Libreplanet Thread

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wtf I hate FSF

Well, Wakanda is stringently isolationist. How about that?

By finding a meteorite full of magical unobtainium and then becoming kangz and sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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Ridiculous. As if I needed another reason to avoid donating to them. National Socialist Software Foundation when?

we need to be all black, have a monarchy, and have magic rocks and shieeet


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Jesus Christ.

Is this some kind of conference?
A waste of time, tbh.

I assume the Holla Forumstards are getting triggered because Wakanda is presumably African?
Kind of a shame that they use Twitter though, RMS would not run their nonfree JS.

Maybe they use free software to post to it. There still promoting the use of nonfree software by using twitter though.

I'm most disappointed that they used a fucking Marvel meme to relate to normies.

Is this metaphor for proprietary binary blob?

With a 100% nigger population. You'll see, once South Africa finishes genociding the remaining Whites they'll become a major superpower within a week.
Wait, why is the FSF shilling for Marvel? Did they sell out at least or are they stupid enough to do it for free?

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This is blatant hello_fellow_kids.webm move on their part.

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Wakanda was a fucking secluded nation hoarding all the best tech to itself. The whole message of that movie was that it was wrong to do so. Also


Huh, I have never heard about Wakanda. Looks like I need to brush up on my geography knowledge.
< Wakanda (comics), a fictional nation appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics
Fuck this gay earth, that's is so cringy. What's next, a My Little Pony reference? Maybe add some Harry Potter as well for good measure.


It's a reference to the nigger supremacist fantasy in Black Panther. Incredibly faggy.


Holla Forumsniggers are worse than kikes

I dont't know anything about Black Panther or any other comics in general, and I don't care. But I'm not really surprised either. I remember when I looked up the Guile manual there was this module called "ice-9". Now what the fuck is an ice-9? What association could there possibly be? Turns out it's reference to a sci-fi novel no one has heard of. Who thought that was an acceptable name to choose for a module?

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What is the Holla Forums alternative for open sourcing projects and collaborating? We need an alternative which helps foster a healthy software community without being bogged down by social justice bullshit peddled by kikes.



Was going to recommend this. They don't ban for not being sensitive enough AFAIK, unlike soyhub.

Wakanda is a dystopia for 95% of wakandans if you stop to think about it

What about I thought their name was a reference to people making social justice pull requests, but they have an inclusive CoC up. On the other hand it just says no harrassment, maybe it's a shielded way of saying stick to code and shut up. But I don't know what they actually enforce or whether they resist pressure. I would like to have a professional alternative along with gitgud.

Bitching about what others do online. Holla Forums can't tell a pointer from their asshole.

The professional alternative is gitlab. I haven't used the main site in a while, but they seem to be pretty enterprise focused and don't venture out into sjw territory.

that's called hosting gitlab yourself.

RMS approves of I think. Apparently you can use it without nonfree JS or just not as much.

literally who? i don't follow your stupid cyberpunk shit.
literally what is this thread about and why does it have anything to do with Holla Forums

Literally the same thing depending on whose point of view you look at it from. Even the most perfect techno-state will dehumanize man and bring about beautiful ones syndrome faster.

At least they precise that it's a technological utopia. Because utopia and full of nigger aren't compatible.

Fortunately the other half of FSF staff doesn't look as degenerate and tries to stay away from these freaks.

Wtf, is the FSF being infiltrated by hairdye SJWs like FreeBSD was?

Why not GitLab?

How new are you ?
This isn't news lad the fsf has been infiltrated a long time ago for example C.webber is the guy who pushes for safe spaces at libre plannet and other events, he's also partially responsible for some CoCs in some projects and he as some strange ties with some W3C member who is also a Microsoft employee and this relations shows a possible EEE from mastodon against gnu social.

this is one of the most depressing things i've seen in a long time.

even the cake desires nothing but death

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By basing our entire society and trade on a rock that can do anything for us magically. It's a superconductor when we need it to be, insulator when we need it to be, soft and malleable when we need it to be, tougher than any alloy when we need it to be. Almost like it's not technology, almost like it's magic.

