Teamspeak-like server for socialising online

Any of you guys use/host some sort of teamspeak server or other (preferably self-hosted) voice chat platform ? I had a TS server I used to hangout on for years, just casually speaking to people, working on projects whilst idling in a channel, etc... But it's been dying, to the point where barely anyone shows up anymore. Anything to recommend ?

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Yes. Mumble.

dont be a fag,use discord like everyone else

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I still can't comprehend how did Discord became so popular, so fast. Privacy concerns aside, it's literally shit to use and we've had IRC and Mumble for ages.

They paid grassroots marketers and influencers (youtubers, twitch streamers etc.) especially in the gayming sphere , it's also very convenient if you don't mind proprietary software and EULAS in which you give up all rights to your data.

To you, normies live their web apps.

It's simply hype, advertisement and the use of the collected data and metadata to shill the most effectively, it ask of course for shit tons of money but discord was financed by megacorps so it wasn't a problem.
Discord appeared exactly when the tangent began to sift against twitter, facebook etc... and there's no coincidence in that I'm persuaded that people can predict with more or less precision these sort of shifts now with the crazy amount of data that gets sniffed and analyzed.

Oh wow, so revealing! I bet no one was aware of all of this already or anything crazy like that!

Literally because it's NOT shit to use. That's why. It's a text-focused persistent group chat platform that also has good voice support while not making you host your own server. Skype was popular because it had literally zero competition, so everyone used it even though everyone fucking hated it. So when some competition actually showed up that was better, people praised Jesus and flocked to it. Mumble and TeamSpeak were and are irrelevant because they have shit UIs and make you set up a server yourself. They're also practically voice only, treating text chat as an afterthought, which is just shooting themselves in the foot. You have to be an extreme autist to want to deal with people just joining a voice channel for no reason and sitting in there when they arent even part of the current activity.


Because it's a powerful messenger, with IRC-like facilities but much more granular control over the way various roles can interact with the server and each other. It also has voice chat with server-mandated bits per second, video chat and image/video uploading. You can have a different name in different servers, you have a profile picture, friends list, blocking, multiple "away" states, and much more. The reason people use it is because it's a good piece of SaaS (with a webapp and abitlbee plugin).

Because of massive shilling like "it doesn't hog your bandwidth and leak your IP like Skype, so I'm safe from DDoS, and it's not Microsoft, so it doesn't spy on me, plus it's for gaymers like me and I can post my funny memes". Basically
Hell, I'd say Raidcall, despite being just as botnet and uglier, was a way better alternative. passworded rooms, channels, private messaging, more intuitive UI than TS, doesn't fucking embed a web browser in itself, uses 5x less RAM, and virtually no CPU. But hey it won't display your cringy gifs ripped from ifunny, so it's shit. Only thing RC is probably missing is the ability to host your own server and not being botnet.

Discord uses less than 100MB of RAM, and also uses virtually no CPU.

Literally who had ever said any of these things?

Since you saged, I am conflicted as to whether you are being sarcastic or not. Still, I remember when instant message clients, which included voice and file transfers, used up less than 8MB of RAM.

Mumble would be near perfect if they would just up their UI a bit with better image/file sharing support and a few smaller improvements.

I host a mumble server.
But I always end up on Dicsord, because normies.

host a ejabber instance. too bad nobody uses XMPP anymore

Lose all your friends, then you won't need voice chat.

You could use Matrix, or, if you don't mind reCapcha.
Theres also which is like hangout.

Epic downvote.

XMPP is pretty cool and easy to use. Shame that normans only use Facebook Messanger and anons mostly use Tox, leaving Jabber in an awkward position.

are you literally a discord shill?
its hands down the worst voip program ive ever used

Loads in about 10 seconds for me.

Oh no, 100mb, what ever will I do?! It doesn't take anywhere near as much as Skype did.

Clearly you haven't used very many programs.

I run a 200x Pentium D and it loads in 10-15 seconds
This is not a point that can be objectively argued, however I disagree, I have 16GB of RAM
Absolute bullshit
You can get up to 96 (maybe 128?) kbps, it uses the opus audio codec so the quality is pretty ace.


Please go back to /g/

bitlbee plugin? link please?

in terms of voice quality:

Teamspeak > High Bandwidth Low Ping Mumble > Discord > Shitty or far away Mumble server > Skype > literally anything else

TS3 is my favorite but I'll gladly use Mumble too. It's second best for me though. I host both on the same dedicated server with 10gb/s speed and a great host.

Discord can be iffy because it depends where the voice server you are connecting to is and if the server is having network issues it's gonna sound like shit regardless. That's outside of the users' control though.

Why not just tell everyone to use facebook while you're at it.

literally anything else > Teamspeak > High Bandwidth Low Ping Mumble > Discord > Shitty or far away Mumble server > Skype

It is wrong.
From the size I guess it probably embeds an entire browser engine.

If 100mb is such a massive amount to you, then that should be a pretty substantial difference to you.

