in groupsgot her diagnosed with borderline, manic-depressive and even schizophrenia.since the adh diagose and meds ( starting while the diagnostic was still going ! )life is way easier.

>>899475395Finally someone who belongs here


>>899471510>36>6'1''>usa>bartender>60K cash>30>7.5 I was in a long term relationship well into my 30s but had a midlife crisis and am making up for lost time

>>899471510>39>5'10">us>software>100K>lost count in 1999>purple out of 10

>>899473117>The government doesnt careLol, that's literally the famous last words of many people who end up in court with hundreds of hours of sound and audio recording, phone tapping, and emails. Matthew Cox for one, was told 'get over yourself, your not that important' as they where actively tracking his phone, and fbi arrived to the gas station 6 minutes behind him.

>35>187cm / 6"2>French>IT (network)>40k>wizard>3/10

>>899471510>age: 27>height: 185cm/6ft1>nationality: Dutch>job: Military, Army branch>salary: 2900 a month after taxes>bodycount: 16>life score in ur opinion: A solid 8

>>899471510> 43> 5'11 (or 6'3 in internets)> 'murican> IT Director - currently pissed at company and job hunting > 200k ish> lost count tbh def 100+ prolly low 200s> 6/10 Need to get more active and stop watching TV with GF every night. Retirement by 50 is the goal tho

>>899471510>Age: 33>Height: 190cm or about 6'3">Nationality: Finnish>Job: N/A>Salary: About 500€ a month in benefits>Bodycount: Haven't really kept count, maybe a dozen or so relationships and some random flings. Less than 20. >Life score: 8/10Could have more money, but sacrificing half of my free-time for it will never be worth the hassle, and I'm relatively happy now.

>>899471510>age: 26>height: 6'2" (188 cm)>nationality: American (Italian ancestry)>job: Medical student>salary: -$53,000 (tuition cost) :(>body count: 2 (4 if you count blowjobs)>life score: 7.2/10

>>899471808Aha 145k, chist.

>>899471510Age: 34Height: 6’4Nationality: USAJob: Own software company for last 10 yearsSalary: 300k-400kBody count: Around 50Life score: 9/10I want to make more money and fuck a few dozen 10/10 models, then have a son and teach him everything I know. At that point my life will have been a 10/10

>>899471510I'd eat that

Attached: 91570294.jpg (570x570, 55.75K)

>28>182>algerian>accountant>205$ monthly>0>3/10

>>899471510125'Hood niggaCan't sayMo than youAt least 20 niggas. Wounded over 50Winning

>>899476771You are fake news faggot.

575'10AmericanRetired80k(debt free bitches)low 20's and it all happened prior to my wife, been married 35 years and together 36whats in a number? its hard to quantify, I'm fucking off here, net worth millionaire, pretty god damned fit for my age, I still bench low 300s for reps, my dick still gets plenty stiff with sildenafil , Its not as exciting as it was when I was nailing virgins at 15- 16-17 but atleast I'm in control of my own life and I got options and choices. Got a good woman who is not the prettiest thing I've ever been with but I do love her. if I were to give it a number a 6 or a 7 I guess, I'm no elon musk lol

>>899476771got it going on then brother, keep it up, these kids need someone to look up too

>age: 19>height: 5ft 10>nationality: british>job: full time student >salary: 14k/year>bodycount: 3, regret 2 of them>life score in ur opinion: 6/10could be better, left high school on a high but lost contact with my old high school friends over the summer last year, uni is boring and I cope with the fact that I have lost all social life by going to the gym everyday for 1-2 hours

>>899471510That bottle should be in her pussy.