Also strong borders.

I like how whitey has the developed empathy sense to feed Africa in that fictional universe too, but a stronk kaang culture completely ignores all the starving niggers surrounding it.

There is zero technology in that entire nation of barking niggers.

hey kids how can we have technology like they have in hogwarts but prevent evil technology like in

That is what they did.

Did they even watch the movie?
Wakanda looked like a grim dystopia with a politics system older than most of fucking ancient greece.

I don't even know what is Wakanda, but the flying Peugeot looked comfy in the new Bladerunner.

perhaps white man would be free from his guilt if he didn't purposefully make Africa poor and turn a blind eye to the local populace's suffering to obtain cheap raw materials (e.g. coltan).
not that it's all white man's fault; some governments need a good dose of freedom(tm). all Ibero-American governments could use a dose too, especially Venezuela (under coup), Peru (all recent presidents are wanted criminals), and Argentina (last 2 presidents stole €140bn over 10 years, current one is privatizing everything while funneling money towards offshore companies in Panama), in that order

This thread is shit. kys

A fictional high-tech African ethnostate with the cure for AIDs that is disguised as an island of primitive people where the ruler is determined by whoever is alpha enough to take the throne and whose main export is a gem/metal (depending on the universe) called vibranium which is useful in weapons manufacturing especially by Stark enterprises (in fact the arc reactor contains vibranium and that's what keeps Tony Stark/Iron Man alive), vibranium is also a component of the alloy Wolverine's skeleton is made out of called Adamantium, vibranium resonates, is a superconductor, insulator and is very dense.

You mean that countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo aren't letting white/Asian's come on their own exploiting their own lands legally ?
Dam I was sure that the black presidents of these countries were letting white/asians come and use their lands in exchange of money.

Wakanda is a black Marvel movie meme.

You might not like it, but it always seems Holla Forumstards end up being the best programmers.

This. Look at Brendan Eich and that Horowitz guy. Deal with it niggers. Also weev

Well weev is a Jew, and Horowitz doesn't sound too promising either.

That said, the reason for the success of Holla Forums philosophy in STEM is that it is rooted in brutal meritocracy. Your feelings do not matter, only an idealistic pursuit of perfection. The male programmers you see virtue signalling for lefty faggot causes are always doing so to cover up for their own lack of abilities, or doing it for subversive purposes.

So your'e saying the cancer has spread to 50%?

Ever heard of David Horowitz? Jew or not, he's a useful idiot. And his son co-owns the huge VC Andreesen Horowitz.

Forgot to mention based Curtis Yarvin.

We didn't make Apefrica poor, quite the contrary. Do you think they'd be able to have more than a billion niggers if not for us? When we decided to make Apefrica independent, did they go back to their jungle? Or did they choose, of their own free will, to trade their resources for our shekels (and that for bling)? As for their suffering, that's on them. They wanted to be sovereign, that means we can't do anything in their land without their permission.
It isn't like Apefrica gets nothing for the resources, often part of the deal is the chinese company doing the mining must also build all the infrastructure required to get the resources to the shore so they get roads, electricity, etc, not just the price the stuff is sold for.

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Just like parts of the alt-right embraced chad nationalism it has nothing to do with the country Chad, should the free software movement embrace libre chadware?

I always say free software, GNU/Linux, SaaSS instead of cloud, etc…, use GuixSD and have never had a faceberg account, but this is just ridiculous.

You can't expect creative people to police their own thoughts, so that's why CoCs are so dangerous. If Webber is an infiltrator from Microsoft, that would explain a lot.

wakanda is a white man's fantasy anyways
sage for capeshit, japanese comics are more fun

This is by far the best thread on Holla Forums right now.