Is this a field worth getting into? What are the prerequisites? What are the most important things/subjects/technologies/products to learn about (and in what order/to what depth)? What are the possible career paths/different positions and how does day-to-day work generally look like? How well is the field (and associated jobs) expected to be resilient against being eroded by general current and future trends in technology?

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pajeet will install postgres for 30 rupees

So you say it's a field overrun with pajeets?

th-thanks for the motivation and inspiration

Everything in a capitalist society is an item in a database. Homes, cars, toothbrushes, people, etc. It's like asking is text editing is a field worth getting into.

make up your mind, anons

You'll need more than SQL knowledge to set yourself apart from the secretaries, accountants, and yes pajeets who will do it for nearly free.

What specifically? Knowledge of all the theoretical/mathematical foundations of data structures and databases? Expertise in designing them? Practical knowledge in administrating specific db products/software?

It hasn't been since the 90s that normies have used DBMS software directly.

Programming skills, unless you want to be a secretary or human resources.


I have the impression that there are not many good DB people around. Especially when it comes to develop applications with the tools Oracle or MSSQL provide. Many simple applications can be developed within Oracle for example. But people still think they need to program something that then runs on an application sever that needs to be updated and maintained etc.

Maybe people just don't WANT to fucking develop an application in Oracle. Ever think of that?

It's kinda up in the air right now if you should dive into a DB oriented career. Typically this goes hand in hand with Data Science and Data Mining. With the recent backlash from FB users whining about their data being mined and algorithms used with it, the field may change completely from what it currently is 20 years from now. But I don't see SQL being phased out for a while, at least for small business applications. Best of luck!

Meaning what, PL/SQL (or the kinda equivalent that PostgreSQL has), or something else?
inb4 Java

It's high paying because it's fucking awful and literally no one wants to do it.

Ah yes pajeet could not possibly install a web scale meme db like mongo

Why? Any worse than COBOL?

What would be possible ways of radical change in that field?

Reminder: Oracle is shit and so is their database. Use Maria instead.