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Best post on Holla Forums in a long time tbh.

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CIAnigger cuckold porn incoming.

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I don't believe it. It can't be true.

Anyway, this board is now under the authority of /g/. We only fap to women (male) now.

I fuck with Gentoo girl.
But why are these cretins trying to hurt free software's image like this?

Fucking disgusting. Stick to 2D.

im 30 and what is this

am i too autistic to understand the reason people want this


Looks like (((modern art))) to be honest

If your going to post that we need a vim girl too.

Holla Forums - Technology

Gross.There must be so many migrated from cuckchan the glow niggers are migrating too.

Hey glow nigger! They all hang out in
now. yw

Excuse me for not making another fucking thread arguing about linux distros.

apology not accepted tbh

That's how all women's bodies should be. Too bad she is wearing sunglasses.

Maybe if you're a pedo.

shill exodus confirmed

This thread is pretty much Holla Forums related.

I'm not autistic and I still don't understand.

No, that's a healthy woman who hasn't had kids, is what that is. I'm not Italian and I'm not into fatties.