Stolen panties

Have you ever stolen panties? I want to see photos and the girl wearing them if possible. How did you do it?

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>>899458028Who gives a fuck?


>>899458028when I was in college there was a girl who would leave her clothes in the washing machine for hours passed the time they were done. Would occasionally take a pair to cum on and then wash and return next time she did laundry.

>>899458513 nice!! You dont have pics of her? Or the thongs

>>899458614didn't take pics and I actually don't even know what she looked like. was just wildly horny at the time and happened to find panties in the wash

>>899458699I remember in college once a girl came in to wash her clothes. I had seen her around before. Pretty average looking. All the machines were full. So she just left her basket there. I assume to come back later?? There was a brief moment when i was alone. I just grabbed a random pair. A semi thong. Went straight to the bathroom. Came all over it in less than 5 minutes. What i should've done is put it back in her hamper. Instead i just threw it away.

>>899458028Steal them occasionally at uni from the laundry room. Got a pair from a hot girl I know, red lacy ones. Make me cum so much.Last summer I was home and I was round my friend's house while he went to the shop, went through his mum's drawers and found her sexy panties and a dildo. Stole a pair of those too

Im wondering as an adult how could be the best way to steal panties lol


All from 18-27 year old military girls in the dorms

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>>899460172More of the military stash.

>>899458028I stole 2 of them from sisters when I crashed at their house after a party.

When I lived at home I made an Excel spreadsheet of every pair of panties my mother had and I tracked when she wore each one by checking the laundry basket.That was how I found out she had a bf because she would always wear something sexy on Wednesdays when she "went to the gym" after work

>>899463299that is sick

>>899458028Yeah but she was 6, I don't have them any more tho, I stole more when she was 7 because she let me be jn her room a lot

I try to get a pair of panties of my female friends every chance I get. So far I've succeeded a couple fo times and I've had some of the best jerks in my life with them.Kik me for win trades and chat on the topic.Kik talltree63

I have this nerd girl I steal from regularly. They smell amazing since I guess she doesn't take care if herself so her scent is very pungent, its amazing. I've cum so hard to them. Knowing she's sleeping in the other room and doesn't know I've got my face in her pussy.

>>899463299I'd make a joke about weaponised autism, but a lot of women will wear thongs when they go to the gym or do gymnastics because it's more comfortable.Was it a false diagnosis or did you actually confirm your theory?

>>899458028Cousins, housemates, gf, laundrette, etc.Took advantage of this dozens of times.>>899458513Same thing happened to me during uni. There was a communal laundry room. Once the washing machines were done they'd just unlock and sit there. If people left the machines for too long, it was common for people to just pile all of their stuff on top of the machine to free it up. No cameras or prying eyes, so just open season really.

>>899458028Any chance you guys can keep this thread going for a little while? Just about to go out.

>>899458028Pathetic ass bitch kys

>>899463339I'd call it methodical personally>>899463608My mother did not normally wear anything apart from sensible panties. In the end I staked out the gym a couple of times, no show on a Wednesday. Eventually I figured out who the guy was and sure enough she was at his place.I don't have a problem with her fucking the guy, I just wanted to know the answer.

>>899460172After a few days of a clothes just staying in the dryer, I found a miniskirt and a black lace thong in the dryer. This was the military barracks

Any interest? I have another pair and will share her face

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>>899465560 yeah i wanna see her face!!!

>>899465560Let's see her face

>>899465560>>899466151>>899466213I’ll show her face next

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This thread is sad, I mean ffs you're stealing clean underwear you fucking social goddamn rejects. I'll assume you're wearing them but remember, you'll never be a woman, and you definitely will never be a man

>>899460172Is VS standard issue in the military or do you have a really specific fetish?

>>899464015So was your mom divorced or was she cheating?

>>899466296 woooowww now i know how she is is even hotter haha

>>899460172Keep in mind the owners of these panties are all mutts and stocky goblinas.

>>899463392Kik me BeCoolBud

>>899458028When I was 7 my childminder dressed me in my sister's underwear a few times. From that point onwards I was basically making excuses for that to keep happening and my childminder eventually figured it out but was fine with it.

I try to steal panties from all my hot female friends when given the chance and I keep sexy ones from all my hot exes too.

