Hey anons I found this girls socials who’s nudes were posted here and now she’s freakin out lol what do?

Hey anons I found this girls socials who’s nudes were posted here and now she’s freakin out lol what do?

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Tell her that you have her address and then send another message that says "they will be at your door soon"

>>899470116If it were me, I'd be a bro. I'd actually help her out, and I'd help get some dumbfucks arrested along the way.The real lulz come then. And you can absolutely fuck over those people. They deserve it.That's the real culture move, here.

tell her to fuck you for it

Share the nudes!

>>899470116Post the nude

Please tell her you'll post her info where you found the picture unless she does exactly what you want from her (send more nudes)>The Lulz, Ronny. Do it for them

>>899471296Ya I’ve been considering this option … any chance she files a report or something and I get vand? The nude I sent her lol

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>>899471452Oh god! My dicks hard



Drop her socials

>>899470185faggot ass narc

>>899470116>on what internet did you find thismade me lol

>>899471452nah you're fine, any update?

>>899470116>someone’s posting you around the Internet Snitch white knight

>>899471452You could be charged with attempted extortion if she files a police report if you try to blackmail her

>>899471878>Snitch white knightwhiny little bitch


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>>899471818The one i cultivated in my grandma's spare room

Looks like she freaked and deleted her instagram, I have her linktree tho with all her other socials lol

>>899470185agreed - don't be a scumbag. Creeps have done awful things to her clearly.

just post them already op

>>899470116erome com a/qhrtcJHgop is a faggot


>>899471784obese neck beard detected

>>899474163Well, no matter how I format that link, it doesn't work, so I'd say you're a faggot too

>>899474469You’re just a fucking retard then

>>899474469Really cuz it worked for me, youre just retarded if you cant figure out where the dot goes and where the slash goes

>>899474469holy fuck dude you're dumb as fuck.

>>899474536>>899474565>>899474574nvm fixed it. i retract my statement. op is a faggot like always

post her socials pics

>>899474469erome dot com slash a/qhrtcJHgIts not that hard.

>>899470222Trips is troof! Show us the newds!

>>899470116>>899470164I really don't get pieces of shits who actually blackmail people. If you have nudes of someone, just keep them to yourself. Don't start harassing the person for it. Especially, if you want to use degenerate argumentation, as soon as you blackmail her, you will most likely : 1) not get further nudes as those normies will logically call the police.2) never take nudes again, meaning no chance to have more.>>899470185Also this. I am all for sharing nudes and whatnot, that's degenerate enough, but we live in a degenerate world. But to use those to somehow feel empowered and go on a fictitious powertrip is disgusting and if you do that and start threatening that person, you deserve to be gunned down like the piece of shit you are.

>>899474732Ok, this guy i actually do agree with… i love objectifying women and sharing/looking at their private photos but the BM abd harassment stuff is yucky unless its part of her kink and shes in on it too

>>899474732Is it a phenomena specifically related to the internet, is it a sign of declining intelligence and a lack of education in our society, or did humans always make assumptions in their head and get mad at those assumptions and take out their anger on other people? Like, I don't know where you got the idea that OP was ever 'blackmailing' her. All he said was, 'Hey, is this you? If it is, I wanted to let you know' and then the rest of the images he provided is just her (understandably) freaking out.I don't know how you could view either of those pictures and come to the conclusion he ever tried to blackmail her. I would respect your opinion more if you actually responded to this post >>899471452 where he said he considered it, but you didn't. Why?

>>899474898Yeah just let her know you have her nudes from the internet, let her panic and not answer her. Then he posts the convo of her basically panicking on 4chan and he says "now she’s freakin out lol what do?"His whole attitude and actions do not convey anything but being a stupid ass nigger who wants to fuck with her mental or blackmail her.Also, funnily enough, the one getting angry about my "assumptions" is you. So maybe you should look hard in a mirror and realize that your behavior and lack of cognition you preach unto others might actually be mighty relevant to yourself. The fact you are unable to actually realize that the way he started the conversation and stopped replying, means he is trying to fuck her over, means you lack social cues and lack the understanding of human interaction. Most people here, whether they agree or not with the blackmail or not, understood the situation. But you didn't. Take the hint.

>>899474163She is fucking hot and should be proud of her bod. However I have no idea how OP managed to find an Asian person's socials though, always thought it would be impossible lel.Anyway her pics are forever online, there's nothing anyone can do. It's like herpes for the internet. Not sure what your agenda is telling her that they're still online though.

