Capitol Hill wants Facebook’s blood, but President Trump isn’t interested. Instead, the tech behemoth Trump wants to go after is Amazon, according to five sources who’ve discussed it with him. “He’s obsessed with Amazon,” a source said. “Obsessed.”

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Amazons business pracitces are very dodgy.

But lets not forget the huge scandal of Facebook employees openly talking about their 'responsibility' to use facebook to prevent Trump from getting elected.

Trump's becoming more of a communist with each passing day

botnet is not interested in botnet, instead he wants to fuck with botnet.
did I get that correctly?


Sure thing, comrade

[sweats in yiddish]

Fuck off Bernie, we're talking about regulating shit, not about nationalizing it.

Honestly not even surprised.

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Spotted the Amazon employee

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Amazon is clearly going full vertical monopoly. I'm pretty sure they're not paying taxes.
But they're all in the same shit.

The reality is that facebook is possessed by the government, since I'm pretty sure that they benefited from In-Q-Tel, like google etc.. at the start.

But, well, that's all the same liberal bullshit. If a stat can't control the market and ban monopolies, then it's just pure nihilism, and high financial domination. That's what is happening here.
Now, I fucking hate when people oppose liberalism and communist. There is fucking other ideologies! For exemple, ideologies that don't put economy at the center of everything. But I'm not gonna try to convince any american. They literaly have shekels going through their veins.

What is economy, technology or any of the modern bullshit good for when I can't breath pure, clean air unless I'm rich or russian livin' in a shithole cucking for jews?

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Pretty interesting since Jeff Bezos is a CIA nigger


Same thing as Apple vs Samsung, who cares

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Remember Lycos and AOL CDs? back in the days before google, the search engine market was already in place.

but somehow 2 guys with an outdated search engine named "google" went billionaires overnight... because the deepstate made a deal with them: we give you a ton of money (we print it anyway) and you give us the insight of what people search and want on the internet. hell, you give us all thei googlemails too.

Same goes for Amazon.

There are a gazillion market places on the internet. But Amazon went global, because they share all the data with the spooks.

Thanks for the web-yum.

You are one of three things: 1) FUD, 2) mis-informed, 3) stirring the pot.

According to US law, the mere attempt to become a Monopoly is illegal.
Fuck Bezos.

They're as much a monopoly as Walmart or McDonald's, you fucking retards

Let's look at book sales, for example.

Nah. Those aren't monopolies. They have plenty of competition, especially McDonald's.


Do you not notice the 5 other places to eat within a mile of every McDonald's store?

The article is filled with misinformation and bias, this one line stood out in particular.
Absolutely speculation being passed off as fact by fake news journalists.

I think deepstate would just go straight to AOL itself with such an offer, instead of two absolute nobodies.

This is technically true, but regulating Amazon won't fix the underlying issue of absolutely atrocious urban design of everything built in the last century, but that's not really a Holla Forums subject.

Having physical locations existing at all is retarded when 6 hour shipping exists. Its nice living near a city amazon has shipping locations in.

nobody expect Comrade Trump to save us from monopolies

CIAniggers BTFO

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fuck off pajeet

Bezo's model is tax evasion, literally that's it.

Holla Forums is such a fucking toilet lol


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Monopolies are not illegal you retard, nor is trying to become one

t. retard

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hahahahahaha this level of idiocy aoe

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this is what liberals actually believe

you deserve to die in the alley


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So how many fast food places do you have in your town / city? One? Four? Ten?

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He's not going to do anything.

Trump and his kikes leak these stories to the press to make themselves look good to their base but they never act on them, it's all hot air.

A month ago Vanity Fair ran an article citing (((sources))) about how Trump was going to go full MAGA, this was right before he appointed John Bolton and the CIA niggers then cucked on the wall.

I bet you are one of these retarded burgers who love to sperg about muh basic economics on reddit.


How about just make them pay taxes like the rest of us do. But oh wait, corporatists wouldn't like that to be applied to their special little groups. Hurr durr, fuck this gay gov't.