Oracale Vs Google Back From The Dead

Do you use Java? Did you make money? You now owe Oracle money!
Oracle kept on reopening the case until they found a judge stupid enough to deem Java APIs as not fair use.


Clojure? Scala? Kotlin? All use Java API's as well, Oracle has destroyed the entire ecosystem in one fell swoop.

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Good, anything to hurt Google.

The ship is slowly righting itself.

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thank god
i trust Oracle over any other tech giants
these guys are evil for right reasons

hopefully java dies forever now



Probably Google or some alliance will appeal.
But anyway, Google already has plans to stop using Java, with the whole Fucsia stuff, so this might as well be the beginning of the end for Java.
Also, Java might be foreseeing this and might want to die with a bang, loaded with cash, instead of withering to irrelevancy.

9 billion dollars
that's, $782,000 per line of code.
fuck jewgle



Only if you rely on "fair use" of an API implementation. Oracle also copied API of opensolaris, so they can be fucked in the ass.
Those can't be milked like Google.

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An API is not "code", it's a bunch of methods to interface with something. What do you think RFCs are?

MS call it patents and already make a fortune from android even if Huawei don't pay anything for them and still not sued for it, so it's practically a ransom. Still some fags thinks Oracle is the gangsters.

That is a bullshit ruling. The effect it will have on anyone who programs is some serious bullshit.

Google being hit is a cherry on top of a turd mountain.

Actually what happened is when Google bought up Android, it was using Java ME, which costs like a couple pennies per device. Google tried to Jew Sun (at that time) and decided to simply copy and rename the source code to Java and use the same source for the programs. Meanwhile they reimplemented some of the APIs but it was an obvious copy paste job which was proved in court. Magically Oracle lost but now they've won on appeal.

If Google had paid its pennies they wouldn't be in this fix. It's also why Youtube is so shitty, they didn't want to pay their mpeg royalties so they cooked up this new bullshit VP codec nonsense to "compete" with the industry standard.

Google's doomed anyway, sit back and watch the shitshow. I give them a year tops before their ad market collapses.

You interact with computers that run a JVM with Spring and Hibernate probably everyday, like when you withdraw cash or buy shit on the internet.
Java is the COBOL of the 21st century, and it's not going to "wither to irrelevancy" anytime soon.

*meant to say "COBOL of the early-21st century", because we probably gonna have a new one around 2038 or 2048.

Patents don't last until death+70

VP8/9 is better than mpeg. Don't let hatred blind you.

Are you retarded? VPX has a smaller filesize, sure, but it's not better my any other measure.

No one likes to pay royalties. Things like AV1 exist precisely for that, and nothing is forever.


I hate Java. Installing a VM to use a program is fucking retarded and I have to keep this trash o my PC just for JDownloader2.
Any recommendations for alternatives?
Pyload doesn't have a working GUI, so it's not an option.