Can you even read?
It's not about the difference but about the size/functionality ratio wich is unjustified for both applications.
If you use Discord in browser it somehow doesn't require such a large data transfer. Wonder how that works???
It's giant interpreters for HTML-javascript-pajeets who just care about a fancy GUI and lot's of ways to datamine you.

Plenty of faggot streamers in Plebbit made "PSAs" whining they got DDoSed after some faggot obtained their IP through Skype and DDoS'd them.

That's the main process, faggot. You have to add up all helper processes. Electron Skype uses 300+ MB just for the WELCOME SCREEN (pic) and crosses the 600 MB threshold easily during chats/calls. It's indefensible cancer given the pre-Electron Skype used less than 100 MB.
It fucking uses the same Electron cancer. It has the same issues.

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100MB for what is essentially IRC with VoIP is ridiculous

I can't believe there are so many idiots on here using services like Discord and Skype.

Originally it wasn't. Then he made it about that.

It's fine desu.

Want to know how I know you have no idea what you're talking about?

Go ahead. What's different?

Being able to post images (and any other file) directly into the chat is a pretty big difference for starters. If Discord was "essentially IRC" then no one would fucking use it.

Do you work for Discord? Posting images into an IRC chat isn't that much of a difference. Provide something that is startling different at a low-level, not an implementation difference.

No I just like triggering Holla Forums with the truth.

It is.

This is a pretty dumbass request if you're going to put it like that. Of course it's IRC at "low-level", what the fuck else could it be? It is a lot more than that. You have profiles, profile pictures, servers with icons and individual rooms with their own user groups and permissions, file uploading, link embedding, an in-game overlay, syncing with the mobile app, emojis, an API for creating bots, etc.

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important thing of all: literally the only non-shit UI out there for a communication platform.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't use electron

No. You are still talking about defined implementation. It has nothing to do with any difference between IRC and Discord. IRC doesn't forbid anyone from
Everything you listed is just an extension directly associated with implementation.
CLI is too hard for kids these days.

Why did you not mention that discord is a closed, centralized platform while IRC is open and can be decentralized easily?

Yes, all of which is what Discord is.

...Why would I?

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That's all that's different between Discord and IRC.

Sorry, but Discord sends text over the internet so therefore it's literally the exact same thing, which makes you wrong.

I already told you this: there is no difference between Discord and IRC, so I prefer to use IRC clients that use much less than 100MB of RAM than Discord which could jump up to 1GB or more within the next few updates.

Yes, yes enjoy sending your 1s and 0s to another address and then receiving some in return. I will enjoy sending my 1s and 0s to other addresses as well in my 1s and 0s sending function.

But my way uses

Oh, shut up.

i hang out in terraria channel of random servers

it literally asks you for a captcha and phone number because your bro in the same house already made an account. i can't not be a fag because i don't have a phone that can receive text messages (the fuck even is the point in such a device?). so then you try the non-web version but it turns out it's just a web browser pretending to be a program

Uh huh.

I think you're failing to see this from the other poster's perspective. That is that you could theoretically have the exact same content for rounding up here 10 mb. So while an almost 100% decrease in memory usage is impressive, it's still 10x too much.

Believe it or not, but some people actually have friends they talk to who aren't neets that are available 24/7. Texting let's you send them a message that they can reply to whenever they have time. Calling is only for when you urgently need a response immediately.

I swear, you guys actually put effort into being as autistic as possible and seeing who can be the most oblivious to society.

Except when you start a game and Discord freaks out and takes all your CPU.

I'm hosting a mumble server.

Because it's literally a Facebook messenger for desktop. Sharing links, videos and files is a selling point as well as the integration of server options inside the actual client. I always thought Mumble should integrate the server code into the client so people can make direct calls and easily make and control the servers. is a very good alternative to discord.

SIM cards are outdated and insecure. you can text and call people over Facebook/Wire/WhatsApp.

If your phone can use any of those, then it's able to send SMS. I rarely use SMS over other alternatives, but I still have a cell phone, which was kind of more what I was going for. I can't think of a single cell phone made after 1990 that can't send text messages.

While lacking almost all of the features my way has, so yours is objectively inferior.

But the thing is that you can't. It's possible, sure, but it doesn't exist.

I wish Riot was actually good, but last I checked the UI was hideous, despite it being painfully obvious they blatantly copied discord. It was also incredibly slow when encryption was enabled on a server, sometimes taking a full minute to send one message. I wouldn't mind using it if they fixed these things.

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It's not if you don't have a SIM card, keep up.

Make up your mind user.

Heck, I remember when the machines they ran on had barely 8MB of RAM. I feel old now.

Gas every single one of them.


This. I don't have one since my cuntry introduced mandatory SIM card registration last year (I used an unregistered prepaid before as a compromise).

millenials pls go

The point is that SMS is fucking stupid. It doesn't matter if normalfags use(d) it or have it. It shouldn't be required as part of signing up to an "internet" service. If you need some placebo verification beyond a captcha, use fucking email.

Germany? I think you had to register but there was no ID verification so I just put BS on there. Now I don't have a SIM card.

It's just a pretense to get your phone number.