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Terry A. Davis:
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>streaming daily on youtube.com/channel/UCJZTn-fPu-uIA55UI47_cXg

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It's been blocked by the SSA, nothing to do with his family. They want a legal guardian to oversee his spending, and Terry doesn't have one.

who is the guy next to terry in the photo


Terry needs our help!

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Who's the second guy on the stream?

Poor Terry. It hurts me every time I see him because I also have a mentally ill family member. He had a really bright future in front of him and this fucking disease took it all away. Godspeed, Terry.

Probably a Temple acolyte and sexual receptacle for the Prophet.

kenster on irc

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Daily reminder not to milk terry like a lolcow, he deserves better.

When did he lose all his rights? He can go to court to fight that decision. I assume he can't buy a gun or vote or sign legal paperwork either now.

kill yourself

He didn't, you don't have a right to SSDI income.

This, the threads where alright when Terry still developed his OS, but now it is just kiwifarms tier.

what makes you think terry could buy a gun

what makes you think he can't? has he committed any felonies?

background checks. He's been involuntarily committed several times

You know this story doesn't have a happy ending. And once Terry dies, the only question is how long before all his work is lost to the sands of time.

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Assuming you're buying from a licensed dealer in the U.S., there's a BATF form that you have to fill out, and there's a lot more to it than just "Ay bby, u commit any feluneez?"

A non-exhausive list of disqualifiers is:

So he is free enough to generally do what he wants even if it means harm to him (like, being a hobo in San Diego), but not free enough to receive his disability bux? It makes no sense. If he legally needs a guardian then he should be obliged to live either with family or in an institution, and if he doesn't need a guardian then he should by no means be prevented from collecting his disability bux.

Didn't they eliminate all loony bins because they weren't good enough, so instead of being in a place which isn't the greatest on Earth loonies would be able to beg on the streets?

medical records are private though, literally unenforceable.

Taking bets on when the kike goes missing.

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Medical records aren't private in their entirety, there are plenty contexts where you are legally obliged to share some of them with a third party (many jobs require specific medical examinations to confirm you're fit for the job due to regulations).

My bad, misunderstood.

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In yesterday's stream he said he won't be going back to Vegas, but I'm not really sure what's gonna happen without a stable income.

thank based ronnie raygun. imo it was a greedy move so that only people with insurance can be institutionalized(read: suicidal teenagers) and the people who are full on off the rails slip through the cracks until they're either on the brink of death or kill someone - since they can't pay for their lithium and big pharma loses money by keeping them.

It's not only that read:

Don't really understand where you're going with that. I'm not trying to say that schizophrenics shouldn't be institutionalized when they go off the rails, but rather that the move to close institutions was fueled by greed rather than sociopolitical viewpoints.

this doesn't really change the way I think at all, and as for that site as a whole - it reeks of anti-psychiatry rhetoric - which tbh does often overlap with my anti-capitalist rhetoric. I'm actually arguing for more psychiatry, so that people like Terry aren't in positions where they're homeless and roaming around the fag-infested neighborhoods of San Diego one provocation away from calling some mexican a "CIA Nigger" and ending up dead.

tbh though there's a balance that needs to be reached with psychiatry and institutionalization, on the one hand people like Terry shouldn't be "free" to go completely off the rails and starve to death in a back alley of San Diego, but on the other hand the institutions shouldn't be given so much power that political dissidents / social non-conformists are rounded up under the guise of mental illness (which happened in the USSR and currently happens in China)


lmao i bet you support drumpfie

Simply that one of the many reasons for institutes to be closed were decided by people who gobbled newage theories and instead of experimenting on a small scale and decide upon results they simply went only relying on luck because lmao institutes are so bad lets close them.

The example that hugs made was with ONE student but how many others didn't had the luck to see and work in a institutes with schizophrenic patients ? how many of them gobbled load of theoretical newage bullshit instead of relaying on experience ?

I agree but that's one of many reasons.

did anyone watch the vids of terry being interviewed by kenster?