>>899469392 you have any pic of your friends and their thongs?

>>899460172God's work...

When you go to their place usually bedrooms are upstairs, at least in my area. Most of them have two bathrooms, one for the communal areas and then one upstairs near the bedrooms. Just wait till the one near the bedrooms is the only free one then quickly go search for their panties in their rooms “when you go to the bathroom”. I’ve got several that way over the years.

>>899469511 we need pics of these!!!


>>899458028>be me 14>good friends with a girl in my class called Emily>hang out with her a lot and often do our homework round her place>her parents both work late so it's always just us>I do fancy her but she probably doesn't want to be my gf>she's kinda friendzoned me tbh>I keep wanting to see her get dressed but she always kicks me out of her room when she's changing out of her school uniform into her normal clothes>one time she took her tights off with me in the room (she was wearing a skirt and I didn't really see anything)>over time she kind of got more comfortable with me being there and we could both keep secrets with each other>then one day we're in her bedroom just doing work and she tells me to look away and just look at my work for a bit>I can't resist the urge not to keep looking up at her out of the corner of my eye and for the first time I see her in her underwear>I only see it half and half and from behind, so she takes her shirt off and I see her bare back and her bra straps>then when she puts a blouse on she takes her skirt and tights off revealing her knickers which showed off a lot of her cheeks>starting to pitch a tent just looking>she turned her head to see if I was looking and she definitely figured out that I was peeking>she turned around while only in a blouse and knickers and kicked me playfully while saying "hey! perv!" while laughing>"what?" I protest>"you're clearly looking">I try to play it off like I'm innocent but she knows I'm lying>she giggles and just says "I don't really mind. You're a good friend" (friend zoned again)>watch her put on a pair of skinny jeans. she has to wiggle her hips to get into them>just sit there digesting the mental image for the rest of the afternoon>can't get over how hot she is>this happens a few more times and she ends up just not caring if I plainly watch her getting changedcont.

>>899469973>one time she's just stood there in her underwear and she's just continuing to talk to me as if nothing is happening>something about the maths homework we're doing>the novelty still hasn't worn off. I'm rock hard just looking at her>have to adjust my boner as it's grown in an uncomfortable way>she sees me doing it and bursts out laughing>she also puts one arm across her bra and a hand in front her her crotch while crossing her legs slightly, seemingly embarrassed all of a sudden about not being modest>"you're such a perv!" she says while laughing>"what? I can't help it!" I protest>I literally can't. my hormones are raging right now>"go on then. take them off" she says>immediate confusion, then excitement. is this my chance?>"move." she says>I take my trousers off and awkwardly stand there with my boner being very visible through my boxers>she just points and giggles and asks "why are you so weird?">I protest again and point out that she was the one changing in front of me>she looks down at her underwear and gets an idea>"take those off" she says>"huh?">"take them off. now" she insists>"but...">"I said now, and take your shirt off as well">I sheepishly take them off, and my boner pops out>she then throws something at me and it takes a second for me to realise what it is>"put them on." she says "it's your punishment for being weird">she has thrown me a fresh pair of knickers from her bedside drawers>between her badgering me and my curiosity getting the better of me, I decide to just do it>I pull the knickers up my legs and try to tuck my dick into them>she's dying of laughter>I go to take them off but then she says "no no no, you have to wear these for the rest of the day">"the day? what the... why?">"punishment" she says>"well... can I least wear my normal stuff over them?">she thinks about this for a second, then smirkscont.

