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tfw going to the international this year

Bigger baka, not weight

egg on rice on burger

you should teach her better


trump 2016



I'm fond of it.
And honestly, I like Mr. Soto better. Makes you sound like a black market arms dealer.

Luke 2020

replace female with feminine creatures and we have boo





What's wrong with estus?

this is so fucking funny

do we have a problem with my lifestyle choices grim?

nnnnn I had one nysef but it ded

did you get the farron great sword


polar bears are kind of kyoot though


not yet


There's an artistic community for sure. This is Bristol. It's like the art hub of England after London. Home of Banksy.

No one knows shit. I go to figure drawing lessons once a week. They use flat lighting because they don't know any better. Everything is a circlejerk.

The art school I'm going to is a joke. And it's the main one for this in the city. Like it was actually depressing. I'm hoping once I start I meet someone who isn't just jerking themselves off. But there isn't much hope.

There's this anecdote in a book on animation i read by Richard Williams, the animation director on Roger Rabbit. He's talking about how essential figure drawing is with someone from Stroud. Stroud College is like a Top Tier art school in London. It used to be famous for its draughtsmen being amazing at figure drawing. And Richard Williams is like, but I don't have to tell you this stuff! Then the Stroud guy tells him they don't teach figure drawing there anymore and Mr. Williams laughs in his face.

That's sort of the situation here. I'm not sure how different it is other places but it feels especially fucked in the UK. If there are people out there that can help I don't know how to reach them. There's just no demand.

if you killed the abyss watcher save the soul and go to the midget on the throne in the firelink shrine



They are

oh right. yeah i have it


didnt give you permission to look at my posts


i did this part yesterday
probably took me like 20 deaths to get to the bonfire



its my favorite weapon so far

there was a shortcut if you went right instead of left.

I'm just as bad fam
You do know I hook her up with my friends she thinks are cute and she hooks me up with her friends that are cute or just plain thirsty
Everyone thinks its weird but its pretty normal to both of us
Like we both enjoy having sex and theres nothing wrong with that
As for her bf she just doesn't like him anymore

I like it when you call me Soto
It turns me on

If only your plant had lived and you were the one to die instead


I love this man more every day. Now to watch tumblr get confused over the person they hate saying this.

Also, hi.

im linking my friend shit,
fuc off

wasnt gonna miss anything though
i have to clear it all

okay sorry :(


Istill think he is trolling and never was actually serious about winning


i hope you dont wake up

Sleep scared


is Kanra here? I want to let him know he was partially right about both

So basically:

Why is Cruz being the meme today?

It's obvious that was the case at first, from things he's said, even. "I thought I'd be back to hosting the Apprentice by now," etc. But now that it's become a clear possibility, I'm pretty sure his appetite has been whetted.

i'm sure he'd love to type an obnoxious paragraph about it


jesus christ user

Dont let transgirls in the ladies because they'll rape the little girls

but let men into the boys because they won't rape the boys

also ladies bathrooms have an invisible forcefield that stop men from going in and raping little girls

ted cruz for president

Go find him for me so that he can, I'd love it.

what about grown men and little boys

Yeesh. I didn't know things were so dire.

*hug* Don't let 'em get you down, Luka. It's just a silly website. How are you offline?

Well now I don't know what to call you.


That goes well with the file name in the post you're replying to. Nice.

something so degenerate would never happen in america

They go to the little mens room.

hey animus hows it hangin?

There are greentext horror stories about finals projects being girls rocking on concrete dildos and presenting plates of shit.

Like I just want to know how to make pretty anime ladies yknow

where have you been

So did Aaron kill himself yet?

You know, I try to keep my definition of art broad and inclusive, but stuff like that just screams "daddy gave me money instead of hugs".

I don't know why you linked me for that webm, but I'm glad you did. High-larry-oose.

Soto it is!
And really, you know it would be awkward as all heck if we did lewd things.

The way Cruz is responding looks pretty dumb and narrow-minded but since he's targeting conservatives I guess it works on them, since conservatism is sort of based on viewing things in the traditional way.

Pretty good, you?


/lewd/ i guess
postings better now here though for now

Why try to bait someone who's not here?

