Programmer autism

Explain yourselves

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How about a normal GUI text editor?

farm the rice pay the price

My answer can be found at >>>/g/

John writes software targeted at the Windows platform and so uses the tool that does the job.

People who write software for Linux/BSD/UNIX OS's tend to use a text editor like Emacs/VIM/Sublime etc. This includes students most of the time.

Java programmers use Eclipse. May God have mercy on their souls...

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Not even god has mercy for java programmers

You don't need god, when you have a fat paycheck

Jokes on you I use Nano

t. heathen

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ed master race

Except when they don't.

what can your rice do that ides cant?

Are you posting from 2007 or what?


No, I am posting from my house.

What I am posting is what I see almost every day at work when I happen to look at one of our developer's screens. Large corporate Java is done in Eclipse.

So you're a java dev too?

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Jesus fuck no, sysadmin.

I did, however, use Java in university.

Have multiple language support, including stuff like Latex. Acting as a simple editor when you just want to edit is also good. Basically, modularity.

vim is pretty shit too though

IDEA is shit too and so is netbeaner, you hipster faggot


Just don't use an IDE it gets inconvenient for most thing and if you want to swap compiler options it's super easy to do so. The only problem is GDB makes me want to hang myself.

Visual Studio is not Eclipse. In fact, it is quite fast. Literally the only bad thing about it is that it is proprietary Microsoft shitware.

if visual studio is so good then why did they release a separate editor?

Have you ever tried gdb's tui mode (--tui)?

This is amazing, bless you user

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When I use Emacs, I miss IDE features.
When I use an IDE, I miss Emacs features.
There are people smarter than me that use everything from Emacs to nano to acme to Eclipse.

notepad++ (notepadqq on linux) master race.

Too bad the developer doesn't allow me to use it because I don't wear a fedora.

I do. The other day I wrote an import statement which was over 80 characters long. It made me a little sad.

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VS is shit too

I've been programming for 20+ years and always used VS.

Joke's on you. I use VS code



This. I usually run GNU ed in eshell inside GNU emacs. But you are (pretty much) required to use VisualStudio for .Net and eclipse/netbeans/IntelliJ for java

I use VisualStudio for .net, and it is not fast or lightweight.

Unlike Carmack I don't code for a toy OS.

They are all there, don't you know emacs lisp the best worst lisp?

How so? It seems to be GPL2 and I found no mention of jewversity.

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Embrace modes.

Carmack cares about the problems he's solving, not the garbage that he uses to solve the problems. Mostly.

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I thought it sounded to awkward to say that the IDE created that line.

No, Neovim.

I have. None of them have a proper understanding of my code.

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Reread my original comment. I did not complain about having to write it. I was just disappointed that I had to break the 80 character rule just for an import statement.

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Interesting, THX for the tip.

You know everybody bitches about web development and Javascript but at least I don't have to program on Windows using Visual fucking Studio.

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I can't imagine a more retarded fucking outfit. It smells like pure Pajeet. Pajeets LOVE Windows for some reason. Everybody where I work hates Windows and Edge specifically because when we get a bug on that shitblasted platform we have to fuck around with VMs to test it out. 100% of the server code runs on linux images, usually alpine because it's small as fuck.


whatever gets the job done quicker/easier is what is usually preferred from businesses is it not? Ngl I'm already getting ready to leave linux for now because of the issues I've had with centos/ RHEL 7 and trying to install nvidia drivers for it..
KEPT FUCKING WITH BOOTING SO I HAD TO ABANDON IT and jump to Ubuntu Studio which is having problems of its own that I cannot resolve despite giving in a good effort of googling the problems.
Sometimes with linux there are just too many problems to resolve that unless you're already very familiar with would have to waste time resolving..
At least with Windows yes it's simple and yes it might make people more technologically illiterate but it's practical in the sense that you don't have to fuck with something breaking every other fucking day depending on what you're doing... As you said >Everybody where I work hates Windows and Edge specifically because when we get a bug on that shitblasted platform we have to fuck around with VMs to test it out.

This is why I am leaving it for now. I gave it a chance, I put an honest effort trying to diagnose shit, but if that isn't enough and you don't have the time to spare or be quick enough that is not always the best choice.

And fucking can't use Unity because they don't really support linux- yet Unreal apparently does... assuming you're using the proprietary graphics drivers..
Alpine was something I tried on an old laptop a few months ago but configuring something that bare was beyond my understanding of the OS. But kudos for its simplicity, secureness (as they claim) and size. It ran on something with very low specs despite it being modern. Maybe I'm just too stupid for it.

He had a note on his site for a bit that said "if you voted for trump don't use notepad++ :)"

Carmack did use vi during his break when learning about I think it was machine learning or something similar.

Why are so many FLOSSfags such liberal faggots?

Free software is a political movement, which means people who are part of it are more likely to have outspoken political opinions.
Contrary to what some people might tell you there's no strong link between skill/intelligence and position on any political spectrum - intelligent people are a bit more likely to have extreme political opinions, but it's all over the place.
Many liberals exist.
That's enough to explain it, really, but it probably helps that the whole thing was founded by a liberal.

who cares. I'll use it regardless

It might have to do with """"""liberals"""""" wanting """"""freedom"""""" while confusing their liberal bent with favoring freedom. Liberalism ain't free.