Built 4 BBC

Built 4 BBC

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>>899460713MORE~ Who are they !

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>>899460877sophia has been glazed


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>>899460081you already have a thread niggerlover>>899441354kill yourself faggot

Wife got fucked by a bbc while we were travelling I've never cum so hard

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>>899461632kill yourself cucklord

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She confirmed on tiktok live that she's BBC only

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Has taken BBC only

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>>899461699another slutty daughter blacked and nutted on


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>>899462018god I wish I was her. I'd get fucked by BBC every single day

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she probably has a QoS tattooed somewhere

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a thick, fat, black dick would look beautiful between these legs

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>>899462351Lil whore

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Has taken BBC before

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>>899462125orgasm after orgasm till that little mind is dizzy

drop discord for more of Darina, i got stories about her and BBC

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>>899462560elle's pale body completely defiled and tainted

You guys like her?

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>>899462360no doubt

>>899462125she is fun

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>>899463776thrusted deep on that counter till she was leaking

>>899463573fuck yes, i'd be a dumb, mind broken little bitch that can only think about worshipping BBC

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>>899463885What would you wear for them , baby girl?

>>899463776begging to get broken in

>>899463885feeling good is what matters the most

>>899463912skimpy black dresses are the best~>>899463961no no no, worshipping cock is what matters the most>omw to the studio, ready to shoot my first blacked scene

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>>899464018I got a feeling I talked to you before.. you were worshipping me before.

>>899464068definitely wasn't me, this is the first time I'm posting alla here and i'm not interested in worshipping cock unless you show it's black

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>>899464018sexy slut

>>899464018completely conquered

>>899464204>>899464205nothing more than a cock-addicted snowbunny, always craving more BBC

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>>899464256mmm yea , my bbc is hard

>>899464256dominated and broken stand and carry

>>899464256Pathetic ass bitch

>>899464277give it to me>>899464304utterly broken, any time not spent worshipping black cock is spent either getting QoS tattoos or arranging more Blacked scenes

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>>899464401Come and get it.

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>>899464401always thanking them for their size strength and stamina

>>899464414I want it so fucking bad, please show it to me>>899464474Thanking mostly with actions rather than words. Things like "thank you sir, please give it more" or "breed me like the snowbunny whore I am" are a bit hard to say while getting spitroasted, please understand.

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>>899464618You want to see it?

>>899464671i want to see it so fucking much

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>>899464705It is getting harder and harder to not do it..

>>899464618with moaning and screaming

>>899464755gimme gimme gimme gimme>>899464775yesss

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>>899464834You are soo needy

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>>899464834alla desperately needs it

>>899464848very fun night for both of them

Is Frances built for BBC?

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>>899464909had a taste

>>899464909Can see her mouth balls deep

>>899464843please stop teasing me ;_;>>899464872so fucking bad

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>>899464970Teasing you is fun :)

>>899464970once impaled its over

>>899464909she's definitely eager to find outwhat do you think the "congratulations" were?

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>>899464987;_;>>899464994it was over at the first sight of a big black cock

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>>899464998Was able to get through her first breeding session

>>899465020soon , you will see it

>>899465020no going back after getting blacked. forever tainted

>>899460081Lexiee needs to be on blacked Raw asap

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wwyd with this milf

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>>899463885Any woman who dresses in black leather is just begging for it.

>>899465176another sweet pussy broken

>>899465275Gtfo cringelord

>>899464401It's the stockings that make me think of BBC

>>899464419Bet she teases white boys with those

>>899465444Bet you're a gambling addict cringelord

both of them work with african refugees, one of them told me about taking BBC in the ass, guess which one?

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>>899462360lol you guys are so gay

>>899466039And you're an annoying ass sack of shit that needs to learn to keep its mouth shut

>>899462660plese, i begg you... make Lena(from my university) get me relapsed

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>>899461632I really don't get people like you, good luck with aids dumbass. While you are at it, why don't you post pictures of him fucking you in your ass, what is the difference goof ball?

BLACKPINK needs to book some African stops on their next tour

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>>899460081Pic related is built for BBC, and nigger loving kikes like you should be forced to clean it out naked.

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>>899466944Avrils little white pussy is officially black owned

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>>899467564yes definetly

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>>899467533BBC owned and BBC bred. Avril's little white pussy is BBC exclusive.

>>899466880>>899467504>>899467533Wtf.. is this for real?

slut deserves to be split open by bbc

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>>899467956Gangbanged in the locker room

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>>899467760Gold bikinis are just too sexy.

>>899467979It’s what she was made for

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>>899468036Would love to watch her having all her holes stretched

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>>899468042You could just imagine her leading a BBC up to her hotel room.