Did you ever read that thing you had me send you? :3

I know it would be awkward having to take you to the ER cause of a fractured hip or something

notice me murder senpai

i missed you

not at all

just making proper observations

Funnily enough the concrete rocker dildo story involved having her dad in the audience.

Well, I guess not funny. It's all the parents in the end.

I know it's an exaggeration but it makes me so sad anyway. Like how do you argue against that? It's so disarming.


think i should roast desu?
just got a really good opportunity

cause i made it into a webm last night and i thought youd like it

I did, buuut I didn't really absorb a whole lot of it. Sorry. I'm a dumb.

And bravo for Trump. I think his foaming at the mouth for a completely unnecessary trade war with China is asinine, but his stance on SC's passing that law is sound.

Asshole. ♥

I don't remember who it was, but some person is supposed to have said that art is any work that makes you feel proud to be human. Some trust fund chick going Miley on stage to prove she's edgy doesn't make me feel too proud.


do it

I love how you have to one-up up everyone by having a shot AND a beer. Maybe their beers are out of frame, but I want to believe you really just had to outdo everyone.

I'm not offline?
i don't understand?

what do you look like?

right then

the feeling wasn't mutual

I just found that song recently; I should try more stuff from that band. Kind of hard to find the lyrics, unfortunately. I think they're a pretty new band.

Just started this song and I like it so far; Lacrymosa is great~


It's fine; my teacher and the people in my class thought it was pretty advanced for the level of college I'm in.

The main reasons I like Trump are that he's a bold rule-breaker and he shakes things up. :3 Me actually agreeing on one of his positions for a reason other than just disrupting the normal way of things is a bonus, though.

It's just an invitation to call it out on being awful.

There's a really interesting essay about how the camera and print basically broke art. Essentially when you have something that can make 100% accurate renditions of objects in an instant representational art loses its central meaning. So everything from the invention of the camera in terms of fine art evolution is springboarding from Impressionism deeper and deeper into the complete and utter meaningless of painting and drawing as a tool.

Which is why I like cartoons, because they're a tool. They need to tell a story. That's the adversity that makes the art. Same with comic art and concepts.

later thread peeps gotta go work like the spic I am

I always like being that guy ordering more alcohol than the others lol
Have a nice day Sabs, I need to head off to work
Take it easy

You're coddling him.


they do seem pretty good, exactly how new is the band?

I've read the first six chapters "Night On The Milky Way Train" so far. Ever read any James Joyce? I think you'd like Dubliners.

They formed in 2010, it looks like. I think they were more underground until recently.

Test you know it's pointless


I mean how are you IRL? So...basically just how are you. :P

Obese, middle-aged, balding, enormous man boobs under which I store snacks and pets...

I think Trump is lying and pandering to Southern Evangelicals when he says more outlandish things, so I don't attack him on a lot of things. I just don't get his obsession with China, especially considering they're not even among our top 10 trading partners. He refuses to explain how they're supposedly pooling the wool over our eyes. That's what worries me. Some raw deal he got from a firm over there could escalate into an economic war neither side can benefit from.

Be safe out there, Mr. Soto. Love ya lots. (Weirdo.)

I'm trying to think of a way to see that as liberating, but my brain ain't work so good.

c-c-coddle me daddy~~#cummies etc.

I'm alright for now.
just wandering around.
not much else, so i come home here.
but yeah, i'm all good. no health issues or nothing.
though, it is getting warm recently x_x
hitting nearly 21 degrees!!!
life is cozy.

not too new but new enough for an underground band i guess lol

Ah, so you're just about to start the real story.

I haven't actually, I'll probably start it tonight.

I know a lot of things and act completely incongruously to this knowledge.

WOWIE! Does this mean we've cybered now?

It isn't. It invalidates everything and makes it impossible to have something approximating a set of values. What's the point of being able to capture a likeness and create beautiful colour compositions if it's all pointless?

The only liberating thing about it is that commercial art is now where it's at. So you get your Steven Universe backgrounds and Hyper Light Drifter design. People actually giving more of a shit about things people consume than fine art. TV and videogames are now infinitely more complex and meaningful than the circlejerk of the fine art scene. More masterful too. There's a certain kick you get from appreciating that. Like you're snubbing people that would snub you if you said art design in videogames is the shit.

pfft no, gross

I guess I should put my dick away, then.


