Trap thread V. yes, again

Trap thread V. yes, again

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>>899465673was asking for more of this one

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yay another thread for top tier bussy

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>>899465673kill yourself fucking faggot

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>>899465673And again, kys fake ass reposter

>>899466142what? Never said it was me, just grabbed it from last thread and asking for more

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>>899466338Tbh I'm kinda impressed on your scat organization, must have invested quite a lot of time

it drives copecels crazy that we can just sit here and jerk off to femboys

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>>899466467I mean Idc about their scat fetish, but they should use another thread

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>>899466664So beautiful God I want trans GF so badly.

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oc but probably gonna bounce, this thread is a wreck

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>>899469263but it’s images like yours that make this thread worth it

>>899469263hot enough to save the thread

>>899465673kill yourself fucking faggot

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>>899469263Filtrina plz return

>>899470743Ass pics pleaseSource

>>899471357>Sourceholy newfag, jesus fucklurk at least 5 minutes on Holla Forums before posting

>>899471803Fuck off most people don't live on here

>>899465673Holy fuck, that's a pretty cock. Would suck

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>>899472240passable cutie, oc?

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Click the blue v arrow Filter > Image 5MD

>>899472681Man does all this for one trap thread but he leaves all the bbc stuff alone. Makes you think.

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>>899479137Got any more? You have a tasty asshole

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>>899479196>Got any more?

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>>899476378and now he got fucked, RIP that nigga

>>899465853I'd take a hit of that reefer before plunging my tongue into that perfect starfish

>>899480003glad your back mama

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>>899480045Did a janny do something useful?


Just me trying to look breedable :3

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>>899469263vid/gif cumming?



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>>899481936natsafeforwork>>899482042Nice, cute feets

>>899481081that's a biological woman

I need advice. I haven't dated in 10 years. I'm a single dad. My son is 6. My wife, his mom, died when he was 3. Been rough to say the least. But this school year has been amazing. He instantly latched on to his teacher. She loves him. Always sending home really nice notes about him. We had multiple conferences about putting him on an advanced path. I thought she was really nice. I didn't find it until the third or fourth meeting that she was trans. And that was just from an award that she had. He invited her to his birthday, and she actually showed up. She stayed way after and we talked a lot and things started to get really hot and heavy, but she instantly pulled the plug. Which was weird because we had just spent the last like 4 hours talking about how awesome it was that we liked so many of the same things. After that all the meeting and notes were strictly business. I didn't want to push it because I thought maybe I had fucked something up. But this morning was kindergarten graduation, so I was at school for it. Good stuff, cute ceremony. We were walking out and I hear her call for me. When she got up with me she sent my son over to play with a classmate then gave me a pretty serious hug. Full on around the ribs, can feel your ear in my chest, hug. We talked about school stuff for a while. Then she started talking about personal stuff again. It was nice, but totally out of nowhere. I couldn't have gotten the time of day off of her unless my son wanted it for months. Now she's back to being as sweet as she was at the party. But she asked if I still had her number. I told her I did. She was really quick to tell me to call her. My son came running back over and wanted to go. She gave me one more hug and walked off. Am I reading way too much in to this or is she in to me? Like I get that she couldn't because she's my son's teacher, but now she's not anymore so she's being flirty or was she just happy because she's a kindergarten teacher on graduation day?

>>899482578just fuck her, bro

>>899482452Ty here are more of my cute feets ^-^

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>>899482578Don't be autistic. The last girl I was really into acted this way and I behaved like you're describing which led her to look elsewhere because I was too much of a sperg to reciprocate the same amount of interest.

>>899482578i dont know much about girls but it wouldnt hurt to ask her on a date

i left for a bit. y'all still here?

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>>899482686Thanks, I'd kiss them.

>>899469263You're absolutely stunning. You can't believe how much I'm craving to suck that cock right now.

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>>899483345no i left

>>899482578bro ask her on a date this weekend

>>899465905sort of pretty

>>899482578go for it unless she doesnt have the penis anymore

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pics or gtfo


>>899484093>pics or gtfoPOST YOURSELF FAG

>>899483345I love jenna

>>899484338best i can do is offer similar bussy shots

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>>899484548I love faye

>>899484444yeah, i recently found her and she definitely made my top 5.. or top 10 i forgot where i'm at.


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>>899484599Checkout cutefemboyfaye or jaybaesunOC on reddit

>>899482686Kik or discord?

>>899484682love faye myself. also in my top 10 for sure

>>899466467lovely fat nuts on this slut

>>899484682alivarose is also pure beauty

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>>899484958rayraysugarbutt on twitter

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>>899484967You are a legend

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>>899485063no u

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>>899484631I wish I had someone to do that with

>>899485215Same, hard same

>>899485215Maybe someday...

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>>899485215>>899485265Same goes for you brother...Don't give up.All I can say from my own experience is that it's not impossible. It worked for me at least...

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>>899485626>>899485720ive decided to just get an escort when i go o vaction this summer


>>899485763Hey, whatever works. Where are you from? Is that like a regular service you can just use or is it tricky? How does it work when you want a femboy/tgirl specifically? Just asking out of curiosity.


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>>899485875im near baltimore but im going to be in washington dc. theres a site called

>>899485968Alright, very interesting thx

>>899485763Where do you live?

>>899486019near baltimore

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>>899485720Livin the dream user, good for you.

>>899485720was it a gf or a one night stand?

>>899484998Nice1 user

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>>899486483ehh yeah idk. she really wants the surgery. idk how to feel about it. i mean, if it makes her happy - which i know it will - then she should do it. she's already made her mind up and i won't stop her. i dont have the right. i just dont think you need to do that kind of "surgery" to truly be a woman. she's been passing flawlessfly for over 5 years now. and I'm a firm believer that you don't need the surgery to truly be a woman. at least she'll only get the "surface surgery", meaning you can't use it for intercourse at the end. we've agreed on this because i just can't stand by her doing this kind of surgery. you need to keep dilating it for the rest of your life and even moisturize it daily. it needs constant care. imagine doing that when you're like 80 years old.with the surface operation it will just appear as a labia but won't have a "hole" in that regard.>>899486559(pic unrelated, just fyi) Wife's a tgirl.

>>899486785nigga are you larping?


>>899486853just sharing shit idk

>>899486978don't know sorry mate

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those balls are perfection...

>>899487734those balls are perfection...

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