>>899470459>"you know what? if you stay like that, I'll stay like this" she says while gesturing at her half naked body>in my head, that's a deal but I feel like I should be acting differently>just stand there with my cogs turning>"that's a yes then" she says - she can practically read my mind>we both try and act normal for the next hour or so>the conversation keeps coming back to the underwear>I can't help but feeling she's trying to be provocative with her poses with how she's laying, sitting and standing>the hands of the hips, the hip sway, playing with her hair, etc.>my dick is basically hard the whole time and she definitely keeps looking at it>she also keeps teasing me that I'm hard while wearing knickers, calling me a girl and other various things>I respond by trying to tickle her, but since I'm ticklish too be end up on the floor next to each other trying to tickle each other>we stop to catch our breath and lay on our backs>then we both look at each other and her face changes from one of mocking to one of genuine interest>"user... you know we can both keep secrets, right?">I just reply "I really hope so">she smirks at that but then asks "so... do you genuinely like being in those or something? like... you're thing is still hard">go a bit red in the face again and then say "well I've been in this room with you dressed like that all this time. you just look good">she asks "is that it though? like is there something else to it? you can tell me. you know I won't tell a soul">I think about it long and hard for a second>I sit and she does so too, and we both just stare at my crotch>we both just look at each other>I shrug my shoulders and say "I guess I kind of like it... they're really soft">then instead of laughing, she just smiles in a friendly/supportive kind of way like she understands or something>we just sit and like about that for a bit>"why are girls' clothes so much more comfortable?" I ask>she says "we tend to care more"cont.

>>899470795>eventually it comes time for me to leave>we both know what I'm about to ask her>she answers me before I can even ask "if you want, you can take them home. tell me what you think">"really?">she just nods and smiles>we both get dressed again, her into her home clothes and me into my school clothes>I walk down the stares in front of her and she slaps me on the bum while on the way down>she's back to teasing me again>I walk into the kitchen, and while I'm refilling my water bottle she sneaks up behind me and squeezes both my arse cheeks while laughing>"go away" I say while smirking>just as I walk out the door, she whispers to me for a final time "you're secret is safe with me", then switches to normal voice "bye user!">I say my goodbyes and walk home. it feels really weird walking in knickers for the first time, especially under my trousers as well. completely different feeling, very different support, etc.fin.I ended up borrowing from her very regularly. Once we found out I liked it, she was very supportive. I'm still friends with her all these years later and she is still open to offering her underwear to me. I feel blessed

I've always considered selling used ones. Would there even be a market for that? Or guys prefer to steal them?

>>899471071More of a thrill stealing them. Plenty are sold online already

>>899471071Well I know there are simps willing to buy used underwear from ethots online, but I've never understood that. Much better to just get your own pairs from people that you know personally - you get an adrenaline rush when sneaking into a set of drawers.

>>899471142>>899471167Makes sense. Or just a different kind of thrill, yeah.

>>899471019 what a story man!! Im really glad for you really, you have pics of her panties?

>>899471268I'm not one for taking pictures. It's just one of those secrets that we keep between each other. I'd only ever tell it to other anons.I practically wore every pair of knickers she owned from the age of 14 to 21, after that I eased off a bit. Hipsters, briefs, thongs, bikini bottoms, etc. - you name it, I've worn it. She also ended up getting various slutty things in her later teens and I wore most of that as well. We'd have "try on sessions" after her "shopping hauls". That's some of the best times I have ever had with her.

>>899471268oh and I'm glad you liked my story :)

Long story short, my sister and I had a thing in high school. I got off on her panties. Pic related

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>>899460172Imagine the smell. Kek

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>>899471623What do you mean by a thing? Like a relationship or like a thing where you had to just swap underwear? Also, is that you?

>>899471730An fwb thing. Its her.

>>899471837Lol I had to search up what "fwb" was. Good for you, user. What kind of stuff did you get up to then?

>>899471949Initially experimentation. Then relieving each other when we needed it. It peaked in our 20s living together. She sent me pics when she was away at school (pictured above). Not sure what you want to hear about.

>>899472073Did you ever fuck at all? Or was it purely just handjobs or something? Just interested to know whatever details you're happy to share - you're a lucky guy

>>899472134Oh yeah we fucked a ton. Lost our virginities to each other.

>>899472247How did it even start? What was your first time like?

>>899472323We started super young, had way too much time to ourselves unsupervised. The first time I penetrated? It wasnt discussed, it just kept escalating until I was in her.It was incredible, didn't last long haha.

>>899471623 more pics please!


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>>899458028I have stolen dozens over the years....never keep all of them just rotate thru keeping the most high value ones

>>899458028>Have you ever stolen pantiesno, but other boys would steal them for me to wear.

>>899473580Could you talk about how that happened? Sounds hot

I dated this super shy chick about 10 years ago. She lived with her mom during the summers. First chance I got at their house I went for her mom's panties. She wore high cut hanes so I bought a pack and would swap them out. She ended up with new panties and I got her old ones. My gf also wore cotton panties but she let me jerk off with them.