Maybe. My heart, she bleeds. What can ya do.

never got a chance to use this image.



Luka should be a proud independent shitposter who isn't hurt by peoples' words but also do something in life.

I don't think some burning would be bad for the world in the long run.

I imagine their earlier songs sound like they were recorded in a garage on shit equipment as is typical for black metal. So yeah, probably just getting off the ground in the past few years :3

Did you listen to any black metal/death metal or anything like that before I showed it to you?

The stories in Dubliners are pretty much realistic depictions of mundane life and I think they have a pretty similar emotional tone to this one, showing the natural unpleasant and sad things about life in a straightforward way.

don't do that you pathetic sub slut.

y-yes sir I'm sorry


Who should I bait into insulting me?

So you decided you are going to be a dog succubus after all?

I have some flowers called bleeding hearts, probably my favorite flower.

But you can do whatever you want, but it won't help Luka, or even make him feel better for long.

Then you've got what I'm looking for in a story.

The 9th chapter of Galactic Railroad is more than a third of the story, to warn you. It's three parts and each one is longer. (It's translated from Japanese and the name I got acquainted with was Night on the Galactic Railroad)

Bait me

put a hook at the end of your cock and wait


i'm Luka

At the last second when you look like you're about to bite, use the hook to give him a surprise Prince Albert.

It will be the gift he didn't even know he wanted.

reinforcement learning is pretty swag

what are you re in forcing?

not really the closest wouldve been all that remains and thats not even too close to that stuff

utility functions

which one is yours

Ihave no idea

show me swag

you have to be careful around swag because swag overload is pretty dangerouse

Congrats on getting into macro 102!

i'm strong

neru swag is wurf

nuu economy is not really my thing

Kind of weird how James Joyce wrote such straightforward mundane stuff but also wrote the mass of apparent nonsense that is Ulysses, lol.

Ohh, I guess I'm only about halfway done, then.

Luka the dog succubus?

Not sure I've ever listened to them~

Finnegan's Wake is the nonsense novel

Ulysses is pretty straightforward



Why you learning utility functions then?

im normal.

machine learning

i think i linked you one of their songs

Good night, everyone. Take good care of yourselves.


It's been warm here too, but we've had tons of rain this week. It's been a disaster for some places, but my area's fine. Glad you're doing well, Luka.

I would say the pure joy and love of doing it, but I guess that sounds lame and doesn't get anyone anywhere. I wish I had something substantial to say.

Part of me wants to feel that way, but I think about people like me and how much rapid inflation would ruin us.



*hugs tight*
dream well~

I mix those up; Ulysses is just pretty unorthodox in a stream-of-consciousness kind of way, IIRC. Dubliners is the only thing I've read by him.

You know what you have to say.

A normal dog succubus?

I kind of vaguely remember something but I guess it didn't stick.

Sleep well. ♥

Dog succubus you say?


Wouldn't you only like dog incubuses?

sweet dreams

itll happen, i even forget they exist quite a lot

We playing tonight?




It's nice to kind of forget about a good band for a while and then eventually realize they have a new album out.

What? Seemed like the dog fucking thing was what you were alluding to in the first place. :3

What if you could trade dog sexual loosh for Subway and League skins?

we can try


*Disgruntled and soulless grimace*

I'm starting to visualize you as that creepy guy in the picture. What happened to your usual folder?

yeah but it also requires noticing the new album came out lol

My Journalism teacher said all work is honorable.

What's wrong? ^^

Just have to remember the band exists eventually and then be like "oh hey, they might actually have a new album out by now."

That happened with me and Behemoth's newest album.

Got rid of them all.

Nothing. I love you.

how new was their album? like before you started linking them to me?

i'm so baked lol

I guess you like how I treat you, then. :3

This was a couple of years ago. I remember because we were still on Holla Forums and I spammed the lyrics in the threads that day, lol.


Squash are you still ignoring me?






You're a whore.

he says as he bitches off somewhere


You have made it clear that you kind of have a degradation fetish. ♥


a-ah >/////////////////////////////////////

In what way?