>>899471510Fuck,i would;-)Good looking girl,and physically blessed;-)

>>899471714I am 51

>>899474037the socreates part got me, also agreed

>>899471510>age43>height6'>nationalityIrish>jobSous chef>salary73k/year>bodycountFor sex then around 100. If we're talking just head then well over 300>life score in ur opinionEh, not so bad - 7.5-8/10

Attached: Screenshot_20230517_152224_Facebook.jpg (1071x1077, 175.41K)

>22>5'10">Asian>Still in college>My allowance gets around $60 dollars a month>1>6/10

Attached: images (4).jpg (554x554, 14.69K)

>>899477359Are you me?

>>899471510>age: 27>height: 5'9">nationality: American>job: restaurant cashier >salary: 12.00 hr>bodycount: 0>life score: 10/10

Ah yes, a good old data mining thread.

Attached: da7.jpg (474x460, 37.06K)

> 26> 180> slovak> full stack dev> 63k/year before tax> 7> 7.5/10

236ft'muricanSoftware Engineer128k36/10, its aaight

>>899471510>>899471510>age: about to be 21>height: 5’8>nationality: American> Job: Banquet Server>Salary; about $20/hour + tips and etc>body count: zilch >life score: 7/10, it’s alright now, was shit then, learned to appreciate the good Things

>>899471714Dont forget, you're here forever, newfaggot.

Attached: 1629817281345.jpg (828x828, 77.78K)

>23>5.6>Brittish>Warehouse Operative>£23,900>5>7/10

>>899471510>age: 47>height: 6ft>nationality: Zambia >job: Electrical Engineer >salary: 135k>bodycount : 7>life score: 7/10 (would be higher if I didn't have a stroke in January. I am in excellent health, no drink, no smoke ('cept marijuana).Ok, so I expect you will tell me to go KYS like usually happens here on Holla Forums

>>899474206Yeah, I feel for you.I had sports injury to my ballsack when I was 16 and resulted in my testosterone being lower than low. Back in 1990s the Drs would not prescribe hormones to correct it due to US laws. Now that all these trannies are coming out of the woods getting legal testosterone is now problem, but not having it from 15yrs to 38 yrs old caused me to risk purchasing on black market. The medicine and the War on Drugs is the biggest farse ever in the United States.

>>899471510>>ageTrumpy Twoterms>>heightTrump feet, Freedom inches>>nationalityTrumpian>>jobFull time Trump campaigner>>salaryFreedom>>bodycountAny shtilib that gets in my way.>>life score in ur opinionTrump / 10

306'2American - Irish/GermanNeetN/A15Not winning

Attached: 1677177690800477.jpg (736x1309, 357.17K)

>>899471510215'9"AmericanPart-time pizza guy, student16-24/hr (with tips) + money from scholarships (approx. 35 thousand total combined)bodycount: 17

>>899480386Full time LOSER and Full time ASSHOLE.Fixed that for you shithead.

285’11”MuricanInsurance rep handling mortgage escrow. Second job is a contract data entry rep working for the IRS on behalf of a major bank$40k/~$40k 17

>>899471510345'9''AmericanAircraft Mechanic$81k/year87/10

>>899471510>age29>height187cm>nationalityaspergeria>jobnone>salarynone, i live off of dividends>bodycount3>life score in ur opinion9/10 because i still waste time on this shithole

>>899471510Age: 27Nat: American/PolishJob: Lead DevSalary: 85kBody count: 5Life score: 6.5/10

>age60>height5-10>nationalityCanadian/American>jobaviation sales>salary$110K + Commission>bodycount30+>life score in ur opinion9/10

Age-805'9"Proud AmericanRetiredOver 120

>age26>height6'2">nationalityAmerican I guess?>jobOvernight stocker>salary24k from job, nearly 20k from disability>bodycount30 something, lost count>life score in ur opinion6/10

>>899474999>>899475799Fat, lazy, uncivilized neckbeards confirmed.

