Why Linux Is Terrible

Linux is the free version of Unix created by Linux Torvalds

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this is terrible propaganda

Wow what a shitty opinion based biased video

I feel like i've seen her in a brazzers video

* It's GNU/Linux
* I don't care as long as it isn't Ubuntu.

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That's it. This is a war declaration!

Who the fuck makes these shitty videos? Every time i wanna look up linux vids this faggot is all over my results. Why would anyone even watch this?

Why do people blame Linux for not being able to run some Windows-only programs instead of blaming those programs for not adding Linux support?

You idiots bullied this airhead for a shitty vid. Probably the most retarded whining in tech history.

That's easier.

it's based on minix

Just influenced. Minix also just a *nix.

"Linux Hater's Handbook" when?

Linux is a kernel, I don't even think kernels can necessarily implement POSIX.

Because people don't know how a computer works.
People don't even understand or know the notions of "source code" "binaries" and "compilers".
That's why they blame it, now for a developers who says that sort of shit obviously it's because to say

A long time ago it should have been mandatory to have computer licenses before even using one it would have prevented so much shit worldwide but I guess that government prefers the population being niggercattles.

Because that's operating system's job: running other programs.

1:00 - here comes the talk-down part
Also seizure inducing intro.

The creator of this needs to be gassed.

It's probably OP tbh

It's terrible because it's based on UNIX and written in C.

Of -course- mail to Unix-Haters fails to blame anyparticular responsible individual. -Every- little bug orproblem is actually the responsibility of some individual,if you could only figure out who. The problem is thatdealing with Unix seems like a grand game of finger pointingand pass-the-buck (without Harry Truman). Is the realproblem that the programmer didn't check the array bounds?Or is it ultimately the fault of the designers of C fordesigning a language in which programmers must error checkarray indices manually?Eventually, you stop caring about the details that would letyou sort out who was responsible. Recently I was unable touse FTP on a PC to send a file to my directory on a Unixmachine because on the Unix box I use the `bash' shell.Heaven help me, I even understand why this restrictionplugged yet another security hole in Unix, and I was able toremove the restriction as soon as I understood what washappening, but after enough absurdities like that, youraverage user has no energy left to assign blame. What doall these bad experiences have in common? Unix! Thus, Unixis the problem.Hell, Unix even -encourages- this phenomenon. Contrast whathappens on ITS or a Lisp Machine or Multics when a programerror happens, with what happens on Unix. On ITS, LispMachines or Multics your program suspends and you are giventhe opportunity to debug the problem and perhaps fix it andproceed. You are given the chance to assign some blame. OnUnix -- *blam* -- core dumped. -Maybe- you can debug it,but you certainly can't proceed, so why bother? Ignore that(huge) core dump file and move on to your next task.Note that users -like- this behavior. No kidding. Ask halfthe graduate students at MIT these days -- they -hate- theLisp Machine debugger. All those blasted -choices-. Allthose explainations and questions. They don't want to knowwho to blame -- all they want to know is that it what theywere doing didn't work so they can try something else.So if I want to -think- about who to blame for my problems,I'll go use a Lisp Machine (or an ITS or a Multics). Butthese days I use Unix, where I don't have to think. - A Satisfied Customer


is where your shill-shit belongs.

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redhat, oracle

they didnt say anything wrong tho

If you know so little you actually think that was true, you really don't belong in Holla Forums.

and if you get so butthurt about a post that you disagree with, you really dont belong on Holla Forums

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Lol excellent troll lunix is a complete disaster