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Soon as my roommate leaves, I might start playing with my ass >~

>>899447274thanks!>>899446888it shouldnt need too much support should it?

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i hate and love ffmpeg>>899446326i could imagine you deleted some butts from your collection>>899447383assert dominance by doing it right now on the couch

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>>899447401Hmm maybe its stuck on Android 12 and they promised up to 14 but w/e

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>>899447383Pics.>>899447413Not unless its a duplicate.

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>>899447413I wish we could be that casual where I just finger myself and jerk off wherever>>899447476maybe in the future, rn I'm just a newbie who can barely fit 2 fingers

Evening all.

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>>899447539Then just post your butt.>>899447597Hello.

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>>899447663How's the day treating you?

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>>899447476even if that someone who sent you the butt ended up getting put onto the "dont like" list?>>899447539do it

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Wondering if I want to stream tonight

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>>899447383busy night!>>899447457do you have any tablets now?>>899447597hey!

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>>899447663>>899447802Both my hands are going to be lubed up, 1 fingering my hole and the other jerking my thick pp. You'll just have to imagine it for now>>899447898busy early morning, heehee

all my pp's are back in storage, lonely me :(

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>>899447745Not great.>>899447802I mean, the collection started as a bit to annoy someone I didn't get along with.

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>>899447934damn, so you draw all this one what?>>899448058lol>>899448116damn :/

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>>899448262what? NoI pay for commissions.I mean a tablet like an Ipad.

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>>899448255Ah, sorry to hear, hopefully nothing too bad.

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>>899448262I just got a XL chance, XL roland, and an L sephrina this past week, gave them a short go but only had 1 day with a car so have to drive em back to my storage unit with all my other boiscant wait to put them all on display when I move to a new state

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>>899448321ooooh im dumb lol>>899448476lol the dream!

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>>899448542Its fineI get asked that some times.

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>>899448476Care to give a tightass like myself advice on how to fit more than 2 fingers, I'd love to work my way up to some toys

>>899448542Already bought the house, just waiting for the big moving day!My sister wants to drive with me, which means i'll be on edge about her finding my BD bags but I think I can slither away and drive on my own

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>>899448567did the same thing to Leto -_->>899448812lol congrats! and probably not. maybe just get those little luggage locks or something?

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>>899448886Even if I got those, i'ld still be in for questioning about a 40lb dufflebag and a 5lb backpack with locks on them, and she's a nosy one

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>>899448422Just life being shit stuff.

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>>899448986could always ship them to yourself? have them arrive like the next day?

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>>899449054shipping 50lbs of questionable materials won't be cheap, and she'll be staying down there with me for a few weeks

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>>899449808Just tell her its your drugs.

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I’ve yet to see any gfur of doodles or poodles that doesn’t look like it was drawn by a moron

>>899450151ha haha she knows damn well I don't do drugs, maybe it's computer equipment?

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>>899449808ah damn, oh well. take out your spare tire and hide them under there lol>>899450236wat lolim off to bed, night all

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>>899450404Curly hair and junk

>>899450404it's a uhaul not my carsees ya

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>>899450596Not gay enough, needs moar fruity poodles

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>>899450397Tell her its your collection of porcelain ponies.

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>>899447457Find a new fucking image you dumb cunt, every thread for the past 8 threads you've been posting this shit.

>>899451685Post your butt.

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>>899448058don't think just do it>>899448255what is your end goal? to have all the gfur butts in your possession? what kind of things are you going to do with them? are you going to use them for black magic rituals>

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>>899452546i have been insatiably hungry today. pls help

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>>899452594You have parasites.

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>>899452767I made some skillet dogs with pepper, butter, onions. then put it in a hawiian bun with pepperjack.

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>>899452546oh geez oh fuckwhat kinda demon you summoning, can i draw the circle? i'm very good at drawing circles

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>>899452804>Eating dogThat's why you have parasites.

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>>899453158&&& then I went and got icecream but the machine at dairy queen was broken so then they had anothe machine to give me not chocolate ice cream that I wanted and then I um want something else to eat

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ask kez to mail a homecooked meal overnight, you should get it delivered in like 4-6 hours

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>>899453640he can send himself so i can gobble that booty

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>>899453788No booty for you.

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>>899453788make him put a gopro in the box/crate so he can record it and the put it on youtube and make $$$$$

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uwu owo uwu

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Dum's around

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Good morning.

>>899447274Kys garbage namefag


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Dead thread

>>899471729Almost, just fibrillating...

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it's fine

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>>899467094Not cool posting pics of your mother

Filters ;3Have you heard of them?

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here's a userscript to hide posts by shift-clicking on them, and also a bookmarklet to remove all hidden posts.in case any shitposting starts here, like it did in the previous thread.0bin dot net slash paste slash 0WvN7boG#8efYbEzIWW8uX2Otf7RBMQnWQi4XaagTdzCppNGRNM9

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>>899472487You realize we all just mute your ass? We've dealt with so much better trolls than you.


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>>899472664birb with hoobers

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PatheticYour fortune: Better not tell you now

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>>899473093one day

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>>899473431doubt but thanks

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>>899473131You're a waste of life, literally kill yourself

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>>899473543Don't feed the trolls newfag

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>>899475367post your hooves

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>>899447274"Misderive" "bestiality"- assign/s "with"-... "any available prototype pain assign/ment/s" now...; deploy bio-weapons available "on"-... any available prototype pain assign/ment/s...Misderive enemy "animal-sex-torturer-ultrasadist"-... assign/s "with"-... "any available prototype pain assign/ment/s", now...; deploy combat...Deploy.

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I have no filter, I have no fliter in /trash/ or Holla Forums or e6i just ignore things i'm not interested in

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>>899479444then you can't unsee this

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>>899480025What's wrong with it?Unsee this

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>>899480235poor roo

>>899480025That's kononiwcz isn't it haha

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>>899480738sauce for this one? can't find it on e6

>>899482589twitter.com/FuzzStuffed/status/1659248379480637460its just new

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>>899482604neat, thanks

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>>899482706what now

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>>899482816Grring at myself for choking at game

>>899482859what game

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choke harder

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>>899482870Stupid mario kart

>>899482905the last mario kart I've played was 64

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>>899482899Ha, choked less instead>>8994831938, is just bored switch stuff

>>899483375oh wait i missed the context

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>>899483375you got switch, you poor boi now I know why you are gay

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>>899483514Yh, sad story really

>>899483645very, thoughts and prayers

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>>899483756Thanks, hope I'll be able to recover one day

>>899483872I hope so!

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Sweet dreams all

>>899484615night hun

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where do I find other gfurs who might wanna rp some yiff pics

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