I'm a bit of a masochist.
Though I don't like actual insults. Playing is fine.

he doesn't like degradation at all
especially when you degrade his tomodachi

fight me you CUNTY CUNT

g-goggles-san d-dont stop >~

I would floor your ass in a millisecond


So there just has to be aftercare.

Don't talk shit on a man's Tamagotchi.

Grim the only thing you'd floor is my living room.

I bought some new laminate hard wood that needs to be installed.

Get to it cholo.

His teemeeditchi actually went into personal insults first

so I started ripping into him
I have a bad habit of that when things get heated

It took you 7 hours to respond.


stop talking to me you little bitch.

It's more in the delivery.
When people like George give me shit I know it's joking and backed with affection.

When people like Darwin do it I just feel like strangling him.

you did that on b too? lol nice job erio

someone is gonna need some water for that burn

I laughed.

I just have to take this bait

have not gotten the message to fuck off somewhere

all that T has gotten to your head

have you8


I'm sorry :c


what message and from whom

Hai sweet-thing.


Probably needs a few more weeks for you to realize.

good morning

realize what? message me on steam or curse I uninstalled skype.

Hi Kanra.

How was your sleep

Oh, man.
You're about to figure it out.

unf, what else would you do to me?

I guess they make Tamagotchis differently these days.

Joking aside, the same thing actually happened between one of his friends and I but he didn't seem to care and blamed the friend.

Yeah, I understand; I'm just kidding. :3

Darwin is mean to you? I thought he'd become more cuddly over like the past year.

Why is it a surprise? ^^


Why do you hate me so?

is this a bad thing


my dreams have come back.

and they're fucked up.

you don't know what you're talking about.


Hey if you want me to start calling you that, I am 110% okay with that.

no i dont, i dont watch that shit lol

Darwin is like, a loveable asshole, but the kind of love that leads to abuse.

But I'd tenderly skull fuck the man.

It's because I (was) special to Squash. I care very deeply for him and he probably feels the same way.

He wants me to be a better person, but it's hard.

I feel real guilt over my bully spells when Squash talks to me about them and it pains me when he soft-filters me.

Super bad.
I guess we can talk about it on the side.
One second.

Tell me about your last one.

requesting attention care package
no content to contribute :(

/vr/ is such a wonderful place.



Maybe don't be adamant that you'll continue to be a blatant asshole for shits and giggles.

Food for thought.


is the genesis good for much else? :^)

I'm pretty sure I won't change :/

here is your care package
pls no bully

Lenko, I misplaced your steam, so..

the dog fucker discussing moral compasses is kinda silly tbh

Boo, he's actually one of the most caring people I know

gotta know them before you judge them


I didn't say anything though

obviously not.

I was living with this super-intelligent gorilla everyone wanted to be nice to, but then I saw him going through my phone.

Then somehow we went to a buffet with food that looked god awful.

Not awful for food, but awful for hotel buffet standards.

Then at some point I was having to aim my grappling hook to various locations to escape... something.

i'm not even sure if this is all right. but it's what current me recalls.

says the peadophile

Don't sound too eager or anything.

It had a lot of good titles and used a lot of technical and mechanical tricks that helped the game industry pull off some cool shit.

Though beyond that a toaster is about what I'd use it for too.

There is no lack of morality in dog fucking.
Just a lack of judgement.

I want to be the pack bitch

oh god

sounds fun as fuck

are they using components other than the case. how are they heating it

You can be in the nerd pack.

Its not pedophilia if they are 2D, MUGEN

You deleted me on steam



I wanna be gangbanged by smelly pups

Kind of want to just block you now

oh i wish they were.

hows you


Wow, I thought you were a sub? :3

Idk, I guess different aspects of him just come out at different times. I haven't seen him say many asshole-ish things this year, though.

I don't see what's wrong with attacking someone if they started it, but I guess I don't know what happened exactly.

It was the only post he made about it in the Mod/Repair thread.

I would assume he is making a deeper base for it and using just the case.

Message me on discord instead

no, the fucking gorilla was smart enough to go through my phone.

it knew it what it was doing.

also there were sexual parts somewhere in there... I think.

my memory of the dream is already fading.

but the reason I'm dreaming again is for a reason.

Oh boy. People are removing others and I'm not the one doing it for once.


You typing with periods is off-putting 4m
what the hell happened to you?