>>899475153>calmly explained why i was confused how you came to that conclusion>WHY U SO MAD BROyou're really good at this assumption thing, huh?seriously, calm down. there is no need to sperg out. also, if my nudes were floating around the internet, i would want someone to tell me. better to know then living in ignorance (in my opinion anyway).

>>899470116This is a prime example of why I never post nudes regardless if my girlfriend wants to see my body she does it in person because of garbage like this.

>>899475153oh also, you assumed he stopped replying. just because user didn't post his replies, doesn't mean he never replied. another assumption on your part. are you going to assume i'm some fat incel next or what? or maybe that i'm gay? you need to start reacting to the world as it is, not what you imagined it to be in your head, because clearly that's just going to make you miserable and seethe all the time

>>899475544I feel like if someone takes a nude and send it to ANYONE, they should assume its now on the internet

>>899475627Not assuming, you are a fat, gay incel.>>899475627

>>899475646well, i don't really think that is fair. i have had nudes of women i've been sleeping with and the worst i did was transfer it to my phone to my fap folder. i actually had one girl reach out after we stopped hooking up and politely asked if i can delete them, i did so because i'm not a degenerate (even though that other guy probably assumes that I am one) and I don't get off on sharing pictures of girls I've fucked like a trophy for anonymous people on the internet to jerk off to>>899475706lol like clockwork

>>899475544you can project as much as you want and continuously write "calm down", but it won't change that the retarded fuck who came towards me making assumptions upon assumptions, because he didn't understand social cues, is you.I understand your mother must tell you that you're special, but please, make the world a favor and actually kill yourself.

>>899474163Based.Don't understand how she was "scammed" tho?

>>899475777>i'm not mad YOU'RE JUST A RETARD FUCKING IDIOT THAT DARED QUESTION MY INSURMOUNTABLE INTELLIGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL YOURSELF!really proving your point there user

>>899471452Baby can i have anal? >>No*gets blackmailed*>>see gf do some wicked angel style pornYea user. Show the dumb bitch what's up

>>899470116>>899470164any updates?

>>899470185not sage >*Snitch don't deserve that tag chudly

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>>899475730Hahahaha I hope you mean you told her you deleted them and just kept them, if you actually deleted nudes you are pathetic

>>899475815see how literally everyone of your answers is you inventing and putting words in my mouth, that is because you assume a whole ass conversation in your head with me. That is actually quite pathetic, that literally I gave you 3 good reasons as to why I said it was blackmail, and over and over, the best you can somehow muster in that autistic brain of yours, is somehow shout loud and proud about assumptions since the beginning.No you fuck, it's called making an intelligent guess based on the information available. Maybe you might want to learn about what this is. But please, be our guest and continue inventing a conversation with your green texting. I get it, you're in love with me. But you don't need to fantasize about me like that.

>>899475964>the seething continuesdidn't read any of that paragraph but I assume (hehe) that is full of angry bitching and seething and crying while trying to come across like you are totally unbothered

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>>899474732I have so many nudes from my last two ex's. I post them but I'd never sell her out in some sort of insecure incel rage because we broke up.The funny thing about kids who do this shit or guys who engage in this kind of creepy behavior is that they just make it that much harder for themselves to get laid. Every chick is is relatively hot has a long list of dudes doing creepy, weird shit who can't take a hint. All they're do is pushing women towards the normal guys and giving themselves even less of a chance to get laid.>Would I ever sleep with user? No, I'd never do that.. he's kind of weird.

>>899475153>Take the hintYeah good luck with that.. these kids are autistic as fuck. Shut needs to be completely black and white for them to understand. This is the result of never having any really social experiences outside of a Mongolian basket weaving forum. Also, there is a slight edge on this site about women because they can't get laid. Ask any incel on this site what women want the most? Money. A nice out for them, because all women are just fucking rich Chads. Whoa me.

>>899475786That’s what I was wondering lol. I wanted to ask her but she deleted her ig. I could message her “photography” account tho. I’m thinking maybe she was sent money for taking pics on request and said they wouldn’t spread them across the internet

>>899476145I think it's just an excuse, probably sent them to her ricecel boyfriend who got mad when they broke up and uploaded them all online. Then she said she was scammed because it'll be easier to garner sympathy for thinking someone tricked her into taking a picture of her spreading her buttcheeks than the actual truth would

>>899471999Tineye is the worst image search engine lol

>>899476456Google image search doesn't seem to work anymore after using jt for like 10 years.