>>899458028I was living in a student house at university and one morning I woke up with a hangover to realise I wasn't in my own bed. This was not normal for me. I look over my shoulder to see a girl next to me in bed. She looks really good and I think to myself that it's a shame that I can't remember last night. I lift the duvet slightly and see that she's bare chested but wearing knickers.This is when I realise three things in quick succession: She's one of my housemates, this is her bedroom, and I'm wearing a set of her bras and knickers. That's a shock. I get up with a start and she wakes up next to me and rubs her eyes. She opens them to see me frantically trying to unhook the bra that's on my chest.She looks really confused at first too and just looks at me aghast, then clutches her chest and she bursts out laughing. She just about says "did we...?"I'm still trying to get the bra off and eventually give up and ask her. She just laughs and says "do it yourself. I don't even remember you putting that on, pervert.""I don't remember either. Now give me a hand"She laughs and says "I think you look quite good in them" (I glare at her for that) as she reaches around my back and unhooks the bra for me. There are very visible marks across my shoulders and chest where the bra was digging into me."must've been a wild night""what the fuck happened?" I ask. I'm getting a boner just looking at her like that, despite the situation, so before I cause myself any more pain I take the knickers off and get out of bed to pick up my clothes. She gets out of bed as well and kicks me in the arse and laughs as I lean down to pick up my stuff.As I get dressed, I just ask her if she has any recollection of last night. She just shrugs and says we must of both been very drunk, all she remembers is doing shots in our kitchen while we played cards.I tell her to promise me she'll never tell anyone. She laughs about it but agrees that would be cruel.

jerking hard to this Asian cuntDiscord: Rainie#4179

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>>899473159Nice. Stories?

>>899475224Plenty. Give me a timeframe where you want a story from, high school, college or post graduation living together?

>>899458028stole my fiance's sister's panties with gusset and jerked off while licking themshe's hotter than my fiance so it was worth it

>>899475312Any and all of the above, but HS in particular please user. And standout best experiences, nearly getting caught?

>>899475409 any pic of her panties?

>>899475631Ok, nearly getting caught it is. We just started having sex a few months before. Parents were out of town on a ski trip, we had to stay with our grandparents for the weekend. Since we had just started, we were trying to get alone any chance we could. Grandparents were always with us and never left the house. We resorted to getting after it right after they went to bed. I snuck into the room she was in, she was ready for me. The bed was squeaky so we had sex on the floor. We both cum, cuddle on the floor for a little bit before we clean her up. As I was walking towards the door to go back to my room, grandma busts in without knocking. Stunned, I make up a story about how she missed our parents and how we were just hanging out. I’m sure she suspected but never said anything. Had she walked in 1 minute earlier, she would have caught us wiping my cum off her stomach and tits.

yea i was on a pizza delivery and the house had a broken garage door and it was 2 am. their laundry and stuff was all in the garage so i just turned the corner after delivering the food knowing that had their interest walked into the garage and grabbed the first pair i saw

Alright, lets go.>2018, summer immediately junior year.>Volunteered at a recreational building with a large pool nearby.>Did it for college credits.>I was the only one volunteering during that summer, and basically had the place to myself.>Since the two doors to the upper floor were required to be locked, I always snuck into the female lifeguards bathroom and would snoop through used panties and other shit.>There were seriously no cameras, so I was not being spied on.>Would bust loads and all kinds of stuff on shirts, used bikinis, and other stuff.>Would lick and sniff panties.>One day I'm cleaning the managers office and noticed a picture on the table.>SHITITSMYFUCKINGCRUSH.>Boyfriend, mother(Manager), aunt, and her.>Once again, no camera.>Literally jerked off to the picture.>There was also a door to an old storage room that was open.>Oh, okay, another room to clean.>Walked in and its an apartment connected to the managers office.>Began cleaning and noticed more pictures and girly stuff.>Remembered her friends always talked about her apartment.>Its my fucking crushes apartment that she always talked about.>Began, once again, snooping around looking for shit.>Lingerie, vibrators, bikinis, panties, dirty clothes.>A computer.>Tried getting on it, but I couldn't.>Took all kinds of videos and pictures, and planned to upload them to 4chan.>Over that summer I jerked off in her bed and blew the most loads I have blown in my life.>After I graduated, I went to offload the shit I took onto a PC.>Dropped my fucking phone while walking into a movie theater in 2020.>Exploded, lost everything.Cont.

