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Incest storiesPost themGay or straight welcome

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>>899428613>>899428712 (Me)Here is my gay incest greentext, please tell me if anyone faps to it, that is my fetish>Be 18, brother was 17, other bro was 12>I am bi but don't do the out thing cos I think it is silly, 17yo bro is openly gay>I am 6 foot, rugby player build, masculine, uncut 6.5" cock that is fairly thick, dark hair/eyes/skin (Brits, but Spanish ancestry, so blend in with the Meds)>He is same except much skinnier, much more effeminate, and more chesnut coloured>Go to Italy on family holiday>We were allowed wine cos parents are cool so we were flushed and tipsy>We went to the hotel and three boys sharing a room>Worry not, nothing sinister, the little bro is on his own in a small fold out bed in the corner and goes straight to sleep>Me and first brother are sharing a bed>I roll over to sleep and then make that fapping noise with my cheek whilst shaking the blanket>We laugh and he asks how often I fap and what to>I am a private person so tell him to fuck off>He presses me and I realise I won't get any sleep till I humour him so I tell him stuff>He tells me he saw gay porn on my ipad and he snooped my history>I was annoyed but whatever, he won't blackmail me, he does the same>He tells me he is a virgin, I tell him I had fugged girls but no men>He asks what porn I prefer and I show him stuff on my phone, mostly straight or hentai, some sexy Link though>He kinda snuggles up to me under the cover to get a look, and puts his hand on my thigh (both boxers only)>He tells me he is anxious about his cock and its size and thinks he wont please boys>He asks to compare sizes so I say sure but tell him I am a grower not a shower>He says he is hard from seeing my porn and encourages me to rub my dick a littleCONT

>>899457801Please remember to tell me if you are fapping to this, it gets me hard>I hesitate at this but he is breathing heavy, the wine has made us warm, the night is warm too>So I get caught up and start to tug it a bit>He breathes heavy on my shoulder>I pull it out from my shorts and we take the covers down>I shine my phone torch, careful not to wake up little bro who is snoring>I show him mine and he leans in, tells me it is bigger>I want to reassure him about his size so I ask to see it>he shows me and it is maybe skinnier but a tad longer>we lay side by side and compare>He says he is not sure so wants to get a closer look>he leans in and then grabs my cock and lets out this loud as fuck moan>he shudders and then without warning dives on it, putting it all in his mouth>I gasp and push him off but he is clamped>He is shaking with nerves and sucking for his life>I tell him to stop the moaning or we wake the other bro>He says sorry and moves up my body, licking my nipples and shit>He asks to know how it feels so I suck his dick back, my first too>he gets louder so I tell him we have to take it to the bathroomCONT

>>899457837>We are in the hotel room bathroom>slide door shut and he sits on the toilet lid>he goes to town, it is hot as fuck watching med twink slobber on my cock>He sucks for ages and I want to bust, so I ask>He says he isnt ready for this but wants to see me cum>He gets up off the seat and lifts it, then directs me to the toilet>he stands behind me, reaching around for my cock with one hand and caressing my ass with the other>he nibbles on my neck and kisses my skin as he beats me off>It is getting quite intense>we are both moaning and shit>he is rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks>I burst ropes and buckle at the knees>I am dizzy with post nut clarity hits>feel shame, I am dizzy as fuck>excuse myself as he is beating off and he doesn't say a word>I get in bed and regain my composure, he comes back in 10 minutes or so>we dont say a word and have not since, although a second run in almost happened.FinAny fappers?


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Visit my sister out of state every now and then. My favorite part of visiting is when she goes to work, and I can raid her laundry hamper and suck on her dirty panties

>>899458869If she's hot I will try to phish her snap. Hmu on kïk at leaveittobeaver11... Decent success rate lol

>>899457655I eat my sister's pussy

>>899462308Pic of her? When do you start?

>Wrote this out once kinda in a Nifty style cause it turned me on. But it is my true story, not a fantasy.It started getting sexual when I was 12. I was short and slender but muscled. I just started sprouting some hairs around my dick that was – at least when erected – a decent size for my age. My brother is three years younger than me. He was also kinda skinny then, but without any muscles to speak of and there was still some baby fat on him. His dick was tiny, even for a 9 year old. But he had a cute little butt with a small freckle right in the middle of each cheeck, which made them look a bit like boobs.On weekends when I was staying in bed a bit longer, he used to come into my bed in the mornings. To talk and to cuddle. That led to cuddling naked. The skin to skin felt so good and we pressed our dicks together. I didn't even know about masturbating, but apparently, he did, and one morning he thaught me.He hung out with some neighbour kids who were kinda spoiled and they had their own laptop and a decent internet connection. I'm talking early 2000'. They would watch porn and he learned from them how to masturbate and I guess he also did stuff with them, but I never got him to talk about that. I do know for a fact that one of those kids fucked his stepsister when they were both like 8. Anyway, my brother thaught me how to wank off, lying next to me.

