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this is my first OP so be nice :)

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I suck 10 cocks a day, but I'd like to at least double my daily ration. How would you achieve that, fellow macOS user?


I've always overall disliked OS X's design to varying degrees, but especially since 10.9, the iOS-alike poz levels have gotten so bad it's finally clunkier now than Windows/Linux for most tasks.

Really, I just wish somebody would make a crossplatform DE cloning the classic Mac System, along the lines of ROX Desktop (RiscPC), AmiWM (Amiga), GNUStep (NeXTStep), MaXX Desktop (IRIX), etc. Failing that, even just a knockoff of the old Finder for other OSs would be fantastic.

Judging from how Haiku augured in as a project, I don't think the PC community has it in them to write a radical new OS ground up anymore.

You know the wiki in the sticky has a page just like that, right?

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Hang yourself

I was once entertaining the idea of building a hackintosh, but then I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't worth it. There are two prime reasons to get a Mac: 1) It just werks 2) the OS itself.

macOS has been getting shittier while not gaining any good features (seriously, the only new features for a last few releases have been just more iBotnet). The software available is nice, I'm going to take Boxer over DOSBox any day, but with a rotting base it doesn't really matter anymore. We are better off trying to bring Mac design principles to GNU/Linux instead. And before you reee at me, no one is going to take away already existing software.

The other point, it just werks, is moot with a hackintosh anyway. I would rather just install a GNU/Linux distro than rely on shady hacks to get proprietary software on my PC.

It depends. How many iDevices do you already own? Have you been saving up to afford a dinner with Tim Cock yet?


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Excuse me sir,i use modern unix plus commercial apps.
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forty keks


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You forgot the actual primary reason. If you're programming, you need Mac OS in order to compile applications for Mac OS, so if you want to target Mac as one of your platforms, you either need a Mac, you need Hackintosh, or you need somebody to do it for you.

OS X genuinely sucks. The package manager has no native uninstall functionality, there is no tool to verify integrity of OS (SFC/ DISM for Windows, RPM for RHEL). Repair tools for OS are non-existant, and error messages are non-existant. When your OS is borked your options look like reinstall.

Why would a consumer program for Mac if he isn't using it?
I heard that before by a retard who was proud of using swift.
Anyways, what are your hopes for Darling?

At least I had a reason to learn BSD and Linux. What does macOS offer that I could be bothered to learn it as well?

That and iOS programming, of course. A shame since single-source crosscompiling used to be quite easy for Carbon, though there is some stuff like Cocotron & WinObjC.

All my keks, use Homebrew.

The only reason you’re compiling apps for OSX is to sell them. If you’re just trying to jew apple out of their shekels, I hope you get raped in court.

The few sentient Mac users are smart enough to compile shit themselves or use homebrew/macports. Any other users are Apple’s sheep (willing, content and generally well cared-for). It’s Apple’s right to dictate who gets to shear them.

The Mac App Store's $99 entry fee is a big problem in my eyes. They might have standards about providing quality, reliable apps for consumers, but a $99 annual fee just makes sure that those who don't want to pay money beyond buying an actual Apple Mac (not even Macintosh anymore) won't even buy the computer and will just develop for Windows and Android.

You gay turds could at least use pkgsrc or portage.

Those are both designed more around importing an alien Linux/BSD environment alongside OS X, a bit like running Cygwin on Windows. Useful for some things, but they don't mesh as well as Homebrew by default.

site needs bringing down the owner is a nonce

I thought that was given. I was thinking more along the lines of wanting to own a Mac for yourself rather than for business. It should also be possible to install macOS in VirtualBox if you have an image of the OS, so if you don't want to distribute your Mac builds on the AppStore that should be enough.

99$ is not that much if you want to use the AppStore to make money. It help out weed the lowest-effort crap at least. If you don't want to make money it's shit though, but you can still distribute builds outside the AppStore.

How about the following:
I use macOS for several years, use a lot of various software, and none of it is from Mac App Store.

…well except the fucking Xcode

bullshit, it works in a VM as well.

OS X is a shitty platform. How botnet is it that apple mandates you open the control panel to run any exectuable not approved by apple?


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I rage quit Macs when Lion came out, when they killed Exposé and added Launchpad/Mission Control bullshit.

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