Operation Firestone: Artificial Womb 1.0

Developing the first artificial womb ever in 2018! GET IN HERE AND BUMP THIS THREAD please!!!

How to make the first ever artificial womb with current technology?

(1) Disable the consciousness/higher brain functions in reproductive zygote cells

(2) Implant this in a surrogate mother (IVF treatment)

(3) 9 months later a braindead girl is born: its born braindead so its not human! Its medical research tissue!

(4) When this “artificial womb” is ripe it can be used to create more braindead artificial wombs or it can be implanted with the cells of a customer that wants to buy a child (IVF treatment)


How do we actually make this happen IRL?

(1) WHERE? What country will allow medically braindead newborns to be legally registered as “medical human tissue” with no human rights? What are the (ethical) rules?

(2) HOW? How to make the embryo braindead in a way that qualifies it to be legally registered as just research material?

(3) WHO PAYS? Financial issue: I don’t worry about this. Once we have a realistic solution for the above, we can count on donations and private investors (costs don’t have to be high

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You dont have to be one of the lab techniciens.
Just help us make it happen!

return to Holla Forums my friend.

sage this shit

Haha, is she fucking retarded? Once we have artificial wombs, women will become completely worthless. They will no longer have any value in society and will no longer have any reason to exist. I support this fully.


That is incredibly misogynistic!
The artificial womb will free women and make them equal to men!

Why don't you go sit on a hot iron if you want to be free from your womb?

You're both idiots.
Go read "brave new world".


t. Holla Forums falseflagger OP

Does this mean women are deprecated?

This really doesn't appeal to me. I'm not an incel.

How dare you even suggest this, you misogynist!
The artificial womb will allow women to focus on their career while still being able to have kids and be equal to men!

No one cares if it doesnt appeal to you.
The point is it will appeal to a lot of people.

No, the technology woman is already there, widely available and cheap, so they will remain popular despite their technical inferiority.
Also you would never get over all the moral panic from the Holla Forumstards.

that's not how it works

Like? You can already rent wombs which is much cheaper than this.

It's like they've never heard of the limbic system before.

Yes they can, you should have paid attention during biology classes.

The artificial womb is implanted with egg cells from healthy woman and sperm cells from a healthy man by IVF.

Thanks for thinking along though.

Yeah, just to incels and homosexuals. I really don't care about those people.

Incels and homosexuals are people too you fucking smug asshole.
If they have money they are welcome to use this artificial womb to satisfy their needs.

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