>be me>jerking off really loud right now so my brother hears

Not that much later, my mom was out for shopping, we were in the living room, and out of nowhere he just yanked my pants down and took my still flacid dick into his mouth. I can tell you, it didn't take long to get hard! I had to stop him for a minute and ask to go to the bedroom, 'cause if anyone arrived home, we would be on full display. He didn't let go of my dick and we went up the stairs with him holding it. In the bedroom I told him how I had heard that gay men fuck each other in the butthole and asked if he wanted to try that. He enthousiastically offered me his ass. But we didn't know anything about lube so no succes. So I washed my dick and he continued with the sucking.From then on we used to suck each other off regularly. His dick was so sensitive that he didn't even let me roll back the foreskin. But I enjoyed having that little poker between my lips and swirling my tongue around it. I always made sure he had his dry cum. We also still took baths together. I remember one time vividly. I think I must have been 14 at that time so he was 11. We were in the tub, and he was sucking my dick. He was looking up to me, his face all red from excitement. I noticed how wide he had to open his mouth to get it to fit and I realised that my dick had grown a lot, almost to the 6,5" that I have now. I asked him " it's gotten big, no?" and he nodded, dick still in mouth.Still in the tub, I wanted to fuck his ass. I had the genius idea to use shampoo as lube. So it started slipping in quite well, but he immediately told me to stop, because it stung like crazy. To this day I regret not knowing more about lubrication. We could have had so much fun.

>>899462928Anyway, he wanted to get out of the tub. But my horny levels were trough the roof and I stopped him and started kissing his ass. He gave in. I was still sitting down and basically he sat on my mouth. My kisses started to turn into licks, more and more into his buttcrack. I couldn't resist it, and took a long hard lick against that cute hairless pink pucker. He moaned. I started exploring every wrinkle of his asshole with my tongue. I was enjoying very much and from the sounds of it, he was too. I could feel him loosen up and I even pushed my tongue in. At that point it got a bit too gay and dirty for him and he got out of the tub.Because the buttfucking wasn't working out, we developed a thing where I would hump my dick against his asshole while wanking him off. I would stop the wanking from time to time to make it last longer. I remember one time on vacation with our parents sailboat, our parents went shopping and we had just discovered the town so didn't go with them. As soon as they were gone, he pulled down his pants and offered me his ass to hump. Oh, that eagerness! Sometimes we got so horny that we didn't care if my sister or parents were at home. There was this time I was lying on my back, he got on top of me, put my cock between his asscheecks and jerked me off like that until I'd cum. It was so nice to see the tip appear with each thrust between his litte buns. We were on the floor in my room, which was in the attic. The entrance was just a hole in the floor, no door. The suspense made it only hotter.When he had to go to secondary school, he made clear that he didn't want it anymore. I think I still got half a blowjob like a year later. But that was it. And we never talked about it anymore.

>>899457866Dubs, fapping. Love this story, id be filling that twink brat every night lol.

>>899457801Fapping. A shame the youngest didn't get included in the fun! Yes, I am 'sinister' like that.

I had a short covid related relationship with my cousin. Came in/on every inch of her.

>>899464394Pic rel

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I'm pretty sure my cousin molested me but it could be a false memory. Its was me at like 9 or 10, male. She was maybe 15. Kissing blowing hand job.


>>899465466>could be a false memoryhow did you come to remember it? thats ususally how to sus it out

>>899457655My sister and I relieved each other for a few years in high school. It ended awkwardly with a pregnancy scare and we don't talk about it anymore.

>>899468130How would you “relieve” each other?

>>899468931Mostly handjobs/fingering and oral. Actual sex lasted less than a year.

last year when i was 29 my sister 20 and i used to grapple and it was just an excuse to grope eeach othershe later had a manic episode and showed me her vibrator and she really wanted to fuck


My cousin fucked my sister

>>899469866good for him

>>899469866Howd it go down?

>>899470242in Argentina my 25 yo cousin fucked my 16 yo sister. not sure how it went done but cousin went to live in europe should after

>>899470365How do you know this?

I (m) got molested by my dad.

>>899470568it became a big thing within our families. Same cousin fucked two other cousins and his 13 yo sister

A year ago, out of the blue my cousin, she was 19 at the time asked me if she could stay the night at my place because she had to visit the city I live in last minute. It kinda caught me off guard, because I haven't seen her or talked to her in probably more than 5 years, but I agreed. The woman that came in through the door was not someone I remembered at all, and she was smoking hot I mean 9/10 at least. The tension was palpable immediately, and we ended up making out on the couch and then fucking twice that night. We never spoke about it ever again or did it again, but she's moving into the city soon and I think we might end up spending some time together at some point so who knows.

>>899470601Has anyone said exactly what happened? or how they got caught?

>>899470601Did they want it?

Woke up one weekend to my little niece trying to put my dick in her pussy.

>>899470680this guy is the typical creepy uncle eventhoug hes a cousin. he's always been firty with every female relative and it came out he fucked my sis two other underaged cousins and his sister and he escaped to italy>>899470701idk they came they were taken advantage off though so i think no

>>899470837How little?


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i sniff the fuck out of my little sisters asshole when she sleeps

I fathered my "cousin" when I was a kid.>be 11>aunt who lives with us at the time thinks it'd be fun to casually take my virginity one day while my mom is out visiting a friend from college who was in town>she brings me to her room, asks me to sit on her bed and undress, and she takes off her panties in turn>unceremoniously begins riding me, clearly getting off from the power dynamic more than the sex itself>start to feel like I need to pee or something, but I was too overwhelmed and embarrassed to say anything>I cum for the first time in my life inside my aunt, but she's kinda lost in her enjoyment and doesn't realize what's happened until I'm just about done spurting>she hops off immediately after and starts angrily freaking the fuck out at me, yelling at me that I should've warned her (when I knew basically nothing about sex) and that I should've been too young to be able to cum; kicks me out of her room>later that evening she comes into my room and weakly apologizes for her freakout, telling me that I can't tell anyone about what happened and how she won't eitherThings at this point consist more of secondhand accounts I got years after the matter, so details may be hazy.>about a week later she gets a pregnancy test and it came back positive>the guilt is ripping her up and she eventually tells my mom what she did to me, my mom is understandably furious>she apparently gave her a decent sum of money to add to her own funds she'd been gradually setting aside for moving out, enough to kick her out immediately (she was pushed into like the first or second apartment they could find on her budget and my mom told her to basically make it work)>mom sits me down after she leaves, telling me that what happened was wrong but I wasn't at fault for it, giving me a barebones sex ed>she lied to me for years assuring me that I wasn't actually the one who got my aunt pregnant, until she admitted it in high school (though I put it together years before she told me)

>>899457655Not really incest, but I accidentally saw my younger sister’s long term boyfriend’s dick and he’s packing. Since then I have impure thoughts of my sister getting railed by BWC.