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>>899476602>Fast forward to late senior year.>Her boyfriend found out that someone had been snooping through her apartment.>She tried explaining that she didn't know who and doesn't know what to do.>She also had a thing on her PC to see any login attempts. MY login attempts.>He didnt believe her and beat the shit out of her.>Dude thought she was cheating.>They never found out it was me, and she hasn't had a boyfriend since graduation in 2020.>Found out she's getting married, so pic related.>After graduation I was going to offload all the shit I had on my phone onto a PC.>Again, I went to a movie theater with my sister and her boyfriend.>On the way in, I dropped my phone and it exploded.>Wasn't able to recover shit.

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I have a collection of my cousin's and they are still very young, been doing it for years.Can't post for obvious reasons

Used to steal back in HS and college. Had almost 100 pair from neighbors, crushes, cousins, ex and more. Miss those times.


I really fucking miss living with girls because I'd steal so many pairs

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>Couple years ago before ebay went to shit>Found girls I went to school with selling panties on ebay>Bought panties and covered them in buckets of cum>Bought nudes and dick ratings>Chat and get free nudes>Meet up and get free blowies and sexWomen are bad at business

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>>899477740I lived with 2 girls for a few years and used wear their panties and more all the time- use their dildos too. so much fun

>>899477827Most fucked up thing you did?

Stealing underwear and panties is my oldest kink, used to sneak into my cousin's room and go through her underwear drawer. She caught me a couple times..I'd take different pairs from girlfriends over the years.I jerked off and came on my wives step sister's panties all the time whenever we were dating. I'd constantly be left alone at their house while they went out to do something and I'd sneak in and jerk off with them and rub my cum all over the crotch.My freshman year of college I would steal panties out of the laundry room almost every day. I ended up with over 500 pairs of panties by the end of the year, never got caught surprisingly.I've came and took pics of some of my friends wives underwear whenever I've had the chance.It's so fucking addicting

Gf had 2 sisters, 17 and 20 years old. Hardest iv ever came was sniffing the 17 year olds panties while i wrapped the 20 year olds around my hard cock. Fucking hate myself for not keeping them.

>>899478455sounds fucking amazing ngl, nothing better than that

>>8994785446 years later i still have a wank at the memory of it

>>899478584I feel that, get so hard thinking of all the ones I've had wrapped around my cock

>>899478626Fuck it, im going to have a wank now over it

>>899478684hell yeah

>>899477740Took this while sitting across the table from the owner

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>>899478908oh I bet it drives you crazy to see them and think about it all over again

>>899478990Yeh, feels so fucking good knowing how i got to lick and sniff where her hot cunt had been

>>899479111nice tripstasting used panties was always the best, and then rubbing my cum all over the crotch and knowing that they'd have my cum against their pussy... mmm soo good

>>899475962Bumping for more

>>899478328what happened after she caught you?you ever got lucky or na?

>>899478796NGL, I'd totally suck you off like that.Got any panty pics showing off your ass?

>>899480917it actually happened after she had used me as basically a sex toy, so anytime she caught me she would take the opportunity to shove her pussy in my face and make her cum

When I used to house sit for a coworker she’d go on weeklong trips back home to visit family. I’d spend the week documenting her two daughters entire panty collection (12 & 16). Carefully laying out every single one before spending the entire week blowing a load into the crotch of all of them and then carefully putting them back in the drawers. Most were on the sexier end of the spectrum, their mom was pretty loose with rules and shit so there were a lot of see through and lacy VS/pink things, a the older daughter had some G-strings and one pair of crotch less panties (that one I’m not sure mom knew about…). Gets me hard to this day thinking about how their tight little slits had my cum all over them and they didn’t even know it.

