SkyNet Launches in China

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Domo Arigatou Mr. Roboto

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Works fine for me?

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Seems like a good thing. Will reduce the amount of crime in China and it is less prone to mistakes than when done by humans. I wish they had this in my country so we too could have lower crime rates and stop crime quicker. They can also find missing people faster.

All hail the botnet! Botnet emperor for life

It's only a good thing in 3rd world countries, like all Black nations.

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Well that's easy when all the faces are the same.


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CIA please GTFO.

; >

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wtf I love botnets now


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Let's not be hasty user... it could be Mossad, or the UK agency GCHQ or MI5-6 or something.
The UK is worse than China. Actually the whole world is becoming dystonia wonderland. The 'Free world' isn't that far behind China, and we have more Semitic child mutilators and niggers.

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lel, dystopia.

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Why would a 6 time felon not use a gun? If I were one in a country where others likely have guns I would get one myself and shoot them in the back, rendering their weapons useless and making it less risky for me than if there were no guns and I would have to use a knife. I assume this is NRA marketing. Not that a modern military has anything to fear about peasants with guns anyways.

I don't think it would work very well there.

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all of that means jackshit if the military is rebelling too. Your comparing a local insurrection to a large, full scale rebellion.
also, TL:DR. can i get a short verision of that?
and i don't see anything in there regarding a large scale rebellion.

The absolute state of cuckchan.

Yes, what side (most of) the military supports is what matters, this has been the case for as long as proper military existed and is now more true than ever with the increasing asymmetry of power between well trained and equipped professionals vs alt-right LARPers on a power trip.

Keep stabbing yourself in the foot China. Xi can't keep his power forever. The paper tiger will collapse

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Indeed. The Praetorians need to decide if they care for something more than their next paycheck being a certainty.
>>>Holla Forums11412308

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Chinks set up the SkyNet so they could catch 2,000 fuckos a year in a country of 1 billion plus people. Meanwhile, they expose who-knows-jjust-how-many of their citizens to constant surveillance by whoever manages to get access to these cameras e.g. not necessarily the Chinese government. What prevents CIA niggers or Russian hackers from tracking every movement of Chinese government officials using this crap?

This is the inevitable endgame of the technological slavery age. A camera at every place in the world, recording your every move, and comparing it against a database of "suspicious behaviors". Connected to your bank account, 3 "suspicious moves" means a fine automatically applied to your bank account.

Thank You For Your Original Opinion.

Imagine a world where everybody follows the law and doesn't do anything illegal.

Gee, that would sure be hell on Earth, wouldn't it?

>Imagine a world where everybody follows the (((law))) and doesn't do anything (((illegal))).
Fixed it. I also removed the reddit spacing.

So much more readably thx

First of all, that's impossible even if you shove a camera up everyone's ass. Second of all, it's not desirable, because "the law" is just a bunch of guys in suits deciding what you can or can't do - not necessarily what's good or bad.