>>899471325she hops off immediately after and starts angrily freaking the fuck out at me, yelling at me that I should've warned her (when I knew basically nothing about sex) and that I should've been too young to be able to cumClassic.

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>>899471325How do you feel about it now? Was she hot?

bump for some brother sister stories or stolen pics of sisters


>>899471486Pissed, but not vengeful myself since my mom made damn sure that my aunt will never expect or ask for money from either of us; I honestly enjoyed the sex part before her freakout (plus how many other guys can say that their very first nut was inside a pussy, without protection?). She wasn't outright ostracized from the family since only the three of us know (AFAIK her semi-recent husband has no idea that I'm the father of his stepdaughter), but my mom has definitely made it an order of business to interact with her as rarely as possible.>is she hot?Not really, more kinda cute. Kinda.A bizarre wrinkle is that my mom actually did something with me too after. When she had that impromptu sex-ed talk with me, I talked about how I loved how it felt and I want that again. She hesitantly told me she could show me how I could without needing someone else, and the next day she jerked me off to show me how masturbation works. She made it clear that she would absolutely never ever do anything sexual with me after this, and true to her word, she never has since.

Couple. Older brother and cousin taught me how to masturbate. Pulled out their cocks and showed me them stroking. Told me how good it feels. Had me pull my little one out and do the same as them. They both shoot ropes, I just throb and feel good when I “cum”. Turns into a regular thing while watching porn together. Also find parents porn collection. Proceed to watch with sisters when home alone. Turns into me pulling out my cock and jerking off. They watch but no touching. Happens a few times. Me and sis start playing together, just stripping and rubbing. First over clothes then eventually naked. No penetration ever. Only happens a few times. Get older. Never talk about any of this again.

>>899457655I've got this weird semi fuck buddy thing with my daughter. There was a time back when she was 11 that we had some non penetrative fun over an extended weekend. Ended up getting a divorce and then nothing happened again until she was 16 where she initiated and that lasted for maybe a little over a year. Nothing after that until her school sent her home during the initial stages of the pandemic that was maybe a month of just craziness. Then it sort if quieted down until last summer and now it's a somewhat frequent thing, maybe 2-3 times a month.

>>899458767I was there at that time of this. Was it legit?

Lost my virginity in a gb with my cousins in 7th grade.


>>899457801Not fapping but when I was 8 the Asian boy next door and his sisters invited me in to play with them and then took turns giving me blowjobs while giggling amongst themselves. They were all my age or slightly older. Had my first dry orgasm with them and from that day until we moved I spent all my free time with them.My favorite memories are of him lovingly dragging his lips up and down my cock as his sisters giggled and all their eyes glittered.I have a fetish for WMAx from them.

>>899472126How old is your cousin now?

>>899472481what were the crazy times post initial pandemic, and how does it happen now?

>>899471325Similar thing happened to me without the pregnancy and that I was 17. I stayed with my aunt for a week one summer when she was fresh off her divorce. My uncle had the kids and my parents were out of town so I had to stay and keep her company/look out for her.

>>899457655I was 18, was playing with my girl cousin, at some point put my hand in her panties when we are alone in the room, masturbate her clit and made her cum. I was ultra pussy, inexperienced and freaked out, she was ten. Still see her, kinda awkward but all is ok

> cousinboring

>>899471325Your mom sounds like a good woman.

>>899472098Well greentext that shit

>>899473782That’s hot. I love their little faces when they cum.

>>899457655Older cousin used to grind against my face to get off.


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>>899474330Who is that?

>>89947352714. She's developing nicely. From what I've seen in old family photos, she absolutely decimates her mom. I'm not interested in actually doing anything with her, but I'd be lying if I said she wasn't an occasional visitor to my mental spank bank.>>899473953She really is. I'm actually grateful in retrospect that she's done nothing to me besides jerking me off that one time.

Gave my brother a handjob when we were younger. We used to fool about and it somehow progressed. Hairless dick and balls and dry orgasm - but he seemed to like it as he came back for more>Pre-pubescent dicks are so cute when hard

>>899474650How’s the aunt looking now?

>>899474650post either of them?

>>899474960Not a trainwreck but age and motherhood have definitely taken their toll on her. I think that her finding a husband helped a bit though.

>>899475308And he doesn’t know anything? Who does he think fathered his step daughter?

>>899462882>>899462928>>899462960Absolutely kino story

>>899463106Glad you like it user :)>>899463226Hang from the neck until dead you useless sack of ahit

>>899475337The narrative she's gone with is that she had a regrettable one-night stand with her ex-husband after having separated.

>>899471485Did you know if you highlight the text whilst clicking the post number, it auto greentexts it for you? The more you know.

>>899475733And the ex never denied it?

>>899472126>the next day she jerked me off to show me how masturbation works.

