Does anyone here like Apple products? My whole family used Apple our entire lives, pic related. It's me when I was 13

Does anyone here like Apple products? My whole family used Apple our entire lives, pic related. It's me when I was 13

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Your family is extra dumb then.

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Holy fuck you looked even more retarded than i looked when i was 13

which one?

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What the fuck are you doing


I had the apple bug too around your age.

My family is still mostly strictly apple, and my brother worked there for a few yrs.

I still have a soft spot for them, but I will likely never buy one of their products because I don't have to deal with windows anymore anyways

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why doesn't the babby get any starbucks?

I'm sorry to hear that. The good news is that with modern antiretroviral therapy, you'll still be able to live a pretty long life.

OFF TOPIC QUESTION: why are americans so fat?

can someone post the shopped ver. of this image with all the heads replaced by stallman?

Our food is delicious as hell, but mostly empty calories. Unless you buy whole natural fruits and vegetables, it has some sort of sugar in it. Seriously, come to America, and pick up something like say, a pack of hotdogs. They all have sugar in them. They put sugar in fucking sausages. Fucking everything is like that.

Those Starbucks "coffee" drinks contain 800+ calories and many grams of fat.

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I can attest to this.
I couldnt eat things like breakfast cereals in the US because they were really sickly sweet.

Locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables are the cheapest food you can buy in the UK. In America its sold to hipsters as an expensive premium health product.

Yes. And I'm the smartest one on Holla Forums, go figure.

I have an iPod Classic. I've had it about a decade and It's pretty good at what it does, and it has software to support it on Linux. Only Apple thing I've ever owned.

hope i don't lose it

Hell, they put that high fructose corn syrup shit in jars of pickles, now! I've seen it in bread, too. Fucking ridiculous.

Yes i use Iphone.
Pretty decent in terms of costs and atleast it gets updates for 4+ years.
Thats all i care about.

forgot to mention Iphone SE not the flagship models.

You can buy plain oatmeal or stuff like Shredded Wheat and Cheerios. If you're eating the kid's stuff like Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs, then yeah they're loaded with sugar. But everything is labelled and the labels are more legible than most of the ones I've seen in Europe.

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TBQH, Apple usually implements features as how everybody would expect so their products are pretty hassle-free to use compared to their counterparts. My point is not that Android (or Windows for that matter) is too complex, they are just deformed in the way their "features" are implemented. If I had to buy another phone, that would be an iPhone.

this is what they have in the UK

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In France you have to bring a magnifying glass, and sometimes it's not even in french. I bought stuff from Lidl that has only dutch label. Some other stuff I bought was in four languages *except* french (and also not english). They also often use clashing colors that makes the small or foreign text hard to read.

I did until Jobs died, then it went to crap

That sucks. At the Lidl in the UK (and nearly everywhere else that sells imports), there's a translated label stuck over the original. Even American imports have this for some reason, probably to make it metric.

I kinda dig old Apple stuff, pre-Intel era, and especially m68k era, mostly for the aesthetic, though I didn't ever use any of them.

My sister is an avid Iphone user.
She got her first dose for free as a hand-me-down from our uncle.
She doesn't really like it anymore but too afraid to switch because all her stuff is locked in here.
She even was almost ready to quit recently, but father decided to spoil his daughter and bought her a new model.

Holy fucking shit Holla Forumsyps, nu/g/ and macfags fucked this board so fucking hard in the last couple of years. It's safe to say that this board is dead.

I haven't checked too hard but you can probably make one from spares

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I see nothing wrong with this

Well, then.

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fucking Silicon Valley shit.

The American-Anglo disporea maybe, but fuck off if you include inner Europe.

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