>>899476522they fucked it up again recently i hate google so much

>>899476456Then what's the best image search engine?

>>899470116wish i got the same replies lmfao the bitches usually just block me lmfao

>>899474469stupid fuck

>>899470116>>899470164any updates?

>>899476014Yes same here. For some pics i post, i edit out face etc, but I would never post any information that could lead back to them.

>>899476089>Mongolian basket weaving forum.kek, but yes 100% agree.


>>899476145>>899476280>Spreads asshole on cam>Gets leaked>How could this happen to meWomen logic

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>>899470185 reddit faggot. She wasn't blackmailed at all. Sorry slit but certain decisions come with consequences

>>899476769Pimeyes and yandex

>>899477395been posting my 18 y/o exs nudes for years. All you have to do is show no face and its never traced back. enjoy responsibly

>>899478462Post them lmao

>>899478533well that wouldn't be very responsible of me to connect my post revealing this to her nude body

>>899470164>On what internet did you find thisthis is just larping right?

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why does this girl have her face in 90% of the nudes. Either this thread is fake, or she is just some reddit bitch. No one sends nudes to their bf like this

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>>899478906There are lots of girls scammed to send pics like this for money. The dude requests the poses

>>899478906Post more of her nudes

>>899478906She’s cute ngl

>>899479033ive heard the "training ai model" from another girl who got scammed. Like sure, let me just spread both my holes for the ai. they must be retarded>>899479124i beg to differ, shes like a 5

>>899478906Holy fuck I'm jealous of whoever got to destroy that pussy and ass

lmao, I was chatting with a girl who was on different Discord servers claiming to be a virgin and a prude.Then a little yandex reverse search gave me not only a lot of nudity but her images of ridding a guy and sucking a dick of some old guy.lmaaoooo.

My personal favorite

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Do it up ronald

>>899482103Made for BWC

>>899470116> I did some dumb thinks in the pastJust so you bros know: This means "I got caught doing the things I do. It DOES NOT mean "I am changed." Don't fall for scams, bois.

>>899479033Ya some of these poses are oddly specific I have a feeling de was paid for requests. Like this one “pant like a dog”, she has plenty feet/soles ones, cross eyed ones etc

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>>899470185>I'd help get some dumbfucks arrested along the way.You really don't understand how the internet works do you? Unless these people were posting them with their names attached AND it can be shown to be directly malicious AND they are within reach of the legal authorities (this is the internet they could be from the other side of the world).Revenge porn is incredibly hard to prove and prosecute as it is, and that is when the person can actually be identified in the first place. People sharing nudes on these threads HAVE to be provably (legally) of knowledge that the nudes were sourced and being distributed without the person's consent. You are unlikely to get to that stage anyway as the internet is largely anonymous, or at least anonymous enough to make everything massively impractical.The people that get caught and prosecuted are retards who message the person from their personal facebook to the victim's family and friends. Unless the individual is retarded, this rarely happens. Most perpetrators will anonymously slip them out on somewhere like here and then let other people keep sharing them. Even if the victim says that 'it is only them that could have them so it must have been my ex that shared' that isn't proof for example, and those sharing can claim that they thought it was consensual normal pornography - unless they start a long messaging harrassment campaign on the victim - and most that do that will make themselves anonymous.You sound like a Boomer politician. I am not saying any of this is just, but that it is reality.

>>899484911> You really don't understand how the internet works do you?Let me add: This dumbfuck doesn't understand how life, in general, works. Only an idiot or a social reject is this eager to "dish-out" punishment.

>>899474856>i love objectifying women and sharing/looking at their private photos but the BM abd harassment stuff is yucky unless its part of her kink and shes in on it too>yuckyPlebbit is this way sirreddit.com/

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>>899477891>How could this happen to meI'VE MADE MY MISTAKES

>>899478165>Sorry slitcringe

>>899478906>>899482103>>899482103>>899483980 Yuck

>>899483980indeed, but the story is her partner leaked them. some other photos besides the er0m3 ones were posted here two weeks ago. a lot more mirror and foot stuff. shes def not a reddit one tho lol, can confirm her insta just got wiped but her other socials are still up.

Is her name Caroline ?

>>899487997I've got some nudes too

>>899470116How did you find her socials? And how much stuff you got of her?