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>>899476021Luckily the ex seems to have gone way the fuck off the family's radar pretty soon after their divorce and hasn't maintained contact. Last I heard he was maybe out in like Bumfuck, Utah doing something relating to oil drilling, but that was over a decade ago.

>>899476217Got it. Does your mom let you see the aunt?

>>899472994>gbA what now?

>>899457655>>899464394>>899472055Fairly certain that pandemic created a bunch of incest scenarios. My sister and I were always friendly and close. People always commented on it. I was living in and working in a major city when the shut down happened. My sister was finishing up her 3rd senior semester at college. Our dad's already dead, mom has health issues. Sister's school gets closed down. She decides to move in with me instead of my mom to prevent my mom from getting sick. My place is maybe a slightly larger than average one bedroom. Sister says she's fine sleeping on couch. Doom and dread set in. Just start drinking and getting high and watching shows and movies. We start getting more casual with each other. Changing in front of each other, her just wearing underwear around the place. I don't know what the catalyst was but one night we're watching something and she's starts being playful, putting her feet in my face then tickling me. End up in a bit of a wrestling match, she's just wearing a t shirt and a thong, end up with her on top pussy near my face and I can smell the excitement and musk and just need it, mouth on her pussy through her panties then pull them aside she's grinding on my face and reaching back to grab my dick. She cums, then gets up takes her panties off, sits down reverse cowgirl and rides me, looks back at me and has this sort of eyes half closed look biting her lip and nodding at me, I grab her ass with both hands and just start slamming her down. I'm just growling, announce I'm going to cum, she gets off and just swallows my hole dick and I nut down her throat. She crawls on top of me and just starts kissing me all over. We lay there for a bit. Pass out in each others arms.

>>899472481Details my man, details

>>899476366Yep, cousin guy here. Pretty much how it happened with us. But it kept going. How long did yours last?

>more than 0 replies

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>>899457801FappingHotI want to fuck my cousin, because she is insanely smart, but I probably never will. At least I still have an interesting sex life without her.

A couple years ago, I went on a trip to Paris and hooked up with my mom and sister.I always had crushes on both of them, so I was upfront with both of them about what I wanted to do with them. Sis was a little put off, to say the least, but mom was understanding and even willing to try it out. After me and mom did our first few awkward times together, Sis eventually caved and joined in. We fooled around together for that entire trip, agreeing that anything that happens in Paris stays between family.Sadly, that trip was the only time I got to hook up with my sister, but me and my mom have been going on sex trips just the two of us, with my sister's approval.(pic related is few pics I got of mom)

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>>899476806Nice to hear you like my story. You bi? Ever done anything with young guys?

>>899476394There's a lot there. What do you specifically want to know.

>>899476302She doesn't stop me but I don't really go out of my way to see her often. I feel kind of bad about being so distant with my daughter, but I also want to make sure that no suspicion is raised.

>>899476999Nice trips. I wonder if you could have her again if you tried

>>899476423It hasn't really ended just less frequent because I ended up moving and she started got into grad school last year. We're about 2 hours from each other. So lots of talking still which was something we always did anyways but she maybe visits once or twice a month. Over the holidays we actually took a vacation together. Just a remote cabin which was fun. We're going to do something in July together don't know what but plan on spending two weeks together alone.

>>899476958First time it went all the way when she was 16 or whatever.

>>899477160Nice! Can we see her tits?

>>899476366Nah dude what the fuck lmao

>>899477180My ex was difficult throughout and after the divorce. I was alienated from my daughter but also didn't press anything because didn't want her getting involved in the adult drama and didn't want it to come up that daughter and I had done something before. Probably not the best decision but when she was 15ish she started reaching out a bit more and started coming over. She got a job and a car so then there was nothing after that my ex could do to prevent her from coming over. She'd come over after work we'd chat then she'd clean up and go out with her friends. My place became a safe haven from her mom and also a place to hide out if drunk or high. One night she didn't want to go out so we ended up just chatting while watching tv. Conversation turned to why I kept my distance. She brought up our previous exploits and I started to apologize. She said it was okay that she still thought about it a lot and that was the closest she felt to me. Again I apologized. Sort of got awkward, a bit of silence. I got up to go to the kitchen when I came back out she was in the door way and she just hugged me but then started to kiss my neck and I just mumbled something but she reaffirmed that she just thought about it a lot and I confessed that I did too. Ended up in my room, eating her out and her holding my head while squealing out oh my god dad. When I entered her it felt so good. She clamped down on me. I didn't last long at all. Pulled out and busted on her stomach. She let me know for next time she was actually on the pill. We ended up showering together and she was just super giddy and happy. Went back to bed and watched netflix until I fell asleep. Woke up next to her. She was awake and just watching me. Blew me and then I returned the favor. We continued to fool around all that day until she had to go into work. When she got home the casual fun we had was gone. It was just lust that night. Her just being almost insatiable. Barely kept up