Fuck off, kenster, you fucking nigger.

daily reminder: (((psychiatry))

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I get you now, new age faggotry is at the root of a lot of society's problems.

terry's channel is enough

Fuck off, I'll have fun at his expense as much as I want.

Newage ideas aren't bad by themselves when done correctly but all that we see nowadays for these "grand" theories to be valid is to dismiss everything that is already known/valid which is absolutely ludicrous.

So what is going to happen now? Is this the end of the line? Have you given up on Terry? Can nothing else be done to help him and save him?

I hope Terry socked that informant for the CIA niggers in the jaw

if you don't want to watch it, fine, but I ain't kenster

>>streaming daily on youtube.com/channel/UCJZTn-fPu-uIA55UI47_cXg
> Category: Gaming

you need to go back to reddit

It's a modern C64.

How do you open your chakras and go with the flow of Mother Earth's quantum consciousness correctly?

Improve your pranic breathing mundie.
Just wait for the poles to shift.

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Does Terry have the right idea with earning money from his TempleOS work - giving it to the community, running wild on schizophrenic dreams, letting people gobble it up and pay for it? Is there a way for someone else to copy or make their own version of this method?

Ask God?!?

Them redshirts were always expendable.

I-is that you Terry?

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Someone can travel to san diego to get him.
Who is allowed to be his legal guardian? id like to look more into that

Requirements depends on where he ends up, as of now he's still a NV resident, so Terry could petition to have a public guardian appointed, but that's a decision he'd have to make.

his dad's a bit of a cunt for making him go homeless and stealing his van tbh

Was that really his dad?

It was some serious angelic shit. No one knows for sure.

why do you feel the need to lie like this

If he hadn't gotten kicked out, this entire van ordeal never would have happened.

From my understanding, his dad refused to pay the van insurance. I may be wrong.

If you nigger-cattle didn't start fucking with him, he would have never been kicked out.
He got kicked the day after the drum-set was delivered. Go figure.

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Some people are saying Terry is the Head CIANigger.

who are these fags? been out of the loop for a while. It's nice seeing the guy happy at least.

glow harder faggot

Do we know if he is still in the San Diego area?

Yeah, he is.

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Some fans who went to visit him.

Some people are saying you should go back :^)

Got anymore?

You should ask tragically-unaware on IRC. It's his photo.

Did it? I think it gave him something far more interesting than some deadend job at Ticketmaster

I like this, I'm using this

fuck you

Or this might set him on the path where he becomes the figurehead of a new religion, the first practical example of computational theology, established in the tech capital of the freest and most powerful country on earth.

This might be a form of shared schizophrenia but I truly believe he is a modern day Joshua Abraham Norton that would have been imprisoned, murdered or drugged into permanent stupor in any other nation. And that God prefers 640×480 16 colors.


"Rape and spread white genes as God made it."

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I can't tell if it's Terry typing or if it's his random sentence generator.

His dad never had any involvement in paying for Terry's van insurance, it was on auto pay from his bank acct.

He didn't get kicked out over a fucking drum set. He got kicked out for getting into an argument with his dad and brother and punching his dad in the chest, then went to jail and mental hospital.

Why does Terry keep streaming with bandwidth that makes it unwatchable?

god's orders

It's fake. He's a CIANigger.

At least now you can follow the speech without buffers.


Nothing he says is wrong, but docile 56% burgercattle can't handle it.


Can't he get himself a Bitcoin donation bucket? I'm sure there's enough autists here to keep him alive.

Fucking CIA niggers fucking with his cash, meanwhile they're paying ten million ghetto thots a billion dollars a day.



It doesn't work like that, Holla Forumsnigger.

You're a dumb ass.

not an argument

No shit, but you're still a dumb ass.


Why can't Terry return to his sister's house or go live with his brother as Terry apparently said a couple of weeks ago.

is terry a muslim now?

You dumb in the head?
He's ``fleeing castration``, which paraphrased means he's escaping forced medication for his schizophrenia.

This is why we can't have nice things.