>>899468074you just know she’s getting fucked rough in the club bathroom

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>>899468162Needs to be picked up and made into a trap house whore

>>899467956>>899467979For white boys to watch

>>899468179She'd never leave the bathroom, as soon as one bbc has finished with her there'll be another to take it's place


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>>899468266Picked up and found days later after getting used by the entirety of the neighborhood

>>899468229Absolutely, broken in and taught be an obedient snowbunny.

>>899468260Do you think she can handle that? Getting so thoroughly used and abused by bbc for hours will make her a fucking mess

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>>899468216The perfect bikini for attracting bulls.

>>899468389She definitely won't be able to handle hours of abuse but they won't stop

>>899468418How many do you think she could take?

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>>899467564desperate for bbc

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>>899468442Maybe she’d finally learn to stop being such a fucking tease and accept her place as a slave, a slab of fuckmeat for bbcfiles.catbox.moe/6ug9iw.mp4

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>>899468588I hope that photo was quickly followed by her being bent over and fucked by a bull.

>>899469141Thrown onto the bed, ready to fucked pronebone in both holes

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>>899469328Damn that ass is BBC goonfuel

>>899469328Fucked relentlessly until she can barely move, crying out for him to fill her up.

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>>899469426>>899469405She exists solely to be fucked senseless, turned into a brainless cumdump for any and all bbcfiles.catbox.moe/9o6eu6.mp4

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>>899469616With a body like that, she'd never leave the bedroom.

>>899469791Absolutely, she stays tied to the bed, holes ready to be used at all times

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>>899467495Snowbunny Amy

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>>899462360literally married to a white guy

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>>899474366a whore in her natural habitat

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>>899460081>>899460192>>899460713>>899460785>>899460877>>899460886>>899461293>>899461632>>899461699>>899461742Only reason these chicks are perfect and yall want sex with is cause they WHITE and only BWC can produce that so kill yourselves fagss

>>899474444Absolutely! nice quads btw

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>>899474584more slutty pics


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>>899474698those sexy legs will tremble a lot

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>>899462779Still arlund? >>899462660

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she'd get distroyed

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My gf

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>>899476625Fuxkimg ruined


my sister

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Who needs it the most?

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Gym fucktoy

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Racist girl

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>>899477826Mmm fucj i wanna use your sister before bbc gets to her. Disc?


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>>899477826>>899477969post yours

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>>899477990Yaas moar

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Her womb is owned by BBC

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Needs it

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Attached: 1612041714640.jpg (750x1000, 111.83K)

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>>899480588show more

>>899477825Perfect white liberal cunt to pay reparations


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>>899480673Would look good next to my bbc

>>899480544fuuck yes

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Attached: 1639594162722.jpg (1025x1916, 219.46K)

I need to see my best friends black bred so badly

Attached: Screenshot_20230101_203744_Instagram.jpg (863x1074, 415.76K)

>>899481074Would breed them for you


Attached: 1684381289261056.webm (566x848, 955.33K)

>>899482048God that's glorious

Attached: 292545398_161362336405789_4002799485761850294_n.jpg (1080x1349, 85.93K)

>>899480639Get your moneys worth

Attached: AF0A38DB-AEA0-4688-8656-7BFC33E63780.jpg (800x1094, 552.8K)

Need my cousin bred by black guys

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Attached: 347405826_182410688088143_7444529797166537376_n.jpg (1347x1347, 216.52K)

>>899474448The nigger milking queen


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>>899482543Want to see her get fucking ruined. Those lips need to be glued to nigger groin.

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Attached: 059 (2).jpg (684x1225, 111.25K)

>>899482787Tight little body needs to be ruined

Attached: ME1.png (1120x1561, 1.32M)


Attached: (329).jpg (1440x1799, 270.13K)

>>899482129>>899482231Fucked hard and filled up by black dick. No white woman would see this and walk away without becoming a mom.

Attached: 1684291249528398.webm (480x640, 978.47K)

>>899483350Throat bulged to her clavicles and trying not to hurl on his bulging log of a cock. He'd skullfuck her retarded.

Attached: 80087379.jpg (828x1035, 230.96K)

>>899483714mmm yes


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>>899483652Every day until she's damaged goods she will experience that. She loves it

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Attached: 85077172.jpg (1080x1266, 329.36K)

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Attached: (105).jpg (1530x2048, 225.05K)

Sent this to a black teenager

Attached: IMG-20230509-WA0002.jpg (750x579, 36.98K)

>>899484024putting on the weight to showcase taking bbc


>>899485812glowniggers is time to do your job and pls kill that faggot


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>>899485812violence is always the answer to handle subhumans like you

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Attached: 03A85EB3-E425-41CA-BFD6-81FB95711D2B.jpg (1170x2142, 434.47K)

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>>899486446She could feed so many refugees

>>899486829And that's BEFORE her tits swell up enormously because of the hormones from the non-stop nigger pregnancies...

>>899486950She needs to get fucked by shota niggers quite honestly, just peak fertile breeding her out