>from Sicilian family>summer about decade ago family from different parts of world flying back home for a cousin’s wedding>grandpa is super rich has an estate there.>me and my other cousin live in Chicago (call him Joe) with our families. Im 16 at the time and he’s 17. We all go together back to Sicily>arrive there. Meet a bunch of Sicilian cousin’s for first time.>one is a 15 y/o girl (calling here Lilia). >she takes me and cousin from Chicago to hang out together for most of the time. Walk around the olive groves near grandpa’s estate or go into town for ice creams and to meet up with other ppl our age. >a lot of cute girls and all super interested in us. One is Lilia’s best friend.>she takes a liking to Joe.>one of the days he goes alone to hang out with her>Lilia and I hang out alone and she’s annoyed that Joe is with her friend. Tells me for sure that they’ll fool around if he hangs with her too much because she’s a slut.>tells me to try and lure her from Joe next time we hang out.>next day the three of us (me Joe and Lilia) do another walk at the olive groves a mile away from the main house.>just sitting under trees drinking soda. I’m bored and tell them I’m going back home. They stay there tell me they’ll follow in a little while.>get home, grandparents tell me to go call Joe and Lilia back home for dinner>go back out to grove.>I’m a little ways away from where they’re hanging out when I hear strange noises. Lilia yelping and murmuring.>sneak about 30 yards away behind some bushes and spy Lilia leaning against a tree with her skirt up getting railed hard by Joe. >he’s reaming her super hard and can see the penetration and everything from my vantage point.>she’s got a surprisingly huge pale ass which is deceptive because she seems so skinny everywhere else.>I come to me senses and get queezy and sneak back off to the house. >that night in the shower and I fap furiously to that image burned into my head

>>899477458Just this once

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>>899478381nice. you cum in her?

I sort of manipulated my MILFy aunt's divorce into fucking her daily for about 3.5 years.I'd love to green text it if anyone is still around and interested.

>>899476691Kek. Larpers never get tired of lying to eachother.

>>899478243Italian people are inbreeding fucks. And are attractive as shit. So they have no shame and the fucking pepperoni in their veins makes them fuck like wild animals so I can definately confirm that Italian people all do some incestual shit with multiple family members before the age of 18 and never speak of it again. >>Can confirm, 100% italian american fag.

>>899478862All the time

>>899479062still interested>>899478071where did you move from here? did she just start coming over more often to get railed? take her on any family vacations?

>>899480069same bro fucked sister and i ficked my mom and aunt when i was younger

>>899478381love the nip piercings

>>899473958>babysit for my sister every weekend, niece stays over almost every Friday>wake up one morning and she's in bed with me>I'm on my side facing her>She has my dick out and is rubbing it against her pussy>She gets the head in and starts rocking her hips>She tenses up and gets stiff>the head of my dick goes in a little deeper >I cum >She gets up and quickly leaves the roomI was pretending to still be sleeping so I don't think she knows I was awake. She gets dropped off tomorrow night.

>>899481106Hot as fuck, if you’ll forgive the terrible pun.

>>899481106it can’t be easy to cum while pretending to be asleep, and how would you even not thrust into that little hot thing?

i used to suck my dads cock but sadly im male

>>899481106Was she naked, what does she look like? Has she tried anything like that before?

>>899482064She took her pants off and was still wearing her pajama shirt. I don't know if she did anything like that before. I only woke up to that once.

>>899481404I was trying my best to stay still but when she got stiff her pussy got so tight I pushed in a little then I came.

>>899482239Whats her hair and eye color, what does she look like, what did her pussy look like?

>>899472126You cum on your mom?

>>899482327Her hair is straight brown hair just past her shoulders, her eyes are brown. She really petite, smallest one in her class.I didn't see her pussy, only the top of her head.

>>899482498Did she make any noises, what did her hands and when she was putting your dick inside herself feel like? Did you see any of her body after when she was leaving?

>>899472481kill yourselfplease

>>899457655My cousin and I fucked in our early teens, especially during the summers when we were at our grandparents left to our own devices. Resumed again as adults when the intention of getting her pregnant because she and her husband weren't having any success. She filed for divorce when she found out he was cheating. Irony not lost on me. We took a break but continued fucking for maybe 6 months once the divorce was finalized

>>899473782kill yourself

>>899476347Gangbang. Lrn 2 context.

>>899480674>Where did it goIt was more of the same for maybe a month, then died down a bit. Summer came along and it was just random. She'd announce she was coming over and more often than not she'd initiate. Then tapered off again once school started and by then end of her Junior year in high school was pretty much nonexistent.No family vacations at that time.

>>899478862I'm not into the alt scene girls but love playing with her pierced nipples. Love how they feel in my mouth and honestly really amazing being able to get a chick off with just nipple play

>>899479062>>899480674Sorry for the delay, had to run. gonna green text, hopefully people are still interested.> be me 16 at the time> have a 39 year old aunt named C> my mother's little sister> have two cousins, older female 17 at the time and younger male 15> they're now irrelevant to this story> anyways, C is married to this fucking loser named G> in late spring C finds out that G has been having multiple affairs> all of the women were supposedly younger and he described them to her as "better" during the divorce> basically my entire family hates G> C goes fucking mental> once the divorce was finalized she literally just dipped out> cousins come to live with my family> skip a bit into the future C shows back up right in the middle of summer> it honestly was super fucking awkward> both my cousins did not like her that much> but she apparently apologized and they talked shit out> they move back in with C> new house, new things, new everything> including a pool> things seemed to be going great> my mom felt terrible for C and so we spent a lot of time with them after that> one day we're hanging out and I get invited to come over and swim with my cousins in a couple days> a few days go by, it's time to go swim> I head over to their house> only my female cousins car is there> weird but okay> so I walk right in, probably should've knocked but I thought I was invited> house is silent> call out their names, no response> must be in the pool> head towards the back door and as I'm about to open the door and go out> I see C laying by the pool> completely naked> and holy fuck boys> the best view I've ever seen> laying on a towel by the side of the pool> pile of her clothes right next to her> working on her tan> DD milf tits, barely no tan lines, wearing sun glasses, and a trimmed bush