I started stupid shit but he started the personal insults so yeah

bestiality is literally the worst crime tbh

cant believe you guys dont take that disgusting shit as seriously as i do

I am. I don't have it in me to be a dominatrix or anything.
I don't look good in stilettos either.

And he's just a tard. Love him to death. He just drives me up a wall.

yeah but we have emulators now so the system itself is essentially obsolete, i might be wrong but i am pretty sure theres nothing about it that cant be done on a computer now maybe?

cause you made it sound like you then and you now were different by a long shot, unless im thinking of the wrong person but you are like one of two people i asked about the history from

add me on steam then delete me so I can bitch at you

I'd rather not dirty my profile even for a moment.


It's not bestiality because I'm actually a fire fox kin horse hybrid.

TFW no 2D shota waifu

I am alright, a little bored atm.
how about you?

It's harder to emulate games like SNES titles due to custom hardware chips and incomparable processing. That is why emulation is harder than you would think.



the reason is?

I'll say if it pans out.


nigga just spill :l


you misinterpreted constructive criticism for a personal insult. then you made the mistake of believing self harm is on the same level of evil as harming others.

i rage quit dark souls 3 after like 5 minutes. it was shameful

it might not pan out.

What's funny is he raged because our other ally killed himself before the boss and he didn't want to just grab another guy right there.

Night night guys

i was angry the fucking game fucked up and dropped me in a boss fight alone

you personally attacked me what the fuck?

It's worse.

byebye wishu

Sleep well

as is expected
I rage quit it before I even bought it, cus I knew it wouldnt work out.

that pic is really trippy, got damn

So what's Mr. Berg doing these days?

No, it really isn't.
You are trying to justify hurting upwards of 20 people over the last few years. Some repeatedly.
He only hurts himself at least.

really? well color me surprised, although to be fair ive never used emulators so i only go off second hand information lol so how are you doing squash?

no. i was informing you how regular people who value others more so than themselves treat their supposed friends. simple things like respecting privacy, etc.

can i quote you on that.

i have a bigger one for you baby

give it to me honey bun

Retro games are where I'm knowledgeable.
Good, but getting in game.

here you go little boy


I'm always changing. Obviously certain people might dislike certain changes, but it works out for the better overall. Evolution, Mr. Anderson.

Idk, you're being vague, but maybe it was kind of your fault, then. But I don't know; I wasn't there. :3

I guess he's still kind of rood in private and stuff, then? Oh right, you probably play League with him; that can bring out the worst in people. :3

Me four years ago and me now are different by a long shot; I definitely didn't post things like that back then. Me two years ago and me now are different by a shorter shot, but still a pretty significant shot, I think. It's not like EVERYTHING has to change for a person to be significantly different. :3

The lyrics tie in to the principle that guides my change, anyway. THE ANGEL OF LAWLESSNESS.

Getting shit done, mostly

No, he's still a sweet heart.
More so in private.

I feel high just looking at it, neeto

thanks dolly

People worry about people that self-harm. I'm not trying to justify it at all.
I know it's bad.

Well I started it by saying his OPs were shit



That's pretty pragmatic.

Are you getting done what you want to get done?

Are you in school?

what the fuck is wrong with this artist, holy shit
imagine looking at this shit on acid

I have shit I should be getting done now, but mostly been on top of things.


i wish i could get so messy

enjoy your game, squishle wish you luck in it

oh okay so i just got timing wrong on it, i apologize its been a while since we spoke of that stuff so it must have slipped into the dark corners of my brain

What about him bothers you, then?

I don't think many people care about the "quality" of OPs. The purpose of them is just for there to be a new thread cause the old one is getting too big. You're kind of placing expectations on people that they didn't expect or see any reason for when you complain about OP posts. :3

But I guess you did technically start it then, lol.

Happy Friday^^

Gotta keep making that effort.

It accumulates.

Like reading a book.

Read a chapter a day, and in a little while, you would have finished a book.

that one is really cute, and I like it more than the others

thanks rito

Yeah, that was the whole joke in the first place, but then it got serious

you too elma! hope its a good one

I'm starting to read again too.

i believe its a teenage mexican boys OC squidsona

it's only been 20minutes


I like this.

what are you reading