Teacher thread

Haven’t seen one in a while

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>>899468367>>899468475trendy senorita is such a babe. She definitely has students and dads pounding off to her

>>899469247You know she does and that she loves it

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>>899468489>dat faceyikety yikers

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>>899469823go on


my kids music teacher. i jerked off to so many vids during covid

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>>899470198Those glasses are just begging for a facial.

>>899470198i know right? also it's amazing cause she makes cum collages of herself basically, 3-6 different face shots all together

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someone post miss alina so i can cum thanks

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>>899468367The Tiktok notyourteacher is so hot, super thick fertile 8th grade teacher with black hair

>>899470320She must know what she's doing. Nothing could be better than spraying across those glasses.

Tit cow teacher

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>>899470430now we're talking. thanks for saving this thread.

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yeah i want to fuck her face into next week, smash her throat until she can't sing

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Is it true that wnbr lily is a teacher?

>>899470507i want to facefuck her behind a dumpster

>>899470430dont leave me with a chub, dump all you got.

>>899470522>that last picShe's incredible, she must be fantastic at deep throating.


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Stole this from 1 of my teachers Snapchat

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>>899470617She needs to be violated

>>899470602ahah i kinda dont care if she's good or not i'd love to do it to her whether she gags or takes it i'm into it so hard

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>>899470745You just know she can take it, those throat exercises make her.perfect for all sizes.

>>899470665fuck those teeth need cum


>>899470745She seems like she has good deepthroating skills like that other user said. I would love to watch her deepthroat my big dick


>>899470665kik or session?


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Mexican teacher

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>>899470950This made me throb so much

>>899471015any tributes for alina?

>>899470950>>899471015dont stop im leaking for her

>>899470785love her face here. "I wanted to teach music, didn't think i'd have to get facefucked by the dads"

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>>899470980Please tell me you have more

>>899471396I was unaware I loved teachers until I’ve seen her Please tell me there nudes


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>>899471716i want to lick her entire body

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>>899472128i'd tie her to one of those tables

>>899472128she always gets me

>>899472128would eat her shit

>>899471716Negative ghost riderDon’t have one

>>899472128Fuck me! I’m now a fan of teachers


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>>899472650yep would eat her cunt dry every night

sexy blonde teacher JH

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>>899472650Love her legs

>>899472745Any of her in a classroom?

>>899472650shes so beautiful

>>899472650Fuck. The hair makes this even better. So much to pull on.


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>>899473101Want to spread those legs and fuck her right there

>>899473101holy shit I’m getting so hard for her

>>899473101i want to fuck her silly


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>>899473012no sorryy

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>>899473252I want to give her students a sex ed demonstration, they can all watch as I impregnate her

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absolutely obsessed with the missles on this teacher

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>>899473401right is nice

>>899473401That would be a fun threesome

Any Miss Perez?

>>899473252That face need to be covered in cum My god she’s gorgeous!

>>899473465>>899473473i would pound bianca so hard

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>>899468367Here we go. Kicking off our day with another thread, I see, user. Can't wait to see what your contemporaries, the "brat feet" poster and "do you like smelly feet" poster will post today. I see the psoriasis stomach poster has already made his thread

>>899473538I think we all would


>>899473556Those legs are incredible


8th grade teacher

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>>899473401shit who’s the girl on the right

>>899468367My god! When I was in HS o never had such good looking teachers like these ones

High school counselors

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>>899473841More of far right

Someone post miss perez so I can cum thanks

How is she

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>>899473978I had an elementary teacher named Ms.Perez so I support this request


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>>899474109Any more full body?

>>899473841>>899473898All 4 on right, far right for sure. Hope you have more.


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>>899474496What's her name?


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>>899474561I want to be in the middle of that

>>899468367damn who is she?

Why is there no Miss Howlett in here?

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Tiny teacher who loved getting railed and sucking cock

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art teacher

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>>899474952I’d love to paint that face

>>899474967me too

she loves the beach and thongs

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>>899474836because this not a farm animals thread

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>>899475063holy shit

>>899475063Gorgeous legs


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art teacher thong

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>>899475233Hell yeah. Public insta?

>>899475136You like those feet?

>>899475318I like that everything, what's she teach?

>>899470675Post the nudes

more art teacher at the beach

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art teacher thong clad ass

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Teacher feet

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>>899475569Surely she must know her male students are pounding off to her

>>899475063I wonder if she smiles like that while getting covered in cum

>>899475454What an ass!

>>899475628oh fuck yea or giving them their first boner

>>899475173They definitely know they get dicks hard

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>>899474496You still here to post?

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>>899475717Of course they do

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>>899475521beautiful.>>899475044>>899474952stroking to these two atm.

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>>899477720Is this the Miss Perez everyone has been waiting for?

>>899477031She gets them out all the time

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>>899477941Yes, we need more

>>899477989What this guy saidMORE!

>>899477945I love how often she puts them front and center

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>>899478233Oh she thick thicc! More


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>>899478187Absolutely love her. That blue she has on her toes right now is great! What I'd do to suck on them.

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>>899478514Keep going

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>>899478454Oh! Miss Perez a cutie What else is there?


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She may not be the hottest teacher but I've seen pics of her naked and it made focusing in class very hard

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>>899479589Anything more revealing?


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>>899480669Reminds me of a pron star but can’t quite put my finger on who


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>>899468367Wanna worship her feet for hours on end

>>899481924Just dump it all man


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>>899482314How do is miss Perez? Seems young to be a teacher


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>>899483463Guess I’m the only one here.Keep it coming, any nudes?

>>899484394I wish user

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>>899485011Oh damn! This one is my favorite

Both are teachers

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>>899485011more of middle shes sooo hott

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>>899485325i would absolutely rail on mid, can i get her insta?

>>899485382You moron….MODSSSSS

Teacher and cheer coach

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>>899470950More feet



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just gooned to miss alina for 7 hours, should i blow my load?


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>>899485725God i cant get enough of her

>>899485864that'll do it.


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Teacher on left

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>>899486037More of her

>>899486037Idgaf more right


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>>899470198Got any vids?

Out of all the teachers posted, which one do you think is mostly likely to have an affair with a student?

>>899478233She can do MY hard thing!

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