>>899485245keep going

>>899485245> I didn't stop staring> it seemed like forever but it must've probably been about 5 minutes> then she flipped over> not fucking blinking I watch as she leans over on her arm> tits hanging and god they looked amazing> imagine perfect milf tits, that's what it was like> then she laid down on her stomach and showed off her ass> not AMAZING or anything, but phat enough to where it jiggled just right> I was fixated on her> it felt like I couldn't move> but I was also confused> where was everyone> I didn't care, this was better> so I stood there, staring out the backdoor> mind blown staring at my aunts naked body> finally she started to get up> I started to freak out> how could I play this off> I watched her put her bikini back on and then start to get up> when I say I fucking sprinted, I mean it> I ran towards the door and left the house> I got back into my car and then acted like I was just now pulling up> honked once and then walked up to the front door> I knocked and prayed she was back inside> a couple moments later she opens the door> she's wearing the bikini, the towel she was laying on wrapped around her waist> looking amazing> "oh hi user! what's up?" she looks confused> "hey C, nothing I just thought we were all swimming today?"> she looks back into the house quickly and then back to me> "oh that's right! S (her son) invited you over..."> I nod, my head swirling just thinking of her tits> "yeah, is he here?"> she shook her head "no, I'm sorry he got invited to hangout with his girlfriend today"> ahhh okay> I nod "well that sucks, oh well!"> "you can still swim if you want!" she says and smiles at me> completely oblivious to everything> I played dumb, looked down at my swimming trunks and then back to her> "well I was excited to swim!" > she smiles bigger and steps back, inviting me inside

>>899473590There were a couple of weeks there when we assumed we were all going to die so we just fucked each other to just be numb to the world. Then when we realized nothing was going to happen started experimenting a bit with some bdsm

>>899480862no u didnt

My much older cousin and I had some fun a bunch of fun some years ago.>cousin texts me about finding something for dinner.>clean house, do laundry, feed dogs etc>run out for groceries to cook dinner >cousin gets home from work>she says thank you for taking care of the dogs and doing the laundry. You don’t have to do all that. Focus on getting on your feet.>I say thank you to her for letting me stay and that I’ll cook tonight>get back to the house and start fixing up a dinner for 2.>cousin gets home and gives me a huge hug. At this point hugs aren’t weird. She’s always been cool and we’ve always had a good relationship. >she goes to her room and starts the shower. >dinner is done. Finding a movie to watch.>she comes out in pajamas that are way too small for herCousin is blonde and about 5’6 140lbs and curvy. NOT a fat ass but nice thick curvy>we eat and watched episodes of some show>chit chat about her friends going to the bar tonight>couple hours later I’m dozing off on the couch while she’s watching the show. >I’m still not fully asleep but I notice her adjust. >her hands are on my legs and she pushes me to sit more sideways on the couch. >move just enough for her to grab my shorts and swiftly rip them down>uhhhhhWHATareyoudoing!?.jpeg>she looks me in the eyes as she grabs my quickly swelling dick and says “just let it happen, I think you deserve it”>dick hardest it’s ever been>she starts giving me some of the smoothest most methodical head I’ve ever gotten >I’m so into it I stop her and get up and take my shorts off and shirt completely>she gets down to the floor on her knees and continues>looks up at me again and just says “tell me when” >not long after I look at her and tell her I’m getting close>Gluck Gluck super sucker 9000 beast mode engages >she cranks it up just for the orgasm and aggressively sucks and swallows my load without missing a beat. >we both fall back on the couch and chill out

>>899485807Sounds hot. Keep going

>>899485661>>899485635you got it> I look back at my car and then walk inside again> "So where is B?" (my older cousin)> "oh she's at the mall with some friends" C tells me> so she's here all alone> knowing she tans naked when she's alone is so fucking hot> "were you about to swim?" I ask her as I walk towards the back door> "I actually just finished up laying out and was going to grab some water before getting in!"> interesting> "oh cool, can I have some too?"> in my mind I'm acting super chill and trying not to give anything away> disregarding the boner I've got and I was probably sounding stupid as fuck> "of course, then we can swim!"> follow her into the kitchen, wishing she would lose the towel> she grabs us to glasses of water> grabs me a towel from their laundry room> then comes back and motions towards the back door> she follows me and I open it for her and let her go first> we put our things down on a table and she finally loses the towel> it took all my willpower not to just check her out from head to toe> "well I'm going to get in!" she says, all cheerfully and everything> it honestly was a bit weird, the first time I'd been alone with her since her divorce and disappearance> "ok!" I said back, and then began to watch her as she walked over to the stairs and slowly walked into the pool> I took my shirt off and my shoes and then walked to the diving board> "you're just going to jump!?" she asked> I nod "yeah I'm stupid like that"> she laughed > I jumped in and then swam over to where I could touch> stood up and she's 2 feet away from me> "oh hey" I said in surprise> "oops sorry!" she says and backs up> we sort of just swam in awkward silence after that for a bit> then it got more weird, but it needed to for this shit to pop off> she goes "hey user, can I talk to you about something?"> I wiped water off my face and nodded> looked over and she's sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in

fucked my tomboy niece while on vacation with her

>>899485952Her coming home and giving me head after dinner became a regular thing and it was never awkward. We had our fun to say the least. She had been single for years and her daughter was in college. I only stayed at her place for about 6 months.>she gets home from work and she says her friends are going to the bar and invites me>I don’t really care to go because fuck spending so much Money at the bar but I might get head out of it>we get ready and rol to the bar>lots of drinking with her friends (whom I eventually hooked up with)>last call comes around and we leave for the house>get inside and immediately shower I thought she went to her room to shower in her bathroom but I was wrong>I’m covered in soap and hear the open and then the curtain>before I even rinse the soap from my face I feel her fingers tips tracing all over me>she says turn around >beautiful tits are against me as we kiss in the shower and her hands are giving my cock and balls a nice rub down>drops to her knees and proceeds to swallow my cock effortlessly in the shower…

