If you browse Holla Forums actively you may have seen a picture or two of this before. After a long wait, I've cleaned it up and uploaded it to the internet under the GPLv3.
You can find the source for my Holla Forums client here:
In regards to the image rendering please note that it is currently tuned to work with my current setup of wm + terminal, but it shouldn't be too hard to get it to work in your. If images are broken for you or are off by a line, you likely need to play with the timings. There are some usleep's in main.c which you can uncomment and play with. With using delays, I've been able to get images to work in uxterm, urxvt, and st. For me, st required more delay. uxterm required a delay, but not as long of a delay as urxvt. I've only tested it with i3 and bspwm. You would notice that your WM is not supported by images not being redrawn when you switch away and back to the workspace the terminal is in or by exiting fullscreen of a different terminal on the same monitor. I'm not sure how it would act with a floating window manager.
Compatibility issues aside, the image rendering approach was inspired by the way w3m does it, but that approach has a big problem. It can only render files that are on disk. My implementation supports streaming a file from the network straight into memory in order to render it.
The formatting for rendering for the reply boxes is still pretty basic. It currently has issues such as words overflowing onto the next line instead of moving the whole word to the next line and greentext longer than a line not getting the color on the following lines.
The posting functionality is also limited in that you can not solve the captcha inside of the client. Additionally, you can only send comments. You can't namefag / tripfag / sage. For writing the comment, it will open up emacs. After writing your comment, you save and quit and it will be sent to the thread. If you do not use emacs, it is a fairly quick change. You just need to be able to create a command to edit a text file on the system. Also if you are actually going to post with this, I suggest changing the REPLY_PASSWORD so that other people can't just delete your comments. Another thing which has not been implemented yet is the ability to post images with your posts.
After downloading the json for the thread, it uses up to 16 threads at once to fetch the image that reside in it.
Another downside is that you can only browse 1 thread at once. Luckily, the client does support auto updating the thread while you are inside of it, but it will freeze the client while it's doing so.
It's possible that this client works for image boards which support a JSON endpoint similar to the one Holla Forums uses. Though keep in mind that image and posting are currently implemented in a way that makes it Holla Forums specific.
Currently it can only render images in the JPEG or PNG image formats and will only render the first image posted. Since images can get pretty big, if they are over 10 rows tall I downscale them using bicubic sampling using a Catmull-Rom spline.
Also in the repository you'll find a script called "anonymize." It's job is to get rid of all occurrences of your regular username and email and replace them with user / Anonymous.
Thanks for taking a look at my project and listening to my rambling.

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Other urls found in this thread:

Nice! Very fun and clean-looking reader.

Bugwise, I get this when I scroll using page up/down in xterm. Also, images flicker when I scroll by holding arrow up/down.

If I can fix these on my end I'll send you a diff. Your code seems pretty readable so I'd like to play around with it. Priority features for me would be local captcha, catalog viewing, and "evil mode."

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You likely just need to play with the timings as mentioned in the OP. If you search the main.c file for usleep you'll find a lot of commented lines. Uncomment them and then play around with the timing.
This is due to it redrawing every image in the thread when you scroll. This could be minimized by only redrawing the images being scrolled in / out. Well technically that would all that would be needed if we didn't have the side bar. With at least xterm, if you scroll the whole screen it will correctly move the image. Since we have the sidebar, I think ncurses can't just scroll the terminal and must reprint all the text.
Maybe we could make the sidebar toggleable?
From what I remember the flicker in xterm is sort of bad from having a low frame rate.

that's awesome, user, thank you, I'll spend the next few days exploring your project

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This thread can't be salvaged, but please put the repository back online after rewriting the commit log:
I didn't clone it yet but I'd like to look at it more.

checked, ChrisTran

Sorry, but I will not be able to do that for a while. After thing like this, I am no longer comfortable with the state of sharing this project.

1. My name is not Chris Tran. There is some confusion around this as I made a web page dedicated to a 2 look last slot + last layer method for a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube that he made. I generated hundreds of algorithms and transcribed his algorithms and put it up. I was not looking for any credit, so I did not put my name on it. Not even my online name was posted on the web page.
2. I thought the script would be good enough, but apparently it wasn't. I should have spent more time analyzing my solution to the problem.

There's an 80% chance someone is going to (completely legally) reupload the repository, outside your control, if you don't reupload it yourself.

Well if they did I would hope they would have the decency to change this line in anonymize fromgit filter-branch --env-filter "GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=user GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=Anonymoustogit filter-branch --env-filter "GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=user GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=Anonymous GIT_COMMITTER_NAME=user GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=Anonymous"and then rerun the anonymize script before uploading it.

The makefile looks a lot like the one from netrunner.

git shortlog origin/master..user (4): use size_t for array indexes don't use -Werror it will break the build with newer compiler versions Makefile : add debug target removed all trailing whitespace

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