>>899458028I use to steal my aunts thongs and underwear, growing up she lived with us in a small apartment with one bathroom. she would forget them in the shower or the bathroom floor, I always grabbed them and sniffed them, if they were already in the shower I’d wrap them around my dick and just stroke with themI’d cum on them and not even rinse them off, I’d leave them stained for her to findMakes me rock hard just thinking of all the times I would do this. There were times were I’d steal a certain pair only because I had seen her in them and I’d stash them in my bed for sniffing purposes and take them out at night and Jack off with them on. We shared a room so she had to know I was the only one stealing them and she must have heard me stroking with them late at nightGod I miss her panties!

>>899477972got all dolled up in one their's lingerie - camisole, thigh high, panties etc...then fucked myself on her bed. even left some load in the bed and on her panties. put everything back lol.

>>899482106>then fucked myself on her bedwith her glass dildo

>>899481154Did you not leave visible stains?

>>899481154>When I used to house sit for a coworkerI did that too. I tried on a lot of her panties and took the best pair. I wore them to work one day when we were working on a project together...sitting there thinking if she only knew I had her panties on right now lol

Never took/kept any, but have smelled and licked dozens. Sister, cousins, housemates, friend's girlfriends, coworkers. Pretty much any time the opportunity presents itself.My favorite was when my roommate and his big titty jewish girlfriend came home from a hike all sweaty. She stripped off and showered, leaving her sweaty clothes and panties on the floor of their room. Soon after, they went to the kitchen to make dinner and I snuck into their room and buried my face in her dripping wet panties and took several huge whiffs. Got me hard as a rock. I then stuffed the entire pair in my mouth with the gusset directly on my tongue. I then walked into the kitchen where they were and was in there with them for a minute or two. She never knew that I was sucking her gusset and savoring her sweaty pussy juices while making eye contact with her.God damn I want to do that again. Shit was so much fun!

>>899482538Fuck, why didn’t I think of that…

>>899458028Next chance I get I'm going to steal Nellie McKay's used panties.

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>>899468957Childminder? Looks who's gone all proper English on us.


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>>899483681 we need a pic of you wearing that!

You are not worried about stains when you cum over the panties? Sound exciting but dangerous lol

>>899484243Once I snuck inot my neighbors apt when they were on vacation. fooled around with a bunch of the 20something daughters panties...ended up leaving cum on her floor, in her bed and on some panties. I was so paranoid after the fact when they came home that they would CSI that shit and my DNA would be there but they never had a clue lol.

>>899484243Didn’t really care tbh

lots of them on my younger years. Once from my wife's cousin, her sister, classmates bags(you would be surprised how often they keep an extra pair with them all the time), once from some chick who made a tv show at our house(went through her bag when they were off to dinner to find something exciting, came with them and put them back) and like several times from people that I knew. Even the hot ones keep their clothes drying somewhere. Most of the times it's outside on the clothing line. Basicly I knew where a lot of them lived and if I didn't know, I would find out. Had my ways. Went back during the night and took if there were any. Went back home, sometimes even put them inside a ziplock bag and named them. Not even mentioning the times I have taken some stuff people left behind, anything from bathing suits to socks.God, the good old days.

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Used to steal panties all the timeIn high school and college. From neighbors, crushes, exes , cousin and more. So fun.

>>899484547 and nowadays being and adult you take them aswell? I think now is so dificult, apart from gf/wife

Been using my wife’s used panties from the hamper when I jerk off. I like to sniff and lick them. Then I cum on them and put them back in the hamper. She’s been complaining about my putting wet clothes in the hamper because it makes her clothes smell “musky” when she does the laundry. I tried them on once. Cross dressing isn’t for me.


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>>899484878The apartment maintenence guy left a master key here in my door so I can technically walk into any apartment I choose I just wish there was a way to know if the lil college slut on my floor has cameras in her apartment

>>899485056Just wear a mask, it's important to STAY SAFE

>>899485116I once watched her run out her room and down the hall in a skirt with half her ass out on Halloween not locking her door behind her and clearly drunk I'm so upset I didn't slip on the door and grab some


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Nothing like sneaking into a 10/10s bedroom right after she's changed

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>>899468957>When I was 7 my childminder dressed me in my sister's underwear a few timesSounds awful...

>>899486556Pic attached. Smelled like heaven

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>>899486626 pheeewww so wet, you have pic of her?

cousins panties

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>>899486967Fuck yes


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>>899487145Damn would have cum for her so quick