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>>899486114> "I just want to apologize for me leaving, but I really want to say thank you for being such good friends and cousins to S and B"> I nod, not knowing what to say> she filled the silence> "I just know that you really helped, S in particular"> "oh well yeah, he's cool and didn't want him to get all depressed over things"> she nodded "yeah you really helped"> I smiled softly but awkwardly> then she just kept going> "I just really needed some time away and I felt so bad about myself.."> "I didn't know how to handle what happened..."> blah blah blah> then finally the opening I didn't know I needed> "it just really wrecked me to think that I was undesirable"> self esteem issues> check mate> but I didn't really know it was right then> my dumb ass goes "what do you mean undesirable?"> she looked over at me all sad like> I felt like shit tbh> "I guess just that G was going after all these younger, more attractive women, and it hurt me"> without thinking, and I'm glad my brain was controlled by my dick at that point> "well G is a fucking idiot because you're super hot"> it just rolled off my tongue> my brain didn't even process the thought> she looked at me a bit shocked> then she blushed and laughed> "oh well user... that's sweet of you"> I was speechless, having just admitted to my aunt that I thought she was hot> my eyes flicked down to her tits> she noticed and swear she smirked> "super hot huh?" she asked> I looked around nervously and didn't know how to respond> she wouldn't budge though, she kept waiting for an answer> I nodded finally, "uh yeah... sorry that's weird.."> she shook her head and smiled> "no it's okay, that's nice to hear.."> more awkward silence> my nervous ass brain filled it> "and don't worry, I know that my friends think you're a total milf too"> she raised her eyebrows and looked at me> intrigue came over her face> "what does that mean?"

>>899486323That’s a story I want details about

>>899457655On a family trip. Me, my male cousin and our female cousin decided to do some heavy drinking one night. She got absoluted blasted trying to keep up. Then the drunk college slut start showing up and kissing lead to us taking turns on her and then spit roasting her.

>>899486539what do you want to hear?

>>899486539I thought it was my nephew.


>>899486601Christ, the whole fucking story including age difference, how it got started, the little details of how it felt, Y’know the good stuff


>>899473674Tell us more

>>899458767Is there more of this?


>>899486324>she knows how to finish me and just goes for the kill. Hands down the best head ever. >I tell her him about to cum and like usual, burries my cock and swallows. Again, effortlessly. Her neck is an open void to her torso. She has some gag reflex but really not much>we shower and get out>I’m headed to bed now because in my mind getting head is usually the night cap. Usually.>get dressed turn lights off and lay down>while looking at my phone I see a text “You can sleep in here tonight if you want to. Would be nice” >AreWeAbouttofuck.png>I text back “maybe”next text is a picture >it’s a blurry picture of her sopping wet pussy that she’s clearly been working on since we jumped out the shower>I levitate from my bed and fly across the house to her room >open door to see her naked in bed with the lamp on She whispers “we’re just having fun” > my clothes evaporate and I crawl up to her>begin making out and getting the tip of my cock into positionFor those that know, when a woman is hot and ready. There is no tightness. There is no barrier. >my cock meets her wetness and glides in>no resistance, only hot wet walls and my tip barely touching her cervixWhat follows is hot drunk sex between myself and my older cousin. She let me dump loads in her almost every day for the next few months until I moved out. These days I’m married and happy with my situation but it would be super difficult to turn my cousin down if opportunities every presented.

>>899486515> my heart sank> was I really about to explain the meaning of MILF to my aunt> idk why I said it> probably thinking with my dick still> "oh uh... that's just a word to describe... like hot moms"> she smiled a bit> "would you use that word?"> "uh what do you mean?"> "would you say that I'm a total MILF?"> wtf do I do> I looked around and avoided her eye contact> "hello?" she said playfully> I looked back at her and then nodded> "yeah.. I would say that about you"> the gratification she felt was very much expressed on her face> "well thank you" she said and I swear she bit her lip just a little> "ummm you're welcome" I said back> "so you think that other boys think I'm hot? and not undesirable"> I nodded and she slipped into the pool> "yeah definitely"> she walked around in the shallow end for a bit and then turned towards me> "that's so good to hear after everything.. makes me feel good" and smiled> she walked slowly over to me and stood about 2 feet away again> "can I tell you a secret user?"> bro wtf is happening> look around and then back at her> "I guess?"> she smiled and then took another half step towards me> "I heard your car door shut about 20 minutes before you knocked on the door"> oh fuck me> panic, straight fucking panic> "oh uh yeah.. I uh.. I tried knocking and no one answered so I went back to my car!"> it seemed plausible in the 2.4 seconds it took to think up a lie> she smiled and then said> "also the rug in the entry hall was messed up.. and I swept it yesterday, both my kids left through the garage"> shit, shit, shit> "um... that's weird"> "is it?" she asks slyly and raises an eyebrow at me> "yeah??" > I was just all in on the lie> "I think it's not that weird, and I think that you came in the house... and you saw something you probably shouldn't have"> I shook my head violently> no way was I going to admit to this> already having told her I think she's a milf

>>899486707Glad to hear it. What's your cock like?