>25>194cm>French> receptionist in a 4* hotel >1600 a month>25>8/10 because I met the woman I wanna be with forever, could be a better score if I didn’t struggle with money.Pic related, my life in the alps drinking beers and searching for some treasures with a metal detector

Attached: 80598357-30CB-43DD-9D67-344041FB8682.jpg (1170x1555, 1.71M)

>age26, almost 27>height6'0">nationalitywhite>jobdigital marketing sales>salary$85-90k per year>bodycount21>life score in ur opinioni'd say 8.5/10, i still get depressed sometimes but i'm dating the girl i'm gonna marry and i'm decently well off

>>899471510>49>6'0">American>SAHD>0>11 or 12>zero

>>899471510>33>5’9”>stay at home dad>blowjobs and pussy>7>idk, 35/100

>>899471510>age37>height6' 2" (160 lbs)>nationalitywhite>jobovernight stocker at grocery store>salary$9/hr (paid bi-weekly, 80 hours = about $630)>bodycountmale: 9 / female: 0 :'(>life score in ur opinion7.3had a few pretty square kicks to the nads in my life, but i'm pretty happy with it all. i have a wonderful little sister that lives with me.

Attached: 1680803188646662.jpg (2668x4095, 632.41K)

>>899473211>>899473311The ones who can't use since correctly

>>899473427Truly retarded

>>899471510>age: 23>height: 179 cm = ~5ft10in muricanI'd add weight: 49kg = ~108lbs murican>nationality: karelian (finnish+russian)>job: Software test automation engineer>salary: 2.5k EUR (~2.7k USD)>bodycount: 10 (4 female, 6 male, I'm bisexual)>life score in ur opinion: 10/10I'm living in balkan country, no fear of Russian government anymore, 2.5k EUR is a nice good salary for balkans, so I have a lot to spend on pleasuring myself :D Everything's great.

>age28>height5’8>nationalityWhite American>jobAnalyst for a pro sports team>salary80ish,000>bodycountLess than 10 (married)>life score in ur opinionAll thing else considered it’s a 9/10 compared to where I was when I was younger.

>>899471510>35>6ft>American>140k>25>7/10 I've fucked up a bit and missed some big financial opportunities but other than that I'm doing well.

>>899475992>that's literally the famous last words of many people who end up in court with hundreds of hours of sound and audio recording, phone tapping, and emails. Matthew Cox for one, was told 'get over yourself, your not that important' as they where actively tracking his phone, and fbi arrived to the gas station 6 minutes behind him.You do understand its the laws job to catch criminals...right? You just named dropped a famous con man, who made his living commiting crimes, as an example as why its bullshit the FBI can look into you. Negative IQ retard.

>>899473885aren't you guys supposed to be the happiest nation on earth?

>>899471510>age: 32>height: 5'7">nationality: Canadian>job: minimum wage call center>salary: 16-20k>bodycount: 5>life score in ur opinion: 2/10

286"2 / 188cmNZ, living in DE (BY)Entrepreneur>100.000 Eur per year12ish8/10

>>899474108Where in DE?Where'd you fuck the prozzies?Were you married when you fucked them?

Age 36Height 5’8”Nationality BurgerJob Cloud EngineerSalary $175,000/yrBody count 25ishLife score 7/10

>>899471510>>age: 36>>height: 5'11>>nationality: german>>job: scientist in pharma>>salary: 200k>>bodycount: 0>>life score in ur opinion: 4/10

>>899484642Why 4/10?Also, why 0 body cunt?Also happy fathers day.

>>899484730>Why 4/10?Because 0 body count.>Also, why 0 body cunt?Awkward and ugly.

>>899484794Hit gymTalk to girlsEvtl. Tinder?Display wealth/let it slip you make 200k euro plus/JProfit?

>>899482120negative on all fronts but its not healthy for ur skin to wash urself so often unless ur a faggot and use all kinds of creams and other shit bitches use

Attached: come at me bro.gif (500x256, 498.48K)

>>899484908I hit the gym and I talk to girls. But I am a low T skinny dude who cannot build muscle (picrel) and not a great talker.

Attached: 48.jpg (768x1320, 224.4K)

>>899482332>searching for some treasures with a metal detectorany luck?

