Intel CPUs Vulnerable to New 'BranchScop


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Intel CPUs could be Facebook on a chip levels of giving your data away, and Intel PR could make it all go away.

From the Arse article, Intel says
I read it as

I read it as “The goyim know!!!”

Garbage OP. You didn't even explain what it is.
To say it simply, this attack allows you to determine if a path (branch, if statement, etc) is taken or not in the victim program.
You can think of this as vaguely similar to a power analysis attack where you can see the processor using more power when it takes a branch.
Unlike spectre which extracted memory contents, this only extracts the knowledge if a branch is taken or not. This could be used further in a more complicated attack similar to how spectre used the cache as its side channel.

So it sounds like an easy fix that can be patched in microcode without any issues

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it doesn't matter anymore. the goyim are now desensitized to these security problems.

Just as long as every motherboard manufacturer puts out a firmware update for all their products


That's exactly how open source was sold to corporates, so what did you expect.

I got my nazi arm patch. All the cool kids are getting them.

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Released only in the last year. There is no support for "old" hardware.

>loading proprietary (((microcode)))

What are you doing on /g/

not getting hacked apparently

CPU microcode is further patched by the OS early during boot. As long as Intel puts out a patched µcode, normalfags will get it through Winjews Update.

You say this ironically, but Allwinner chink ARM sbcs are a thousand times more trustworthy than IIsraeltel.

Noooo goy!

They're vulnerable to Spectre and have more devices like the (((Ethernet))) and (((Wifi))) on the bus.

Spectre depends on the chip. And some boards send SATA over USB2, in which case there's no DMA. Some boards do the same with Ethernet. It's probably for cost-cutting reasons, but the side-effect is firmware has to do memory ops through the CPU, instead of having full access to everything.


So which boards are immune to Spectre and also don't have the botnet devices on the bus again? You sound very learned on the subject.

Look for boards with Cortex-A7, there's tons of them. There's at least one Banana Pi with such CPU that has SATA isolated via USB2. And there was a thread on 4chan yesterday where some dude was talking about his ODROID that has Ethernet on USB2. He said it was slow, but good enough to run as a basic NAS/backup server. I don't know if you can find a board with both devices isolated on the stock model, but it's easy enough to add your own USB device for SATA or Ethernet. Here's a basic comparison list (doens't have full details, but it's a start):