>>899487005>I levitate from my bed and fly across the house to her room I kek'd

>>899457655Lived with my aunt and uncle for a few years. My uncle, I guess groomed me. I didnt mind so much. Enjoyed the extra attention. Used to love coming home from school then him just eating me out while I watched tv. Got to the point I was craving his dick in me. We kept it all a secret but looking back my aunt 100% knew.

>>899487171Ages involved?


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>>899487089Hard to explain the excitement in my body when I knew we were about to fuck lol.


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>>899487318Nice. Would mutually suck you too user ;)

>>899487008>>899487000> she put everything together> there really wasn't any denying it> "but that's okay..."> my eyes darted to hers and widened> she laughed and then nodded> "did you enjoy what you saw?"> she looked down at my chest and then down to her own> her eyes slid back up to make contact with mine> she waited> I had no idea what to say> but I had to say something> "um.. yeah.. I did"> and then she took another step> inches away from me> I was so tense> she was so relaxed> "would you like a better look?"> FUCK> my heart was pounding> she was looking up at me> looking amazing in her bikini> I nodded "yes please"> and she smirked> "such good manners" she said and then her hands reached around her back> I knew immediately what was going to happen> she untied the bikini top> and then took it off> I probably whimpered> I felt her hand grab mine and pulled me back towards the shallower end of the pool> she stopped right where her tits were barely touching the water> both of them exposed to me> I couldn't look away> she still had my hand in hers> she pulled it up and put it on her left boob> "you can touch me" she whispered> I looked into her eyes> she was feral> it was crazy, you could just see in her eyes how bad she wanted attention

>>899487219I was 9 when I moved in with them. I don't know when the "grooming" started but the first time that he actually did something to me other than grabbing some feels was a few weeks before my 11 birthday. Lasted until I was 15. I think he and my aunt were in their early 30s when I came to live with them. Maybe he was 31 and she was 29. My aunt is my mom's younger sister.

>>899487368Would let. What was the second run in?

>>899487419describe your first time

>>899487429Nothing special. Another holiday. Same scenario but me and the small bro were sharing the bed and he was in the other free bed. After little bro dozed off, middle bro started to jerk off. He knew I was there and put on a bit of a show. Got a towel and started to buck around and writhe. He came hard and into the towel. I asked for it and he tossed it across the small gap. I jerk into it as he went to the bathroom to clean up. Guess he got me back for leaving him to finish himself off that time.

>>899487386God I must know the fate of user and his auntie


>>899487386> so I touched her> my hand softly groped her boob > she stood there looking up at me> I wasn't paying attention to anything else> I felt her hand on me> on my crotch> she grabbed as much of my bulge as she could> and squeezed softly> I gasped and moaned a little> she leaned up and kissed me> her hand began playing with my dick> I kissed her back> not my first kiss> not my first time getting my dick touched either> but I was so out of my league> she broke away from my mouth and whispered> "I need you user.. I need you to show me I'm worth something"> it was shaky> but it was so hot> knowing she was so desperate for love and attention that she'd fool around with her sister's oldest kid> "make me feel wanted.. please" she whispered> and I kissed her again> squeezed her boob and she moaned> I felt her other hand reach out and grab the draw string of my swim trunks> she quickly untied them and loosened them> her thumbs slid into my waist band and quickly pulled it down to around my thighs> my cock sprang free> her hand grabbed it and slowly began to stroke me> I kissed her harder and my other hand started playing with her other boob> slowly I led her back into deeper water> letting the water conceal us> she was up to her shoulders and I was mid chest> her hand stroking my cock as we made out and I played with her boobs and nips> I took a hand away and slid it down her side, down to her ass and grabbed it> she moaned again in my mouth> she broke the kiss and looked up at me> "this HAS to be a secret.. okay??"> I nodded, no way anyone would ever find out> "good, but this won't be the only time" she said and smirked> I smirked back and nodded> "one of many" I said and kissed her again> I slid my hand under her bikini bottoms and grabbed her bare ass> my fingers sliding in her ass crack and fingering around her asshole and pussy> she moaned louder> I was over any nerves> I knew what I wanted

>>899487700Sorry I don't do social media. Just this place :( feel free to post stuff here though.

>>899487419When did you "understand" what was really happening, and when did you start liking it?

>>899487804I have a tale of youthful dick play, hoping I have it typed up still somewhere.

>>899487804Let's see what you got. Ever play around with friends while young?

Went to a cottage with my family when i was 15 got drunk with some girl i met and we fucked next day i found out my extended family owns every cottage on the road and it was my cousin

>>899487533My aunt was out of the house for some reason that I can't remember. He and I spent the day together and I was having the time of my life. We come back after lunch. They had an above ground pool. He said he had a surprise for me, it was a new bathing suit. It was my first bikini so I was super happy about that didn't realize how revealing it was until after swimming for a bit. He was just watching me. When the top fell of he said it was okay to just leave it off. When we went inside he wrapped a towel around us, could feel his dick hard against me. Wasnt the first time. I remember just touching it and he smiled. Told me I was such a good girl and beautiful. He started rubbing my pussy. He'd done that before just a quick thing when no one was looking or around but this time he kept it up. I was all puddy in his hands. He takes the towel off of us, has me sit in the couch, takes off my bottoms, spreads my legs and starts licking me. I remember him trying to finger me but he didn't get in. But the licking felt great. I don't remember having an orgasm as much as feeling all warm and cold at the same time. I think I blacked out for a few seconds. But I felt like a sense of completion and he was there just casaully rubbing me at that point. Asked if it felt good. I said yes. He said good. Later he'd show me how to make him feel good. I said I wanted that. A week later he had me sucking his dick.