Attached: 1583218812046.jpg (600x661, 62.15K)

>>899482649>i have a wonderful little sister that lives with me

Attached: 907563.gif (369x208, 1.96M)

>>899471510326'4americanroute sales/mechanicunder $20kunder 30 over 15 not sure how many chicks tbh11/10 life score, no longer live in slums and eventually hopefully will find an opportunity to make real money

>>899471510>>age 27>>height 6' 5">>nationality black>>job goodwill>>salary 12k>>bodycount at least 150>>life score 10/10

>>899484004Where from in NZ? Same for me, from NZ living in DE

>>899485756Kapiti/WgtnVic uni

>>899485172You're too hard on yourself.Just keep trying.You look good (no homo).I think you need to brag a bit more (not be so humble)

>>899484279>Where in DE?northrhine westfalia >Where'd you fuck the prozzies?in there homes >Were you married when you fucked them?no

>>899471510>23>188cm> no job as of RN (past Security fag for a year)>1200 euro a month + benefits> about 15> eh about 6/10

Attached: 1664235005538006.jpg (2100x3700, 333.46K)

age 37height 5'10"nationality Americanjob Maintenancesalary $60k not counting OTbodycount 4>life score in ur opinion6/10 It's not terrible but things could be better


Attached: 1607021337903.jpg (750x732, 49.08K)

>>899471510>>age: 37>>height: 6ft>>nationality: Canadistani>>job: Shipping manager>>salary: 40k>>bodycount: 40>>life score: 6/ 10 There's room for improvement.

Attached: FgeulTZX0AEAiF2.jpg (640x538, 52.2K)

>>899485458Based Steve

>>899471510>42>6'2" (or 188 cm for Europoors)>American>Software Engineer>$140k per year>12 and climbing as my wife leans into her bisexuality>8/10

>>899475028>>899475438It's a face that's been edited on. I remember fapping to the original years ago.

>>899471510 >age: 33 >height: 178cm/ >nationality: Brazilian >job: developer >salary: around R$ 5,5k month after tax(~7k brute) >bodycount: 0, kiseless >life score: 3/10

>>899471510>age: 50>height: 5ft11>nationality: European >job: unemployable from violent crimes>salary: I pay my rent by fucking women, no income>bodycount: honest count around 10 ish>life score:WTF is a life score? If I were to guess, it would be low.

>>899471510>39>5'11">USA>Military contractor>$193k (just got a pay cut though, so probably closer to $170k now)>5ish?>10/100

>>899471510>>age: 25>>height: 5'8">>nationality: American>>job: in college>>salary: 0>>bodycount: 0>>life score in ur opinion: 0/10I wish my mother miscarried.

>> Age: 38>>Height: 5'4">> Nationality: American>>Job: Retail Store Manager>> Salary: $95k>>Bodycount: 19>> Life Score: 4/10

>>899486747bruh why u so low ur doing good mate>>899486934accurate lol virgin>>899486660no way you're a gigolo at ur age>>899486576more like 0/10>>899486481how r u getting paid so little as a software engineer?>>899485742niggerlarping

>>89947151022, canada ,6,3,mcdonalds, 40k last year and 0 body count , life score 2

>>899471510215'9Anglo-FrenchImport and Export Coordinator £35kA single drunk Stewardess in a hotel9/10 I travel to a different European city each weekend

>>899487105>bruh why u so low ur doing good mateJust miserable and burned out. I need a change :(

>>899471510>37>6'2">Mixed (Mexican/German)>Currently a Game Designer. However, I'm transitioning to College Professor in July.>$95,000 + some extra cash from my side hustle. Will be $105k when I become a Professor. I still have $45k in student debt, and pay $1000 per month, so...>I stopped counting in my 20s... That was when I was in a dark place.. I'd say 70s or more?>Feels like a 6.7? I'm kind of the black sheep of my family, who all make $150k plus.