80% of women in tech are actually trannies

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If I go to uni for comp sci, what are the chances I'll be in close quarters with real life trannies? and what are the chances I'll be seduced by them?

There's a strong correlation between being a trans female, being autistic, and being a programmer, so I expect the chances roughly correlate with how good the university is for computer science.


Being gay was always a mental illness that needed medical treatment, the reason for it to be removed in psychology was because of political dogmas/pressure.

It also correlates with depression, suicide and family violence (or other violence) but it's just a coincidence.

Jokes aside, my problem lies with articles celebrating women that turn out to be braindiseased larpers

There were about 600 people in my Computer Science course in the first year. I think about 6 girls, 594 guys and no trannies.
That was 20 years ago. Its probably 200 guys, 8 girls and 392 trannies now.

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Very good chances. The "trans" ones always end up being the ones with no social skills whatsoever, with unbearably terrible personalities. The most obnoxious, most pretentious, most try-hard kids in the major. I can't stress enough how fucking annoying and obnoxious these people are. Even if they could pass (they can't) their personalities make them ugly.

By Allah she deserves/is asking for rape, if she was in England she would already be punished and hopefully she was.

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My CS201 class in 1993 was 120 guys, 2 girls, and one tranny-to-be.

Robert/Stephanie understood the Unix/Linux/GNU Free Software thing, so we got along, and was one of my first customers when I started an ISP.

'Steph' made a joke about raping me the last time we met in person. :\/

There was also a new "Information Technology" department that year-- it was mostly a thing started by the Economics and Business Faculty. Their classes were like 30-40% girls, but the same as Econ anyway. Totally a Windows-tool-user subject.

If you mean the ones who actually program (and do it well), then that's probably not far off.

There are plenty of "women in tech" who don't actually have a technical role. Social media coordinators, "developer evangelists" (whatever that is), communications directors, HR, etc.

On an only tangentially related note, I thought "Isis Lovecruft" was probably a tranny, until I saw some of her Tor code commits.

Despite 80% of women in tech being trannies, IRL less than 1% of women are. Why this difference? Seems like the matriarchy is preventing trannies from achieving their full potential.

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reads like a tranny name

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kinda proves the whole "only the masculine mind can grok computers" thing

The thing they have working at my company is an egotistical cunt that will take what you tell it mid-conversation and turn it around back on you to explain to you what you just explained to it because it's never wrong.
Very much. Everything it does at my workplace is infallible. Oh something isn't working? "It's on Microsoft's end" no matter how trivial it is. It fucks up permissions in SharePoint? "uggg, Microsoft probably fucked with something on the back-end." Oh. Yes. Clearly they're just in the business of FUCKING EVERYONE'S BUSINESSES UP.
It tries to take on every task and eventually passes a half-assed task they fucked up even more off onto someone else. It's beyond aggravating. Of course you can't say anything because it will be "having my period" and meltdown to HR about it, and HR HAS to follow up with every complaint. It's fucking ridiculous. All it does is make life miserable for everyone.
Couldn't fucking agree more. The one we have here sounds like a man, has broad shoulders, man-hands, hairy, giant feet, tall, etc. Even the way it sits when you're in the break room chillin' and you lean up against a table, it sits like a guy and always corrects itself to sit more "lady-like."
Ever since it showed up it's been a miserable existence at work because we have to tip-toe around, can't be ourselves, and have to watch every little thing we do and say. We also had to start documenting EVERY. FUCKING. THING. because the retard is such an egotistical lying sack of shit and tries to take credit for everything, so when push comes to shove back on us why we aren't "as productive" as it, we just email our job log over and say nothing else.
I'm hoping a couple more times of that before they get the idea that their diversity hire is driving their loyal long term employees away. You know, the ones that actually do all the fucking work.

the only way a white man (not a jew) is getting a job in silicon valley is by claiming he's a woman.

More info please. How did you do it?

Why not simply quit and work somewhere else?

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Because he chooses convenience over standing up for his beliefs.

I'm telling him to quit precisely because working with these people isa pain in the ass. It's not about beliefs.

>get (((corporate))) internet connection